EDAH Chapter 266


Chapter 266: A shocking reversal from a single person’s power (Part 3)

Cobra’s face was as dark as coal.  With several thousand people, he thought that if he sent up a group of people and poked him a few times, even ten Ye Tian Xie could be killed.  He had the archers stop attacking the Red Leaves Guild and focus on Ye Tian Xie because he wanted to finish off Ye Tian Xie as quickly as possible, thinking that he wouldn’t even last more than ten seconds, but…..Right now, ten minutes had already passed.  Ye Tian Xie was still slaughtering the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, as if he was meeting no resistance at all.

He gritted his teeth and roared, “Why are you trembling!!  We have over five thousand people, do you understand that?  Can we really not defeat a single person?  Then what does our Wings of Shrouded Heaven even count for….”

“Boss, we no longer have five thousand people, we’ve been forced down to four thousand people…..”  Seamless Lonely Sword said with a crying expression, “Xie Tian….Xie Tian has already killed over six hundred people…..Boss!  If we can’t think of anything, we really will die in his hands today!!”

Six hundred people?


In less than ten minutes…..Not even six hundred seconds had passed, he had rushed by himself into a dense crowd and had killed over six hundred people!?

This number made Cobra suck in a cold breath of air as his hands turned ice cold.

Was this a fairy tale world!!

He finally began to feel extremely anxious…..He could kill six hundred people in this dense siege, then he will be able to kill another six hundred with fewer enemies…..killing six hundred again…..and again…..

“Boss!  That fox’s healing ability is just too abnormal, healing over a thousand HP at once and it can use several healing techniques, our damage output cannot surpass its healing.  Moreover, after so long, it still hasn’t run out of MP and can still continue using its healing techniques…..Too, too terrifying.  If it wasn’t for it, then Xie Tian and that strange cat wouldn’t be so relaxed and we could have already…..”

Seamless Lonely Sword did not even get to finish before Cobra roared into the team channel, “Every long range member focus on attacking the little white fox behind Xie Tian!!  Right now, I want it dead within five seconds!!”

Yao Yao’s body was small and it was very fast, so normal players had to bend down even to attack it.  Following behind Ye Tian Xie, with him opening the path and protecting it, it received no damage at all.  Even if it  was attacked, it could instantly refill its own HP with the ‘Profound Spirit Self Recovery Technique’.  It had two healing techniques for allies, but it had three different healing techniques it could use on itself.

With Cobra’s orders, this small and fast little target, this cute little white fox that people could not bare to attack was finally targeted by a large number of people.  Large amounts of arrows and magic spells were aimed at it.

Although Yao Yao’s healing ability was strong, it had a low HP.  Not to mention this concentrated attack that could even instant kill Ye Tian Xie several times, if a few of the attacks landed on it, it was enough to take its life.  Ye Tian Xie did not look back and took advantage of the archer group stopping their attacks against him to charge head first into them.  He was killing as he charged forward, creating chaos in the group of archers.

Yao Yao followed behind Ye Tian Xie and Xiao Bei, releasing a light yellow barrier from its body.  The countless attacks landed on it and just the counting arrows, several dozen of them landed on it.  Cobra and Seamless Lonely Sword were filled with joy when they saw this, but their expressions froze on their faces and they unconsciously rubbed their eyes.

“Impossible…..Impossible!  That series of attack that just landed was enough to deal over ten thousand damage to the most protected person, how could that fox live through that…..Does it have over ten thousand HP or have my eyes gone bad?”

“Continue attacking the fox!  Don’t let me discover that even with all these people, we still can’t take care of a single little fox!!”

The attacks fell down like a storm, landing right on Yao Yao.  The dense amount of attacks was enough to completely cover up Yao Yao’s body.

After several seconds, the attacks finally stopped falling, but that little white figure was just standing there unharmed.  It suddenly jumped out, landing behind Ye Tian Xie and casting that healing technique that was several times stronger than a normal priest’s healing technique.

This time, Seamless Lonely Sword and Cobra’s chins almost fell to the floor.

“Monster…..This is a monster!!”  Seamless Lonely Sword clenched his fist and gritted his teeth, “It can heal over one thousand HP at once and it doesn’t run out of MP…..We also can’t kill it!  If our Wings of Shrouded Heaven had this pet, then we wouldn’t fear dying no matter what boss we faced!!”

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s priests were also strong…..But faced with the instant killing Xie Tian, the priest did not have a chance to do anything.  It really was if one was compared to someone else, they would be angered to death.

In this brief period of time, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s archer group fell into chaos.  The thing archers feared the most was enemies approaching them.  If they could stay far away, they could control the battle, but if they were caught, they were close to death.

Ye Tian Xie was like a death god’s scythe, cutting back and forth through the archer’s group.  The well trained archers all fell into chaos and tried to fall back and run away, trying to get as far as possible.  They could no longer hear the roars of the archer group’s commander.

Wielding the Moment of Destiny, they players fell one after the other.  Surrounding him, white light continued to appear.  At this moment, whether it was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven or the Red Leaves Guild, they were all stunned…..This person named Xie Tian, this was a man that could remain calm even when fighting over a thousand enemies by himself.

Everyone present firmly printed the name Xie Tian into their memories.  It was a thousand, no ten thousand times more profound compared to the memories they had before.  There was nothing more memorable than personally witnessing something.

This war that had belonged to the Red Leaves Guild and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had completely changed with his arrival, with him taking over the lead.  He was not that tall, but everyone present felt like he was standing on a high peak, one high enough that they could no longer see him.

“You’ve forced me to do this!”  Cobra flew into a rage, forgetting his shock from his anger.  He picked up his communication device and shouted in a calm and cold voice, “Everyone listen up!  We’ll ignore the Red Leaves Guild and everyone…..Listen carefully, everyone will attack Xie Tian!  The knights will completely suppress him, squashing him to death, making it impossible for him to move.  The long will use all their powers to attack him…..Even if we can’t block him, I want to flood him with people and drown him!!”

With these orders from Cobra, Seamless Lonely Sword’s mouth fell wide open, but he didn’t refute him and rather felt much more relaxed.

The war changed once again as large amounts of Wings of Shrouded Heaven players came from like a wave from fighting the Red Leaves Guild.  Then the knights came forward with the other Jobs behind them, surrounding Ye Tian Xie from every direction like tidal waves…..They placed their shields in front of them and did not raise their weapons at all.  Because they were not going to kill him and could not hurt him, they were just trying to surround him!

The knights were dense and numerous, forming a tight black mass.  They were roaring as they came rushing forward, wishing to surround Ye Tian Xie and those two pets of his.  This kind of sacrificing a considerable amount of players was generally used when fighting against a strong boss, but today it was used against Ye Tian Xie because he was more terrifying than the strongest boss they had met.  Although these knights couldn’t pose a threat to him…..once they surrounded him, the people at the back would pressure him, making him trapped in the center.  Without being able to run, the long distance attackers would launch a storm of attacks against him.

Eight knights using “Heavy Shield Rush” slammed into Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie did not have any evasion and could not dodge, so those eight shields hit him at the same time…..

-1, -1, -1, -1……

The Heavy Shield Rush had weak attack strength, but its one advantage was that it could knock enemies back and there was a 20% chance of causing a three second stun.  The eight Heavy Shield Rushes easily placed Ye Tian Xie in a stunned state, but it was instantly dispelled with Yao Yao’s “Profound Healing Restoration Technique”.

Perhaps several bulls could stop a tiger, but no matter how many sheeps there were, they could not knock a tiger off his mountain.


With a “Dragon Rend Strike”, Ye Tian Xie sent all the knights in front of him flying.  Those flying bodies hit their own comrades behind them and he closely followed behind them.  He no longer used his normal attacks that had a group attack effect attached and used the “Dragon Rend Strike” with a strong knockback effect.  Every Dragon Rend Strike sent a knight flying and they slammed into a group of people.  In order to have the best blocking effect, the knights were very grouped up together.  With several of them falling, the people behind them also fell down through chain reaction in an uniform manner.  The momentum of the knights was stopped and they were now vulnerable.  Before they could trap Ye Tian Xie, they all fell down to the floor and Ye Tian Xie easily escaped the blockade.

But it wasn’t as if the knights’ blockade was not effective at all.  While they couldn’t trap Ye Tian Xie, Xiao Bei couldn’t break through.

It had been knocked back by several “Heavy Shield Rushes” and when Yao Yao healed it, its body was once again knocked back by the ice cold shields.  When Ye Tian Xie had escaped the blockade, it was still trapped…..So it became angry.

Because Xiao Bei had never encountered danger before, Ye Tian Xie did not know just how terrifying the angered Xiao Bei was.

“Meow~~~~~”  With a low and deep purr, a white light suddenly exploded from its body and it flew far away from the knights surrounding it.  Although it did not hurt them, the giant impact had left a giant hole in the blockade.

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Xiao Bei’ has been enraged and the Rend · Light of the two violent movement techniques has been unlocked.”

Ye Tian Xie turned around and looked at Xiao Bei with a surprised expression.

The violently moving Xiao Bei was the truly terrifying Xiao Bei.  Following this, everyone would know…..just what being called wild was.

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