EDAH Chapter 305


Chapter 305: Shaming in front of everyone

The Heavenly Stellar Arena was located to the south of the city.  The area was strangely big, being able to accomodate over a million people.  This was the place for the players to engage in athletics or for players to PK with each other.  There were no limits to PK here and although one would be revived in the Heavenly Stellar City ressurection point at the center of the city, there were no losses at all.

With such a large location, there usually wasn’t a large crowd, but it was filled with people today.  There were even people that had no way of entering and were anxiously circling the arena.

The matter between Ye Tian Xie and the Red Leaves Guild was spread on the same day, with the positions of both side being clearly stated.  The one that spread the news was not the Red Leaves Guild, but rather Xie Tian. He casually said a few words to Zuo Po Jun and the news had been quickly spread.

This was an incredibly small matter, with the same kind of PK happening an unknown amount of times in the Chinese Server.  But this time, the reason why the news spread so quickly was because of Xie Tian.


This was the first time he was publically PKing with someone.  With his influence, this was the first time, but countless people went crazy, wishing to personally witness this mysterious person that was as legendary as a dragon.  Those people who were smart were even more interested in this because at least they could gauge his strength.

The Red Leaves Guild members were already here.  There weren’t many of them, just having over fifty people.  Red Leaves Strong Gale was also on the scene. Although he had made his preparations for this match, his head still ached.  He was secretly thinking about all the variables that could come into play. For his Red Leaves Guild, this match was about standing up to Xie Tian, so the less people that knew of this, the better.

Although they were one side of this match, they were clearly not the focal point.  The crowd was looking at the entrance of the arena, waiting for the arrival of Xie Tian.

When noon came by, Ye Tian Xie finally arrived at the doors of the arena.  Seeing this exaggerated scene, he knit his brows. He quickly walked in front of them and shouted, “Move aside!”

Before he came over, the crowd at the door had already noticed him, suddenly creating a riot.  It was like his roar had a strange penetrating power to it that made it clearly audible to everyone by the door, making them look at Ye Tian Xie with various gazes.  Whether it was his clothes or his temperament, Xie Tian was not normal, causing the originally noisy scene to quiet down.

The crowd had already completely blocked the entrance, but at this moment, because Ye Tian XIe had arrived, the crowd began to separate to create a two meter wide tunnel.  Ye Tian Xie did not say anything else and continued moving forward.

“Xie Tian is here!”

The news of Xie Tian’s arrival quickly spread across the arena and spread across the entire arena as quickly as possible.  The bustling arena was quickly filled with unrest as everyone stared at the entrance to the arena.

From the path formed in the crowd, a single person was arrogantly walking forward.  No matter who it was that looked over, he would be the center of attention with a single glance.

His hand armour inlaid with dragons, that golden cloak with traces of ash gray, and that metallic silver mask…..It was exactly the same appearance of Xie Tian they had seen in the videos.  Instantly, the endless sounds of cameras and videos being used could be heard.

However, the mysterious aura that came from him made people unconsciously not want to shout out, like it was suppressing their emotions.

Under their gazes, Ye Tian Xie slowly walked onto the arena, walking to the center fifty meter wide square stage.  Looking around himself, he said a sentence that made everyone shocked.

“Have the Red Leaves Guild trash come yet?”  Under the Headband of Bravery, no one could see what face he was making, but it could be imagined how cold and disdainful his expression was.  His slightly curling lips exposed an undisguised ridicule.

Red Leaves Guild…..Trash……

One of the ten biggest powers in the Chinese gaming world.  Whether it was prestige, backing, or power, the Red Leaves Guild stood high up.  In front of all these people, Ye Tian Xie had actually called the Red Leaves Guild…..trash!!

It was clear that he did not place the Red Leaves Guild in his eyes since the beginning.  Between them…..just what had happened?

These arrogant and wild words were nothing more than a huge shame to the Red Leaves Guild.  In the silence, everyone looked over at the Red Leaves Guild, waiting for their reply.

Red Leaves Strong Gale’s face was twitching.  With Ye Tian Xie’s first words, it had almost made him explode with anger.  These words, it made him have no choice but to develop hostility towards Xie Tian.  If he did not reply to this shaming, what face would the Red Leaves Guild have.

Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

Not being able to charge into the arena, Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui resentfully hid in the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, watching a live broadcast from a player with Liu Qi Yue.  Ye Tian Xie’s appearance had astonished them and the words Ye Tian Xie said made the expression on their faces turn stiff.

“Speaking of this…..Second brother shouldn’t have any grudges with the Red Leaves Guild.  He had saved them twice in the past and had even said that Red Leaves Strong Gale’s name was good.  He seems like a good pretty boy, so why does second brother…..seem to have such a deep grudge with him.”  Zuo Po Jun patted his forehead and said, “Although second brother is powerful and does not need to fear anyone…..the Red Leaves Guild is not a small group.  This time, second brother has completely offended the Red Leaves Guild, is this…..really good? Speaking of this, I still don’t even know what happened between second brother and the Red Leaves Guild.”

Murong Qiu Shui’s sparkling eyes looked at Ye Tian Xie on the screen, “Bingo!  This is like our beloved second brother. Look…..our second brother only used a single sentence to silence the audience.  Such aura, such prestige……Oh, my heart is beating so fast. I am charmed by second brother’s heroic appearance once again.  If I was a woman, I would definitely…..”

“You are already half a woman.”  Zuo Po Jun curled his lips and said.

“Oh……In fact, I truly wish that I was a real woman.”  Murong Qiu Shui pursed his lips and said with bitter resentment.  But immediately, his expression changed and became very serious. His expression changed even faster than a woman’s mood, “Seven sins, arrogance.  This should be the terror of arrogance.”

“You’re wrong.”  Liu Qi Yue said. Once she spoke, Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui looked at her at the same time, waiting for her to continue.  These two men were very docil in front of her. Before Ye Tian XIe appeared, they had followed behind her daily, obediently calling her “elder sister”.  She looked at the screen with a light and gentle smile on her face. Neither Zuo Po Jun or Murong Qiu Shui could understand her, “This is indeed arrogance, but it isn’t just arrogance.  The so called arrogance is placing oneself on the highest position and having a high view, looking down on everything…..However, it would just be despise, it wouldn’t be……shaming someone like this.”

“Oh…..Hearing elder sister’s words, I can finally solve the doubts in my heart.  Elder sister’s mind is not something a normal person like me can compare to.” Murong Qiu Shui looked at Liu Qi Yue with a look of worship.

“Damn transvestite, kissing ass, good for nothing……”  Zuo Po Jun secretly snorted before asking with a serious expression, “Elder sister, according to what you said, everything that second brother is doing to the Red Leaves Guild is not because of his arrogance, but rather a different reason?”

Liu Qi Yue did not immediately reply and asked back, “Po Jun, Qiu Shui, have you investigated this Red Leaves Strong Gale?  Do you have an understanding of his background in the real world?”

Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui shook their heads together.  Red Leaves Strong Gale must have a strong backing and financial power in the real world, otherwise he would not have been able to create a Red Leaves Guild.  But no matter how big his family was, it could not be as big as the Zuo Family or the Murong Family. Adding in the fact that the Red Leaves Guild were not connected to them, they did not care about it and did not investigate it.

“Does his real life identity have a grudge with second brother?”  Zuo Po Jun asked.

“They didn’t before……Just a few days ago, they had one.”  Liu Qi Yue replied.

Zuo Po Jun was confused.

“Po Jun, don’t be someone that judges purely on appearance.  A person’s true nature will not be related to their expressions or their words, and definitely wouldn’t be related to their appearance.  Red Leaves Strong Gale is polite and has a mild temperament, as well as a good reputation. But the real him is a true villain, even willing for the death of his own family members.”  Liu Qiu Yue finished speaking and the smile on her face disappeared without a trace.

“This……”  Zuo Po Jun’s face was filled with confusion.

“Red Leaves Strong Gale is surnamed Ran.”  Liu Qi Yue’s brows moved up and she calmly said this.

“Surnamed Ran?”  Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui were both stunned, but they quickly understood.

Thinking of the slum that no ordinary person was willing to go and those two sisters in despair in those slums.  He thought of how they could only depend on each other while suffering struggles from all around them, living a kind of hardness that normal people could not imagine.  The trace of goodwill Zuo Po Jun had for Red Leaves Strong Gale disappeared and it was replaced with an extreme anger.

It was no wonder Ye Tian Xie suddenly gave no face to the Red Leaves Guild.  The previous Red Leaves Guild’s survival did not mean anything to him, but since he found out that Ran Chen Xin and Ran Chen Xue were Ran Qing Cheng’s daughter and knew that they suffered for years on end, coming close to death’s door, and also learning that the Red Leaves Guild belonged to the Ran Family from Liu Qi Yue……The Red Leaves Guild in his heart was already considered dead.

No, not just the Red Leaves Guild……Rather the entire Ran Family.

They were very clear on how Ye Tian Xie held a grudge.  When he hated a person, he would never give it up and ask for several times the recompense.  So, Murong Qiu Shui often said in fear, “To us, beloved second brother is the great sun, but to people that have provoked him, he is a devil……Second brother is the person in the world that cannot be offended.”

“Even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs.  Even daring to harm their blood related family members, even if it was the most benevolent goddess, they would still not forgive them.”  Murong Qiu Shui tapped his slender nose, speaking in a long drawn and sad voice.

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