EDAH Chapter 302


Chapter 302: Tower of Destiny’s tenth floor

“The strongest underground influence in the northern part of my China is the Yun Family.  Eight years ago, there was an internal dispute for control. Although the Yun Family solved the problem, it was deeply injured by this……But in just a few years, they were able to compete with the Dugu Family to the south.  The reason is very simple and very shocking…..It is because there is a powerful person hidden within the Yun Family. However, that person is very low key and mysterious, always deliberately hiding themselves. Everyone knows that this person exists in the Yun Family, but they could never find them.  Zhao Tian Hua, if I remember correctly, you and Liu Min have known each other for six years and you were showing off your talents six years ago, becoming well known. However, at that time, your achievements could not compare to your current ones, so no one could tell to what degree you would develop…..However, there was a single person who predicted your current achievements.”

Zhao Tian Hua’s body began to tremble, not knowing whether it was because he was shocked by the person mentioned by Liu Qi Yue’s insight, or if it was by what she said concerning Liu Min.

“At the same time, they also saw through your character’s weakness, so they set up a series of plans against you…..When you met Liu Min, it seemed like a casual meeting, but then……”

Zhao Tian Hua gripped his fists and raised his head with closed eyes, heaving a long sigh.


Liu Qi Yue was somewhat surprised by his reaction.  With a faint smile, she asked, “You seem like you’re not doubting what I said.”

If it were a normal person learning this kind of truth, they might lose themselves in their madness, or wildly try to chase the truth, or they would stubbornly refuse to believe it……However, Zhao Tian Hua’s response was very calm.  He was someone who could attract the world’s attention, so he couldn’t be compared to a normal human.

“With your status and prestige, you wouldn’t be someone who lies.  After she transferred everything to the Yun Family, I have already guessed all of this…..Only, I wasn’t willing to accept it.  I’d rather be a fool who was cheated and wasn’t willing to believe that…..she was just a pawn for the Yun Family.”

Zhao Tian Hua’s voice was filled with a deep sadness.  His words made Liu Qi Yue’s expression change…..Even with the current situation, he was still madly in love with that woman.  Should she call him a fool or a true man?

But, it was also because of this that today’s matters were much easier.

“Then now, are you willing to join my Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce?”  Liu Qi Yue said with a faint smile.

Zhao Tian Hua was silent.  He did not accept, but he did not immediately reject her.

“It can be said that you have nothing right now, but in this time, you should have felt the warmth and coldness of human nature.  Those you call true friends should have revealed their nature while you were down, so you should understand everything. Speaking about this, it is not a bad thing.  With your ability, even if you are completely penniless, you have the ability to make a comeback. Only, that huge network you had has collapsed because of your fall and the friends who only make beneficial relationships will not help a person like you who cannot benefit them.  And the one you need to face is the Yun Family…..Not to mention now, even you at your peak would not have the ability to compete with the Yun Family……As for Liu Min, she is being controlled by the Yun Family. You cannot hurt the Yun Family, so what will you rely on to win back your beloved!”

Liu Qi Yue’s final words deeply pierced his heart, making him feel deep waves coming from within, one after the other.

“If you just wish to succeed in business, you can stage a comeback yourself and you can leave here.  You can pretend you were never here and never heard anything, I also won’t let anyone else bother you.  Only, I have to remind you of something. Although you have fallen, you still have your talent. The Yun Family has already plotted against you once and once you’ve made your comeback, they can plot against you a second time.  If you’re doing this both for money and for love and your future……The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce is your only choice. You cannot go against the Yun Family, but I can. In my place, you will quickly find that this place will not hinder your abilities or ambitions, but rather give you the greatest stage to show off your abilities.  As long as you are dedicated, you will obtain everything you wish to obtain as soon as possible! Whether it is wealth, prestige, love…..or even honour!”

“Right now, you can tell me your decision.  Whether you’re willing or not, it is your choice, no one will force you.”  Liu Qi Yue finished speaking and silently waited for Zhao Tian Hua’s answer.

Zhao Tian Hua did not hesitate and slightly shook his head, revealing a smile of admiration, “Truly worthy of being the Liu Family’s goddess.  The rumours that I have heard, I thought that they were all exaggerations, but personally meeting you today, I know now that the rumours can’t even properly describe you.  The current me, do I even have a reason to say no……”

“To a happy cooperation.”  Liu Qi Yue said with a faint smile.

“The ‘goddess’ is unparalleled in wisdom or appearance, to cooperate with you is my honour.”  Zhao Tian Hua’s casual smile did not have too much excitement or any strong resistance. The current him still hadn’t recovered from the shock and his heart could not calm down.  “I just want to know, your Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s…..ambition.”

“Ambition?  Very simple.”  Liu Qi Yue thin brows raised and she slowly said, “You have chosen to start from the beginning in the «Destiny» world, so it is clear you can see a large opportunity and prospective here.  My Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s goal is simple……We can to build a giant business empire in the Destiny world!”

“Business empire?”  Zhao Tian Hua’s expression changed slightly.

Liu Qi Yue nodded and said, “That’s right.  I think you are more clear on this concept compared to me.  After all, I am a woman and although I have the heart, I don’t have the strength, so I thought of you.  A long time ago, I believed that you would be a second Su Luo……Even surpassing Su Luo.”

“You’re overestimating me.  Su Luo is a mountain so high the peak can’t be seen.  His height cannot be surpassed within the next hundred years.”  Zhao Tian Hua shook his head.

Liu Qi Yue looked up at him and her eyes slightly narrowed, “So you, Zhao Tian Hua are not confident in yourself…..However, your words are correct.  At least for the current you, no matter how strong you are, you will not be able to surpass Su Luo. Because Su Luo is a true madman in business. He can do anything for his own success and that’s why he is such a great success, but he has countless enemies.  But you are different. You can’t be as cruel as Su Luo and do things that harm other people. If you could have Su Luo’s ambition and personality, then with your talent, it wouldn’t be too hard for you to surpass Su Luo.”

“People’s nature cannot be changed and I will not change.  That kind of process, I do not want to touch.” Zhao Tian Hua softly said.

“Of course, otherwise you wouldn’t be Zhao Tian Hua…..However, what if I support you in going against the Yun Family?”  Liu Qi Yue revealed a mysterious smile.

Zhao Tian Hua’s expression slightly changed as he looked at her…..but he did not reject her.

“Although the Gods Realm Guild and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven have expressed friendship towards my Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, in reality, they are our two biggest obstacles.”  Liu Qi Yue pursed her red lips. She did not put on any lip gloss, but those lips shined brighter than any lip gloss, “Having the tiger swallow the wolf before swallowing the tiger, this kind of trick, do you know it, Zhao Tian Hua?”

Zhan Tian Hua was silent for a long time……Her ambition was even bigger than he imagined.  But, for his own plans, he already had no other choice.


Three days later.

Tower of Destiny’s tenth floor.

With a “Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits”, the fifth level twenty Lord Level Boss, Hell Spider fell under his Moment of Destiny.  It dropped many gold coins, one piece of gold shining equipment, and two pieces of silver shining equipment.

Throwing out some useless pieces of equipment from his inventory, Ye Tian Xie picked up the pieces of equipment the Hell Spider dropped and looked around.

The Tower of Destiny’s tenth floor, he had already wandered around for an entire three hours, but he still had not found the passage to the next floor.

In three days’ time, he went from the zeroth floor to the tenth floor, with each floor being harder than the last.  The monsters were also bigger than the last. There were only a few monsters on the tenth floor, but……they were all level twenty Lord Level Bosses.

All the monsters here were several times more terrifying than monsters outside at the same level.  Although this Hell Spider was only a level twenty Lord Level Boss, it gave Ye Tian Xie a great deal of pressure…..Because its silk could trap a target within a small range for three seconds……And its attacks actually had a shocking 20% chance of causing instant death.

With the black mist covering his line of sight and this place being so empty and wide, it was very easy for a person to get lost in this environment.  Ye Tian Xie continued walking for around half an hour, but still did not find the existence of any barriers.


His body bumped into something and Ye Tian Xie reached out, feeling an ice cold wall.  The wall was gray in colour and was the same colour as the fog. Ye Tian Xie who was focusing actually did not see it.

The edge of the Tower of Destiny’s tenth floor…..If Ye Tian Xie followed the wall, with how big the Tower of Destiny’s inner space was, it was unknown how long it would take him to go in a circle.  After walking for a while, his brows tightly knit together.

He suddenly thought of something……The challenge of the Red Leaves Guild was actually today at noon.

Whoever the Red Leaves Guild sent out, he would not place them in his eyes…..But if he did not go, wouldn’t they say that he was afraid of the Red Leaves Guild!

Only, feeling this ice cold wall……How was he supposed to leave this place?

For a trivial Red Leaves Guild, did he have to die here!?

Ye Tian Xie’s mind was in chaos.  In this gray space, a white light suddenly shined out.  Ye Tian Xie was attracted by it and he quickly walked over.

On the gray wall, around half a meter high up, there was a white shining ball that was around a meter in diameter.  The light of the ball was not as dim as it seemed before, its light had just been covered up by the dense mist surrounding the area.

What was this?

Ye Tian Xie doubtfully went forward and tested it by putting his hand on it.

A dazzling light emerged from the ball and Ye Tian Xie unconsciously withdrew his hand.  At the moment, a voice……one that was very familiar to Ye Tian Xie suddenly rang in his ears.

“Dang, dang, dang, dang!!  The smartest and cutest Yaya has arrived…..Yi?  Big brother, why is it you?”

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