EDAH Chapter 296


Chapter 296: Tower of Destiny (Part 2)

“Alright, I accept!”  Ye Tian Xie nodded.

“You really want to accept this quest?”  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord frowned as he spoke, feeling quite disappointed in his heart.  Not only was he arrogant, he placed no one in his eyes……He was also reckless and overconfident.  Did he not know what kind of quest he was accepting!?

“This kind of quest, what reason do I have to not accept.”  Ye Tian Xie very naturally said.

“…….Alright then.  If you can help me obtain the Undying Monster Dragon’s Gallbladder, then you’ll have completed this quest.”


“Then what kind of reward will I obtain?”  Ye Tian Xie directly asked. He was filled with deep disdain towards the letter sending quest’s reward.  As for this quest…..the reward wouldn’t be too poor.

“What reward do you want?”  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord asked back.  He never thought that Ye Tian Xie would accept this quest and he thought it was impossible for him to complete it, so he had not thought of the “reward” at all.

Ye Tian Xie tapped his chin and then said with a sinister smile, “Since this is a “difficult enough quest” described by the City Lord, then it won’t be easy to finish.  As for the reward, it naturally can’t be cheap…..” He thought about it and said, “I’ve heard that the a goddess named Xi Yao gave you five Main Cities a protective Divine Equipment……If I can finish this quest, then it…..”

“That is the treasure of my Heavenly Stellar City, I will not give it to you!”  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord cut him off, suppressing the urge to curse at him…..This brat, he actually dared to mention the protective Divine Equipment of Heavenly Stellar City!!  How audacious!

He always carefully carried his Heavenly Stellar City Divine Equipment on him, out of fear of anything happening…..Because this was the strongest protection Heavenly Stellar City had.

And this Xie Tian, he was a lion that had opened his mouth to this degree!!

This was arrogance beyond compare!!

“No, no, City Lord, you’ve misunderstood.  Of course I know how important the Divine Equipment is to Heavenly Stellar City.  If I can finish the quest, City Lord can just let me use it for a few days, so I can tell just how strong a Divine Equipment is….Un, it doesn’t need to be long.”  Ye Tian Xie gently stroked his finger as he spoke with a faint smile on his face.

The Heavenly Stellar City Lord hesitated for a bit.  He firmly believed that Ye Tian Xie would not be able to complete this quest, but he could not understand where the confidence in his expression and voice came from.  Not long passed and he nodded, “Alright! You are one of the young people I admire the most….No, not one of them. If you can complete this quest, I will lend the Execution Celestial Emperor’s Royal Bow to you for a bit!  But you have to remember, you only have a month to finish this quest.”

The Execution Celestial Emperor’s Royal Bow was the Divine Weapon the Xi Yao Goddess left in Heavenly Stellar City.  This weapon had saved the Heavenly Stellar City from dangers countless times and deserved to be known as a town defending weapon.  This Divine Weapon, how could it be given to a player? The Heavenly Stellar City Lord agreed this easily was completely because he did not believe that Ye Tian Xie would complete this mission.  Just achieving the first condition of entering the Tower of Destiny was impossible!

Even the “period of time”, he did not bother specifying just how long it was.

“Execution Celestial Emperor’s Royal Bow?”

Such an aggressive name and it was clearly a bow.

“That’s right.  The Execution Celestial Emperor’s Royal Bow is the Mysterious God Equipment giving to my Heavenly Stellar City by the Xi Yao Goddess in the past.  It has the power to split open the heavens and earth, exterminating enemies from a thousand miles away. When we drove away the blood coloured phoenix, we depended on this item.”  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord replied with a solemn expression. Mentioning the Xi Yao Goddess four times, his face filled with incomparable awe.

The Heavenly Stellar City Lord himself was the “Golden Arrow God” that had power at the Heavenly grade.

“Oh…..Let me see what it’s like.”  Ye Tian Xie said.

The Heavenly Stellar City Lord shook his head and impolitely said, “Before you finish the quest I gave you, you do not have the qualifications for me to take it out.”

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes flashed, but it was immediately hidden by him.  His lips curled and he revealed a smile that had a deep meaning to the Heavenly Stellar City Lord, “Alright….City Lord, the Undying Monster Dragon’s gallbladder, right?  I will bring it back within a month. When the time comes…..don’t go back on your word!”

After saying this, he did not take a single glance back as he left.

When he walked out, the Heavenly Stellar City Lord silently shook his head and gave a light sigh, “Xie Tian, I hope that you can realize your own strength after this defeat and draw back your arrogance.  Only then can you truly grow….Ai!”

After the Heavenly Stellar City gave his emotional sigh, he sat back down in his chair and picked up that small book, continuing to read it.  Not long passed before a delighted expression was revealed on his face, looking at it with great interest. He had completely forgotten the matter that passed.  He laid down on his side and the title of the little book was revealed – «Zhu Ba Jie’s great battle with Ran Asakawa».

[TL Note: Zhu Ba Jie is a character from Journey to the West and Ran Asakawa is a JAV star.  Basically this is exactly what you think it is…..]

Leaving the City Lord’s Palace, Ye Tian Xie’s smile could be considered elated.

How could he not know what the Heavenly Stellar City Lord was thinking.  It was a pity that…..

The Tower of Destiny was a place that normal people could not enter and over the years, there have been only a few people that have been allowed inside the Tower of Destiny, including Nameless…..But even with how strong Nameless was, he was forced back at the eightieth floor.  The Tower of Destiny had a total of one hundred and eleven floors, so it could be imagined just how terrifying the upper floors were.

The Tower of Destiny was the number one forbidden area on the Lost Continent with heavy guards and various powerful blockades sealing it off.  According to the life or death orders of Lost City, only those with the War God’s Badge could enter……The Heavenly Stellar City never thought that Ye Tian Xie who was only had the Badge of Bravery and was far from the War God’s Badge could enter the Tower of Destiny.  But…..Ye Tian Xie had another method!

Because in his hands was the Tower of Destiny transfer stone given to him by the War God Zhan Wu Gui in the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins after he finished the quest.

This transfer stone could allow him to instantly enter the first floor of the Tower of Destiny and could be used as many times as he wanted.

So, the most impossible threshold for this quest in the eyes of the Heavenly Stellar Lord did not exist for Ye Tian Xie.

As for the Undying Monster Dragon…….

Not to mention a monster dragon, even if it was a divine dragon or a sacred dragon, as long as there was the word “undying” or “undead” in front of its name, it was a pile of trash to Ye Tian Xie no matter how strong it was.

The monsters Ye Tian Xie loved fighting the most right now were undead monsters, especially bosses…..Because his partner Yao Yao was the ultimate enemy of all undead creatures, as if it was made to punish all undead.

Then, he would take a trip into the Tower of Destiny.

After obtaining the Tower of Destiny transfer stone he had not gone to the Tower of Destiny once because everyone had exaggerated how mysterious and terrifying it was.  It as like once one entered, it would be like entering an endless abyss. But right now, his arrogance made it so he had no hesitation towards that place…..Perhaps, there was already not a single place that could make him hesitate anymore.

“Tower of Destiny……I should go and have a look.”  He took out the stone that had no light to it. He grasped it in his palm and closed his eyes as he thought, “Tower of Destiny.”

With his call, the transfer stone suddenly released a colourless light that quickly surrounded Ye Tian Xie’s entire body.  In less than three seconds, the scene in front of Ye Tian Xie began to fade.

Ye Tian Xie unconsciously closed his eyes.  When he opened them again, the scene in front of him stunned him.  At the same time, a pressure came from all around him, pressing down on his body and mind, instantly making it much harder for him to breathe.

“Ding…..You have entered the most dangerous place on the Lost Continent – the Tower of Destiny.  The Tower of Destiny appeared when humans began to multiply, with no one knew who it was built by.  The reason it appeared was to seal the Beasts of Sin and to seal the wicked demons, as well as any wicked monsters or people.  The people that were sealed in the Tower of Destiny were sealed in the center of the tower, being sealed by the power of the Eternal Moment of Destiny, never being able to escape.  But, after a period of time, the Tower of Destiny faced an internal danger. After around a hundred thousand years, more and more beasts, demons, and monsters were sealed inside the Tower of Destiny.  This backlog of demonic energy finally reached the point that the Tower of Destiny found hard to contain…..”

“A hundred years ago, the demon clan that disappeared for a long time had once again appeared on the Lost Continent, bringing countless disasters.  The one that led the demon clan was the incomparably strong Eight Demon Kings…..After a long and fierce battle, the Twelve Sages that protected the Lost Continent lost five members, but also caused great damage to the Eight Demon Kings.  Finally in the end, they had no choice but to offer a sacrifice to the Eternal Moment of Destiny in the Tower of Destiny. In the span of a breath, the Eight Demon Kings were sealed at the top of the powerful Tower of Destiny.”

“However, the demon power the Eight Demon King’s had was too strong, causing the overwhelmed Tower of Destiny to crumble……Only, the Tower of Destiny had already existed for over a hundred thousand years and the people of the Lost Continent were used to its existence, not being able to sense the trouble within.  Finally, three years ago, under the attacks of the Eight Demon King’s demonic powers, the Tower of Destiny had no way of containing the demonic aura sealed over a hundred thousand years, so the Moment of Destiny disappeared overnight, heading to an unknown place. The Eight Demon King’s seized this chance to escaped and demonic qi began to overflow without the sealing power of the Tower of Destiny.  It gradually spread across the Lost Continent and negatively impacted the minds of all living beings……..”

“Although the demonic qi inside the Tower of Destiny has half dissipated, the demonic qi contained within is still very terrifying.  There are many demons inside with wild natures, prone to mutate and run away. Compared to monsters of the same level, their strengths far surpass them…..Please proceed with caution.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Perhaps it was because Ye Tian Xie was the first person to enter here, the moment he entered, the system gave him a very long introduction of the Tower of Destiny, as well as a warning.  At the same time, he accidentally also learned why the Moment of Destiny disappeared from the Tower of Destiny……This reason, even the Heavenly Stellar City Lord did not know.

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