EDAH Chapter 293


Chapter 293: Seven sins – Arrogance (Part 3)

Xie Tian was very strong, this was one point that was undeniable.  Especially after that day, when the Red Leaves Guild faced a crisis in that town defense quest, by himself, he made the Wings of Shrouded Heaven who defeated his Red Leaves Guild suffer a devastating defeat……The video that was released, in just one short day, not only did it spread across the entirety of China, it also spread outside the country.  It made the foreign players shout, “This player and his pets are god’s mistake!”

It was also that video that made every player re-evaluate Xie Tian’s strength…..Until now, there was not a single player that dared to say just how strong Xie Tian was.

On the day of the town defense quest, Ye Tian Xie had been fighting with incomparable ease.  If the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s team was not just five thousand, but rather eight thousand, ten thousand……or even twenty thousand?  What kind of result would it give? Just how big was Xie Tian’s true strength? Just how low was his bottom line?

No one knew this answer and no one dared to make a guess.


However, what was recognized was that Xie Tian was a person that could not be offended.  His strength was enough to disrupt the balance of the «Destiny» world. Strictly speaking, this kind of person should not have existed in a game world that pursued balance.

However, concerning Xie Tian, the creator of the Destiny world, Alpha had already made a very clear statement.  Even if countless people were with envy, jealousy, and suspicion……they could only tolerate this bug like person’s existence.

It was also after that day’s town defense battle that countless guilds, factions, alliances, and major powers were all deeply stunned.  A single person had reverse a battle that couldn’t be considered small…..Such a terrifying person. If they could have this kind of person in their team…..

So, many powers had ideas towards Xie Tian, trying to draw them into their came.  The Red Leaves Guild was the first to make a move because on the day of the town defense battle, Xie Tian had taken the initiative to help the Red Leaves Guild……As if he was showing goodwill.  So, they were impatient to move as quickly as possible. As for the method, he would personally come forward.

However……From the beginning, Ye Tian Xie was very aggressive, filling him with flames of rage, but they were all suppressed down.  He did not want to give up like this and he clearly couldn’t offend Ye Tian Xie. Even if he could not become a powerful ally, they couldn’t turn him into an enemy.

Perhaps, all strong people will have this kind of arrogant manner.

After all, he had the qualifications to be this arrogant and impolite.

Letting out a sigh, Red Leaves Strong Gale said, “It’s like this.  I came here today because of two matters……One, is to thank brother Xie Tian…..Thank you for helping my Red Leaves Guild last time.  Not only did my Red Leaves Guild expand our influence, we also avoided a shameful battle, letting us show off in front of all the China Server players.  This grace, my Red Leaves Guild will remember. If you ever need any help from my Red Leaves Guild, we will go all out to help you. The second matter……”

“The second matter, are you thinking of having me join the Red Leaves Guild?”  Without waiting for Red Leaves Strong Gale to finish, Ye Tian Xie spoke in a cold voice, cutting him off.

Ye Tian Xie’s arrogant manner and cold expression and voice made Red Leaves Strong Gale give a secret sigh before saying, “Yes……It is as you say.  Whether it is me or my brothers in the Red Leaves Guild, we are filled with admiration towards you. If you can join our Red Leaves Guild, it would be an honour.  If you have any conditions, feel free to give them…..If you’re not willing.” Red Leaves Strong Gale revealed a gracious smile, “Then my Red Leaves Guild will not have this honour.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha……”  Once Red Leaves Strong Gale finished, Ye Tian Xie suddenly broke out in laughter.  What was contained within the laughter grated against the ears of Red Leaves Strong Gale and Red Leaves Iron Wall.  He revealed a disdainful sneer as he half narrowed his eyes and said, “I helped you out…..He, your Red Leaves Guild has no relations to me, so why would I help you?  As the Red Leaves Guild guildmaster, Red Leaves Strong Gale, you should increase your knowledge and not rely on emotions. Me helping you? You do not have that honour nor do you have the qualifications……Me doing that was just because the Wings of Shrouded Heaven was not pleasing to my eyes……Not to mention the Red Leaves Guild, no matter what dog or cat guild it was, I would still turn the Wings of Shrouded Heaven into a group of stray curs…..”

Everything that Ye TIan Xie said made Red Leaves Strong Gale’s brows knit and grow even tighter……Even if he had strong self control, they would not be able to remain calm under these harsh words.

“As for having me join your Red Leaves Guild…..He, you guys….cannot afford to climb that high.  However, if you give me the guildmaster position, then I can consider it.”

“Xie Tian, don’t go overboard.  You think that you’re some kind of…..”  Red Leaves Iron Wall finally exploded. Since his Red Leaves Guild had been established, they had been respected wherever they went.  They had never received this kind of contempt and ridicule before, not to mention the fact that the guildmaster had personally come forth.  Even if it was the incomparably strong Xie Tian that could not be provoked, he could no longer hold back.

“Shut up!”  Before he could even begin, he was cut off by Red Leaves Strong Gale’s low roar.  His brows were knit and he had a strange glow in his eyes as he said to Ye Tian Xie, “Since it’s like this, then goodbye!”

After saying this, he turned to leave.

He was not someone that was afraid of trouble.  However, reason told him that even if Xie Tian was someone that looked down on everyone, the Red Leaves Guild could not afford to offend him while they were still developing at the beginning of the «Destiny» world.  Ye Tian Xie’s words had also helped realize something…..Him helping the Red Leaves Guild was not to help them, but rather to defeat the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

This was a person that held his grudges……Even the Wings of Shrouded Heaven could be confronted like this, there was no need to care about his Red Leaves Guild.  

He would not forget the shame from today.  When the Red Leaves Guild stabilized themselves in the Destiny world…..He would take his revenge!

Red Leaves Iron Wall suppressed the flames of rage and glared at Ye Tian Xie with eyes filled with anger.  He then followed by Red Leaves Strong Gale and whispered, “Guildmaster…..He shamed us like this, are we letting it go like this?”

Red Leaves Strong Gale said nothing.


Red Leaves Strong Gale and Red Leaves Iron Wall only took a few steps before a low voice came from behind them.  At the same time, a vague aura came from behind them, making them feel a heavy pressure. This feeling was vague, but it seemed to truly exist, making them unconsciously stop moving.

“You….finish what you wanted to say to me.”  Ye Tian Xie looked at Red Leaves Iron Wall. His gaze was calm, but for Red Leaves Iron Wall, it felt like two sharp blades were piercing into him.

Red Leaves Iron Wall opened his mouth, but he made no sound.  Under Ye Tian Xie’s gaze, he felt like there was an incomparably thick iron plate on his chest, making it hard for him to breath.

Red Leaves Strong Gale looked at Ye Tian Xie’s gaze and Red Leaves Iron Wall’s reaction.  His heart skipped a beat and he quickly said, “Xie Tian, his words just slipped out, there was no meaning…..”

“Shut up.  There is no need for you to explain!”  Ye Tian Xie coldly cut him off while still staring at Red Leaves Iron Wall.  In the eyes of others, Red Leaves Strong Gale was the aloof Red Leaves Guild’s Guildmaster with several hundreds of thousands of people under him.  However, in his eyes, what bullshit Red Leaves Guildmaster? He did not have the qualification to enter his eyes.

Red Leaves Iron Wall clenched his fists, but he could not say a single word under Ye Tian Xie’s gaze.

“What?  Are you mute?  Weren’t you talking about me earlier……Where is your imposing manner now?  He, he, he, he…..You don’t even have the guts to repeat your own words, are you even a man?”  He turned to look at Red Leaves Strong Gale and shook his head in contempt, “Red Leaves Strong Gale, are the members of your Red Leaves Guild all as courageous as this?  Ha, ha, ha, ha… really are admirable! Your Red Leaves Guild has left me with a high impression today!”

“Xie Tian!!”  Red Leaves Iron Wall finally shouted out.  He was puffing for air as he tightly clenched both fists, “Listen closely for me…..You’re going too far, what kind of thing do you think you are!!  You are nothing more than someone that was lucky enough to become stronger than us, what qualification do you have to act so wildly in front of my Red Leaves Guild!!  My Red Leaves Guild has several hundred thousand brothers and if everyone spit at you, it would be enough to drown you several hundred thousand times!! What kind of thing are you!!  In the eyes of my Red Leaves Guild, you aren’t even dogshit! My guildmaster personally coming is already too good for you and giving you a lot of face……”


Ye Tian Xie’s face turning darker made Red Leaves Strong Gale’s heart become even more nervous, so he cut Red Leaves Iron Wall off again.  This time, Ye Tian Xie’s head slightly looked up and revealed a cruel smile to Red Leaves Strong Wall. This smile from him made Red Leaves Strong Gale and Red Leaves Iron Wall’s hearts turn cold.

From Ye Tian Xie, they could really feel the existence of something……It was aura!  As his mood changed, it made them feel a varying degree of pressure.

“Very good……Red Leaves Iron Wall, he, you can pick, how do you want to die?”  The corner of Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled and his eyes narrowed as he slowly walked towards Red Leaves Iron Wall.

Red Leaves Iron Wall couldn’t help taking a step backwards as he felt his legs begin to tremble.

“Your courage isn’t bad.  It has been a long time since anyone has dared to say this kind of words to me.  I’ll give you two choices…….One, you can obediently let me send you back to level zero.  Once you’re level zero, we can forget about this since you don’t have the qualification for me to remember you.  Two, you can struggle and run…..However, you will have to suffer me chasing you down……Unless you quit the gaming world forever, I will kill you every time I see you.  Letting your level…..forever remain at the starting point. What is your choice…..Red Leaves Iron Wall!”

Red Leaves Strong Gale’s expression changed, but Red Leaves Iron Wall already said his words and could not take it back.  He gritted his teeth, not being able to find a way to stop this.

Red Leaves Iron Wall’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.  Under this strong spiritual pressure, he quickly thought of an idea and suddenly shouted, “Xie Tian, I am nothing more that a small player in the Red Leaves Guild, there is no difference if I’m not in the Red Leaves Guild.  It doesn’t take any skills to kill a player without skills like me, but if you do have skills, then kill the hundred or thousand players from my Red Leaves Guild by yourself!!”

“Shut up!!”  When Red Leaves Iron Wall said this, Red Leaves Strong Gale was shocked and he roared out.  When Red Leaves Iron Wall said this, he could already imagine the consequences he wasn’t willing to see…..However, his loud roar could not stop Ye Tian Xie from hearing the end of Red Leaves Iron Wall’s words and his footsteps stopped.

“Un, your words are reasonable.  For a player like you that can’t even be considered a piece of trash, you are not worth me making a move.  If it was the entire Red Leaves Guild, then I can have some fun.”

When Ye Tian Xie said this, Red Leaves Iron Wall’s face turned as white as a piece of paper.  He finally reacted and realized what kinds of words he had just said. He wanted to use these words to suppress him, but he had attracted a terrifying evil star for the Red Leaves Guild!

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