EDAH Chapter 246


Chapter 246: Red Lotus Killing Gods

With Ye Tian Xie’s low roar, the sacred sword containing endless sacred power turning into a white sword that shot forward in front of Ye Tian Xie, stabbing into the sealed Dark Ghost King…..The giant blade pierced through his back and exited through his chest.

This sword did not create destruction like the previous attacks and after a short period of silence, the light on the sacred sword disappeared.  Like it was sucked in by a strong power, it wildly entered the body of the Dark Ghost King, creating a large explosion of sacred power within the Dark Ghost King.


The highest realm of light energy – sacred energy, which was the natural enemy of the dark attribute.  With the sacred energy entering his body and blasting it to pieces, it was like a flame burning exploding inside of a moth……



The Dark Ghost King gave a pitiful cry, which was no doubt the most pitiful cry he had ever given since he was born.  The explosion was released from the center of his body, so he was not sent flying by the explosive force.  He fell in front of Ye Tian Xie, rolling in pain from the erosion of the remaining sacred power, screaming with misery.  At the same time, his body was enshrouded in a dim white light.  This was a sacred power seal that sealed all dark attributed energy which came from the Heavenly Slash!

Not being able to use the dark attributed energy was like losing both his arms and legs for the Dark Ghost King, unable to resist at all.  He didn’t even have a chance to escape now…..because he was unable to use his teleport technique anymore.  Ye Tian Xie took a step forward and mercilessly began to attack.

Vertical Slash…..Horizontal Slash……Raid Slash……Godly Thunder Gale…..God Shattering Slash……God Defying Slash……

-420000, -410000, -1600000, -1800000, -1720000, -1720000…….

The damage figures that were more terrifying than the last continued to appear above the head of the Dark Ghost King, making him scream like he was suffering from the horrors of hell.  His body was continuously pushed back, knocked down, sent flying, and smashed into the ground…..As one of the Eight Demon Kings, he was currently being thrown around by Ye Tian Xie like a ball, being completely trampled on.

Facing this humiliation, his fear completely suppressed his humiliation and anger.  He did not even think about desperately fighting back, but rather thought of nothing but escaping…..The feeling the sacred sword gave him was just too terrifying…..So terrifying that he had already lost his mind.

The Heavenly Slash’s sacred seal lasted for ten seconds before disappearing and the Dark Ghost King could once again use his dark energy.  Without any hesitation, he wildly dashed at the exit of the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins….However, in front of the sacred sword that judged all demon lifeforms, did he even have a hope of escaping?  When he had escaped a hundred meters, beams of white light from the sacred sword trapped him once again.  Ye Tian Xie’ suddenly charged forward and the second part of the “Demon Breaking World of Death” slammed into the Dark Ghost King’s body, sending him flying high into the air…..


The Dark Ghost King flew into the air and slammed into the ground above them.  Ye Tian Xie slightly looked up and pulled back the sword.  Then he looked down and the sacred sword was suddenly covered in scarlet flames.

There was no difference between this flame and a normal flame, but the strange thing was that there was no heat coming from the flame itself, as if this was only an illusory red light.

“Go…..Red Lotus Killing Gods!!”

With Ye Tian Xie’s low roar, the red flames surrounding the sacred sword roared out as it flew at the Dark Ghost King.

Outside the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins.

The azure haired man and Indigo Soul tried time and time again, but they were ultimately faced with failure.  Their power was enough to create a crack in the barrier, but they could not create a hole large enough for a person to pass through.

Being pushed back again by the barrier, the azure haired man was silent for a bit before he turned and shook his head as he said, “Indigo Soul, let’s leave.  We aren’t destined to open this barrier.  I understand now how even though the Orange Fang doesn’t even have half your strength, it was still able to pass through this barrier.”

“I also understand.  It is impossible to break it with the Orange Fang’s strength, but this is a magic attributed barrier which should have been left behind by one or many of the peak class mages.  The only ability the Orange Fang has is to swallow magic power.  Although it could not break this kind of barrier, it could still easily create a hole in it.  Just like how the Blood Feather could easily swallow all life.”  Indigo Soul looked over at the azure haired man and slowly said.  Although it had a wolf body, its voice was no different from a human’s voice.

The azure haired man nodded and then calmly said, “Let’s go then.”


The moment the azure haired man took a single step, the ground suddenly began to tremble beneath him.  He quickly knits his brows and turned around, looking in the direction of the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins.




While the ground trembled, the azure haired man that never revealed any emotions actually revealed a look of astonishment.  He tightly knit his brows and after a short period of silence, he said in a deep voice, “Such a strong power!”

“There are people fighting inside…..Moreover, it’s such terrifying powers colliding…..Wait a minute, this power isn’t the Orange Fang and is a kind of power that the Orange Fang can never release…..What is happening inside?”  Indigo Soul’s azure wolf eyes filled with a deep shock.  Being able to possess this kind of power, there were only a handful of people on the Lost Continent…..Perhaps, it was one of the three strongest beasts of the Lost Continent.  There were rumours and no confirmation that the three beast were Saint Extermination level, perhaps…..




The ground inside the barrier began to split apart and the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins began to crumble under the power of this attack.  The tyrannical strength continued to come out of the ground, smashing against the transparent barrier around the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins.  It was because of this protection that the surrounding area was not affected, otherwise, this power would have easily affected Heavenly Sun City five kilometers away.

At the same time, it was because of the barrier’s interference that they could feel the strength of the power, but they couldn’t tell what kind of power it was.  Otherwise, they would have been able to feel the demonic qi present.


A long time after the ground began to tremble, the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins finally collapsed and a black figure appeared from the ground, letting out a pitiful cry as it was launched into the sky.  It slammed into the barrier in the sky and then quickly fell down to the floor……At this moment, while he was still falling, a scarlet flame and a shocking giant sword that was like a red arrow came from below.  It filled everywhere it passed through with red flames and pierced through the dark figure, before disappearing into sacred light…..It returned to Ye Tian Xie’s hands.


-100000, -100000, -100000, -100000…….

The Dark Ghost King fell at the edge of the barrier, with the flames of heaven burning on his body, dealing one hundred thousand damage per second to him.  This burning effect would last for an entire thirty seconds.  While his body was being burned by the flames, he was tumbling on the ground in pain while screaming out.  Being burned by sacred flames was several times more painful than being burned by normal flames for him.

Sacred sword…..the sword that the demon clan could never touch.

“Dark Ghost King!!”  The silent Indigo Soul let out a shocked cry.  As one of the seven Nuclei of Destiny, how could it not recognize the Dark Ghost King!!

Any one of the Eight Demon Kings had a terrifying power, with a strength that was far above one of the Twelve Sages at the Mysterious God Grade……Eight demons approaching the Saint Extermination Grade, if the Xi Yao Goddess and the Moment of Destiny did not appear, then who could have stopped them!

Three years ago, the Eight Demon Kings had all escaped and today was the first time that the Indigo Soul had met one of them…..But the powerful Dark Ghost King was in such a desperate situation right now….Who was it that the Dark Ghost King could not fight back against!


The ground split apart and a five meter tall figure jumped out of the ground.  In his hand, there was a sacred sword releasing an endless amount of pressure.  He took heavy steps as his eyes locked onto the Dark Ghost King, jumping out to slash at the Dark Ghost King again.

The ground split apart and a large trench formed under Ye Tian Xie’s foot, which stopped right in front of the barrier.  Following this, the sacred sword was raised high up once again and slashed down again and again at the Dark Ghost King that could no longer stand up under the pressure of the flames of heaven and the suppression of the sacred sword……

-420000, -1100000, -1780000……

The huge damage figures one after the other were shocking.

The azure haired man did not move at all as he stared at the tall man devastating the powerful demon king, searching his mind for a memory concerning him.  With this kind of powerful strength, he was capable of looking down on the world.  With this kind of power, how could it be possible for his name to not be known on the Lost Continent?

“Sacred Sword War God…..Carlos Fernandez!”  Indigo Soul by his side called out this name in shock and the slowly explained, “Ten thousand years ago, the demon god Li Xiao awoke and his strength was close to invincible.  At that time, the strongest power of the Lost Continent was the Illusory Beast Clan, whose members had an innate illusory changing ability…..They could turn into beasts and have the abilities of beasts.  Low level members of the Illusory Beast Clan could turn into low level beasts and high level members could turn into high level beasts……The strongest power of the Illusory Beast Clan was not to turn into beasts, but rather illusory gods….They could turn into spiritual gods.”

“The history of the Illusory Beast Clan was a long time ago.  When the demon god Li Xiao awoke, the Illusory Beast Clan had four people that could turn into gods.  Those four gained eternal life and could turn into gods for long periods of time……Until they gained the god’s appearance, not being able to turn back to normal.  So, they became the four most powerful spiritual gods of the Lost Continent, defending the four cardinal directions of the Lost Continent respectfully for the Illusory Beast Clan.  This person is the guardian of the south, known as the Sacred Sword War God, Carlos Fernandez who came from the far west.  The sword in his hand is called ‘Elsydian’ which is a Saint Extermination Grade Sword that the Xi Yao Goddess bestowed upon him, with the power to suppress all dark attributed evil powers with its sacred power.  That is why the Dark Ghost King is in such a desperate situation.”

“Sacred Sword War God…..Why have I never heard of his name before?”  The azure haired man looked at the tall man wielding the giant sword while punishing the Dark Ghost King, while speaking with a frown on his face.

“Because, he’s already dead…..He died ten thousand years ago.”

While saying this, Indigo Soul could not hide the deep shock within its eyes.

“Ten thousand years ago, in order to seal the demon god Li Xiao, the Illusory Beast Clan sent out everything, stopping the demon clan’s army in their tracks, making it hard for them to take a single step into humanity’s territory.  However, because demon god Li Xiao was too strong…..When the four spiritual gods came from far off places, the Illusory Beast Clan was already slaughtered by demon god Li Xiao and could be considered exterminated.  In their grief, the four spiritual gods condensed all their strength and created a ‘Leaving Heaven Array’, which sealed demon god Li Xiao.  The four spiritual gods used their own bodies and life to create the four points of the Leaving Heaven Array, completely sealing Li Xiao and sinking into the western ocean…..disappearing without a trace.”

“Dead?  Then this person……”

Indigo Soul could not suppress the shock he felt deep down as he said in a vague voice, “The Sacred Sword War God is indeed dead, becoming the spirits of the Leaving Heaven Array with the Asura of Annihilation that destroyed heaven’s orders, the ‘Indigo Magic Emperor’ that gave out heaven’s orders, and the ‘Abyss Knight’ that guarded the heaven’s orders, disappearing on the same day, never to be seen again…..However, this person’s figure, strength, and the sacred sword in his hand…..It is the same as my memory…..I don’t know what happened…..”

The azure haired man half closed his eyes and he looked at the ground that was destroyed by the terrifying attacks.  Looking down, he slowly said, “This is the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins.  The legends say that there was a ‘Sacred Mark’ left behind when the Illusory Beast Clan perished.  As long as the ‘Sacred Mark’ remains, the Illusory Beast Clan will never truly die…..”

“Master, your meaning is?”

“We didn’t come here in vain this time.  This Sacred Sword War God should be a person that transformed after entering the barrier and inheriting the power of the Sacred Mark……If the Sacred Sword War God really died, this is the only possibility.”


Ye Tian Xie continued to attack for thirty seconds until the flames of heaven stopped burning.  Ye Tian Xie revealed a cruel cold smile and raised the sacred sword, once again releasing the “Red Lotus Killing Gods”, letting the red flames pass through the Dark Ghost King’s body, enveloping him in the red flames once again…..

Since he turned into the Sacred Sword War God Carlos Fernandez, an entire minute had passed.  In this single minute, Ye Tian Xie had dealt a terrifying eighty million damage to the Dark Ghost King……

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