EDAH Chapter 228


Chapter 228: An excited scene

Players swarmed the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce in groups, completely encircling the building.  The receptionists had smiles on their faces and said in a professional voice, “Welcome everyone.  It is already past 9 o’clock, so the entrance fee is now five thousand gold coins.  Please buy a ticket if you wish to enter.”

Previously, the tickets costed two hundred gold coins, but now the players had no hesitation in buying these tickets for even five thousand gold coins…..Because every second they were delayed, was a chance that the best equipment would be bought by someone else.

The originally sparse auction site was now filled with occasional white light flashes as large amounts of players entered the hall.  The excited looked at the screen and saw that the Golden Marked Robe hadn’t been sold yet.  Ye Tian Xie gave a sigh as he shook his head……Looking down on the two hundred gold coins admission fee and now they were paying five thousand gold coins to come in, what should I even call you?

“What!  The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce are selling Gold Equipment!?”


A faction leader was sitting in the Shrouded Heaven First Chamber of Commerce received a call about the situation.  With a loud shout, he cursed into the communication device, “Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

After saying this, he was enveloped with a white light and he disappeared from the auction hall.

More and more conversation sounds appeared in the Shrouded Heaven auction hall and it was clear to imagine what they were talking about.  The noise began to overwhelm the host’s voice, making him feel awkward.  He couldn’t help scratching his head.

The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was selling Gold Equipment.  This news of selling Gold Equipment spread even faster than the news of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven auction, as if there was strange force pushing it.  Not long passed as an embarrassing situation appeared in the Shrouded Wing auction hall as many people began to leave.  The speed of people leaving was very quick and in less than ten seconds, more than half the people left.  Even those that were suppressed by the power of the Wings of Shrouded began to restlessly look left and right……

In order to make themselves stronger, they would try to show off their wealth and prestige with the best grade equipment.  The Wings of Shrouded Heavens had already revealed their strongest card, two pieces of level fifteen Silver Equipment.  Most of the people here were here for these two pieces of equipment……However, the other auction was selling a piece of Gold Equipment, completely overshadowing the two pieces of silver equipment being sold here.  How could they still just sit here?

The two auctions had a sharp contrast from the beginning and now one side was showing a radical change.  Mass amounts of players were continuously flowing into the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce and the empty spots in the auction house was completely filled, while the Shrouded Heaven First Chamber of Commerce was emptying out……In front of the host’s red and white face, the room began to quickly empty……From being full to a half and then falling down to one fourth…..Then falling down to one eighth……

Son of Heaven’s face turned pale and his fist tightly clenched together, angrily pacing in the back of the auction hall.  Then he slammed his fist onto the table, “How could the Seven Moon Chamber of Commerce have a piece of Gold Equipment!  How is this possible!  The low level monsters have low Gold Equipment drop rate and even our Wings of Shrouded Heaven have not gotten one yet!  Where did the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce get one!”

He should have known that without a shocking enough capital, Liu Qi Yue would not make such a big move, taking such decisive action.  The way the answer was revealed to him was an unacceptable manner.  When the auction began, he was winning, but once it began, he had lost in a large way.

He could only blame himself for being too confident, not finding out what the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce bottom line was.  Know your enemy and know your friends, he knew himself, but he did not know his enemy.

Liu Qi Yue’s shocking decision was quite terrifying…..The price of admission was five thousand gold coins now, but people were still charging right into Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.  The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce had sent out an announcement, so people could not complain at all.  They could only blame their eyes for being bad and not acting earlier.  No matter what the result of the auction was, they would make an astronomical amount just from entrance fee.

“Young master, what should we do now?  If we can’t fix the situation…..Our company will never be able to raise our head in front of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.”  The masked Archer asked about the current situation.  Before this, no one had thought that this would happen.

“Go, we’ll go to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce auction hall now.”  Son of Heaven turned around and said.

The masked man immediately stopped him and said, “Young master, it’s better if you don’t go.  Our auction is currently ongoing and if you appear in our enemy’s Seven Moon Chamber of Commerce’s auction, how would that seem to others?”

Son of Heaven’s face turned gloomy.  He was already regretting the ignorant decision that he made today.  When he thought about what his little sister said, he suddenly felt like he was an impatient child in front of Liu Qi Yue.  His own plan did not yield the effect that he wanted, but in turn, allowed him to be used by Liu Qi Yue, becoming stepping stones for Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce to increase their fame.

“Have someone enter the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction hall.  If there is a Gold Equipment for Warriors, then buy it at any cost!”

Masked Man: “……”

Son of Heaven wanting someone to enter the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction hall not to spy, but rather…..he could not resist the allure of the Gold Equipment.

Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce auction hall……


A bronze robed man with a sturdy frame stood up in an aggressive manner, calling out a shocking price that made everyone gasp.  After shouting out his bid, he angrily looked around himself, daring anyone to fight his price and preparing to fight to the end.

The Golden Marked Robe was a level fifteen Gold Equipment.  Level fifteen was not far from level twenty, as long as one worked hard, they would be able to reach it in just ten days.  This transitional piece of Gold Equipment was actually selling for this kind of price.

An average person would not be able to understand why they would be willing to use this kind of sky high price to buy a piece of equipment in the virtual gaming world.

For the rich people’s world, a person would never be able to understand the rich.  For them, money was nothing more than a number.  The thing they’re looking for was to stand at the peak of glory, maximizing their own worth with external decorations.  For this, they had no hesitation in throwing out large amounts of money.  The strong stats of the Gold Equipment stirred their inner emotions and the rarity made them lose their minds.

“3000000!”  A calm voice resounded through the auction hall.


All the people in the auction hall looked for the source of the sound and some of the excited players were suddenly stunned into silence by this price.  Outside, an outrage was caused by this price.


Was it something wrong with their ears, or did someone call it by accident in a moment of excitement.

The person who called out the price slowly lowered the card in his hand.  Faced with the stares of countless people, his expression was still very calm.  His eyes were looking down and he did not look at the others at all.

His information was hidden, but that cold and indifferent aura made people firmly remember him.  Ye Tian Xie looked at him and received his information from the Evil Dragon’s Eyes.  At the same time, from his lowered eyes, he saw a strange sinister look.

This person’s name was – Blue Dust!

This was the person that surprised Ye Tian Xie by stepping into the level rankings with the Summoner Job.  From the Three Forbidden Grounds mentioned by Zuo Po Jun,  it was the power user of the Cang Family, Cang Chen.

Zuo Po Jun looked over and said, “Second brother, that person……”

“I know who he is.”  Ye Tian Xie replied.  At the same time, he remembered this person’s face in his mind.  This was not a simple person, moreover…..the look in Cang Chen’s eyes and the dangerous aura around him all told him that…..this was definitely not a normal person.

“This friend has given a bid for 3000000.  Honestly, this price even surpasses my expectations.  Then is there a friend still willing to bid more?  3000000 going once……”

The host Ninth Moon’s voice was already filled with excitement.  Seeing the endless amount of people coming in and the twenty thousand capacity hall being filled with people, she was sure that in the future, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s name would be spread across China.  This time, it wouldn’t just be because of Liu Qi Yue.

Going from 900000 to 3000000, only a rich person that didn’t care about money would be able to shout like this.  The way he shouted his bid, it was clear that he had made up his mind.  Instantly, no one else dared to call a price.  According to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, there weren’t just a single piece of Gold Equipment.  Since this has been set on by someone, then they would save their strength to obtain the equipment they need in the future.

“3000000 going twice……”

“3000000 going thrice……”

The metal hammer fell, closing the bid.  Ninth Moon said with a faint smile, “Congratulations to this sir.  This ‘Golden Marked Robes are yours now!”

As soon as her voice fell, the Golden Marked Robes on stage slowly disappeared and directly appeared in Blue Dust’s inventory.  At the same time, 3000000 coins was withdrawn from Blue Dust’s funds care and was traded over to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s account.

For auctions in the Destiny world, the moment the auction closed was the moment the trade occurred.  At the same time, the players could not call out a bid for more gold coins than they owned.  This meant that if one had 10000000 gold coins, they could give a bid for any amount under 10000000 gold coins.  If one only had 100 gold coins, then they could not call out a bid for 101 gold coins.

After the trade occurred, Blue Dust’s eyebrows did not even move.

At this moment, they had only auctioned a single piece of equipment, but in a short period of time, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce went from being empty to…..not having a single empty seat open.

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