EDAH Chapter 277


Chapter 277: Crazy decision

The world is getting further and further away and the god of death is coming closer and closer.  In the peaceful darkness, she could finally leave in her sleep without worry and painfully struggling.  Death was coming closer and closer, reaching a point it had never reached.

She was already very, very tired.  After all these years, this was her first time sleeping in peace.  Only, with this sleep, she may never wake up again.  However… wasn’t important if she could wake up or not.  Seeing her elder sister throw herself in that man’s embrace and hearing him say the words “I will never let anyone bully you guys again”, even killing all those people without any principles…..She suddenly felt very happy, satisfied, and relaxed.  It was like that second, the pressure that covered her body suddenly disappeared.  After it disappeared, a heavy sleepiness fell over her, lulling her into a deep sleep.

She believe his words……He would protect elder sister forever, never letting her be bullied again.

As for her, she could finally stop struggling because she had seen her sister’s happiness……Her sister’s happiness was her happiness, which was the only reason why she struggled to stay alive.


Just like this…..Slowly leaving during her sleep.  She no longer needed to…..wake up again.

“Xue’er, Xue’er……”

In the endless sea of consciousness, a familiar calling sounded, waking her consciousness that was in a deep sleep.  The abyss of death was right in front of her and as long as she peacefully walked in, she would leave the abyss of pain, vanishing into the deep dark abyss.  Only, this call made her freeze in her tracks.

Elder sister, the only thing she depended on and her only reason for living.

If she no longer woke up, then she would be…..However, elder sister is very strong.  She would be able to cheer up very quickly.

Only, she wanted to see elder sister……She wanted to see elder sister one last time and tell her goodbye……

In front of the abyss of death, she moved back and began to struggle.  Finally using all of her strength, she opened her eyes.

Her eyes slowly opened.  In front of her, there was a world of white……It was the white ceiling of the hospital room.

“Xue’er…..You’re awake Xue’er.”

Her little hand was grabbed by a pair of warm hands.  She forced herself to look over and saw her elder sister.  She revealed a faint smile and said in a weak voice, “Elder sister…..”

She was very weak, yet she even had to force herself to reveal that faint smile.

“Elder sister is here.”  Chen Xin secretly wiped the tears on her face and tightly held that hand that was as thin as a skeleton, “Xue’er, you’re awake…..This is great.  Listen to elder sister and don’t leave me, alright?”

From what the doctor said, they already knew that Chen Xue had given up fighting against her illness, letting go of her own life.  She had chosen to calmly welcome death……That’s right, three years ago, she was supposed to die.  All these years, she had been bitterly struggling.  For her, death was a kind of relief and release.  Only for her elder sister, she held on with incredible perseverance……Right now, her final wish had been fulfilled and she could finally leave…..

“Elder sister…..I’m tired, so, so tired.  I want to find father…..and mother.  Elder sister said that they were in heaven watching me, waiting for me.”  She partly opened her hazy eyes and spoked in a small voice that almost couldn’t be heard.  Her eye blurred as if they could close at any moment.

“No….Xue’er, if you leave, what will elder sister do.”  Chen Xin’s hands were trembling.  Even though she was forcing back her tears, they still silently fell onto the white bedsheets.

“Elder sister…..You have to promise me that you won’t feel sad, alright?  After I leave, there will be someone to replace me in being with elder sister…..”

“Xue’er, you can’t say such nonsense, you will be fine.  You’re so strong, how could anything happen to you.”  Ran Chen Xin gently swayed her weak body, feeling the pain of ten thousand arrows pierce her heart.  Over ten years now, they had always been together, being with each other.  They were sisters, being half of each other’s lives…..A large part of it.

Chen Xue forced herself to look over at Ye Tian Xie standing behind Ran Chen Xin.  She opened her lips that did not have any blood in them, using a soft voice that still clearly pronounced each word, she said, “Elder brother…..You said that you won’t let anyone bully elder sister…..Big brother will keep his word, right?”

Suddenly, Ye Tian Xie’s mind was deeply shaken.  He suddenly realized why this girl gave up on struggling and was peacefully waiting for death.  

The rarely touched him, was actually moved by this young girl at this moment.  This girl whose heart was pure as ice, why was she being treated like this by destiny…..Were god’s eyes blind…..Were they blind!

He bent down and gently nodded, “I’ll keep it, I’ll always keep it.  I will protect you guys and never let anyone bully you……”

“Then let’s…..pinky swear…..”  The pinky on her right hand moved.  She wanted to raise it, but she didn’t have the strength to do so.  Ye Tian Xie reached out his pinky and hooked it with her pinky, “Un, we’ll pinky swear.  If anyone doesn’t keep their promise, then they’ll become a pig……”

Chen Xue revealed a smile, a smile that was so beautiful that it could intoxicate one’s mind.  Ran Chen Xin was lying on the bed, sobbing in silence.

“Big brother…..You really are good.  If…..there is a next life, I will…..repay you.  How about I marry you…..alright?”  She used her blurred eyes to look at him, speaking in a very soft voice.

Ye Tian Xie revealed a gentle smile and forcefully nodded.  Then he shook his head, “Why don’t you repay me in this life by marrying me?”

“This life…..”  She looked at him and her heart was so weak that is almost gone, “It seems like I can’t do that already…..”

“Nonsense.”  He gently pinched her hand and then bent down again, placing his hands right in front of hers, “I just made a promise with Chen Xue and I will keep my word.  However, Chen Xue, you also have to promise one thing for elder brother, alright?”

Chen Xue looked at him, her eyes dimming more and more.

“You have to promise that you won’t die.”  He said in a serious voice.


“Xue’er, believe in big brother……I will cure your illness.  Hold on, just like before, alright?  You are your sister’s only family and if you’re not here, she will be filled with sadness and big brother will be sad as well.  For elder sister, for me…..hold on a little longer, alright?  Wait until big brother cures your illness, you’ll be able to be with elder sister everyday.  You can eat a lot of things you want to eat together, you can go to many beautiful places that you want to go, you can play games together…..No one will bully you ever again and you can do whatever you want, alright?”

He described a beautiful future for her, calling on her will to survive.

“Chen Xue, your big brother is very powerful.  You already saw that I could beat all those bad people in an instant, I can also cure your illness…..Do you know, although there is no way to cure your illness here, there is a far off place called Lyle Star that can cure all illnesses.  Have you heard of it?  Everything.  Your elder sister also knew about this…..Chen Xue, recall the strength you once had because you can’t die.  WE will immediately go to Lyle Star and there, your illness will be cured and you can always be with your elder sister…..alright?  Chen Xue, can you hear me?  Chen Xue is the strongest child and will believe and listen to me, right?”

Ye Tian Xie’s words entered Chen Xue’s consciousness and moved her final weak string.  Finally, she smiled and gently nodded.  Deep in her blurred eyes, there shined new hope.  This new hope came from the trust she had in him.

“Xue’er, you will get better, so don’t leave elder sister.”  Chen Xin wiped her tears and muttered.  As for what Ye Tian Xie said…..If they wanted to go to Lyle Star, it would take a year.  With Chen Xue’s current situation, could she really last another year?

Ye Tian Xie forcefully nodded.  He stood up and turned to Zuo Po Jun to say, “Po Jun, help me with something.”

“Second brother, say it.”  Zuo Po Jun replied.

“I want to go to America…..I want to go now.  Have someone prepare everything that I will need.”  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows, while speaking in a slow voice.

“Ah?  This…..”  Zuo Po Jun was clearly shocked, but then he returned to normal.  Seeing Ye Tian Xie’s determined eyes without any room for discussion, he gave a sigh and said with a nod, “Second brother, I understand.  I’ll have someone prepare it right away.”

Saying this, he took out his cellphone and quickly walked out of the room.

Murong Qiu Shui began to talk, but then stopped,  He turned around and gave a faint sigh.

“Chen Xue, we’ll be able to go to the Lyle Star that will be able to heal you, so you must keep our agreement and cannot die.  You have to hold on until the day we reach Lyle Star, alright?”

In that instant, he made a crazy decision.

It was a crazy and unreasonable decision.

Only, after making this decision, he had no regret at all.

Although this was the first day he met this girl, she was worth him doing this…..It wasn’t just because she was Ran Qing Cheng’s daughter.

What kind of parent would determine how the daughter turned out.  That kind hearted uncle of the past had two daughters that were even more kind than he was.  They were worth him doing this.

He could not wait for a year and Chen Xue couldn’t either.  He was going to America and using any kind of method that could be used……Begging, coercion, or threatening, even paying a large price was fine.  As long as he obtained what he wanted and could go to Lyle Star immediately, saving this girl’s life, he was willing to try any method.

Although he knew that this was a crazy decision and it was uncertain whether he could save Chen Xue or not…..Even if it was uncertain, it did not mean it was impossible.  As long as there was a possibility, no matter how large the price, he was willing to give it a try for this girl, never giving up.

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