EDAH Chapter 275


Chapter 275: The final hope (Part 1)

Ran Qing Cheng, a familiar, but very distant name.  Ran Chen Xin’s inner world trembled as she looked at Ye Tian Xie in a dazed, speaking in a soft mutter, “Big brother Xie Tian, is this……fate.  Only…..your eyes are completely different from the little boy from the past.”

In the past, although he was only five years old, he had suffered his family’s tragic death and the cold stares of countless people, so he was filled with resentment and hate.  His vigilance increased everyday, making him look at everyone with hostile eyes and it was those eyes that scared off that weak and gentle young girl from the past.

Right now, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes were filled with a kind of gentleness that deeply attracted Ran Chen Xin.

“That’s right, the past me isn’t the same as the current me…..The land is easy to change, but one’s personality is hard to change, but I cannot agree with this statement.  There was a person, she was was the one that changed me.”  Ye Tian Xie half closed his eyes, remembering the figure that was on the back of his mind every minute, every second.


She had used her gentleness to smooth out his wounds, letting him see someone the beautiful things in this world.  She led him to help people that required help, letting him feel the delight of helping others…..The anger and resentment in his heart was slowly wiped out by her.  If he did not have her, the current Ye Tian Xie would be a completely different Ye Tian Xie, who would at least have more negative emotions that he currently did.

“My life was saved by your father and after all these years, I have never been able to repay this giant favour.   When I had the strength to repay it, he was already gone.  You two are his daughters, so how could I let others bully you.”  Ye Tian Xie said this.  In the past, Ran Qing Cheng had brought him into a humble countryside farmhouse, but whether it was his words, his actions, or his clothes, they all contained an elegance and grace that normal people did not have.  Even though Ye Tian Xie was only five and half years old, he was convinced that this person had a noble status and a deep background.  From what he had heard, he knew that Ran Qing Chen was deliberately spending time in the countryside, perhaps it was because he was tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Today, Ran Qing Cheng had died and his two daughters had come to this kind of situation.  There must have been a giant change in their family.

The first military area hospital.

When the helicopter approached, the anti aircraft alarms sounded, but when the people inside saw the symbol on the helicopter, the sounds of the alarms immediately stopped.  Several doctors prepared a variety of emergency transport and stood in the parking lot to greet them.

When the helicopter stopped, not long passed before Ye Tian Xie swung open the door and jumped out.  He had a frown on his face as he hugged Chen Xue and pulled Chen Xin along in a hurry.  Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui followed behind him.

“Young master Zuo…..”  The leading doctor was about to greet him, but was cut off by Zuo Po Jun, “Immediately prepare the best doctors present……especially those that specialize in cardiology.  Quickly!!”

“Yes, we’ll prepare it immediately.”  The doctor looked at the little girl Ye Tian Xie was hugging and his heart skipped a beat…..With such a pale face, it was clear that they were close to the edge of death.  This kind of sickness…..He immediately shouted, “Quickly!  Prepare the life maintaining equipment!”

Chen Xue was sent to the largest room here.  Seeing her body placed in the large life maintaining equipment and various pipes being inserted into her, Ran Chen Xin tightly bit her lips.  Her hands were tightly grabbing the hem of her clothes and her face had turned a frightening pale colour……

“Don’t worry, Chen Xin will be fine.  Let’s go out first.”  Ye Tian Xie could only comfort her at this time.

Sitting in the cold waiting room, Ran Chen Xin’s face was a terrifying pale white colour because of her nervousness…..The thing she was afraid of the most was Chen Xue being taken away by her illness, forever leaving her.  If this happened, she really would be left by herself.

If she could use her life to exchange for Chen Xue’s health, then she would have no hesitation at all.

After drinking several cups of water, Chen Xin’s mind finally calmed down a bit.  Ye Tian Xie hesitated a bit before saying, “Other than the serious inborn heart illness, does Chen Xin have any other illnesses?”

Ran Chen Xin shook her head.  It was as if her body was cold, so her hands covered her chest and she said in a low voice, “After Xue’er was born, there were many things that were not right.  She was frequently sick with colds and frequently fainted.  After a while, the doctor finally confirmed that she had a serious inborn heart illness….At most, she could only live ten years.  After ten years, her heart would stop beating and various body functions would quickly stop.”

She looked down and said in a slow voice, “At that time, in order to heal Xue’er, mother and father went to many of the best hospitals in the country, but they all obtained the same result.  They all said that Xue’er wouldn’t live past ten years old.  Mother and father tried many methods, even thinking about giving Xue’er a new heart, but…..Xue’er’s condition was too special and serious, so the variety of methods did not work.  With the last bit of hope being extinguished, mother and father never gave up, but…..At that time, there was no one that could see any hope.”

“Xue’er is very strong, she never cried or complained, never feeling sad or depressed because of her body’s condition.  Since she was born, I have been by her side every day, but she never needed my comfort and actually comforted me instead.  She has to become better……When she was very small, I felt that Xue’er was an angel gifted to our family from god, with a fragile life and a pure heart…..”

Ran Chen Xin looked down and her voice became even slower, “The doctors said that Xue’er’s limit was getting closer and we did not find any hope of saving Xue’er…..However, she really was strong.  At ten years old, although her body became so weak that she couldn’t walk anymore, she was not defeated by her illness.  She smiled as she talked to me everyday, smiling as she comforted me.  She would say ‘as long as elder sister has not found a happy home, I can’t bare to leave yet…..”

“Your parents, when did they leave?”  Ye Tian Xie asked, slightly knitting his brows.

“When Xue’er…..was nine years old.”  When she replied to this question, Ye Tian Xie clearly saw that there was a deep hatred that was hidden in her eyes…..To make such a gentle girl reveal this kind of severe expression, just how deep was the crime.

“How did they die?”  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows.  In the past, when he searched for Ran Qing Cheng, he found out that he died, but he didn’t know the reason.  Only at that time, he didn’t think about investigating it deeper at all.  But looking at it now, it seemed like the reason behind his death was not as simple as it seemed.

“Car accident.”  After pausing for a long time, Ran Chen Xin finally looked down and replied to him in a low voice.

“It’s only a normal car accident?”  Ye Tian Xie continued to ask.

Chen Xin revealed a pained look and she said while shaking her head, “Big brother Xie Tian, don’t ask me anymore….It’s already past, I have forgotten it already…..I have forgotten everything.”

Ye Tian Xie looked at her and became silent, not asking anything else.  He knew that these two sisters must have found something out that made them leave their home.  Otherwise, with their family background, even if their parents died, they wouldn’t be chased into this kind of live.  Even if there was a serious illness, they still weren’t willing to go back and depend on their family.  They chose to leave and forget everything…..They were girls that had no one to depend on, they could only choose to forget.

At this moment, Chen Xin was not willing to tell the truth because she was too kind.  If she told Ye Tian Xie about this, then he would go and find them…..She was not willing to bring trouble to Ye Tian Xie.  At the same time…..Although there was hatred between them, the other side was still her blood related family.

But for Ye Tian Xie, this was an answer that he had to know.  He could clearly remember that Ran Qing Cheng was a gentle and cultured person and he also knew that he had to repay him.  If there was a hidden secret behind his death, then he could not ignore it.  He also believed that…..since Liu Qi Yue could already figure out that Chen Xin and Chen Xue were Ran Qing Cheng’s daughters, then with her skills, she should be able to find out the circumstances behind the death of the couple.

Since he couldn’t directly repay this debt, he would take revenge for them…..Also he would take care of his daughters.  Ye Tian Xie silently thought this.  He would remember grudges, but he also remembered favours.

Time slowly passed by as they anxiously waited, with each second feeling very long.  While he had been questioning Ran Chen Xin, her heart had been shaken time and time again.  Four years ago, her parents died…..Three years ago, she left her home.  Even if she did not leave, that place was no longer her home.  When Chen Xue was ten years old, she still stubbornly clung to her life, but the people there already did not care if she lived or died.  In fact, they were waiting for her to die earlier so everything could end.

At ten years old, she did not die.

At eleven years old, she did not die while wandering on the outside with her elder sister.

At twelve years old, even though she became weak, she still stubbornly clung onto her life.

This year, she was already thirteen years old.  Without money for a good hospital or for medicine to make her feel better, she still stubbornly clung onto her life because she could not let her elder sister be alone, without anyone to help her.

This glass body had a pure and strong diamond heart.  In that instant, he deeply admired this thirteen year old girl that used her weak body to time and time again defeat her illness.

WIthout knowing how long passed, when the waiting room doors opened, a slightly chubby middle aged woman doctor walked out.  She respectfully called out “young master Zuo” once.  Zuo Po Jun came here frequently and all the doctors here recognized him and knew his status, so they knew of his explosive temper.  So, all those that face him were all very respectful and very careful.

“Doctor, how is my little sister?  When can she become better?”  Chen Xin quickly came forward and grabbed her clothes as she asked her questions.  Her face was covered in worry and fear…..She was afraid of hearing the answer that she hoped she wouldn’t hear.

“How is Chen Xue?  There aren’t any issues, right?”  Zuo Po Jun came forward and asked with a sinister look.

Zuo Po Jun’s expression made her heart skip a beat, but…..she did not dare lie to him.  She shook her head and said with a calm voice, “She has a very serious inborn heart defect and now her heart has basically stopped functioning.  Her body functions have already stopped working a long time ago……The fact that she could live this long is already an incredible miracle.”

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