EDAH Chapter 309


Chapter 309: Two Dragon Souls

“That is that cat?”  Buried God stood up in his seat and his usual calm face was covered in a deep shock at this moment.  The current average level of players and how strong a set of top grade equipment was, he was very clear on this.  But the terrifying strength this cat had displayed……It had reached a level where everyone would be shocked.

Back when Xie Tian drove away the Wings of Shrouded Heaven by himself, who would have dared to say that one of the important reasons wasn’t this incomparably strong and strange cat that could instantly kill anyone.

No wonder Xie Tian’s level increased so quickly.  From time to time, his level didn’t change for several days, but once it did move, the level rose at a speed that could be considered “soaring”.  Even if one did not consider his incredible strength, even if it was just the strange cat attacking and he sat at the side taking in experience, his leveling speed was something normal players could not compare to.

If this pet was in his hands……


With several incredible powerful families behind him and incomparable influence, he had things that other people could not wish for.  It had always been others that were envious of him and never him that had been envious of others…..But at this moment, his heart was filled with a deep envy.

Envy was a very terrifying thing.  Like Nameless had said……of the seven sins, the most terrifying one was envy because it was the greatest source of all sins.

Even Buried God had this thought, there was no need to mention others.  Everyone present had their mind completely shocked and they all wildly wished that they could have Xiao Bei.  If they could have such a strong pet, they could easily run wild among players!

Only, they completely neglected the petite little fox Yao Yao following behind Xiao Bei with a tilted tail.  How strong it really was, only Ye Tian Xie knew in this world. Although it had no attack power, with its strength at the fifth grade, it was even more terrifying compared to the Spiritual Grade Xiao Bei.  If there was no Yao Yao, Xiao Bei’s power would be greatly cut down. Just like now, if it didn’t have Yao Yao by its side, before it finished off the Red Leaves Guild members, Xiao Bei would have consumed all of its own HP.

“It really is worthy of being a Spiritual Grade Pet, it’s actually that abnormal…..Thinking about it, that person named ‘Misty Rain Revival’……The ‘Frost Wolf’ in her hands is also a Spiritual Grade Pet, so it should be just as strong.”  God Realm Starfall beside Buried God said in a low voice, “But, is that really just a cat…..It’s actually standing and that appearance……”

“There are many kinds of strange life forms that can exist in this world.  This should be the first place pet named ‘Xiao Bei’. Shadow, Starfall, how likely is it for me to obtain that Xiao Bei from Xie Tian.  Answer honestly.” Buried God said.

God Realm Starfall hesitated for a second before saying, “If you try a soft method like buying it from him, with the personality Xie Tian displayed today, the possibility is zero.  If you try stealing it…..”

God Realm Starfall paused and did not continue.

“The possibility of stealing it is also very low, right?”  Buried God said with a frown.

God Realm Shadow quickly said, “Young master, we don’t mean that.  With our strength, if we can find Xie Tian, it isn’t hard to kill him.  But, Xie Tian’s position isn’t set and he shouldn’t appear in maps that normal players could step it.  Secondly, the probability of dropping a pet after death isn’t high and it’s even lower with a high grade pet, so…..”

Buried God listened and gave a slight nod.  Then he said, “That Misty Rain Revival, how has the investigation gone?”

“Her identity was not hard to find.  Her background really is not simple. Her real name is Su Fei Fei, she’s the daughter of China’s richest man, Su Luo and she is nineteen years old.  Her Frost Wolf excels in ice wind attacks which have a strong might. Other than that, she is very close to Xie Tian, that is a publically known fact.  The house in Heavenly Stellar City west street is jointly inhabited by the two of them.” God Realm Shadow said.

Buried God silently pondered this before saying, “Su Luo’s daughter……Money to her should be comparably to garbage.  Shadow, you know know what to do… be quick. There are many people that have personally witnessed the might of the Spiritual Grade Pet, so I believe that we should be the only one that want to do this… discrete.  For example, shift the blame to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.”

“I understand.”  God Realm Shadow replied in a low voice.

Finding Xie Tian was already not an easy matter, but if they wanted to defeat him……Even if they succeed, they would have to pay a heavy price and would attract a terrifying enemy.  But to go against a Misty Rain Revival, it was too easy. With their investigations, they could tell that Misty Rain Revival usually wasn’t with Xie Tian. At the same time, with her relation to Xie Tian, shifting the blame could be an interesting thing to do.

Experiencing Xiao Bei’s strength, this idea did not just exist in Buried God’s mind.  Speaking of this, even Buried God’s heart was filled with greed, so there was no need to mention others.

“Xiao Bei, Yao Yao, come back.”

With Ye Tian Xie’s summon, Xiao Bei and Yao Yao stood on Ye Tian Xie’s two sides.  Facing the ground covered in corpses, although Red Leaves Strong Gale forced himself to maintain a calm expression, the corners of his lips were slightly twitching.  If they had died in the hands of Xie Tian, he would have been a bit more calm, but……The entire group of over thirty people, Ye Tian Xie did not make a move and sent out his two pets instead.  In the blink of an eye, the over thirty people were all taken care of by a single pet.

This was a very shocking scene.  The Red Leaves Guild had become a foil to demonstrate how strong the other side was.

Being ruthlessly stepped on like this in front of everyone, he had never suffered something like this.  Never before……

This grudge had been created between him and Xie Tian and it could not be resolved.  Even if Xie Tian was publicly recognized as someone that couldn’t be offended, even with his self control, he could not swallow this down.

He chose to silently sit there, not speaking any aggressive words to Xie Tian and not attacking him at all.  Because the result would be even more unacceptable for the Red Leaves Guild.

The bodies on the floor began to disappear.  Red Leaves Strong Gale stood up and said, “Xie Tian, you’ve won.  You are indeed incredible. I, Red Leaves Strong Gale admire you…..He, goodbye.”

Red Leaves Strong Gale waved his hand and turned to leave in front of everyone, not saying an extra word to Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie did not say anything as he watched him leave. His lips curled into an incomparably cold smile, “Ran Qing Feng, the game is just beginning……The loathing and resentment I feel for you even surpass my expectations.”

When Red Leaves Strong Gale left, Ye Tian Xie did not remain and also quickly left.  However…..until he went far away from the field, he did not feel anyone following him…..Meng Yu Yi, also did not follow him like he expected.

A blood coloured evil moon, symbolizing flawless cruelty, beauty, and grace…..I said a long time ago, there is no better suited name for you.  The moon is unique and so are you…..I always knew that because of what I said, you never threw away the Xue Yao Yue name. But this time, you used a different name.  It seems like you truly have no freedom.” Ye Tian Xie slightly shook his head as he sighed before returning to his home.


Far up in the sky, a man was floating at an altitude normal people could not see.  He was standing on a cloud as he silently looked down. Until Ye Tian Xie entered his home did he look away, saying to the Indigo Soul behind him, “This is strange……When a person encounters the seven sins baptism, it would not completely affect their personality.”

When being baptized by arrogance, he would indeed be much more arrogant compared to before.  However, this arrogance was different from being completely “arrogant”, not letting one be completely arrogant.  When he was faced with people that accompany him, he did not reveal any arrogance at all. Regardless of who he faced, even including Yaya in the Tower of Destiny, he did not reveal any arrogance.  It was like his arrogance was clearly targeted at people. It would reveal itself at times and sometimes it wouldn’t reveal itself at all.

“There is no mistake……Don’t forget, he has both light and dark Dragon Soul Power…..The characteristic of this Dragon Soul is not just having both powers of dark and light in a single Dragon Soul.  Rather…..he has two Dragon Souls! The seven sins baptism’s effect is being dispersed by both his Dragon Souls. This also means that he will only feel half the effect.” Indigo Soul slowly said.

Nameless’ brows sunk in thought and gave a faint sigh, “It does seem like this.  It seems like it isn’t as simple as we thought it would be, we neglected such an important point.  Like this, the effect of the seven sins baptism will be reduced by half. The world truly is fair. He is blessed with such great potential, but his difficulty in increasing his strength is much higher in comparison.”

“No, that isn’t certain.” Indigo Soul slowly shook its head.  It raised its azure wolf eyes and looked off into the distance as it spoke, “The seven sins include arrogance, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust…..The first three sins, ‘arrogance, envy, and wrath’ need a second object to display itself……Arrogance needed a target to be arrogant to, envy required a target to be envious of, and wrath required a target to display rage to, and these couldn’t be displayed as one willed.  But the final four sins, ‘sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust’ reside in a person’s consciousness. They are instinctual desires and do not need a target. The first three sins can be suppressed by him and won’t affect him completely. But for the final four sins are sins that are directly imprinted on the core of one’s heart. Even if he has two Dragon Souls, it will not stop their influence on him. The baptism of four sins will be enough.”

Nameless thought about it and then silently nodded, “I hope it’s like this…..Only, two Dragon Souls.  For these Dragon Souls to appear, what does it mean? Did the original him…..already have two Dragon Souls!?”

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  1. By the time this baptism has ended, the top rankers and guilds will have been destroyed from pissing him off in some way or another. How dumb can that Buried God be? Although I don’t think he will be the only one to do something.

  2. shouldn’t greed and lust have greatest effect on mc? after all he has three souls + 2 of them are dragon souls and i dont need to remind you guys about dragon’s infamous greed and lust right? tho maybe they arent affected i dont know

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