EDAH Chapter 262


Chapter 262: The defending Falling Wind Town quest

Falling Wind Town was the closest town to Heavenly Stellar City, but it was still separated by a length.  With the move speed of a normal player, it would take them around an hour to reach Heavenly Stellar City.

So, there were quite a few people that came through here.  There were also many players that leveled near Falling Wind Town that chose to come here to pick up supplies.

But today, there was a kind of “depression”.  With a single glance, he could not see the existence of any players.

What was going on?


Before Ye Tian Xie could find this out, his communication device sounded and Zuo Po Jun’s voice came through, “Second brother…..Why are you in Falling Wind Town?  Didn’t you say that you were already in the southern Heavenly Sun City?”

“Of course I was transported here, it’s nothing strange.  Do you not know what a teleportation scroll is?”  Ye Tian Xie said with curled lips.  The Lost Continent was even bigger than the entirety of China and there were no modern vehicles in this world.  So, to make it easier for players, the majority of towns would have town return scrolls for sale.  As long as one had a town return scroll for that city, they could immediately go there.

Otherwise, players would spit out blood over the travel time needed to go from Heavenly Stellar City to far off places.  Most of their game time would be spent on traveling.

“That’s wrong, that’s wrong!”  Zuo Po Jun had a strange tone to it, “Falling Wind Town should have closed off their teleportation scroll effects.  I just tried it and I couldn’t teleport to Falling Wind Town.  Second brother, did you really use a return scroll to go there?”

Ye Tian Xie was a little surprised before saying in a suspicious voice, “Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to come back so quickly from Heavenly Sun City even if I flew back……Did you just say that Falling Wind Town had closed off their teleportation scroll effects?  What do you mean by that?”

Zuo Po Jun felt dizzy, not being able to understand what had just happened to Ye Tian Xie.  He had already confirmed the fact that Falling Wind Town had turned off their teleportation scroll effects personally.  He had tried to use the Falling Wind Town Return Scroll several times, but they had all failed.  However, Ye Tian Xie would not need to joke with him about this, so he seriously said, “It’s absolutely true because…..there is a defense quest in Falling Wind Town right now which the Red Leaves Guild stole.  During the defense quest, they effects of town return scrolls are turned off, this is a very fixed rule.”  After a pause, he finally couldn’t help asking again, “Second brother…..did you really, really use a town return scroll?”

“It’s like this…..I did use a town return scroll to come here.  Forget it, this isn’t that important, it’s probably just a mistake on the system’s part.  Is the defense quest hard?  Why……is there not a single player here?”  Ye Tian Xie looked around before asking.

“Because, the Red Leaves Guild met some problems.”  Zuo Po Jun replied.


The so called defense quest was not as simple as just “defending” or being a “quest”.

If a guild wanted to develop, then they needed to expand their territory and their sphere of influence.  The Lost Continent had rulers at every class and if one had enough strength, then they could occupy a town or city that hasn’t been occupied yet…..Unless you were strong enough to fight the entirety of the Lost Continent by yourself.  To expand one’s forces, it was important to defend one’s city.  Guilds could defend cities and then take it over.  Low level guilds could take on low level defense quest, average level players could take on defense quests for more advanced towns, high level players could take on defense quests for cities, and even high level players could accept defense quests for Main Cities.

Completing a city defense quest could raise the level of the city…..At the same time, the more important part was that after finishing a defense quest, the power finishing the quest had the qualification to establish a division of their power in that town.  At the same time, a city could only have a defense quest every month, which also meant that the first influence that finished the defense quest would have a month to safely expand their forces.  A month was more than enough to build a solid foundation for their influence.

According to the rules of the online gaming world, a power that finished the defense quest first would solidify their influence in that area and that area could be considered their territory.  If another power wanted to take over after a month passed, it would be considered a type of “invasion” and the original force would do their best to stop them.  After an influence “occupied” a city long enough and they had enough prestige, the citizens of the city could show favour to them and welcome them, or they could try to chase them away.

If one failed a defense quest, then that power cannot attempt a defense quest in the same city for the next two months, but the other powers can freely attempt the defense quest still.

After a power accepted the defense quest, they needed to protect the city for a day.  During that day, the system will send out at least four waves of monsters to attack the city……If they could defend against those four waves of monsters, then the defense quest would be considered finished, but that was only in a normal scenario…..

The difficult rule of the defenst quest was…..During that day, if another power was to attack the city and the defenders were defeated by the attackers, then…..the attackers would be the final winners and be able to occupy the city as if they had completed the defense quest.  The premise was that all four or above waves of monsters were defeated regardless of which power defeated it.

So, the defense quest was not only about monsters, but also other ingame powers.  But considering the situation, it was rare for players to invade because the one inevitable consequence of this was that the two powers would form grudges and become enemies.  With the giant player base of the Chinese Server, the Chinese Server had a multitude of guilds that were all fighting with one another.  Everybody knew that even if couldn’t make an extra friend, it was best to not have an extra enemy.

Falling Wind Town was a very small town and one thousand players was enough to defend it.  To those small and medium sized guilds with several tens or several hundreds of people, this was a very difficult task to complete.  However, for a top ten guild like the Red Leaves Guild, with a solid foundation and power, being able to gather several tens of thousands of players in a few days, this was a piece of cake.

For this defense quest, the Red Leaves Guild sent out two thousand players who easily repelled the four waves in the morning.  Then, they met the “problems” that Zuo Po Jun mentioned.

The guilds did not have a member limit and as long as one had enough prestige and strength, they could recruit as many people as they wanted.  By common sense, the Red Leaves Guild with several tens of thousands of members was someone that should not be offended.  It was death for small guilds and for other guilds on the same lever, they still would not be willing since it would cause quite a bit of trouble for them.  However today, there was actually a guild that chose to attack Falling Wind Town after the monster waves.

Wings of Shrouded Heaven!

“….To be honest, although the Red Leaves Guild is strong, they still made their preparations.  They watched the surroundings to ensure that there were no other guilds that attacked the city.  However, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven were very sly and sent scattered parties to level in the Falling Winds Plains in the morning, sending them even further south while fighting monsters to avoid the attention of the Red Leaves Guild’s observers.  After they went south in the Falling Winds Plains, around ten minutes ago, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s players quickly gathered to the south and are currently marching towards Falling Wind Town.  There are a total of five thousand players and counting the time, they should be arriving soon.  After beating the waves of monsters, the Red Leaves Guild was feeling very relaxed and sent over a hundred players back to Heavenly Stellar City, leaving less than two thousand players behind.  The Red Leaves Guild has already asked for reinforcements from their headquarters, but with the closure of Falling Wind Town, it will take at least an hour before they can arrive.  Adding in the fact that the Wings of Shrouded Heaven sent out their elites, the Red Leaves Guild might not be able to guard it this time.”  Zuo Po Jun gave a detailed explanation.

“Falling Wind Town isn’t all that big, so why is the Wings of Shrouded Heaven not hesitant in offending the Red Leaves Guild?  Although the Red Leaves Guild cannot compare to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, they still can’t be ignored.”  Ye Tian Xie asked.  Mentioning the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes flashed with a dangerous glow.

“Although Falling Wind Town is small, it is the closest city to Heavenly Stellar City, making it the perfect location.  Many players will be fighting over it for the next period of time, so many powers are fighting over the defense quest of this little town before it was finally stolen by the Red Leaves Guild…..With Yun Si Hai’s temper, this kind of stunt is not strange at all.”  Zuo Po Jun said.  He was still very puzzled……Falling Wind Town’s teleportation system was closed, so why was Ye Tian Xie able to use the return scroll to go there?  If the other players could also do it, then there was no need to defend this small town…..The players of the other powers could directly enter the town, so what would there be left to guard.

“Po Jun, why do you know about this so clearly?”  Ye Tian Xie suddenly asked.

“Hei…..”  Zuo Po Jun gave a cunning laugh, “With elder sister’s methods and power, of the various alliances, factions, and guilds, how could she not have a person inside these powers.  It is very easy to know what moves they make…..Second brother, the Red Leaves Guild and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven should have begun their fight.  You should prepare to…..”

“I’m joining in the fun, no need to come over.  I’ll be back before long.”  Putting down the communication device, Ye Tian Xie calm face suddenly revealed a sinister, ice cold smile.

For a person that remembered grudges, how could he not interfere at a time like this…..Not to mention the fact that the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had touched on his greatest taboo!!

But why could he use the town return scroll to come here……

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