EDAH Chapter 281


Chapter 281: Miracle

“First tell me how to wake her up first.”  Ye Tian Xie drove that evil picture of out his mind and spoke to Guo Guo in a very serious voice.

“……No.  Master needs to promise Guo Guo first.”  Guo Guo never suffered a loss when doing business.  Every time she asked Ye Tian Xie for something, she had never lost before.

“Alright…..I’ll give you some tonight.”  Ye Tian Xie said in a helpless voice.

“Waoh…..Master is the best……”  Guo Guo finally revealed a happy smile.  Then she bit her finger and began to seriously think, “Dragon blood and dragon essence can quickly restore the life energy of a person because there is a strong power contained within the dragon blood and dragon essence.  Even the vitality of a human can be quickly recovered…..”


Dragon blood, dragon essence…..Dragon…..

Ye Tian Xie’s brain was completely confused.  Currently he could not indulge in flights of fancy, but this was the final hope that Guo Guo had given him.  No matter how illusory it seemed or even funny it was, he had to grasp this chance, “Then how can I wake her…..Do I need to feed it to her?”

“Un, it’s like that…..However, elder sister said that master’s dragon power is very weak right now and the effects won’t be very clear…..If it’s for a person that is about to die, it would take a lot of blood.  As for sperm, it would only take a little bit.”  Guo Guo said.

“Alright, I understand.”

Ye Tian Xie quickly and gently placed Chen Xue in his chest down, placing her flat on the grass.  Her snow white flesh was just like her name.  Rather than snow white, she was as white as paper right now.  There was still a bit of heat coming from her…..There was also a faint trace of life energy left that maintained Ye Tian Xie’s final hope.

He carefully opened Chen Xue’s lips and then pulled a piece of grass from the ground, slashing it across his arm……

“Ya!!”  Guo Guo covered her eyes in fear and after a while, she slowly peeked out.

The wound was very deep and the fresh blood dripped down into Chen Xue’s mouth.  Ye Tian Xie felt his blood was falling to slowly, so he gripped his arm with his other hand…..If he could save Xue’er, then what was pain, what was losing some blood.

“Master…..Does it hurt?”  Guo Guo asked in a somewhat scared voice.


“Master, why don’t you use sperm…..Just a little would do and it wouldn’t hurt.”  Guo Guo asked.  Her eyes then lit up and her crystal like eyes began to sparkle, “Is it because there is only a little sperm and master is leaving it for Guo Guo…..Wu, master is so good to Guo Guo…..Master is the best.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

This was clearly something very evil, but she was saying it in an extremely pure voice and with an extremely pure expression…..If Ye Tian Xie’s mind was not focused on something, he might have lost control already.

Ye Tian Xie’s body was different from normal people’s, so his wounds heal very quickly.  He picked another blade of grass and opened another wound…..The fresh blood came from the new wound into Chen Xue’s mouth, slowly flowing out from the corner of her lips.

The girl without any consciousness could not swallow it at all.

Every minute and every second could determine Chen Xue’s life or death.  Ye Tian Xie sat down on the ground and picked Chen Xue up in his embrace.  He placed his lips to his wound and knit his brows as he forcefully sucked in……

Before this, he never thought there would be a day that he would wish that his blood could flow out faster.

After sucking out half a mouthful, the wound healed again.  He bent forward and used his hand to gently open Chen Xue’s lips before lowering his head and gently covered her lips……He carefully fed it to her bit by bit before blowing out, letting his blood flow into her body……

Her lips were very soft and tender, with that touch making Ye Tian Xie wish he could remain there a bit longer.  Her saw Chen Xue’s calm face and he couldn’t help slightly smiling, as if he was saying to her, “Xue’er, don’t die…..Wait until I wake you up……”  Then he raised the blade of grass and created another wound.  He immediately moved his lips forward and did not lose a single drop of blood that could save Chen Xue’s life.

Once, twice, thrice……Six times, seven times…..

Guo Guo finally began to cry from her pain.

“Wu…..Master, don’t…..Don’t hurt yourself.  You will die from the pain.  There’s so much blood…..You will die, you will die!”

However, even with Guo Guo’s crying, Ye Tian Xie did not stop and continued to slice his own arm…..

Because he had found a large pleasant surprise……The seventh cut he made, he could feel that Chen Xue’s chest was slowly beginning to move…..

Success…..It had actually worked!

This method that came from this little girl that did not belong to this world actually had this kind of miraculous effect.  As for why it was like this, he did not have any ideas at all.  In his mind, he was just filled with pleasant surprise that it worked.  Her dying in his arms was a heart rending pain to him, but now, it was as if he had gone from hell to heaven.

Since his blood could increase her life force, then he should not be stingy with it.

That almost numbing pain did not stop the deep smile filled with hope from appearing on his face.  On his left arm, there was no place that was not covered in wounds, with wounds running all over his arm.  After his left arm, it was his right arm…..

Ten times, eleven times, twelve times…..thirteen times…..

Chen Xue’s heartbeat became stronger and more warmth came from the body lying on his chest.  In that moment, just like he said before, he was filled with a deep gratitude to god……He was grateful to the heavens for giving him this final hope, even though it was his own blood.

Ye Tian Xie finally could not hold on any longer…..When he wanted to cut himself the fourteenth time, the loss of blood made his brain faint.  His head swayed and the grass sliced his arm again….but because he had no strength, he could not cut himself.

Feeling the strong sensation of losing consciousness, everything turned white.  Ye Tian Xie was unable to resist this strong fainting sensation and lost consciousness.

“Wu……Master?  Master can’t throw away Guo Guo….Yiya?  Is master dead already?”


His body was very heavy like it was weighed down by a thousand giant stones.  It had been a long time since he felt this kind of exhaustion.

His lips were parched and he wanted to drink water…..

“Fei Fei, I want a drink……”  While sleeping, he unconsciously muttered this.

“Yiya!  Master, you’re finally awake.  Guo Guo cried for you for a long time……You can’t forget your promise with Guo Guo.  You have to get lots of chocolates, lollipops, and also…..”

Un, Guo Guo’s voice.

A warm feeling came from his chest, as if he was tightly holding something.  In his chest, there was something moving, like a finger that was drawing a circle on his chest.  This aura made him think of Chen Xue.


Ye Tian Xie was shocked awake and quickly opened his eyes.

In that moment, he saw a pair of eyes that was more beautiful than any gem and was more dazzling than any star in the sky.  His body was very weak, but the pain coming from his arms told him that everything wasn’t just a dream.  He looked at those beautiful eyes and revealed a satisfied smile, “Xue’er……”

Chen Xue woke up and laid there in his embrace.   Her blurred eyes looked at him, not knowing how long passed as she silently stared at him.  The corners of her lips had dried blood from Ye Tian Xie, but it did not ruin the fine beauty that she had.

“Big brother, I won’t leave you.  I will never leave you.”  Chen Xue tightly hugged him, speaking in a small voice.  Although the voice was soft… wasn’t as weak as a breeze anymore.

Her eyes were clear as gems, no longer having the dim gray colour from before.  Her slender face was snow white and was no longer pale, making that immature face look like it was as beautiful as carved snow jade, like a dream…..However, she was definitely not a dream.

She had obtained new life……A new life that left death.  She knew what kind of price was paid for her new life and it was a kind of emotion that she could only repay by using her entire life to stay by his side.

“Un…..”  Ye Tian Xie replied in a soft voice.  Although he was very tired to the point that he wanted to close his eyes and rest, his heart was filled with joy.  Watching her fade away in front of him had filled him with endless pain and helplessness, but seeing her wake up like this was endless joy……It was the difference between heaven and hell.

“Earlier I had a dream, a very strange dream…..I was about to leave, never coming back…..I wasn’t willing because I still hadn’t said goodbye to elder sister yet…..I didn’t want to see elder sister and big brother feel sad…..I also wanted to be by big brother’s side, having big brother hug me forever…..”

“Only…..I couldn’t come back…..”

“However……Big brother suddenly appeared in front of me, calling to me, waiting for him to wake me up……Then he began to cut himself, harming himself several times…..Letting his blood slowly enter my body drop by drop……making me feel much better……At that time, I began to feel death leaving me and I smelled the smell green grass.  When I had the strength to open my eyes, big brother was already very, very tired…..Tired to the point of falling asleep.”

Every sentence Chen Xue said caused a tear to fall down.  She reached out her little white hand and gently touched the shocking wounds on his arm with a white finger.  She used a tearful and shaking voice to ask, “Does it hurt…..”

“It doesn’t hurt at all.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile and gripped the back of Chen Xue’s hands, “Xue’er, for you to wake up, even if it does hurt, I can’t feel it at all…..Xue’er, this will be a little secret between us, alright?”

Xue’er’s current life energy was very strong…..His blood had actually let the dying her……recover this much, even recovering her vitality.

Dragon blood…….

Common sense could not comprehend this at all.

In the «Destiny» world, he had strangely gained the Reverse Boned Evil Dragon Job…..The people there had said that he had dragon’s power.  If that was just a setting from the game world, then…..Why did Guo Guo mention the words “dragon blood”.

“Un……This is the small secret between me and big brother.  Only the two of us will ever know about this.  Chen Xue forcefully nodded with a tearful smile.

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    “Master, why don’t you use sperm…..Just a little would do and it wouldn’t hurt.” Guo Guo asked. Her eyes then lit up and her crystal like eyes began to sparkle, “Is it because there is only a little sperm and master is leaving it for Guo Guo…..Wu, master is so good to Guo Guo…..Master is the best.”

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