EDAH Chapter 282


Chapter 282: Thirteen scars

Although Chen Xue’s body was weak and she spent most of her time lying in bed, she was not dumb at all.  She didn’t know why these things appeared in her dream, but after her dream, her life force recovered and her heart began to beat.  There was also the dry bloodstains on Ye Tian Xie’s mouth and arms……She suddenly understood many things, but then she was also confused……

It was him that used his blood to call her back…..It was like truth that seemed like fantasy.  Her illness was clearly an illness that could not be cure……As for his blood, it was impossible for it to make this possible.

She clearly understood that this was something that normal people could not understand and accept.  Just like her, she did not understand this at all.  She also knew that if this matter was spread, it would have consequences.

This was a secret between the two of them.  It was him that used his blood to give her a miracle of restoring her life.  This secret, she would keep at the bottom of her heart forever, forever treasuring it…..Until she lost her life, she would not forget it……She would not forget that when she was thirteen, a person had created thirteen wounds on his own body for her.  She would not forget that it was his blood that had called her back from the abyss of death.


“Big brother, the words you said before, do they still count?”

“……Of course they do.”

“Then, can I stay by big brother’s side from now on?”  She looked up at him with her eager star like eyes.

“As long as Xue’er is willing, no one can take you away from my side……Because my blood flows in your body.”  He said this with a faint smile.  The eyes in front of him was beautiful enough to make a person lose their mind.

“……Big brother’s blood flows in my body……Un!  Then I, Ran Chen Xue will only belong to big brother because my life was also saved by big brother.”  She revealed a smile that was filled with incomparable joy.  His blood flowed in her body, that was a beautiful reason for her to stay by his side.

“Oh, la, la……Guo Guo also wants to become the most obedient and cute little loli that only belongs to master!!”

The beautiful atmosphere was suddenly ruined by what Guo Guo said.  Ye Tian Xie resisted the urge to slap Guo Guo to the ground and sat up with his somewhat stiff body.  To be honest, Chen Xue waking up, Guo Guo had contributed.  Otherwise, he would still be hugging Chen Xue’s ice cold body, being immersed in the ice cold world.

How should he reward Guo Guo?  He wouldn’t really have to…..

Ye Tian Xie quickly shook his head and discarded this bad idea.  After a short break, his body was no longer as weak as before, but his face was still an abnormal pale colour.  Although his body was not like normal people’s after losing all that blood, it wasn’t easy even for him to wake up this quickly.

Lifting Chen Xue up, her body was still as light as cotton.  Although the dragon blood had pulled her back from the edge of death, it did not recover her strength, so there was no need to mention walking.  When he was lifting her up, slightly using strength made the injuries on both his arms bleed.  The blood flowed out with a pain that made him slightly knit his brows.

Lying in his chest, Chen Xue immediately saw his wounds open again and her tears almost flowed out from the pain she felt.  She quickly turned her body and her trembling eyes looked at the wounds he made for her.  With a whisper, she said, “It’s bleeding again….It must hurt a lot…..”

“It’s fine, it’ll be fine very soon.”  Ye Tian Xie shook his head with a faint smile, but suddenly his body felt like lightning had run through it.

Chen Xue moved her body and moved her head down, sticking out her tongue and carefully licking the blood oozing from his wounds.  The action was very gentle and careful.  The drops of saliva from her tongue remained on his wound, glittering like gems……

“Xue’er……”  This kind of sensation stimulated Ye Tian Xie’s nerves.

“Like this, it won’t hurt.”  Chen Xue lifted her head and her eyebrows bent, revealing an incomparably cute smile.  Then she lowered her head again and continued to lick his wound, from beginning to end……Once, twice, thrice…..Each wound’s blood was carefully licked up by her leaving behind drops of liquid that glittered like crystals in the sun’s light.

“Yiya……That’s right!  This way can make the wounds heal much faster.  The Guo Guo will help too!  Oh, la, la!!”

Guo Guo floated down from Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder, falling onto Ye Tian Xie’s other arm.  Bending down, she earnestly helped Chen Xue lick the wounds……

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

Ye Tian Xie’s blood flow continued to increase.  That sensation that could not be described made his expression continue to change……It was painful, but there was also a strange feeling that he wanted to indulge in……

Without knowing how long passed, Chen Xue had left her mark on all thirteen of his wounds.  Finally she said “so sleepy” in a weak voice.  She closed her eyes in Ye Tian Xie’s embrace and quickly fell asleep.

Placing a hand into his pocket, he found that he didn’t have his cell phone.  He then remembered that he had thrown away his cell phone in the airport.  He lifted Chen Xue and when he stood up, a sensation of fainting filled his mind, making him sway, nearly falling down.  After stabilizing himself, he finally took a step forward to leave this place.

When he walked a decently far distance, Ye Tian Xie entered the first street he found.  He used a public phone to make a call to Zuo Po Jun.

“Po Jun, come and pick me up.  I’m at……”

“……I, I’ll be there immediately!”  Zuo Po Jun already knew that after Liu Qi Yue’s call, Ye Tian Xie had given up on going to America and had taken Chen Xue to a quiet place……Perhaps, that would be the final moment between him and Chen Xue.  He had been waiting for the news with indescribable torment.  When the call came, he was so excited that he almost threw away his cell phone.

Not long passed and a helicopter flew over.  After hovering in the air for a bit, it quickly descended and landed not far from Ye Tian Xie.  Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui jumped down from the helicopter, falling down like they were flying one behind the other.

“Second brother, you……”

He only said half of what he wanted to say, but he revealed a look of incomparable shocked.

They looked at his arm and the shocking wounds that were on his arm……

All these wounds……Who was the one that hurt him?

He had a body that didn’t even fear bullets, who had the power to hurt him?

As for Chen Xue in his embrace……Her eyes were closed and made no sound.  Their hearts began to beat wildly.

“Let’s go.”  Ye Tian Xie held Chen Xue as he walked towards the helicopter.

“Second brother, your arms…..”  Zuo Po Jun swallowed down a mouthful of saliva, speaking in a forced voice.

“I did it myself.”  Ye Tian Xie replied.

“You did it yourself?”  The two of them were both stunned.  Zuo Po Jun gritted his teeth and loudly said, “Second brother, I know that Chen Xue is gone…..You’re feeling very sad, but her illness was very serious, you should only blame our medical studies for being too underdeveloped, it really wasn’t your fault……Why would you punish yourself.”

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  1. “……Big brother’s blood flows in my body……Un! Then I, Ran Chen Xue will only belong to big brother because my life was also saved by big brother.” She revealed a smile that was filled with incomparable joy. His blood flowed in her body, that was a beautiful reason for her to stay by his side.

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