EDAH Chapter 276


Chapter 276: The final hope (Part 2)

“Doctor, you don’t need to say anything else, you just need to tell us the result!”  Ye Tian Xie came forward and said with a frown.

The doctor looked over at Zuo Po Jun and then shook her head as she said, “Her illness cannot be cured at all.”

Ran Chen Xin had already heard this result many time from her youth until now, but hearing it once again, her face turned completely white.

“What do you mean when you say you cannot heal her!  Aren’t you doctors supposed to heal people and save lives!”  Zuo Po Jun’s face turned sinister as he roared out.


“I’m sorry young master Zuo.  It is already incredible that she could live this long, we really are helpless in this case.  We can only use the life maintaining equipment to prolong her life.  If we can to cure it…..not to mention us, the entire world…..There is not a single hospital or even a single doctor that can do this.”

“What do you mean!”  Zuo Po Jun’s eyes went wide.  He reached out and lifted the doctor by her collar as he spoke in a fierce voice.

“Let her go, it’s not her fault.”  Ye Tian Xie waved his hand.  Zuo Po Jun gave a cold snort and let the doctor go.  The doctor continued to cough for a while and when her expression returned to normal, she did not leave in fear.  The entire capital already knew of young master Zuo’s temperament, so she already expected this to happen after she gave today’s results.

“Chen Xin, there is no need to worry, there will be a way.  With how strong Chen Xue is, how could she be beaten so easily.  Didn’t a lot of doctors say that she wouldn’t even live past ten?  Right now she’s already thirteen years old.”  Ye Tian Xie gently patted Chen Xin’s shoulder and comforted her.

“Lyle Star…..Lyle Star.”  Chen Xin muttered and then reached out to grab Ye Tian Xie’s hand, looking at him with a look of pleading.  She had already heard this result many times.  She had already expected the result that this doctor gave them.  Chen Xue’s condition and how poor her body was, there was no one more clear on this compared to her that spent every day with Chen Xue.

Lyle Star…..This was the final hope that she had accidentally seen.  From that day on, it had also appeared in her mind many times.  The television had said that Lyle Star has medical studies that were five hundred years more advanced than earth and could heal many illnesses that were considered incurable on earth.  This news had become the final straw for her to grasp at and the final ray of hope.

Only the money to take a round trip was… billion dollars.

“Lyle Star?”  Ye Tian Xie was surprised.  This name seemed familiar to him, but he could not remember where he heard it before.

In the past, although he had seen the news story about the interstellar flight to the Lyle Star System, he did not remember it at all.  At this time, he just felt that it seemed familiar.

“Lyle Star, it is a star system to the north of the Milky Way System.  Although it’s only a tenth of the size of earth, it has extremely rich resources and high level of technology.  Seventy years ago, Lyle Star took the initiative to send a message to us on earth, letting us know of their existence…..We have been communicating via electronic waves over the years.  Seventeen years ago, it was the first time someone from the Lyle Star came to earth and they also guided our fellow earthlings to the Lyle Star in the same year…..The video they brought back caused a great stir with the world and it was also after that the interstellar flight program to Lyle Star began development with the help of the Lyle Star inhabitants.”  Seeing Ye Tian Xie’s confused look, Zuo Po Jun spoke up and explained everything to him.

“Comparing Lyle Star’s technology, they are far more advanced in term so medical studies.  The Lyle Star ecosystem is like ours, but their medical studies allow people to live to three hundred years old and reach puberty after a hundred years.  Moreover, the people of Lyle Star all die natural deaths, with no one dying of illness…..This is because there are no illnesses that cannot be cured there.  The most terrifying things on earth like AIDS and cancer……it can all be cured perfectly there.  This is not an exaggeration.  With the images brought back from Lyle Star, that place’s medical studies have reached the point of regenerating limbs and even regeneration organs.  With little sister Chen Xue’s condition……Although her body has stopped functioning, as long as she has a single breath, she can be perfectly restored on Lyle Star.  It won’t be long before she’s able to become a normal person.”

Zuo Po Jun’s words seemed like a fairy tale, but from the first batch of people that returned from Lyle Star, these facts had shocked the entire world.  It also made countless people place their hopes on Lyle Star, especially those people with incurable diseases and did not want to die yet.  This was also the main reason why the interstellar travel plan began to develop, already reaching the laboratory stage.  They were already reaching their final preparation phase…..It should take around another year.

Zuo Po Jun’s explanation was even more detailed than the television, but it also made Ran Chen Xin’s hope become brighter.  Her hands tightly grabbed each other and she bit her lips.  After a difficult moment of hesitation, she finally said to Ye Tian Xie, “Xie…..Big brother, I always knew how serious Xue’er’s illness was.  To save her, she can only go to that Lyle Star place….I, can I borrow one billion from you…..I will return it, I will definitely return it……If it can save Xue’er, I will use my entire life to return this debt to you…..”

Even if she was stupid, she could tell that Ye Tian Xie’s status was not normal.  Just the address “young master Zuo” made her shocked, but she figured out Zuo Po Jun’s status.  In the capital city, was there anyone else that could be called “young master Zuo” and be treated so kindly in the country’s first military area’s hospital?  And this kind of person was being bossed around by Ye Tian Xie…..He definitely had the ability to let Xue’er go to Lyle Star.

Ye Tian Xie patted her shoulder and shook his head in front of her tear filled eyes.  He said with a faint smile, “Chen Xin, you’re wrong.  It isn’t you that owes me…..It’s me that owes you.  My life was saved by your father.  Without uncle Ran, there wouldn’t be the current me.  You are his daughters, so I should be doing this for you…..If Lyle Star can save Xue’er, then I will go.  Be assured, alright?”

He reached out and wiped the tears from her face.  One reason was to repay his debt, but he was also unwilling to see Chen Xue lose her life like this.  He still wanted to understand this girl.  He hoped that she would be able to feel the warmest sunshine.

From the moment he saw her, he believed that she was a little angel that didn’t belong to this world…..She should have been adored by destiny, not rejected by it.

Zuo Po Jun clenched his fist and forcefully nodded, “Since second brother is saying this…..then no problem!  When the time comes, I will let Chen Xue be on the first ship to the Lyle Star……Perhaps, we can go together when the time comes.  Old fourth, you should also want to go.”

Murong Qiu Shui curled his lips, but he did not say a thing.

“Thank you, big brother Zuo….Thank you.”  Her voice was filled with all the gratitude she could give.

The female doctor hesitated until this point, but finally couldn’t help saying, “Young master Zuo, there’s still something else…..There are a few words that seem cruel and you will certainly be angry, but as a doctor, I have to say it……I have also heard of Lyle Star, but the first ship will take at least another year before leaving…..For the patient, she will not be able to last another year.”

“You….What do you mean by this.”  Zuo Po Jun flew into a rage, but Ye Tian Xie quickly stopped him.  With a calm face, he said, “Doctor, be honest with me.  With her current condition, how long can she last?”

Looking at these people with great temperament and high noble status, and their worried expressions, she revealed a complicated look and slowly stretched out three fingers.

“Three months?”  Ye Tian Xie’s heart became tight.  If there were only three months left, then the final hope that they had would disappear into thin air…..

“It’s….three days.”  The female doctor said in an extremely helpless voice, slowly saying these three words.

Chen Xin’s body trembled and her face turned white.  If it wasn’t for Ye Tian Xie holding her, then she would have collapsed to the floor.  “How could this be…..No, it can’t be like this…..Doctor, think of something, you have to think of something.”

Hearing these merciless three words, Ran Chen Xin completely lost control of herself.  She tightly grabbed the doctors arms and even with her weak hands, under the stimulation of this excitement, her nails pierced into the doctor’s skin.

Zuo Po Jun wanted to fly into a rage, but he was pulled back this time by Murong Qiu Shui who said in a love voice, “Damn fatty, would it kill you to be quiet?”

Three days…..This was a cruel fact.  These words not only shattered Ran Chen Xin and Ran Chen Xue’s final hope, it also slammed into his heart, making him feel a deep pain in his heart.  He could not accept that girl with the diamond heart and diamond eyes would leave like this after he saw her for the first time…..Leaving forever.

“Is there any way to prolong it?”  He looked at the doctor and asked.

“None…..By earth’s range, it is not possible.  I can only say…..I’m sorry.”  The female doctor revealed a bitter smile.

Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes and gave a long sigh.  It was like his chest was suddenly blocked by something and he couldn’t breathe from the pressure.  He held Chen Xin’s shoulders and said in a comforting voice, “Chen Xin, don’t cry…..Don’t forget, in the past, the doctors said that she would not live past the age of ten, but the strong Chen Xue could hold on until now.  She could live three years longer than the death date the doctor’s gave, so right now, she will be able to hold on until we go to Lyle Star, hold on a little longer……We need to hold on with Chen Xue and believe that she can do it, alright?”

Chen Xin was already choking from her sobbing.

The female doctor that had turned around and was preparing to leave suddenly stopped before saying, “Mister, there are some words that I have to say……The illness is already this serious and the fact she could hold on until now is indeed an incredible miracle.  My colleagues and I are all amazed by this girl’s strength…..However, from the conditions of her heart and her physiological conditions, we’ve found that she is very calm about her own situation….She is not struggling at all or trying to wake up…….It is like she has no attachments anymore and is just waiting for death……This kind of condition will just speed up her rate of dying.  Three days is already the most optimal condition…..”

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