EDAH Chapter 270


Chapter 270: The name is floating clouds

When Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui arrived in Heavenly Sun City, they were almost scared back by the temperature here.  However in order to not disappoint Ye Tian Xie’s “goodwill”, they forced themselves to stay here, looking around in an uninterested manner.

“I can’t take it…..Can humans even stay in such a hot place!!”  Zuo Po Jun used his hands to fan himself, feeling that even the air he exhaled was burning.

“Fatties would always fear the heat….Oh, compared the discomfort from the temperature here, I’m more worried that my flawless skin will be damaged…..Even if it was a little, it would be unforgivable.”  Murong Qiu Shui used his hand to cover the sun as he spoke in a slightly flustered voice.  But the fact of the matter was that the heat did not come from light, but rather the Flame Sprites from the Lava Prison.

“I’m not fat!  This is called bulky…..Strong!  Don’t you understand!”  Zuo Po Jun raised his arm as he said this.


“Oh, oh, beloved third brother, no need to be excited, your fat is your most beautiful point.  With you by my side, I can enjoy being…. a little bird resting on a big man, right?  When those bad people that covet my beauty see your large and tall body, they will reveal expressions of regret and retreat.  Oh…..They retreat out of fear, so why do they feel regret?”

Zuo Po Jun: +_+……

Zuo Po Jun smartly chose to say nothing, otherwise it would never end.  Arguments would always come from Murong Qiu Shui’s strange appearance.  Not only did he look different from a normal man, his brain was also clearly differently wired.

At this moment, Ye Tian Xie’s calm voice with a bit of impatience came from Zuo Po Jun’s communication device, “Po Jun, Qiu Shui…..Immediately log off…..Po Jun, pick me up as fast as possible…..As fast as possible!  Then we’ll go to the north of the city!”

The call was cut off and Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui looked at each other.  They did not say anything else as they logged off.  Ye Tian Xie rarely spoke to them in this tone and his request was “as fast as possible”.

As fast as possible……

In the twenty third century, because of their low sound, high speeds, low consumption, and their comfortability, magnetic suspension vehicles were becoming the most popular.  However, although these super low altitude vehicles far surpassed the speed of ground vehicles, China was filled with people, so it was not allowed to go at full speed.  On the streets of the capital, the fastest speed was around the same as one hundred years ago, around fifty kilometers per hour.

But there was an underused transport vehicle that was not subjected to this law.

In less than five minutes, Ye Tian Xie received a call and walked out.  There was a military helicopter landing in front of his house, raising a storm of dust.  Ye Tian Xie stopped moving for a second and thought to himself, “Too exaggerated…..I did say as fast as possible, but he even brought out this thing for me.”

“Second brother, get on!!”

Zuo Po Jun waved from above and Ye Tian Xie quickly jumped on.  Sitting in the back, he quickly fastened his seatbelt.  Immediately the helicopter ascended at a moderate pace.

“Second brother, where to…..Although this thing’s body is not good, it can still handle flying at five hundred kilometers without any problems.”  Zuo Po Jun was skillfully controlling the helicopter, looking in front of them.

“Go to the north of the city……Po Jun, you even drove this helicopter out for me…..”  Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help saying this.

“If I came by car, then with the current time, over three fourths of the time would be spent on traffic lights and traffic jams, taking around two-three hours.”  Zuo Po Jun pulled back and the helicopter went even faster, charging towards the north.  Since Ye Tian Xie had said “as soon as possible”, he had to pick this helicopter.

The urban area of the capital city, the forgotten and ignored slums.

Today, there were was an extra luxurious black sports car present.  Under the shocked gazes of the citizens, five roguish looking people came out of the car, looking around them with a gaze of disdain at the people and buildings around them.  Very quickly, a look of disgust appeared in their eyes……As if the shabby street, houses, and the land itself defiled their noble bodies and their eyes.

“Young master Huang, the person you were talking about is here?”  A man wearing a black suit and white scarf with sunglasses on said this.  The clothes he wore were clearly trying to tell everyone that he was in the triad.  His clothes made people immediately think of a single word – idiot!  Or perhaps another title – pretender!

“Yes, it’s right here.  Don’t be so anxious, you’ll know once you see it.”  The person being called “young master Huang” nodded and then he pointed at the few small rooms that Ran Chen Xin lived in.  This was a dangerous and shabby place, unless someone had no other choice, they would not choose to live in a place like this.

Young master Huang was also Huang Quan.  After being denied entrance and being chased off by the residents here several times, he had finally lost his patience, so he came here with friends from various backgrounds.  Since the soft tactic failed, then he can only use the hard tactic.  Living in a place like this, she had to be powerless with no one to rely on.  To steal a woman like this, there was no risk or pressure at all.

“Stealing women” was not just something from the dark ancient government system, even in the current China, it was still being down in the dark corners of the world.  In the face of the strong, the weak had no prestige and no abilities to resist……If Ran Chen Xin really was someone who had no one to rely on, then today, she and her little sister had no other fate.

“Huang Quan!  You nefarious little brat is here again!  I’m telling you, don’t think that having stinky money is so great.  No matter how many people you bring, this old woman will still beat you every time I see you.  Sister, that toad is back again, let’s get them!!”  A old lady washing clothes saw that Huang Quan was back…..and he even brought people.  She immediately rolled up her sleeves and raised her washing board.  Ran Chen Xin was gentle and weak, being a girl that was polite and kind to everyone, making everyone want to protect her.  Everyone here all liked her.  Seeing that she was being bullied, they all rushed out without any hesitation.

With this shout from her, seven-eight old ladies all ran out, some wielding stools and some wielding sticks they put over their doors……There was even one holding a knife and a chopping board.  They ran out like shouting like a pack of wolves, giving off a strong aura.  It was enough to scare off these young masters that had never seen something like this.

Huang Quan had clearly been beaten by these people before and couldn’t help taking a few steps back.  The bruises on his leg had finally began to heal…..Not only his body, even his beloved car had taken quite a beating.

That sunglasses wearing pretender man that had a scarf on this hot day looked at Huang Quan.  He placed his hand into his clothes and then raised it into the sky.


With a sound, the women all stopped moving.  They just stood there as they looked on in fear the gun in his hand that was emitting white smoke.  For people that had not seen the world, they had never seen a real gun before.  However, they still had awareness of guns from television and this kind of weapon that could take a person’s life in a second was a strong deterrent.  The originally menacing group of women were all terrified by the gun and not a single one dared to move forward.

They were protecting the sisters Chen Xue and Chen Xin, but in this situation, no one dared to put their lives on the line.  They all had their own families, husbands, and children.  Even if they liked Chen Xin and Chen Xue, they wouldn’t use their own lives to protect them.

“What are you all doing, we’re just here to take a single person.  If you want to care about others’ matters, then I won’t mind sending you to heaven.”  The sunglasses man put his hand down and gave a gentle blow to the muzzle of the gun.  His voice and appearance was like he was the boss of earth.

“You guys…..You’re violating the law!  If you keep causing trouble, I will get the police to arrest you!”  The old lady at the front stubbornly shouted.  The men were all at work during the day and there were only women left.  Faced with this kind of situation they had never experienced before, their faces already turned pale with fright.

“Police?  Ha, ha, ha, ha…..”   It was like the sunglasses man had heard a great joke and he faced the sky as he laughed.  At the same time, the man that was around thirty years old wearing a flower shirt took a step forward and said with a sinister smile, “This aunty, I am the leader of the northern police station’s first team.  Here….These are my documents, so who did you want me to arrest?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…..Ha, ha, ha, ha…..”  While these men were wildly laughing, the face of these women all turned pale.  They took two steps back before turning around to run away.  With them leaving, the other people did not dare to stay either.  They quickly ran back into their houses and tightly locked their doors.  They were not heroes, they would have a fear of guns…..Because, it was something that could kill a person instantly.

With the sound of the gun being shot, Chen Xue woke up, forcing herself to open her eyes.  In her ears, she could hear the sound of the men’s wild laughter and her pale face was covered in panic.

She could not care about herself and even if she died right now, she would not be afraid.  However….she continued to struggle all for her elder sister.  As long as her elder sister could find happiness and she could see how happy she was, she could leave in peace……How could she let her be hurt.

In that second, she was filled with a deep fear.

“Elder sister!  Elder sister!”  She called out in a panic.  Those pale white hands that had no strength pushed on the girl that was still in the virtual gaming world.

Broken Heart logged out at a fixed time every day and logged out occasionally to check on her little sister.  If she had nothing to do, then she would accompany her.  Chen Xue rarely took the initiative to call her out of the game because when she was in the game, she revealed a smile that was contained no pressure or impurities.

So, when she heard Chen Xue’s anxious cries, Chen Xin in the game was filled with panic.  She did not even have time to explain to Ye Tian Xie before logging off.

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