EDAH Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Nucleus of Destiny

Ancient Life Ring: Bronze Equipment

Requirement: None

Beginner Village 60001 Head found this ring long ago in his youth in the wild.

Origin: Unknown


Through Beginner Village’s blacksmith Lao Wang’s careful forging the ability have been greatly increased.

Attributes: Life +200, auto recovery of 5 hp per second.

It really was a Bronze Equipment, moreover the attributes, were twice of what they were yesterday!

Repressing the excitement in his heart, Ye Tian Xie put the life ring on his hand and felt his HP suddenly going up, then politely said, “Thanks blacksmith uncle, your forging really helped me out.”

“Ha, ha, if you say it like this then I’m satisfied.”  Blacksmith Lao Wang smiled and nodded.

After buying some cost effective steam buns from the item store, Ye Tian Xie rushed northbound, his goal was the wolf valley.  At least for now there wouldn’t be people going into the territory of the wolves so for now that would be his territory.

After a night’s “rest”, the area that Ye Tian Xie had cleared yesterday was once again filled with wolves.  Perhaps because of the invasion of a strong enemy yesterday, they were in small groups of 3-5 and sometimes even groups of 7-8, taking a quick look around, he could not find a single wolf by themself.  This was rather convenient for Ye Tian Xie, who without hesitation rushed into the valley of wolves and instantly the peaceful valley was filled with screams of wolves.

After a short while, the crowded area was once again sparse.  Because of its proximity to the Beginner Village, the respawn speed of wolves was pretty slow, so the speed of respawn could not keep up with the rate of Ye Tian Xian’s slaughter.  But the death screams of the wolves had also woken up Guo Guo from her slumber.  Eternal Moment of Destiny started to emit a white glow from within Ye Tian Xie’s hand and Guo Guo’s body began to take shape on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder,  as she rubbed her eyes and stretched, “Oh la, that was a really nice sleep.”

With Moment of Destiny brandished, a single “chi” sound was heard, and four wolves simultaneously fell down in front of Ye Xian Tian.  Ye Xian Tian turned around and said, “Guo Guo, have you forgotten what you said yesterday?”

Guo Guo blinked her still tired innocent wide eyes, “Uhn?  Was there…..I can’t remember.”

“I remember you saying, if I bought you lollipops, you would tell me what is the Nucleus of Destiny, I don’t like little girls who lie about promises.”  Ye Tian Xie shrugged his eyebrows, with a single stab he took care of a wolf.

Guo Guo rubbed her eyes and while laughing she said, “Oh la la, I remember now, I did say that.  The lollipop Master gave me was really good, no wonder big sis told me about it…..Uhn, what was the Nucleus of Destiny again…..Uhn, I think I forgot about some things, let me think about it for a bit.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……..”

Ye Tian Xie’s figure was moving constantly through the wolves, sometimes for a few seconds there were several incredible body positions.  Guo Guo was flying behind him like a shadow, her eyes were looking up and her fingers were tapping her chin, like you was trying hard to remember.  After a long while, Ye Tian Xie still had not received an answer.

“Uhn…….It seems like I really can’t remember……Don’t be worried Master, I’ll definitely slowly think of it.”  Guo Guo embarrassingly said with a smile, behind Ye Tian Xie, she shook her hands and a lollipop appeared in them.  After having the experience of eating a lollipop before she easily removed the wrapper and diligently thought while licking.

……With the stimulation of the lollipop, Guo Guo’s intelligence suddenly shot up, and she all of a sudden shouted beside Ye Tian Xie’s ear, giving him a large shock and almost letting a wolf bite him.  Guo Guo happily shouted, “Master, I remember, the Nucleus of Destiny are strengthening cores for the Moment of Destiny in your hand, in total there are seven of them.”

Ye Tian Xie rushed to clean up the wolf and turned around and said, “Strengthening cores?”

“Uhn, Uhn, it is strengthening cores.  Master you see……the seven holes on Moment of Destiny can hold seven Nuclei of Destiny, I don’t know why they disappeared, but because they did the Moment of Destiny is now very weak….Let me think…..The Moment of Destiny had a total of seven, those seven were…..Oh, the first one I think was red and called Blood Feather…..Then the second one……I can’t remember……I only remember the colour was orange…..Then it was yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.”  Guo Guo tried very hard to remember, kept saying bits of things on and off, while subconsciously licking the lollipop.

Ye Tian Xie calmly did not interrupt Guo Guo and stared at the Moment of Destiny in his hand – It seemed like, according to what Guo Guo said, the seven holes on Moment of Destiny were for mounting the seven Nuclei of Destiny.  Each of the Nuclei of Destiny had formidable power and his Moment of Destiny was the carrier for that power.  Without the Nuclei of Destiny, his Moment of Destiny could not show its true strength, it couldn’t even be considered the true Moment of Destiny.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet……the seven holes on Moment of Destiny, were all faintly glowing with these dim coloured lights.  This colour spectrum, it was clearly the colours of the rainbow!

The first Nucleus of Destiny – The red coloured Blood Feather.

Blood Feather?  A blood coloured feather?

Ye Tian Xie looked up, the top most hole, was in the shape of a feather.  The holes on Moment of Destiny, Ye Tian Xie were familiar with, but before today he thought that they were shapes of flames.

“Where are these seven Nuclei of Destiny?  Ye Tian Xie turned his head and looked at Guo Guo, after asking this, his face froze and his eyes contracted, like he had just seen something incredible.

“I don’t know.  However I do know that the Eternal Moment of Destiny is very strong.  A long time ago, Moment of Destiny suddenly appeared on the Lost Continent, no one knew where it came from…..After a while, the highest god used Eternal Moment of Destiny to defeat the most evil demons and sealed them away in the Tower of Destiny with the Moment of Destiny, but the Moment of Destiny had suddenly disappeared……And then it appeared in the hands of Master, how strange.”  Guo Guo curiously said…..What she wasn’t curious about……Was why she had appeared from the Eternal Moment of Destiny!?

“No matter what happens, the Nuclei of Destiny will not disappear, if Master can find these Nuclei of Destiny, you can definitely become very powerful…..Huh?  Master, why are you looking at me like that…..Huh, huh, huh?  Master do you also want to eat a lollipop…….You can’t, you can’t!  The lollipop is for the cutest and most obedient Guo Guo to eat, Master can’t eat it.”  Seeing Ye Tian Xie’s gaze on the lollipop in her hands, Guo Guo seemed like she was afraid that he would rush for the lollipop in her hands.  Her body cautiously moved backwards as both her eyes vigilantly stared at him.

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