EDAH Chapter 29


Chapter 29: The bronze ranked ring

“Yi ya!  Master was taking a bath…….Oh la la!  I love taking baths, I want to take a bath too!”

The crisp sound resounding beside Ye Tian Xie’s ear gave him a shock, he almost jumped out the bathtub….The door was clearly closed and there was not a single slit, Guo Guo couldn’t possibly come in…..but that sound did come from beside his ear.

Under Ye Tian Xie’s exaggerated expression, Guo Guo flew out in front of him.  After finishing her lollipop, she found the her Master was missing, so from his aura she found that he was was here and got a strong desire to take a bath.

“Oh la la!  Let’s take a bath!”  Guo Guo’s hand gently swept across her body and instantly in front of Ye Tian Xie’s eyes was a flower, his eyes became as popped out……In front of his eyes, was a snow white, soft shadow.  Guo Guo’s skirt had vanished revealing her snow jade like delicate body, hair dark as night was sprinkled over the snow white skin, complementing the white glow of her skin.  Her body was like delicate snow jade, so soft that people were scared to touch.  In front, two slightly raised snow pile like jade bowls were upside down on her chest, not far from each other, two tender pink tips could be clearly seen.  Beneath that were two tender jade like legs and two white and tender feet standing on air with glistening toes.


Small exquisite body, snow jade like skin, beautiful like something not of this world, not a single defect, not a single bit of filth.

“Wow!”  A sound like a cheer outside, Guo Guo lowered her body into the water and made a large splash.  Ye Tian Xie woke up from his daze and subconsciously covered his nose.

“Guo Guo, who let you come in!!”  Ye Tian Xie secretly pinched himself trying to snap himself out of it.  Under Guo Guo’s naive appearance, a perfect body was hidden.  Before this tiny beauty, he almost lost himself.

“Because…..I also wanted to take a bath.”  Guo Guo popped her head out of the water and said while smiling.

“Girls can’t bathe with boys!”

“Oh la?  Why is that?”  Guo Guo’s face was full of curiosity.

“……”  Ye Tian Xie held it in for a while, because he could not think of an answer to say.  Why?  Do I have to explain to her the relationship between man and woman?  If she understood this then she wouldn’t be Guo Guo anymore.

“Oh la?  Master you seem very strange.  Huh?  This long big thing….how strange, why does my body not have this?  Ah?  This place is warm and slowly growing bigger…..”

“Don’t touch that!!”

“Wow….Master is so fierce…..I just want to touch…….Touch, touch, touch?  It seems like it’s getting bigger!”



“Oh la!  Is this Master’s bed?  Really soft, really comfortable, it’s more comfortable than sleeping on a flower petal.”  Guo Guo was satisfied from lying on the bed, enjoying the soft feel.  Constantly changing her position, upturned, crawling, sideways, or rolling in the bed.  She continued laughing until she slowly drifted off.

Ye Tian Xie couldn’t fall asleep, but seeing Guo Guo sleeping on the pillow, even asleep, her manner was pleasant that made him want to kiss the little girl.

Who she was, where did she come from, what mysteries are hiding in her body…..He didn’t know, he only knew that his life would change from today.  After being used to being alone, a person suddenly appeared that caused him headaches, but he could not help but want to keep close to him.

The next day, Ye Tian Xie woke up late in the morning, but next to him, Guo Guo was still asleep.  She kept turning in her sleep, her hands had woken up Ye Tian Xie three times during the night.  At this time her sleeping posture was very indecent with her arms spread out and her legs spread open….. Ye Tian Xie calmly looked at her and then quietly walked away.

After eating his breakfast, Ye Tian Xie sat down on the sofa and his fingers touched the wrist band on his left hand, with a thought he entered the «Destiny» world.

When Ye Tian Xie’s eyes closed, the black necklace he wore also vanished and at the same time, the sleeping Guo Guo vanished as well.

In the «Destiny», the place Ye Tian Xie logged in was the item shop he logged out from yesterday, seeing the crowd around, he slowly walked towards the blacksmith.

“Level 5 warrior looking for party to kill small green snakes!”

“……This big brother, give little sister her a steamed bun, I’m starving to death.”

“Selling apples, the price is cheaper than the store by two copper coins….supplies are limited so hurry and buy.”

After entering the «Destiny» world, people would be placed in their most relaxed state and their brain would enter into a half asleep state, so although «Destiny» could not replace sleep, it could drastically reduce the amount of sleep needed.  For an energetic youth, they they would not feel tired even if they didn’t log out for 24 hours.

Last night when Ye Tian Xie logged out, he had gained four levels, but after a night, the average level of players increased by four and most players were now around level 5.

The price of recovery potions were not expensive in the Beginner Village, an 100 HP recovery potion cost 2 copper coins, a 200 hp recovery potion cost 5 copper coins, and a 400 hp recovery potion cost 1 silver coin.  But what made many users complain was about reducing hunger, the price for food consumables were outrageously expensive.  Or at least the poor novices who couldn’t afford potions said so.

A steam bun that reduce 30 hunger cost 5 silver coins (the current market price for a steamed bun was 50 cents?  Hum?)!  An apple that reduced 10 hunger also cost 5 silver coins.  The former was dry and hard to swallow, while the latter was fragrant and sweet.  Because of the expensive price for food, many novices did not hang around the hunting grounds, rather more and more people starved to death.  The Beginner Village had more and more people begging for food and is also because of this, they were unable to earn any gold coins in Beginner Village…..More and more people didn’t even have a copper coin for food.

Arriving at the blacksmith, the blacksmith Lao Wang saw him coming and his face showed a happy expression, “Kind hero, I’ve been waiting for you, come this is your ring, I managed to succeed and make it stronger.”

A silver ring was placed in Ye Tian Xie’s hands, its shape and contours were the same as yesterday, but it had lost some of its old faded look and gained a new metallic shine.  When Ye Tian Xie saw the light yellow glow, his heart skipped inside him in excitement…..Yesterday it still exuded a weak blue glow, but now it had a light yellow glow…..This was indication of a Bronze equipment!

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