EDAH Chapter 243


Chapter 243: Illusory God Change – Carlos Fernandez

My consciousness…..has finally woken.

It seems like the person with the Illusory God’s power who our Illusory Beast Clan predicted would wield the Sacred Mark has finally appeared.

My Illusory Beast Clan has waited a long time for this day…..A long time…..

Only, why was there such a strong dark power here……This kind of power was like that demon god, Li Xiao’s power…..Was it those evil demons once again……


On his left hand was the legendary Sacred Mark.  It was this Sacred Mark that could summon the “Sacred Mark Beast”.  

But…..The current him was too weak and the enemy was too strong.



The intense white light caused Ye Tian Xie to be filled with shock, but it did not hurt him at all.  His Evil Dragon’s Eyes could see through absolute darkness and absolute light.  As his eyes passed through the light, he saw the Dark Ghost King being pushed back by the light and he could see the slowly rotating four cornered array on his hand.

“Ding……Your aura has been connected to the ‘Sacred Mark’ and you have awakened it from its sleep.  Your sacred power has awakened the preliminary powers of the ‘Sacred Mark’ within you and you have successfully changed Jobs to ‘Illusory Beast God’s Envoy’.  HP +100, MP +2000, Vitality +10, Intelligence +200.  You have gained the Job Skill ‘Heart of Consonance’.”

The prompt completely shocked Ye Tian Xie…..He had encountered this dangerous situation that he was not prepared for and changed into a strange Job.  The Job Change process had gone off on its own and it had not asked his permission at all.

His body completely blocked off normal jobs and even the incredibly strong Hidden Job, “Protection Soul” that the War God Zhan Wu Gui entrusted him, but it had actually accepted a Job that he did not know at all……

Illusory Beast God’s Envoy!

The moment his MP exploded, he understood just how exaggerated the stats of this new Job was.  However there was only a single skill……

The words resounding in his ears were clearly saying “Sacred Mark”.  Moreover, there were two Sacred Marks.  Once came from within him and the other “Sacred Mark” was the one connecting to his power.

This…..What had happened?

He didn’t even have the time to examine what kind of Job this was.  At this moment, the light became even more intense and his left hand on the ball of light was sucked in by an incredibly strong force that would not let it go at all.  At the same time, a strong power that made him narrow his eyes began to fill his body…..

“Sacred Mark…..Our hope.  Accept our strength and create the illusion of the ancient Illusory Beast God Spirit, destroying this evil enemy!!”

An ancient voice began to fill Ye Tian Xie’s ears.  On his left hand, the power increased by countless times.

“Guo Guo, what is happening!”  This power entering him did not feel good and it felt like he would explode at any moment.  His face distorted with pain.

“……Wu, wu, master, what is happening to you.  Don’t scare Guo Guo, I’m really scared.”  Guo Guo anxiously fluttered above Ye Tian Xie, not understanding what was happening at all.

“Sacred Mark…..You…..You actually awakened the power of the Sacred Mark!”

Under the strong light, the Dark Ghost King’s shocked and angry voice came out.  At the same time, a strong sense of danger could be felt.  The Dark Ghost King had adapted to the light and was about to send out a life threatening attack.


In an instant, the strong light seemed like it had been drained as it wildly began to dissipate.  The rate of disappearing was faster and more sudden compared to how it appeared and at the same time, the strength that was about to explode his body finally stopped.

“Ding…..You have obtained the Illusory God Skill: Sacred Sword War God – Carlos Fernandez!”

“Ding…..You have gained the power of the ‘Sacred Mark Beast’.  For the next three minutes, you will have unlimited access to the Illusory God Change.  After three minutes, whether you use the Illusory God Change or not, the power of the Sacred Mark Beast will disappear.”

Illusory God Change · Sacred Sword God – Carlos Fernandez: With the power of the Sacred Mark as a base, you will transform into the Illusory Beast Clan’s ancient war god, Carlos Fernandez and will gain all his strength.

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

“Illusory God Change!”

There was no hesitation at all……Faced with the Dark Ghost King, he did not have any other choices.  Taking in all of the power that filled his body, he activated the Illusory God Change that suddenly appeared on his body……

The earth began to shake and with the release of the energy coming from Ye Tian Xie, it was as if the space around him would split apart at any moment.  In this trembling space, Ye Tian Xie’s body was covered in a layer of sacred light.  In the light, the equipment on his body were instantly taken back, his body became taller and bigger……

In another space, the first hall that Ye Tian Xie had entered when he entered the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins.  There were four silent statues there and the statue to the south began to release a white glow, as if it had been suddenly activated after many years of deep slumber.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…..Ma, ma, ma, ma, master, you, you, you, you, you…..”

Guo Guo’s hands were flailing in the air as her little body restlessly floated around Ye Tian Xie.  It was unknown whether her exaggerated cries were from fear or excitement.

Ye Tian Xie’s body continued to grow, going from his normal size to being over five meters tall……However, when the light disappeared, Ye Tian Xie was still Ye Tian Xie, but he was also not Ye Tian Xie.

He raised his hands and looked at his own body…..The consciousness was still his, but the body and the incredible might that he could not believe felt very unfamiliar.  His previous equipment had completely disappeared and he was currently wearing a set of golden armour.  The golden armour was not heavy, but it completely covered his body, hands, feet, and neck…..On his head, there was a dark gold helmet.  Under the helmet, it was no longer Ye Tian Xie’s face, but rather a heroic face that filled anyone that saw it with awe.

“This….What is this!?”

The outstretched hand of the Dark Ghost King stopped and he continued to retreat as his eyes filled with a look of shock as he stared at Ye Tian Xie.  His three meter tall black body was much higher than Ye Tian Xie’s and looked very imposing when looking at him, but that was completely reversed now…..Faced with the five meter tall “Ye Tian Xie”, he could only look up with those green glowing eyes……

Compared to Ye Tian Xie’s size, what surprised him even more was…..The incomparably heavy pressure and even…..fear that he felt!

A strong pressure forcing him down creating a strong fear.

Ye Tian Xie’s hand slowly moved over his head and pointed to the sky.  Instantly, the sky turned completely dark.  The space around them began to tremble and everything was torn to pieces.  A large silver light came from the sky and fell down in his hand, steadily gathering in his palm.

This was a sword… incomparably giant sword.  The sword itself was five meters tall and a meter wide.  Although it did not have a fierce appearance, just the size of it alone was enough to shock anyone that saw it.

Holding this giant sword and pointing it at the Dark Ghost King, his quiet eyes revealed a wild glow.

Carlos Fernandez: The “Sacred Sword War God” of the four spiritual gods of the Illusory Beast Clan that fought against the heaven’s, guarding the south of the Lost Continent.  He was honest, just, brave, and strong, facing evil like personal enemies.  Faced with enemies, he never showed any leniency.  Faced with the weak, he never bullied them with his strength.  He was respected by all residents of the Lost Continent in his time.  Ten thousand years ago, in the battle against the Demon God Li Xiao, he and his partner, Elsydian sacrificed their lives to become the array spirit of the southern side of the “Leaving Heaven Array”.


Level: 100

Job: Sacred Sword War God

HP: 1200000000

MP: 8000000

Physical Attack: 500000

Magical Attack: 50000

Defense: 80000

Accuracy: 15000

Evasion: 4000

Attack Speed: 100

Move Speed: 120

Skills: Rending Shock, God Shattering Slash, God Defying Slash, Godly Thunder Gale, Raid Slash.

Summon: Sacred War God Soul.


Elsydian: Saint Extermination Weapon

Requirement: Soul attached, must have the Sacred Sword War God Job.

The sacred sword from the far west of the Destiny world, said to contain the sacred power of the heavens.  It was given to Carlos Fernandez ten thousand years ago by the Xi Yao Goddess when he returned from the west, becoming his lifelong partner.

Stats: Attack +9999, Attack +75%, Strength +2000, Vitality +500, Agility -300, Intelligence +100, Accuracy +500, Luck +8, Critical Hit Chance +50%.  Attacks have a chance of destroying the enemy’s weapon or sending them flying and if the enemy’s weapon is of a lower grade, the chances of sending them flying or destroying their weapon increases.  Attacks have a chance of destroying the enemy’s armour and if the enemy’s armour is of a lower grade, the chance increases.  There is a 100% of destroying the area with attacks.  Normal attacks can hit all enemies within a five meter range.

Innate Stat: This sacred sword imbued with sacred power has a strong power against evil life forms, causing normal attacks to do 30% more damage.


Demon Breaking World of Death: The sacred sword uses the sacred power within to seal a target.  The evil dark attributed being will be completely sealed and cannot escape.  A wild attack will follow that will destroy the evil attributed being, dealing 700% of the user’s normal attack damage.  Costs 1500 MP to use.  Has a 20 second cooldown.

Heavenly Slash: Uses the sacred power within the sword to send out an attack with the sacred power of the heavens.  It has no effect on light attributed beings, causes 400% damage to normal beings, and will deal 1500% damage to evil dark attributed beings and has a 100% chance to cause a 5-10 second sacred seal that will prevent the target from using any dark attributed magic.  Costs 3000 MP to use.  Has a 1 minute cooldown.

Red Lotus Killing Gods: Burns the sacred power within to sword to ignite the flames of heaven on the sword’s edge.  Leaving the sacred sword, the flames of heaven will burn all enemies within 300 meters in front of the user.  All enemies hit will be dealt 700% damage and will be burned by the flames of heaven for 30 seconds.  They will lose 50000 HP per second and evil dark attributed beings will lose 100000 HP pers second.  Costs 7000 MP to use.  Can only be used three times a day.

Sacred Seal Technique · Heavenly Crime: The punishment of heaven will fall to punish the offender.  Once the heavenly punishment is released, ten thousand demons will fall as punishment.  The sacred sword will release the sacred power contained within to create an explosion with the sacred power.  It will attack all targets in a 300 meter range around the user, dealing 2000% base damage and 4000% damage to all evil dark attributed enemies.  Costs 125000 MP to use.  It can only be used once every seven days.  After being used, the Sacred Sword Elsydian will be of no use for the next 24 hours.


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