EDAH Chapter 244


Chapter 244: Demon Breaking World of Death

Carlos Fernandez…..Looking at the stats, which also now belonged to him, Ye Tian Xie felt like he was in an endless illusion.  One billion and two hundred million HP, eight million MP, and five hundred thousand Physical Attack Power……This kind of mythical number had actually appeared on his body.

And in his hand, it was a……Saint Extermination Grade Sword!

Saint Extermination, other than the legendary “Forbidden” grade, this Saint Extermination grade was the highest grade of the Destiny world.  It surpassed the Spiritual Grade, the Heavenly Grade, and the Mysterious God Grade…..Holding this Saint Extermination Grade Sword, he finally understood…..why Saint Extermination Grade Sword could not exist in reality and could only exist in legends…..Even if it existed, it could not fall into the hand of a player.

This Saint Extermination Sword was too strong, oddly strong, strong to the point that he could not believe his eyes…..No, even if he personally saw it, he would not believe that such a terrifying weapon could ever exist.


This body, this power, and this weapon…..Sacred Sword War God, it did not disappoint the “God” name at all.

His current condition came from a skill…..One that was named “Illusory God Change”.  Perhaps…..Could he change into this stat any time with this skill?

What kind of heaven defying skill was this!  What kind of heaven defying Job was this!

Ye Tian Xie turned around and his eyes fell onto the Dark Ghost King that seemed tiny now.  What he had now was a very strong power, one that could destroy all obstacles and enemies in his way, upturning heaven and earth……With this kind of power, the Dark Ghost King that he could resist at all before offered no threat to him at all at this moment…..He could even feel that he could even control his life and death!

What the Dark Ghost King was feeling at this moment was the exact opposite feeling.

Just a few seconds ago, the aura he released had completely suppressed him and he could kill him with just a single flick of his finger.  However now, he could feel a soul that could even suppress his soul overcome his body and filled him with fear……

His eyes fell onto the incomparably large sword in Ye Tian Xie’s hand and his dark green eyes instantly narrowed to the size of needles.  A kind of trembling voice that was deeply filled with fear came from his mouth, “Sacred…..Sacred Sword!!!”

In his demon clan, there was a legend of a terrifying sword that was the forbidden sword feared by the demon clan.  It was a sword that came from heaven, a sacred sword made for punishing evil.  The sacred power contained within the sword filled even the ancient demon god Li Xiao with a deep fear.  The shape of this forbidden sword was engraved on the demon clan’s seal, so every member would know of it.

The shape and colour could be imitated……but that divine strength that made his soul tremble could not be imitated.  The Dark Ghost King never would have imagined that he would one day face the legendary terrifying sacred sword with the sacred power imbued within.

Suppressing his strength and his soul trembled…..He just wanted to run!  Since he was born, since his power was sealed a hundred years ago by the Moment of Destiny, he had never felt this kind of fear before.  This was because the Moment of Destiny would only seal him forever, slowly draining him of his strength, but this sacred sword……It was strong enough to directly attack him, exterminating him with its sacred power.

Everything had something they were most afraid of, something that was their taboo, and would fear death, demons were not an exception to this.  They were even more afraid of death compared to normal humans.  This was because if a human died, they could enter the cycle of reincarnation, but if a demon died, they would forever enter into an endless dark abyss…..Or even enter hell.

The Dark Ghost King took a step back while trembling in fear at the sacred sword.  When Ye Tian Xie raised his sword and took the first step…..With a single step, the earth began to tremble.

This simple step also fell onto the Dark Ghost King’s heart.  As the sacred sword came closer, the fear he felt from the sacred power became even stronger.  Even if he could calm down and condense his power to fight back, he could not suppress the fear in his heart at all.

“Dark Ghost King…..The heavens want you to die, so you will die today!  However, to be able to die under this sacred sword, it will not be an unjust death.”  Ye Tian Xie spoke slowly as he suddenly brandished the sacred sword in his hand.  With the movement of the giant sword, four beams of sacred light came from the sword and shined down on the Dark Ghost King’s trembling dark cape covered body.


The Dark Ghost King teleported into the darkness and the avoided the attack of the sacred sword.  The sacred sword slashed onto the ground and created a giant explosion sound.  The destructive might of the sword created a deep gash in the ground.

The Dark Ghost King teleported thirty meters back to a wall.  Like he could not believe what he just saw, he hysterically shouted, “No!!  Impossible!!  This is impossible…..How could you awaken the sacred power…..Why would the sacred sword appear!  This has to be an illusion, it can’t be real!!  It’s an illusion!!”

Ye Tian Xie took two steps forward, moving around five meters, “In this world, there are many things that still exist even though you think it’s impossible.  Why this all happened, even I don’t understand it…..However, I can be certain that…..Today, you will die!  There has never been a person that has acted this wildly in front of me before!!”

Raising the sacred sword once again, he slashed down.  Seeing the falling giant sword, the Dark Ghost King did not have any thoughts of fighting back at all.  If this was a normal attack of the same level, then he would fight back, but faced with this kind of sacred power that completely restrained him, his instincts told him to dodge and run……

At the peak of his power, the Dark Ghost King was close to the Saint Extermination level and wasn’t that far from reaching the Saint Extermination Grade.  However, after being sealed in the Tower of Destiny for a hundred years and having the Moment of Destiny drain his power, eliminating it, he only had around half his strength right now…..He was still between the Mysterious God and Saint Extermination Grade.

As for the Sacred Sword War God, Carlos Fernandez, with the added strength of his sword Elsydian, his strength was well deserved.  He was at the peak of the Lost Continent’s Saint Extermination Grade, something that far surpassed the Dark Ghost King in his peak.  Not to mention the fact that the sacred sword had the power to suppress the dark element.

The full strength Dark Ghost King was not even a match for Carlos Fernandez, not to mention a Dark Ghost King at half strength.  This half level of difference was like heaven and earth.  If not for the pressure from the power difference and the suppression of the sacred power, how could the Dark Ghost King with the pride and dignity of the demon clan choose to flee so easily?


The sacred sword’s second attack also missed, with the giant sword landing on the dark wall.  With an explosive sound, stone chips flew out and the space began to tremble.  The surrounding walls also began to tremble from this power and dirt began to fall from above.  The Dark Ghost King that retreated several meters no longer hesitated and turned around, running away as fast as he could.

Ye Tian Xie did not chase after him, but rather watched the Dark Ghost King’s back.  Slowly raising the sword in his hand, a sacred light was released from the sacred sword and charged at the Dark Ghost King, “Demon Breaking World of Death!!”

No matter how fast the Dark Ghost King ran, he could not be faster than light.  The light from the sacred sword enveloped the Dark Ghost King and made his charging body suddenly stop, making it impossible for him to move, like he had been frozen.

The sacred light that was surrounding the Dark Ghost King suddenly stopped spreading.  One end of the light was attached to the Dark Ghost King while the other end was connected to the sacred sword in Ye Tian Xie’s hand.  In an instant, Ye Tian Xie’s body dashed out following the line of light, moving at an incredible speed.  It was like he teleported in front of the sealed Dark Ghost King.  The light guided the giant blade as it attacked the Dark Ghost King…..



Demon Breaking World of Death, this was one of Elsydian’s skills that could trap and attack at the same time.  The light would trap the target and then the sword would launch a heavy attack.  This skill had a 100% chance of succeeding against dark attributed life forms, so they could not escape by luck.

The seven figure damage number was a shocking astronomical figure.  The Dark Ghost King’s body was sent flying like a fallen leaf by the strong force that followed behind it.  Ye Tian Xie could not believe that this damage figure came from his hands.

What he experienced was like an ant pushing down a mountain, that level of unbelievable.

Peng!  Peng!  Peng!  Peng……

The Dark Ghost King’s body slammed through walls, one after the other.  When he fell to the floor, the giant force sending him flying was not dispeled and he created a large hole in the ground.  Ye Tian Xie followed along and when he saw the Dark Ghost King disappear into the floor, he raised his sword and slammed it into the ground, “Rending Shock!!”


The sacred sword stabbed into the ground and shockwaves instantly formed.  Deep explosion sounds came from below the ground and with an underground explosion, the Dark Ghost King was sent high into the air with rocks floating beside him.  Ye Tian Xie looked up and saw the black figure letting out a pitiful cry slowly fall down.  When the body was about to hit the floor, the sacred sword once again mercilessly launched another attack…..

“God Shattering Slash!”


Carlos Fernandez was a god of war and he liked challenges.  The only suitable challenges for him were people that could match the title of being a god.  He did not have many personal skills, but each one did not disappoint the name “god”.

A God Shattering Slash that could even make a true god’s face turn pale slammed into the Dark Ghost King’s body, smashing it into the floor.  The ground once again split apart and the Dark Ghost King’s body was sent into the ground, but this time it was unknown just how deep he went.  Perhaps a hundred meters, perhaps a thousand meters…..

“God Defying Slash!!”

God Defying Slash, it could be used alone, or it could be used with the God Shattering Slash as a combo.  If it was used with the God Shattering Slash, it would have an astonishing effect……It could allow the person that had just suffered a God Shattering Slash suffer another attack of the same intensity, but in the completely opposite direction……No matter what state the enemy was in, whether they were in the air or if they ran away, even if they were far off in the distance, this attack would hit no matter what.

This attack could be used to immediately bring back enemies after they were sent flying to suffer further attacks.  This kind of attack could not be explained with common sense and could only be used by true gods.

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