EDAH Chapter 259


Chapter 259: The broken Rainbow Dusk (Part 2)

“Sir City Lord, do you want to catch the Red Sheep?”  Ye Tian Xie turned around and looked at the City Lord with a strange look.

“Oh?  Have you also heard the Red Sheep’s name?”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord said in a rough voice.

Ye Tian Xie nodded and then shook his head, “I’m not clear on the Red Sheep, but I have seen the Ash Sheep.  The two of them should be related, right?”

Heavenly Sun City Lord stared at him, “What?  You’ve seen the Ash Sheep?”


His facial expression was very exaggerated, like seeing the Ash Sheep was a very extraordinary and incredible thing.

“Not only have I seen it, I also personally defeated it.  Sir City Lord, what is the origin of these two sheeps?”  Ye Tian Xie asked in a curious voice.

“Oh?  You defeated the Ash Sheep?”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord first asked this question and the muscles of his face under his beard began to twitch……This brat really knew how to brag…..First he said he chased off the Dark Ghost King and now he said he exterminated the Ash Sheep…..Pei!  If you also killed the Ash Sheep, then go write my name backwards.

“You don’t believe me?”  Ye Tian Xie pressed his nose and looked at the Heavenly Sun City Lord’s expression.  With a snort, he calmly took out the Ash Sheep’s pelt from his inventory and placed it in front of the Heavenly Stellar City, “This is the Ash Sheep’s pelt, do you think it’s still fake?”

The Heavenly Sun City Lord looked at it with the corner of his eyes.  When he wanted to talk, his eyes suddenly turned wide and he gave a shocked cry, “Fuck…..This, this, this…..”

The Ash Sheep had been on the Lost Continent for many years.  Not to mention meeting it, even if one met it, there was no one that could catch it…..However, the stats of this sheep’s pelt was clearly marked – “Ash Sheep’s Pelt”!

The stats could not be faked.  After the Heavenly Sun City Lord gave a shocked cry, he was stunned for a while, staring right at Ye Tian Xie.  He had thought that it was pure nonsense when Ye Tian Xie claimed to have destroyed the Ash Sheep, but he never thought that…..

“Do you believe me now?”  Ye Tian Xie shook the Ash Sheep Pelt, helping the Heavenly Sun City Lord regain his senses.

“Uh!  Uh!”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord nodded in a daze.  Following this, his half muscle brain finally reacted and his expression changed, finally breaking out in laughter, “Ha, ha…..Ha, ha…..Ha, ha, ha, ha…..Little brother, not bad, not bad.  No wonder you were able to send that old monster the Dark Ghost King running.  Even that idiot kid in Heavenly Stellar City felt assured to let you send this important letter.  You really are a heroic youth, with even the Ash Sheep falling to your hands…..Ai!  If the news of the Ash Sheep being killed was released, then it would be unknown how many people…..Ke, ke, young man, from the beginning until now, I found that we were very suitable.  Right now, hei, I’m liking you more and more.  It isn’t all that important to kill Fire Sprites right now, how about we sit down and chat over some tea first?”

Even a fool could tell that the smile on the Heavenly Sun City Lord’s face was hypocritical.  Even an idiot could understand why his mood had changed so quickly.  Ye Tian Xie’s next words were said to draw out the Heavenly Sun City Lord’s true intentions, “Sir City Lord, do you want to borrow the sheep pelt I just took out?”

The strongest ability of the Ash Sheep was to run and it was incredibly fast with a sharp vigilance.  If it wasn’t for Xiao Bei’s harmless appearance and its strong explosive might, even a hundred Ye Tian Xies would not have been able to kill the Ash Sheep.

With this kind of Ash Sheep, the Red Sheep’s stats should also be like this, with no fixed location and secondly… was not easy to find.  It disappeared as soon as it saw a person, letting the tiger hit thin air, attacking nothing.  This strong running ability even made the strongest experts blankly stare at it as it ran away.

But it was different with the Ash Sheep’s Pelt.

Because it allowed one to take the Ash Sheep’s appearance…..With the Ash Sheep’s appearance, would the Red Sheep still run away?  Would it?  No, it was a very obvious answer.  So…..If one suddenly changed back at that time, it would be very easy to catch the Red Sheep.

So, that was why the Heavenly Stellar City Lord changed from “brat” to “young man” and finally to little brother when addressing Ye Tian Xie.

The smile on the Heavenly Sun City Lord’s face froze.  Then he revealed an embarrassed smile and said in as soft of a voice as possible, “Hei, little brother, you really are smart.  It really is satisfying talking to a smart person like you…..Look, old….Your old brother really wants to catch the Red Sheep and it’ll be much easier with this Ash Sheep’s Pelt of yours.  Could you…..”

Ye Tian Xie said with a bright smile, “What kind of words are these Sir City Lord.  It is my honour to help Sir City Lord…..Only I’m a little curious, what kind of monsters are the Ash Sheep and Red Sheep?  From the tone of Sir City Lord’s voice, it seems like many people want to catch them.”

“Un……It really is a lot of people.  The amount of people that want to catch them would scare you to death, moreover these people are all experts.  However, the Ash Sheep and Red Sheep are very sly, run really fast, and no one knows where they’ll appear next.  Finding them all depends on luck and catching them…..Up to this point, no one has done it yet……Oh, no, the Ash Sheep has already been killed by you…..Un, little brother, you’ve accomplished quite a big matter.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“As for the origin of these two sheeps…..”  When asking for a favour and for such an important matter, the Heavenly Sun City Lord had to suppress his anger and explain everything to Ye Tian Xie, “Little brother, have you heard of the Lucky Leaf?”

Lucky Leaf?

Ye Tian Xie nodded, “I heard of it…..It’s a mysterious leaf that has three colours, it does not come from any plant, rather it randomly appears on a random plant.  It is said that those who notice the leaf will receive good luck.”

The Lucky Leaf was a strong item that he had seen with Yuan Que in the Beginner Village that could increase one’s luck by one every time it was used.  Until now, Ye Tian Xie was still thinking about a way to return to the Beginner Village so he can buy all the heaven defying items that Yuan Que had.

“Then……Have you heard of the Wishing Lake and the Wishing Tree before?”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord asked again.

“I have…..The Wishing Lake is a moving lake that no one knows where it will appear next.  If one can find the Wishing Lake and use its waters to water the Wishing Tree, then hold the Wishing Glass in one’s hand and wish for the the thing they desire the most…..Then that wish will be fulfilled.”  Ye Tian Xie said.

Since he had obtained the impossible to appear Wishing Glass from the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, this was the first time someone had mentioned the Wishing Lake.  Until now, he did not dare to believe that the Wishing Lake’s legend was true.  After all, something mythical like granting a wish was impossible to exist.

But talking about it now, he suddenly realized……It was unknown where the Lucky Leaf would appear and only a lucky person would find it.  It was also unknown where the Wishing Lake would appear next……As for the Ash Sheep and Red Sheep…..It was also unknown where they would appear next.

This was a strange similarity!

The Heavenly Sun City Lord looked at Ye Tian Xie with a surprised look, surprised at how “experience” he was.  Then he said something that made Ye Tian Xie surprised, “Un…..There will only be ten Lucky Leaves that grow every year and they will wilt on the same day it grows if no one picks them.  There is only a single Wishing Lake and Wishing Tree…..The few Lucky Leaves that do exist all grow from the Wishing Tree…..It’s said that the Ash Sheep and Red Sheep were two Lucky Leaves that bloomed at the same time from the Wishing Tree a thousand years ago.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“The Wishing Tree can fulfill a life form’s wishes, but this wish has to be heard through the legendary Wishing Glass.  The Lucky Leaves are connected to the Wishing Tree and being connected, the Wishing Tree can hear their wish to not exist for only a day.  So it granted them lives, creating two sheeps……Their names were originally the “Wishing Lucky Sheeps”, but one was grey and one was red, so the people of the Lost Continent named them ‘Ash Sheep’ and ‘Red Sheep’ after seeing them.  Within a decade’s worth of time, news about them had already spread across the Lost Continent and countless people began to search for them.  Because they were Lucky Leaves born from the power of the Wishing Tree, it had the same characteristics as those items.  Meeting them was a lucky thing and if one could defeat or catch them, then they would gain something incredibly lucky……”

Hearing the story of the two sheeps, Ye Tian Xie was shocked……

Ye Tian Xie completely understood what it meant by the world was filled with strange things now.

These two strange sheeps had actually come from two strange leaves.

Seeing them was lucky and catching or defeating them would give great luck.  He had exterminated the Ash Sheep on a whim… what would his great luck be?  Was it obtaining items that were stranger than the last?

Was it because his luck stat was higher than normal people’s that he was able to meet the Ash Sheep?

Hearing the origin of the Ash Sheep, Ye Tian Xie suddenly wanted to know just what kind of item was inside the Ash Sheep’s Toolbox……Would it be a divine item…..

“Then why does Sir City Lord want to catch the Red Sheep?  Is there an irresistible treasure that it possesses?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

The Heavenly Sun City Lord hesitated for a second before honestly saying, “These words aren’t wrong.  It has something that I have to obtain……It’s called the Seven Star Lotus.”

“Seven Star Lotus?”

“The Seven Star Lotus is a Mysterious God Grade flower that grows in the Wishing Lake.  It is not something a normal person can see and it is impossible to obtain one……To be able to pick the Seven Star Lotus, one has to have a Heavenly Grade Herb Gathering Skill.  Legends say that the Seven Star Lotus blooms once every hundred years and the strength contained within can restore the powers of anyone under the Saint Extermination Grade.  Legends also say that the Red Sheep that came from a Lucky Leaf grabbed a Seven Star Lotus that bloomed when it transformed and placed it in a Seven Star Gourd where it will never wilt……Now with the disaster of the Tower of Destiny and the Flame Sprites being agitated to the south of my Heavenly Sun City, I must use the Seven Star Lotus to repair the divine instrument of my town, the ‘Rainbow Dusk’ and try to solve the crisis of my Heavenly Sun City.”

After saying this, the Heavenly Sun City Lord hid nothing.  He reached into his bosom and took out a…..shining seven coloured chain.

Once the chain appeared, the beautiful seven lights coming from it made Ye Tian Xie shocked…..The seven colours shined bright, but it was not the same red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet of the Moment of Destiny.  Rather it was blue, red, green, violet, yellow, white, and black……

It was the colours of the seven basic elements, water, fire, wind, thunder, earth, light, and darkness!

The chain was made from flawless crystals and released a bright light.  On the two sides of the chain, there was…..a sun and a moon.

The moon was a crescent moon and the sun was a full sun, being the size of one’s thumb.  Although it was small, the light released from it could enchant one’s soul.

“This is the ‘Rainbow Dusk’, but it is a damaged Rainbow Dusk.  The complete Rainbow Dusk would have the sun and moon overlapping.  The sun and moon changes at dusk, hence the name “Rainbow Dusk’.  I used countless methods over the years to try and fix it, but nothing worked.  At that moment…..there were a few people that discovered traces of the Red Sheep near Heavenly Sun City a while ago, so I pinned my last hope on the Seven Coloured Lotus……For my Heavenly Sun City, this Rainbow Dusk is incredibly important, so I must fix it.”

An illusory appearance and a blurred light…..If the sun and moon were to connect, then it would clearly become a necklace.  To make a city like Heavenly Sun City treasure it, how could it be something simple.

“What ability does this necklace have?”  Ye Tian Xie quietly swallowed down a mouthful of saliva, not being able to help himself from asking this.  Even for a man like him, a strong desire to snatch this item filled his chest.  If it was a woman…..Then they would have killed someone for it without any hesitation.

The Seven Star Lotus in the Seven Star Gourd……The gourd that he picked up in the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins that the Dark Ghost King determined to be only useful for hatching the ornamental pet ‘Diamond Gourd Doll’, it had seven stars on it……

This gourd was also dropped by the Red Sheep…..


Ye Tian Xie’s eyes turned eager as he looked at the “Rainbow Dusk”.  The feeling that he should help the Heavenly Sun City Lord to raise his favorability disappeared without a trace.

On his body…..He did not have a necklace yet.

With his neck being empty, it was quite uncomfortable.

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