EDAH Chapter 289


Chapter 289: Finding the Red Sheep!


With a soft sound, Ye Tian Xie did not even have time to finish his words before that short jet black sword in Nameless’ hand piercing into his body disappeared without a trace.  He turned around and closed his eyes.

The strange feeling disappeared without a trace and Ye Tian Xie doubtfully examined his body, but found that there was not a single thing different about it.  He asked in an astonished voice, “Just now…..”

“It just finished.”  Nameless said without any expressions.  “The judgement sword has carved out the sins in your human nature.  In the following forty nine days, you your personality will be baptised by the seven sins, so do your best.”


Ye Tian Xie looked over his own body and said in a voice of doubt, “Why is there no feeling at all?”

Whether it was his body or his consciousness, there was no strange feelings at all.

“Once midnight comes tonight, the baptism of the seven sins will truly begin.  At that time, you will naturally feel something. In this last day, you better prepare everything you need to prepare…..After forty nine days, in the same place, I will appear again.”

After saying this, Nameless did not stop as he turned into an azure shadow in front of Ye Tian Xie, disappearing to who knows where.

Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes to examine his body, but found no changes at all.  The baptism of the seven sins, he had no road of regret to turn back to. No matter what was in front, he had to continue forward.  Perhaps, it isn’t as serious and terrifying as he thought it was, but perhaps…..It was even more terrifying than what he imagined.

Preparations?  Actually what did he need to prepare?  Everything was unknown to him right now.

Ye Tian Xie took out a town return scroll and returned to Heavenly Sun City.  He went south of the city and returned to the Flower Tailed Scorpion territory to continue leveling, while waiting for the Red Sheep to appear…..It was clear that he was going to wait for the rabbit to appear out of its nest.

However, he actually received results from his plan to wait and it actually came quite quickly.

As Ye Tian Xie was about to take care of the first Flower Tailed Scorpion, he suddenly felt something.  Looking up to his left, his eyes suddenly turned wide open.

Around thirty meters to his left, there was an ancient stone.  Right beside that stone, there was a incomparably conspicuous red life form that had appeared who knows when……It was a sheep with a sheep’s body and tail.  The strange thing was that it’s fur was completely red and other than that, it was only half the size of a normal grown sheep. There was nothing else different about it that was different from a normal sheep.

What felt strange to Ye Tian XIe was…..Other than the red fur, compared to the appearance of the Ash Sheep he destroyed…..It was exactly the same!

Red Sheep!!

Ye Tian Xie’s heart began to beat fast as he quickly hid his aura.  He quickly withdrew, moving back to a safe area. Then he released his Evil Dragon’s Eye and looked at the Red Sheep.

Red Sheep: Level 25 Lord Level Boss

HP: 30000

A strange being of unknown origins that seems to be a sheep in nature.  It could be a being from another world and it has a strong escaping ability.  It is currently looking for its companions that it has separated from for many years, so it wanders around without a goal, having no fixed hom.  It will not stay in the same place for more than 30 seconds. If it is defeated, then perhaps it will drop some strange things from another world.

Innate Skill: None


Escaping Right Away: As long as a human or a threatening being comes within twenty meters, it will immediately escape, increasing its own move speed by fifteen times!  It is impossible to chase.

Sheep Sheep Space Escape: As the sheep with the strongest escaping ability in history, when it can no longer run, it will use its ultimate escape ability…..It will use a strange item to cut through space, disappearing a thousand miles away.  However, because this Sheep Sheep Space Escape sends it to an unknown locations, in order to prevent being sent into a swamp, a volcano, a sewage drain, and other dangerous areas, the Red Sheep that loves being clean will not use this unless forced to as a last resort.

Sheep Sheep Explosive Walk: The Red Sheep will not run away when completely angered, rather it will raise its exclusive powerful weapon to release brutal attacks on an enemy……However, her weapon has been lost for many years because of an unknown reason and she still hasn’t found it yet.  So if she uses the Explosive Walk…..only the running away portion can be used. It’s said that the weapon is…..a flat bottomed pan.

Weakness: None.

It really was the Red Sheep!!

His twenty two luck stat was not wasted at all!

As he had expected, the Red Sheep was much stronger than the Ash Sheep.  Not only was it ten levels higher, its running away abilities far surpassed the Ash Sheep……It also had an extra attacking ability, but it could not use it right now.

Ye Tian Xie rubbed his palms together as he watched the Red Sheep rub against the rock in the distance.  He said to Xiao Bei, “Xiao Bei…..Go! Eliminate it for me like last time!”

This small life form openly walked towards the Red Sheep.

When the high vigilance Ash Sheep saw Xiao Bei, it chose not to move because it could not sense any hostility coming form Xiao Bie’s harmless appearance.  Then, since it is similar to the Ash Sheep, the Red Sheep should have the same reaction.

Ye Tian Xie did not move, but his heart was filled with expectations as Xiao Bei slowly approached the Red Sheep.  When Xiao Bei was twenty meters from it, the Red Sheep vigilantly looked back and saw Xiao Bei. Then…..It began to run away.

In that instant, Ye Tian Xie finally experienced just how strong the Red Sheep’s escaping ability was.  With a gust of wind, it went from standing beside the rock to a little black dot far off in the distance.


Xiao Bei gave an angry cry when it lost its target and it was surrounded by a white light.  It was one of its violent movement technique, the “Rend · Light” that increased its move speed by 400% and its attack speed by 100%!


Xiao Bei turned into light as it charged off in the direction the Red Sheep ran off in, suddenly running off.  Ye Tian Xie just stood there. Faced with this cat and sheep’s abnormal speed, he could only stand there and watch.

After thirty seconds……Xiao Bei came back in a dejected manner.  Although its base move speed was double the Red Sheep’s, the Red Sheep had a fifteen times increase in move speed, so even a deity could not catch it.  As for Xiao Bei, his five times move speed paled in comparison. The difference was not a just a normal difference.

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter.  If we can meet it once, we will be able to see it again.  At that time…..” Ye Tian Xie patted Xiao Bei’s head as he comforted it.

The Red Sheep had run as soon as it saw Xiao Bei, not falling for the same trick as the Ash Sheep.  So how would he catch it…..Did he have to go and take back the Ash Sheep’s pelt from the Heavenly Sun City Lord’s hands?

Un?  Ash Sheep?

Ye Tian xie suddenly had an idea.  Calling out Kaka, he also took out the Ash Sheep’s corpse from his inventory and revealed a sinister smile, “Kaka, swallow it.”

Seeing something it could swallow, Kaka immediately filled with excitement.  Opening its mouth, a ball of light suddenly enveloped the Ash Sheep’s corpse, turning it into sparkles of light that disappeared into Kaka’s mouth.

“Ding…..Your mount ‘Kaka’ has used the Sacred Mark Devour on the ‘Ash Sheep’.  It has obtained the Illusory Spirit Change · Ash Sheep and has learned the skill ‘Escaping Right Away’.”

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