EDAH Chapter 300


Chapter 300: Demonic Grudge Butterfly

With four times its speed, double its attack speed, double its attack power…..and attacks that had the rare destruction attribute, which was also the 100% destruction attribute.  Xiao Bei’s claws flashed with a cold golden glow that people did not dare look at. Wherever they went, a small vibration filled the air before claws slashed against the wall……

Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng, peng……

While Xiao Bei was attacking the wall, its claws instantly turned into a shadow…..Attacking twelve times per second, the frequency was so high that it could not be clearly seen.



In just two seconds, with a light explosion sound, the wall that had been bombarded with Xiao Bei’s Meow Meow Fists actually had an extra hole the size of Xiao Bie’s head.


Xiao Bei’s attacks did not slow, wildly attacking like it had gone mad.  On the left and right of the hole, its cat claws fell onto the wall one after the other.  This scene made Ye Tian Xie speechless and when he saw the thickness of the wall that continued trying to grow back, he was even more shocked……

This walls was actually over thirty centimeters thick!!

His attacks had no use against this wall, Xiao Bei’s Meow Meow Claw’s basically had no use, but berserk Xiao Bei’s speed that was hard to believe created holes in the wall, one after the other like it was piercing through a piece of rotten wood.

However……Each Meow Meow Fist costed 3% of its max HP and Light and Nightmare Claws costed 2% of its max HP per second.  Like this, even if Xiao Bei was not injured, it would be using 11% of its max HP per second. But the current “berserk” Xiao Bei only continued to launch a flurry of attacks, not caring about its own life or death.  If it wasn’t for Yao Yao protecting it, in less than ten seconds, it would have died under its own attacks.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng, peng…….

After a few seconds, there was a hole that was two meters wide where Xiao Bei was and Xiao Bei’s two violent movement techniques were about to disappear.  The second before the light of the skills disappeared, Xiao Bei jumped high up and condensed all the strength in its body to launch a “Meow Meow Kick” at the wall from midair…..


That kick had actually created an explosive sound of giant stones shattering.  Under the backlash of this strong force, Xiao Bei’s little body was sent flying.  Ye Tian Xie quickly moved over and caught Xiao Bei falling from the sky.


With another large sound, in Ye Tian Xie’s slightly narrowed line of sight, a piece of wall that was three meters tall and three meters wide had just been destroyed by Xiao Bei.  Under the force of Xiao Bei’s Meow Meow Kick, it collapsed.

With the collapse of this wall, the ground suddenly began to slightly tremble like something had been activated.  Ye Tian Xie stood straight, trying his best to maintain his balance. The ground only trembled for a few seconds before a magical scene appeared.  Around him, the large labyrinth began to slowly fade away like mist……It continued to fade until it completely disappeared, leaving a gray space.

The labyrinth had disappeared.

It really was like this!  Ye Tian Xie gave a soft sigh and looked around him again.

The Tower of Destiny’s zeroth floor, Destiny’s Chess Board……When the board had been destroyed, the game could not longer continue, directly disappearing.  This was one of the only ways to escape that maze. If one just kept walking, they would not be able to walk out in their entire lifetime.

“Xiao Bei, good job.”  Ye Tian Xie patted Xiao Bei’s head, speaking with a faint smile.  His partners kept bringing him pleasant surprises. Their levels and grades were not that high, but they were already this strong.  Just how strong could they grow to become?

Receiving the praise of its master, Xiao Bei’s cat eyes narrowed into two seams as it rubbed its head into Ye Tian Xie’s chest.  Little Yao Yao was shaking its white tail, looking away, not looking at its proud expression.

“Ya!  Master, look over there!  There are stairs and a barrier!”  Guo Guo shouted in a surprised voice.

“Un, I can see it.  Let’s go over!”

Thirty meters ahead of him, there was a staircase standing in an empty space.  At the peak of the staircase, there was a gray coloured barrier, blocking the path up and also stopping the demons from above from escaping downwards.  Ye Tian Xie quickly went over and began to climb the stairs.

Standing in front of the barrier, he did not stop and continued walking forward.

When his body made contact with the barrier, the Orange Fang on the Moment of Destiny in his hand released a faint orange glow.  A hole that was perfectly the size of a person appeared in the barrier that allowed Ye Tian Xie to pass through without any hesitation.

When Ye Tian Xie passed through the barrier, a shadow formed again in the empty space behind him.  The shadow slowly became stronger until it finally condensed…..Once again creating the large maze.

“Oh, la, la!  This is great.  The barrier inside the tower is completely different compared to the one’s outside, this one is made of magic power!  If it were all magic power barriers, then master can just find the location of all the barriers and easily climb up……Yiya!  Now it’s the first floor!!”

With Guo Guo’s cheers, the Tower of Destiny’s first floor appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie.

This was a foggy world where a black mist covered his line of sight.  This told Ye Tian Xie that the concentration of demonic qi on the first floor even surpassed the previous zeroth floor.

“Master, you have to be careful.  There are many terrifying demons inside of the Tower of Destiny, with each one being stronger than the last.  Also……Yi? Yiya! Master, it’s a butterfly! It’s such a beautiful butterfly!!”

Compared to the giant labyrinth on the zeroth floor, the Tower of Destiny’s first floor was just an empty space.  Looking at it, there were no places that stuck out at all. In this space, there was a dense group of ash gray butterflies fluttering together.  The ash gray butterflies were no different from the size of normal butterflies, only being around the size of half a person’s palm. They had ash grey bodies and jet black wings, with white spots on their black wings.  The butterflies were dancing with several thousands of them flying together, looking like a beautiful illusion. This beautiful seen was enough to attract a person’s attention and make them immerse themselves in it for a long time……

Although they had beautiful appearances, they seemed quite weak.  However, for a life form that was sealed in the Tower of Destiny…..How could it be ordinary.

Demonic Grudge Butterfly: Level 10

HP: 120

A butterfly that grew seven hundred years ago in the western forbidden ground of the Lost Continent – the Dark Ghost Forest.  With the appearance of a monster, it looks very harmless and it is not aggressive, but it can release a Grudge Wave that can change a person’s spirit.  The Grudge Wave can make people lose their minds and commit wild acts beyond their control. In the past, three hundred butterflies caused slaughters in several dozen villages, making the citizens of the Lost Continent’s west side lose their tolerance of these butterflies.  Afterwards, they were sealed in the Tower of Destiny, never leaving it again.

Innate Skill:

Dark Spirit: A life form that grows on the dark energy of grudges, so it has enhanced resistance to dark attributed attacks.


Grudge Wave: Releases the dark grudge powers, shaking the minds of everything around their target.  There is a 50% chance of causing a 5-10 second confusion state where the target will attack anything close to it.

Weakness: Fire Resistance -30%, Light Resistance -100%.

The Tower of Destiny’s first floor only had a single kind of monster and to the current Ye Tian Xie, their levels could only be described as pitiful.  He could easily kill monsters that were ten levels higher than him, so how could he place monsters that were ten levels lower in his eyes? Even though they had the ability that had a high probability to cause a “confusion” state that normal monsters would not have.

Guo Guo excitedly flew over to the butterflies and fluttered around them.  Her snow white body became the single focal point in the group of butterflies, making people have no choice but to look at her flying among them.  Only, her body could only be seen by Ye Tian Xie, so those countless ash gray butterflies did not know that there was a foreign entity among them. Ye Tian Xie did not care about these butterflies and looked around, looking for the barrier to the second floor.

The Demonic Grudge Butterflies had existed in the Tower of Destiny for many years and were sensitive towards foreign beings.  Even if Ye Tian Xie did not provoke them, that did not mean they wouldn’t take the initiative to find him. Very quickly, they found the intrusion of Ye Tian Xie and simultaneously approached him.  Suddenly, several thousand ash gray monster butterflies came from all directions, creating a magnificent scene.

Although they were level ten monsters, this dark group gave Ye Tian Xie quite a bit of pressure, making him knit his brows as he raised the Moment of Destiny.  As he was about to attack, an ash gray wave came from all around him, shaking his eardrums… well as his heart.

The Demonic Grudge Butterflies had no attacks, but its terror laid elsewhere…..Not only did its Grudge Wave’s “confusion” probability reach 50%, it also reached a range of five meters.  Without a need to come close, the Grudge Wave crashed forward like a tidal wave.

Ye Tian Xie had a high focus and as long as he concentrated, spiritual abnormal states were very hard to affect him.  While he was concentrating, the 50% chance of causing “confusion” wouldn’t even reach 5%…..However, even if one couldn’t affect him, with ten activating at the same time…..A hundred or even several hundred……

In less than two seconds, Ye Tian Xie understood just how terrifying these level ten Demonic Grudge Butterflies were……He understood just how terrifying the monsters of the Tower of Destiny’s first floor were.

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