EDAH Chapter 264


Chapter 264: A shocking reversal from a single person’s power (Part 1)

A plain several hundred meters to the west of Falling Wind Town.

There was no monsters here and was normally a place for players and NPCs to relax in.  At this moment, there were two groups of players fighting against each other.  One was the Red Leaves Guild, the other was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

When the Wings of Shrouded Heaven players appeared to the south of Falling Wind Town with over five thousand players, the Red Leaves Guild players guarding Falling Wind Town knew that it was too late.  The only thing they could do was ask for help from the guildmaster as soon as possible.

However, in order for the Red Leaves Guild to expand their influence, their players had spread in every direction.  The quickest method was to return to Heavenly Stellar City and rush to Falling Wind Town without stop.  However even riding mounts, it would take them an hour to arrive.


The enemy had over five thousand people and they were prepared, bringing all elites.  The Red Leaves Guild had just encountered four waves of monsters and were all injured with exhausted supplies, without enough time to return to Falling Wind Town for supplied before the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members came…..In this kind of situation, what could the use to defend Falling Wind Town with while waiting for reinforcements.

In this situation, all they had to do right now was stall for time…..For example, pulling the enemy’s group all around, or having a cussing match with them…..but the leader of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven Group was not a fool.  He did not even give a greeting before charging forward, making the rhetorics that the Red Leaves Guild leader thought of using a long time completely useless.

The one leading the Red Leaves Guild defense team was Red Leaves Iron Wall (Someone who had been fooled by Ye twice), a person that Ye Tian Xie was very familiar with.

It was easy to attack, but hard to defend.  The attackers could charge forward without any distractions, but the defenders had to pay attention to all the enemies attacking to prevent any kind of breakthrough.  So when the Red Leaves Guild and Wings of Shrouded Heaven began their clash, the Red Leaves Guild was scattered and defeated.  It was a one sided victory as expected.

Not long passed and the Red Leaves Guild less than two thousand members were half cleared out.  The remaining less than a thousand people continued to struggle.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven leader had the name “Cobra” over his head and he was holding a silver dagger that was covered in a green light.  In Wings of Shrouded Heaven, only by having enough status could get a high end equipment, using a piece of Silver Equipment to prove their strength.

Cobra did not make a move and just stood at the back of the group, silently watching the Red Leaves Guild being pushed back step by step.  When their team had successfully grouped together to the south of the Falling Wind Plains, it had become a siege with no suspense.  All he needed to do was wait was for the group to attack at the right time.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven did not ignore using tactics because this was a fight without any pressure or suspense, with each Job attacking in different directions.  Knights charged forward to meet enemy knights, archers and magicians happily attacked from the back, and assassins silently snuck to the back, killing priests one after the other.

Compared to the calm Cobra from the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, Red Leaves Guild’s Red Leaves Iron Wall was not calm at all, rather he was continuously roaring at others, “……Go to the back and kill those attackers hiding in the back…..Block it, block it for me…..Did you not eat, protect those priests in the back…..”

The Red Leaves Guild had lost over a thousand players and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven….They had a perfect defense, attack, bombardment, and healing working in harmony, only losing three hundred members.  Going from two thousand against five thousand, it had devolved into a tragic fight between a thousand and five thousand.

The Red Leaves Guild was pushed back step by step by the attack.  With the current situation, not to mention guarding for an hour, it would be impossible for them to hold on for a few more minutes.  As the slowly moved back, the could already see Falling Wind Town in the distance……When even they wanted to give up, a single person was seen that instantly attracted the shocked gazes of the Red Leaves Guild slowly walking towards the back of the Red Leaves Guild.

The jet black Moment of Destiny in his hand was being dragged across the ground as his ash grey cloak fluttered in the wind.  The Headband of Bravery on his head reflected the sun’s light as a strange metallic glow.  Under the Headband of Bravery, his face was as cold as a knife.

Xie Tian!

This unique and world renowned appearance made everyone that saw it unable to not say his name.

Why did he appear here?  Was it a coincidence, or was it…..

There were several thousand people fighting, but the fight strangely stopped with Ye Tian Xie’s sudden appearance because most of the people here were focusing on him.  His name was already known throughout all of China, but after he finished all three server quests first in the entire world, his name became known throughout the world.

He rarely appeared in public.  There were countless people that tried to find him to try and join his “Heavenly Soul” mercenary group, but no one had succeeded which just added to his mysteriousness.  However, every time he appeared in public, he would always cause a storm.  For example, in Heavenly Stellar City, he finished several people from War Soul Hall by himself.  Then in front of the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, in front of countless thousands of players, he did not hesitate to offend War Soul Hall’s first leader, Lei Ting…..

At the back of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s line, Cobra knit his brows as he looked on with a gaze of interest at this legendary person.  However, his expression suddenly changed.

When the Wings of Shrouded Heaven attacked the Red Leaves Guild, it was very clean and easily accomplished, not giving them any time to prepare or react.  As for Ye Tian Xie, his movements were even cleaner.

Under the Headband of Bravery, his calm expression had a hidden disdain and coldness to it.  His slow steps suddenly became quicker as he passed the Red Leaves Guild’s line and charged into the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s group, swinging that Moment of Destiny that had a heavy pressure without any hesitation at all.

With three heavy sounds, three players were hit at the same time and were sent flying by that incredibly strong power.  With this one attack, three members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven were instantly killed at the same time, also opening the miraculous war that made the world shocked and re-evaluate Xie Tian’s strength.

With this one attack from Ye Tian Xie, the entire area fell into chaos.

He did not care about the Red Leaves Guild behind him and continued to charge forward, swinging the Moment of Destiny in his hands and running wild in this chaotic battlefield.  With each attack there was at least one member of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven that instantly died under the Moment of Destiny.  In a defense quest battle, any players from any powers could join in and regardless of which side they were on, their sin value would not increase it they killed any players.

The stats of the Moment of Destiny doubled after obtaining the Orange Fang and Ye Tian Xie’s attack with the Moment of Destiny was a shocking 1145 and his HP had gone as high as 3535.  With his current attack power, even with a casual attack, as long as the enemy was not a knight, then they could not avoid the destiny of being instantly killed.  With his “Dragon Rend Slash” released, if there wasn’t anything wrong, then no players could escape being instantly killed.

Under the Headband of Bravery, his lips contained a trace of ridicule, but no one could see his expression.  Wherever Ye Tian Xie went, it was like a tiger in a herd of sheep.  The jet black Moment of Destiny was flying around in his hands and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members were being cleared out.  The red damage figures that appeared made all the players surrounding the area gasp and everyone forgot to attack because of their shock…..

“Commander…..Commander, Xie Tian is attacking us…..His attack power is just too terrifying.  Commander, we……”  The player with the name “Seamless Lonely Sword” above his head ran in front of Cobra and spoke in a flustered voice.

“I can see that, there isn’t anything wrong with my eyes.”  Cobra said as he revealed a cold smile of disdain, “This Xie Tian is actually attacking my Wings of Shrouded Heaven for no reason, was he pulled in by the Red Leaves Guild?  He really doesn’t know death!  Does he think he can reverse the battle by himself?  Ha, ha, ha, ha…..This is really is too funny.  Do you think you’re a god?  Go!  We can slowly destroy the Red Leaves guild, first focus everything on killing Xie Tian.  Let him know that no matter how famous he is outside, my Wings of Shrouded Heaven is something he cannot offend!  Don’t forget, Son of Heaven mentioned before, Xie Tian is our enemy!”

“Ah…..I understand.”  Seamless Lonely Sword quickly replied as his head was covered in a cold sweat.  When Xie Tian made his move, that giant four figure damage number had shocked him, but thinking about it……They had close to five thousand people and Xie Tian was a single person.  If everyone spat at him, they could drown him, so what was there to be afraid of.  There was also nothing to fear from the thousand players on the Red Leaves Guild side…..Reversing this fight?  Isn’t this nothing more than a fairy tale?

“Go!  Concentrate all our power on exterminating Xie Tian first!”  Seamless Lonely Sword quickly gave the orders before charging towards the front of the group.

The situation of the battlefield quickly changed as more gazes fell onto Ye Tian Xie.  The first ones to attack him were the knights at the front of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s line.

-1, -1, -1, -1, -1……

Seven-eight knights moved in front of Ye Tian Xie, blocking off every escape path that he could take.  They sent out a dense amount of attacks that landed on Ye Tian Xie, but the damage that continued to appear above Ye Tian Xie’s head made them stunned, as if they could not believe their eyes.

“Go back and sharpen your blades.  Your blades are…..too dull!”

With a Dragon Rend Slash, the knights in front of him were sent flying and their bodies devoid of any HP landed on their allies standing behind them, pushing them back.  Ye Tian Xie was like a ghost as he moved forward, with the jet black Moment of Destiny flying around like a black nightmare, bringing about player’s deaths followed by white light.

With his Evil Dragon’s Body and adding in the over two hundred defense his equipment gave him, his defense was as high as 438.  These knights who had attack power as a secondary focus could not break through his defenses at all.  They could only deal “-1” damage to him.

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