EDAH Chapter 260


Chapter 260: Trade

“It’s ability……The Goddess Xi Yao gave us the Mysterious God Equipment for the Sun, Moon, Star, Stellar, and Mystic Cities.  The Mysterious God Equipment are strong beyond compare, but are very precious, with only a few being in the Lost Continent.  The five Mysterious God Equipment all became the treasures of the Main Cities.  I cannot tell you what abilities it has…..Alright, little brother, I’ve already told you everything I can tell you.  Can you give me the sheep’s pelt now?”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord finally finished suppressing his anger and spoke to Ye Tian Xie in a serious voice.

“Sir City Lord, you want to restore the ‘Rainbow Dawn’ to destroy the Flame Sprites to the south?”  Ye Tian Xie did not reply as he continued to ask questions.

The Heavenly Sun City Lord’s bearded face trembled.  He finally suppressed his anger and said, “That’s right.”

“This also means that the Rainbow Dusk has a strong attack power?”


“No, it doesn’t have any attacks at all.  Of the five Mysterious God Equipment the Xi Yao Goddess granted our five Main Cities, the one with the least attack power is the ‘Rainbow Dusk’ and the one with the strongest attack power is “Lost Dawn’.”

“Lost Dawn?”  Ye Tian Xie was stunned.  Rainbow Dusk, Lost Dawn…..It sounded like there was a relation between the two.

“‘Lost Dawn’ belongs to Heavenly Star City to the north of the Lost Continent, separated from Rainbow Dusk by the north and south, but this is also their fate.  They were a pair cursed by the heavens like a pair of lovers, there was a reason why they were separated, but they can never be together.  Lost Dawn and Rainbow Dusk are forbidden words that cannot be mentioned at the same time because hidden behind them is the sadness of two lovers from different races……The destruction of the Evil Spirit Race with the strongest magic and the Elf Race with the strongest archery…..Fuck!  Why are you asking so much!!  Why aren’t you giving me the sheep pelt yet!!”

The slightly slow Heavenly Sun City Lord finally realized what he was saying.  He flew into a rage and began to loudly roar.

Ye Tian Xie did not ask anything else and obediently took out the Ash Sheep’s Pelt, placing it in front of the Heavenly Sun City Lord’s face.

“Un, after everything is finished, I will properly thank you.”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord was about to happily receive it before he saw Ye Tian Xie suddenly take it back.

“Brat, what is the meaning of this?”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord that felt like he had been played, furiously stared at him as he spoke.

Ye Tian Xie seriously thought about it for a bit before saying, “I was thinking, this sheep’s pelt is unique in the world, so what happens if you don’t return it after I lend it to you?”

The Heavenly Sun City Lord’s temper exploded.  His eyes popped open and his hair stood up as he roared, “Bullshit!!!!”

The excited Heavenly Sun City Lord’s roar was no small deal, the ears of the guards outside the door were deafened and the entire City Lord’s Palace began to tremble with the vibrations from his voice.  Ye Tian Xie right beside him was completely stunned, but he quickly recovered himself and very naturally took two steps back.

“Why would I, the respected Heavenly Sun City Lord need to deceive a brat like you?  The entire world knows of my moral integrity, who doesn’t know that father always keeps his words!  Am I a person that breaks their promises?  Am I!!”

“Sir City Lord, first calm yourself.”  Ye Tian Xie waved his hand and then said, “Today should be our first time meeting, right?”

“So what!?”

“Then how would I know what temper you have or if you keep your words?  If I believed everything that you said, then wouldn’t I be a fool…..Just like earlier, did you believe everything I said?”  Ye Tian Xie calmly said.

“Bullshit!  Can father be the same as you!?  Father is the Heavenly Sun City Lord, why would I lie to a brat from that ran here from Heavenly Stellar City!?”

“Of course you would…..”  The corners of Ye Tian Xie’s lips moved and he spoke with a strange expression, “You can’t deal with the Flame Sprites of the Lava Prison and you need to rely on the Rainbow Dusk to deal with them, but now you’re asking me to kill one thousand Fire Sprites…..You’re not embarrassed to say you’re not plotting against me?  Un?”

The Heavenly Sun City Lord blinked his eyes and his beard trembled.  After a long while, he finally said, “Aren’t you so broken that you can send the Dark Ghost King running!!  Compared to the Dark Ghost King, what do the Flame Sprites count for!!”

“Yes…..I did send the Dark Ghost King running…..But do you believe that!!  If you really believed that I sent the Dark Ghost King running, you would have been bowing down to thank me already.  Would you still be angrily shouting at me right now?   If you really believed me……You would have given the task of the Fire Sprites to me directly and would you still need to catch the Red Sheep to fix the Rainbow Dusk?”

Ye Tian Xie’s continuous words came forth, slamming into the Heavenly Sun City Lord’s weak point.  His eyes went wide and his chin fell down…..but this time he could not say a single word.

Ye Tian Xie helplessly shook his head, “Ai, Sir City Lord, you really are good.  You didn’t believe me from the beginning and even tried to send me on a death seeking quest…..Now you’re saying that the world knows your moral integrity…..If you were me, would you believe yourself?”

Heavenly Sun City Lord: “……”

The Heavenly Sun City Lord was completely stunned.  He wanted Ye Tian Xie to kill the Flame Sprites because he wanted to send him to his death.  The Flame Sprite’s lowest level was fifty and there were a lot of them in the same area, even if he went, it would be hopeless…..This was because he was a fire attributed great mage, inheriting a temper that burned like flames.  But if he used his fire magic against the Flame Sprites…..Not only would it not hurt them, it would let them grow faster and make them more active.  The Flame Sprites were made of fire to begin with, so they could absorb fire attributed attacks easily.

But it would be different if he had the Rainbow Dawn, he could extinguish the Flame Sprites as easily as kicking aside sand.

“If you were me, would you let a person that doesn’t believe you and tries to plot your death ‘borrow’ something so precious?”  Ye Tian Xie ruthlessly continued to ask.

The Heavenly Sun City Lord’s face was half red and half white, but he did not refute this.  He was not a petty person.  Even if he had a explosive temper, he was very straightforward and did not quibble…..This time, everything Ye Tian Xie said was completely right, he had plotted against him… punish him for boasting in front of him.

Because this was what he had been thinking, this man made of muscles did not know how to refute this at all.

“Then…..What will it take for you to lend me this sheep’s pelt!”  After suppressing himself for a while, the Heavenly Sun City Lord finally said these words that should he was admitting defeat.  If Ye Tian Xie was a normal person, he would have been sent flying with a single slap for talking to him like this.  However, he had the Ash Sheep’s Pelt and that could repair the Rainbow Dusk, which was the greatest hope for Heavenly Sun City’s crisis.  He had no choice but to suppress his anger and make himself as calm as possible.

Ye Tian Xie pressed his forehead before looking up and saying, “Un, let me think…..It’s very simple.  Sir City Lord just has to take something to trade me for it.  When you’ve found the Red Sheep’s Gourd, then you can return the sheep’s pelt to me and I’ll return your item, how about that?”

The Heavenly Sun City Lord did not even think about it before roaring, “Alright!  Then we’ll do that!”

He quickly took off the fire red bracelet that he was wearing on his wrist, “This is the ‘Fire God’s Ring’ that the Lost Emperor gave me in the past, a Spiritual Grade bracelet.  This should make you feel assured!”

It was a bracelet formed from red jade that seemed to be filled with flowing flames inside.  With just a glance, a vague feeling of violent heat could be felt…..A Spiritual Grade Item.  It wasn’t just a Spiritual Grade Item and was also extremely special, a bracelet class item that rarely appeared.  As for bracelet class equipment, the only one that Ye Tian Xie ever saw was the Rainbow Bracelet he gave Su Fei Fei.

However, this bracelet was clearly for fire attributed magicians.  Ye Tian Xie moved his attention away and calmly said while shaking his head, “Sir City Lord, you know that the Ashp Sheep was transformed from a Lucky Leaf from the Wishing Tree and there is only one in the world.  It is impossible for a second one to form, which also means that there will only ever be a single Ash Sheep’s Pelt in this world.  Countless experts have failed to obtain this Ash Sheep’s Pelt over several hundred years.  Now this Ash Sheep’s Pelt is related to the safety of your Heavenly Sun City…..Whether it is its rarity, difficulty to obtain, or its value to Heavenly Sun City……Do you really think that a trivial Spiritual Grade Equipment is enough to exchange for it?”

The Heavenly Sun City Lord stared at him.  With Ye Tian Xie’s words, every sentence seemed to contain a deeper meaning.  He frowned and asked, “That what do you want?  Just say it, which one of father’s items do you want?  Other than father’s city seal, for Heavenly Sun City, father is willing to give you anything as a deposit!  Say it!!”

Ye Tian Xie revealed a happy smile, “Since Sir City Lord is saying this, I feel much more assured…..I will give you the sheep’s pelt right away, however, you must give me…..that already broken Rainbow Dusk.”

The surrounding area turned silent before it was followed by the Heavenly Stellar City Lord’s roar, “In your dreams!!”

“Oh….then goodbye.”  Ye Tian Xie took to steps back and waved without hesitation before turning to leave.

He never thought that Ye Tian Xie would turn around so smoothly.  The Heavenly Sun City Lord felt fear as he quickly blocked Ye Tian Xie and ferociously said, “You little brat…..The Rainbow Dusk is the divine instrument given to my Heavenly Sun City by the Xi Yao Goddess, it cannot fall into anyone’s hands, you….”

“Didn’t Sir City Lord just say that other than the city’s seal, you could give anything?”

“Father never thought that you would actually be so bold!”

“Bold?”  Ye Tian Xie revealed an innocent face as he said, “It isn’t like you don’t know.  The current ‘Rainbow Dusk’ is broken, so whether it is in your hands or my hands, it has no uses at all.  I would just be obtaining a broken item that has no use to me.  The reason for this is because this item is very important to you, but it also has no use.  Like this, sir City Lord will not have to wait on this matter and I won’t need to worry about you breaking your promise.  Wouldn’t this satisfy both our needs?”

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