EDAH Chapter 308


Chapter 308: Explosive moving Xiao Bei

“This person……”

“Other than Xue Yao Yue, there is no one that can make beloved second brother reveal such a loving expression.  If anyone else wanted to kill him, second brother would let them die a hundred times. Only if Xue Yao Yue tried to kill him would he not be angry at all…..Oh, third brother, do you think she can be anyone else?”  Murong Qiu Shui said while shrugging his shoulders.

“Che, do you think I wouldn’t know if you know?  I was just sighing with emotions. Second brother and Xue Yao Yue haven’t met in so long, but they are still the same.  Indeed, second brother would only react like that with her.” Zuo Po Jun mumbled.

At this time, Zuo Po Jun’s communication device rang and Su Fei Fei’s voice came out, “Big brother Zuo……Did you see what happened with Tian Xie?”


“We’re watching, young miss Su.  Do you want to know about that girl just now?”  Zuo Po Jun grinned as he spoke. With Ye Tian Xie’s personality, he actually retreated against someone that attacked him right away.  He even spoke to her for so long and had even given her an extraordinary weapon……The most important thing was that, without revealing her appearance, the girl’s style was already enough to make all other girls feel inferior.  If young miss Su did not mind this, then that would be strange.

“Un!  Big brother Zuo, do you know that person?  Is Tian Xie very familiar with her?” Su Fei Fei asked.

“Of course I know, she is an incredible person.  The name Xue Yao Yue…..You should have heard this before, right?”

After Su Fei Fei was stunned for a bit, she said in a shocked voice, “That is…..the never speaking only killing, Beautiful Asura!?”

It wasn’t that Su Fei Fei was well informed, she only knew a few things about the gaming world, but rather the name Xue Yao Yue was too well known.  If Tian Mo Xie was the peak male player, then Xue Yao Yue was the peak female player, also suppressing countless male players. Not only was she incomparably strong, her personality was very cold.  For people that offended her, even those that took a few extra glances at her, she would stab at them without any hesitation. She had no scruples or hesitation when killing people. When people talk about her, the most mentioned thing is that…..she probably killed people in the real world.

In the «Lift up the Heavens» world, a red dusk that covered the sky and Xue Yao Yue angrily killing ten thousand people.  The scene of a single person amongst a field of corpses made the entire world remember this terrifying girl’s name. From that day forth, she had the name “Asura”.  At the same time, among the list of the beautiful girls, amongst the over a hundred female Chinese players, she was ranked high up on the eye catching first place…..This ranking, basically meant that she ranked first in all of China.  It could be imagined just how beautiful she was under her mask, how glorious it was. It made men wonder and made girl’s jealous.

Only there had never been anyone that had seen her appearance.

Countless people were wondering what kind of person would be able to pick this poisonous rose.

She was the same as the previous Tian Mo Xie, a dragon whose tail couldn’t even be seen, rarely appearing in public and almost no one had ever seen her before.  The Destiny world had been open for so long, but there had been news about her yet. Even in the top hundred level rankings, her name had not appeared. Countless people made guess and were shocked……But today, this black clothed beautiful female assassin had appeared and all the people that had seen her had almost screamed out her name…..

This dress, this stature, and this aura, other than Xue Yao Yue, there was not a second person.  Everything about her was not something that normal people could compare to.

“Is Tian Xie familiar with her.  With his personality, why would he with her……”

“Do you want to say why with second brother’s personality, why would he treat her so special?”  Zuo Po Jun said.

“Un…..Something should have happened between them, right?”  Su Fei Fei said. With her woman’s senses, she was certain that there was a special relation between Ye Tian Xie and this Xue Yao Yue.

“This…..”  Zuo Po Jun thought about it and then said, “I can’t say that something happened between them, but it isn’t strange that second brother treats her special……Young miss Su, there are two people where one is with you when you are at your happiest and one is with you when you are in the most pain…..Which one will you remember the most deeply?”

The answer was very obvious.  After Su Fei Fei pondered it a bit, she said, “You’re saying that Xue Yao Yue, she……”

“Three years ago, the most important person in second brother’s life disappeared and he went wild trying to her.  After he was unable to find her no matter what, he was dispirited for a long time. I had never seen second brother in that much pain before.  That could be considered second brother’s most dispirited period of time, where his world was completely shattered. During that time, the one who was with second brother was Xue Yao Yue.  Second brother has known Xue Yao Yue for a long time because……of certain matters. Xue Yao Yue would try to kill him every time she saw him, but she had never succeeded and even then, she still has not given up…….But at that time, Xue Yao Yue should have seen second brother’s mood change……He became a very spirited person, it was clear to anyone that saw him.  At that time, Xue Yao Yue did not try to kill him whenever she ran into him, but rather accompanied him. Although she never spoke, she followed second brother wherever he went, restoring second brother from his dispirited state. This time between them, it was enough to make second brother never forget Xue Yao Yue. As for the other matters between them, I don’t know about them.”

When Tian Mo Xie and Xue Yao Yue met, they would always fight with each other, but no matter who won, no one had died in the other person’s hands before.  They seemed like enemies, but they seemed like they had an unspeakable connection between them.

“Un, I understand.”  Su Fei Fei hung up the call.  She silently remembered the name Xue Yao Yue.  When a person was in their most painful and lost state, if a person stays with them during that time, they would remember that person forever.  She silently knew this because the person that stayed with you during your most painful time was one that truly cared about you. That Xue Yao Yue……

Ye Tian Xie stood in front of the standing members of the Red Leaves Guild.  Under his provoking words, the members of the Red Leaves Guild present had no choice but to make a move.  Faced with Ye Tian Xie’s shaming and provocation, as well as being in front of everyone, the Red Leaves Guild had no way of rejecting.

The only one that did not go on stage was Red Leaves Strong Gale.

“Xie Tian, you will regret every word you said today!”  Red Leaves Iron Wall held a blade in one hand and a shield in the other as he spoke with a sinister expression.  The people behind him all had expressions of rage, but at the same time, they were enduring the enormous pressure.  They had over thirty people and they were faced with a single person, but their entire bodies were trembling.

“With only just you?”  Ye Tian Xie disdainfully looked over them.

“No more talk.  Xie Tian, although you are strong, my Red Leaves Guild are not cowards.  Today, you must die! Brothers, charge! Pay him back for those insults!!”  Red Leaves Iron Wall angrily roared out as he charged at Ye Tian Xie, raising his shield in front of him.

“Roar!!”  The Red Leaves Guild members all roared out, charging at Ye Tian Xie.  Seeing the people rushing at him, Ye Tian Xie did not take out his weapon.  Instead he looked away and coldly said, “With just your group, are you worthy of me personally making a move!?”

These arrogant words once again shook the hearts of everyone present.

“Xiao Bei, Yao Yao……go.  There’s no need to be polite.”

Ye Tian Xie spoke in a small voice before two white lights appeared in front of him.  Yao Yao and Xiao Bei appeared at the same time and instantly, two white lights was released from Xiao Bei and Yao Yao’s bodies.

Profound Spirit Wall · Heavenly Blessing and Rend · Light.

Immediately, an incredibly fast light that was like a white arrow of light shot forth at the group of Red Leaves Guild players.  A snow white fox followed close behind, also charging into the group. The Red Leaves Guild players did not even have time to react before successive pitiful cries were heard.

In that instant, all the players were stunned.

A chaotic amount of damage figures appeared amongst the group.  As soon as a large damage figure appeared, another large group of damage figures appeared in another place.  It was a large area of red that was like a red mist that surrounded the Red Leaves Guild.

Xiao Bei’s body was as fast as white lightning, charging through the group, moving unhindered.  It attacked three times per second and each attack hit four times. Adding this up, this meant twelve attacks per second!  There was only one being attack the Red Leaves Guild, but it felt like there were several Xiao Bei’s attacking them.

Most people were shocked as they stood up in their seats.  They stared on in a daze at the figure they couldn’t see, only seeing rays of light made by Xiao Bei and large groups of people falling down……and it wasn’t Red Leaves Guild players falling one by one.  From the Red Leaves Guild defense quest video, they already knew the existence of the terrifying pets by Ye Tian Xie’s side, but personally witnessing it today, this huge impact to their hearts made them not dare believe what they saw.

Such terrifying move speed, attack speed, and attack power…..In the Destiny world, this kind of terrifying pet actually existed!!

In around ten seconds, an amount of time that was barely enough for the Red Leaves Guild players to react from their shock and chaos, the over thirty Red Leaves Guild players were all lying on the ground, not a single one standing.  Even the high defense and HP Red Leaves Iron Wall, who also had a set of top equipment was also instantly killed by Xiao Bei.

Under countless shocked gazes, Xiao Bei finally stopped and surrounding him was corpses lying on the ground.  It turned its head around itself as if it was still searching for a target to attack……Who could believe that this scene of corpses scattered across the ground could be accomplished by this cute and harmless strange cat……Moreover, it only used around ten seconds.

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