EDAH Chapter 229


Chapter 229: China’s strongest dagger

Outside the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, there were several girls counting the gold coins they received…..In the blink of an eye, the tickets that no one cared about had been completely sold out.  Moreover, they were all sold at five thousand gold coins per ticket.

“Xiao Qi, how much do you have?”

“Around 50,000,000!  It’s so much that it seems like a dream.”

“Wa!  I have around 40,000,000 here.  Adding it together…’s close to 100,000,000!  God, are we dreaming?”


“Of course it’s not a dream.  I’ve said it already, the young miss’ decisions are never wrong.  That’s right, the young miss said that after the tickets have been sold, we can sell standing room tickets, but we can’t sell them until after 9:30…..Wa!  One ticket for forty thousand gold coins!  Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah……I’m going crazy.  Do you think anyone will buy it?”

“The young miss has made this decision, so perhaps she will give a surprise when the time comes!”

The two women were happily chatting inside while a large group of players were waiting outside because they couldn’t buy a ticket.  Especially those that Son of Heaven sent, they were crying tears from their anxiety from being stuck outside.

In comparison, the current Shrouded Heaven First Chamber of Commerce’s auction site was terrible to look at.  Because of the unprecedented appearance of the Gold Equipment being broadcast on the magic screens of the Heavenly Stellar City’s plaza, many major media networks began to pick up on this story and everyone’s attention was attracted by Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction…..Almost everyone had already forgotten about Shrouded Heaven First Chamber of Commerce’s auction.

“We’ll now be selling the second item.  The second item is also a piece of Gold Equipment, but for a reason understandable to everyone, we were not preparing to sell this item yet.  However, our young miss made a decision……Everyone, please look at the second piece of equipment.”  As soon as Ninth Moon’s voice fell, a golden glowing dagger that had an edge like an animal’s fang appeared on the screen.

Tiger Tooth Dagger: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 20 Assassin Job

A dagger crafted from the fang of the Amethyst War Tiger, with a strong tearing power and the supplemented thunder power of the Amethyst War Tiger.

Stats: Attack +80, Agility +15, Accuracy +10, Attack Speed +12.  Attacks have an extra 50 lightning damage and a 3% chance of creating a bleed effect that deals 80 points of damage per second, lasting for five seconds.

This was a Gold Grade dagger…..Its requirement was actually level twenty!

Most of the players on the scene took in a shocked gasp.

They weren’t shocked by the equipment itself, but rather…..When the God’s Realm Guild and Wings of Shrouded Heaven weren’t even able to get a single piece of Gold Equipment, there was someone that could obtain a level twenty Gold Equipment!  For a level twenty or over level twenty Gold Equipment to drop, an extremely powerful monster must have been defeated!

At this moment, they all suddenly thought of a single person.  A strong and mysterious person that was like a bug who shook the entire world……

Xie Tian!

The backer behind the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was actually Xie Tian?

If it really was him, then it could be explained how with just a few women, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce could take out a piece of Gold Equipment.  Xie Tian could fight over thirty people by himself, while being the only person that had completed the Abyss Level Trial, and had finished all three system quests by himself…..Getting a piece of Gold Equipment did not seem hard for him at all.

Once this Tiger Tooth Dagger appeared, everyone understood what Ninth Moon meant.  Indeed, although the stats of this equipment were strong, truly being worthy of the Gold Grade, it was still too early for it to appear and no one could equip it right now.  Because of this, many people would hesitate to call out a price, acting timid, not daring to go all out.  No one could predict whether they would be able to obtain a same grade or even higher grade item once they reached level twenty.  Also, no one could predict what would occur when the average player level reached level twenty because there could be a small depreciation in the value of Gold Equipment.

“This starting bid of this level twenty Gold Grade ‘Tiger Tooth Dagger’ is……150,000 gold coins.  Let the auction begin.  I can say without hesitation that whoever can obtain this Tiger Tooth Dagger will be the person with the strongest short blade in the entirety of the Chinese Server!”

The last few words from Ninth Moon had a strong effect.  All the assassins on the scene revealed a look of excitement and longing.  Even Buried God’s eyes began to change…..His Job was Assassin.

The strongest short blade in the Chinese Server?  Ye Tian Xie secretly shook his head……This Tiger Tooth Dagger was not it, rather it was the level twenty Spiritual Grade Weapon in his hands – the Purple Lightning Crystal Dagger.

After defeating the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin in the Phantom Forest, Ye Tian Xie had harvested a Thunder Bead containing the power of lightning from its body.  Then, driven by a strange force, he went to the Heavenly Stellar City blacksmith shop and paid a large price to craft this Purple Lightning Crystal Dagger, a level twenty Spiritual Grade Weapon.

He had never mentioned this level twenty Spiritual Grade Weapon to anyone, always keeping it by his side.  When this crystal clear dagger that seemed to be made from crystals formed, he finally understood what that strange force driving him was……

This transparent and sharp dagger was like the Blood Sealing Ice Dagger, which was the one that Xue Yao Yue used in the past.  It was also the ultimate weapon that he had fought with again and again in the past.

In the past, she would always take the initiative to appear in front of him.  No matter how many times she was defeated or sexually harassed by him, she still appeared in front of him, attacking with her Blood Sealing Ice Dagger.  She talked very little, but this “very little” only applied to him because she would never say anything in front of anyone else.

The line she said the most was “I want to kill you!”

Up to the end, she never managed to kill him.  Rather, in the end, she lost her original disposition.

In the past, her appearance in the game worlds was a large joy of his…..Now, it had been too long without news of her and he had not seen her yet.  In this silence, he had a kind of anxious feeling of wanting to find her.

Right now, she should have gone to find Tian Mo Xie like usual…..Only, she didn’t know that his current self was already no longer “Tian Mo Xie”.  However, if she has seen “Tian Mo Xie”, she will definitely tell it is a fake with a single glance.  Thinking about it, she could be considered one of the people that understood him best in the world.

In the «Murder God» world, that Blood Sealing Ice Dagger was not obtained by Xue Yao Yue, but rather something given to her by Ye Tian Xie.  She clearly said she wanted to kill him, but once he gave her the Blood Sealing Ice Dagger, Ye Tian Xie could clearly see a beautiful glow shine in her ice cold eyes.  Then she lifted the Blood Sealing Ice Dagger and pointed it at him.

When this Purple Lightning Crystal Dagger formed, the first thing he thought of was wanting to give this to Xue Yao Yue.

The thoughts of men were sometimes even more strange than that of women.

One of the common faults of humans was……Only after losing something, would they be able to realize just how valuable that thing was.

“200,000!”  A player named “World’s Number One Assassin” called out.  However, once he gave his bid, his voice was drowned out by a sea of fellow Assassin player’s voices.

“230,000 Gold Coins!  No one can steal this from me!”

“250,000!  I’ll sacrifice everything.  I want this dagger.”

“300,000……Friends, please give me some face.”

“Yo, am I familiar with you?  How much is your face worth?  380,000!”

“400,000!  Whoever steals this from me will become my son!”

“I’ll become your ancestor!  480,000!”

“500,000!  All of you are my grandchildren!”

“I pray you all die with a complete corpse!  Our Divine Blade Gang wants this item.  I am the Divine Blade Gang’s second master and I hope that all these friends will be lenient.  My Divine Blade Gang will bid…..560,000!”

“What kind of thing is your Divine Blade Gang?  My future Red Flower Guild’s third master is willing to take out 600,000.”

The people that came to the auction late all came for Gold Equipment, so of course they had the confidence to obtain it.  They were even willing to pay five thousand gold coins for a ticket, so naturally, they were people with considerable strength and finances.  The price of the Tiger Tooth Dagger continued to rise.  Although it didn’t increase by much each time, the price still continued to increase.

But there was a man that had already decided this dagger was his.

God’s Realm Guild’s Buried God.

The price continued to grow, going from the initial price of 150,000 to 1,500,000 before finally beginning to slow down.  At this moment, Buried God slowly stood up from his seat……The moment he stood up, he instantly became the focal point of the audience.

Because he was the God’s Realm Guild’s Guildmaster.  This was the influence of the strong, or it could be considered his right.

He raised the plate in his hand and with a faint smile, he said in a clear voice, “3,000,000……Although I don’t have a use for it now and there are many uncertainties with the future, this number one dagger of China’s strength, its true value far surpasses this price.  This Gold Grade dagger, I, Buried God have decided on it.  I’ll have to ask all these friends to sell me some face.”

The auction hall became silent and no one else dared to bid again.  On one hand, he had suddenly increased the price by a shocking amount just like what Blue Dust did earlier, at the same time, the other important factor was…..his status.  God’s Realm Guild, it was one of the two strongest factions in the online gaming world that no one could provoke.

Why was it that everyone wanted to stand at the peak?  It was because they would be looked up to by countless people and feared by countless people.  A single word was enough to make countless people bow down and a single look was enough to silence countless people…..This was strength.  This was the strength that every single living being chased after.

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