EDAH Chapter 245


Chapter 245: The collapse of the Dark Ghost King

After the “God Defying Slash” was released, countless colourless lights soared into the sky and fell down once again.  The ground released a muffled sound and split apart once again, making the entire space tremble from the terrifying destructive might.  Not far away, the Undead Protection Arrow God preparing to shoot arrows at Ye Tian Xie was instantly killed by the shockwaves of this attack.

The reason why Saint Extermination Grade power can be named Saint Extermination, it was because it was very destructive.  Just a single attack of the Saint Extermination grade could cause a terrifying disaster.  If it had appeared in another area, then the world would have been turned upside down.  If this attack occurred in a normal underground area, the ground itself would have collapsed.

However, the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins was silently protected by a strong power.  Even several attacks of the Saint Extermination Grade was not enough to make the ground above them collapse in.

Under the continuous attacks of the sacred sword, the Dark Ghost King did not have any chance to fight back.  His body had been smashed down a kilometer into the ground by that terrifying strength and before that wild power was counterbalanced, another equally strong power came from who knows where and slammed into his body.  It sent his body flying back towards the surface, flying out of the ground and falling to the ground again in an embarrassing manner.


The Dark Ghost King crawled up from the ground, but he was still suppressed by the power of the sacred sword.  The black demonic robe around his body was in tatters and his skin that was like thousand year old dried bark was revealed.  The destruction stat that the sacred sword had was very rare, being able to destroy the area and the enemy’s equipment.  The Dark Ghost King’s demonic robe was a true Heavenly Grade Equipment, but it had been easily destroyed by the sacred sword.

The Dark Ghost King’s dark green eyes continued to tremble, releasing a look of anger and hate.  Being locked by the sacred sword and being hit four times in a row, being slammed into the ground, being knocked into the sky, and then being slammed to the ground again…..During this time, he had not been able to fight back at all.  From the moment he was born, he had never been hurt like this, or defeated like this.

Demons were an easily angered race and once a demon flew into a rage, it would try to kill its enemy with the most brutal method available.  He lifted the skeleton staff in his hands and his eyes revealed a terrifying cold glow.  He finally stopped running and released a black glowing ball containing the anger of the undead from his body.  At the same time, his mouth released a deep voice filled with anger and hate, “Ten Thousand Demon Curse Wave!!”

The black glowing wave filled with the power of hatred was so dense that it could not be dodged at all.  Ye Tian Xie did not try to dodge and charged forward at the black wave, while mercilessly slashing at the Dark Ghost King with the sacred sword.

-50000, -50000, -50000, -50000, -50000, -50000…….

Dense amounts of damage figures appeared above Ye Tian Xie’s head, but he ignored it all.  A “Raid Slash” landed on the Dark Ghost King’s chest, bringing a “-1670000” damage figure with it and sending the Dark Ghost King flying.  Carlos Fernandez’s attack power came from his tyrannical strength, so each sword had a strong attack and momentum to it.  While dealing damage with attacks, every enemy hit will also be sent flying back……

The Dark Ghost King struggled to regain his freedom after being sent into the air.  He gave a wild roar from midair, “How could this king be beaten by a human…..Impossible!  Die for this king…..Die!!”

Jet black thunder condensed in the Dark Ghost King’s hands, turning into a dark lightning spear in his hands with a “zi, zi” sound, before it was thrown with a roaring sound at Ye Tian Xie.  Dark attributed high level forbidden curse, the “Dark Demon God’s Spear” with a high single target damage.

The moment the “Dark Demon God’s Spear” was released, the chaotic space around them suddenly stopped moving, like it had been suppressed by a terrifying power.  Ye Tian Xie stopped moving and looked at the black shadow that continued to fly through the air.  He did not dodge out of the way and raised the sacred sword, swinging it horizontally through the air.


The Dark Demon God’s Spear collided head on with the sacred sword and the strong dark power and the tyrannical sacred power formed cracks in space itself……Even the air shattered from the energy collision.

Ye Tian Xie was forced back a few steps and he revealed a cold sneer of disdain.  This kind of powerful high level dark attributed forbidden curse had been dispelled by Ye Tian Xie like it was just a primary dark attributed spell, not causing any damage to him.

The sacred sword was the strongest enemy to all dark attributed power.

“Impossible……This is impossible!”  The Dark Ghost King that knew just how powerful the “Dark Demon God’s Spear” was had his view of the situation turned completely upside down, not daring to believe his own eyes.  He had not dodged it or forcefully destroyed it, it was completely dispersed with only a single normal attack from the enemy……He had never seen or heard of a kind of power that could destroy a high level forbidden curse like this……

In that moment, he suddenly realized why the demon clan made a printing of the sacred sword’s appearance.  This was to allow every demon to remember what it looked like, so if they ever met the sacred sword…..They would run without any hesitation.  This was because the sacred sword was the most terrifying enemy that the demon clan could never face.  It was the sacred sword given by the heavens to punish the “demons”.

If it was said that the Dark Ghost King still had thoughts of destroying Ye Tian Xie in the past, the Dark Demon God’s Spear being destroyed by the sacred sword Elsydian made him give up his final hopes of fighting back.  In that moment, he could feel a sense of death come over him.

The strength of the demons made it hard for them to be destroyed, but they would lose themselves in fear if they ever came in contact with true death.  Under the fear of death and the threat of the sacred sword, he took a step back.  Finally, he gave a strange roar and turned into a black shadow, wildly retreating.

“He, you want to leave…..But did I agree to this?”

Looking at the Dark Ghost King that ran one hundred meters in an instant, Ye Tian Xie revealed a cold smile of disdain.  He raised the sacred sword in his hand and then a group of white light shot out……It was the “Demon Breaking World of Death” that had just come off cooldown, which no demon could resist or hide from!


The beams of light snared the Dark Ghost King, trapping his moving form onto the ground, not making another move…..Ye Tian Xie did not use the next move and stopped using the Demon Breaking World of Death.  He raised the sacred sword with a calm expression and a sacred light surrounded him that made people’s minds black.  The surrounding darkness was completely dispersed by the light that was released……

“Heavenly Slash!!”

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