EDAH Chapter 310


Chapter 310: Hundred Herbs Sage

Beginner Village 99999.

The Destiny World had already been open for a month, but the Beginner Village was not deserted.  There were large amounts of new players every day, highlighting Destiny’s unparalleled influence on the world.

In a small valley.

The scenery here was as beautiful and moving as a picture and the air here was so fresh that it was intoxicating.


Chen Xue had been here for a long time, breathing in the fresh air the entire time.  The air in this place was the most pleasant air she had ever breathed. The scenery was also the most beautiful scenery she had ever seen…..This place, it was the pure nature that she loved the most and yearned for.

Other than her, there was no one else here.  Chen Xue had unknowingly entered this place. After entering the Destiny world, her temperament remained as rejecting of others, so she always moved alone, always avoiding places where there were a lot of people.

In order to head to the cities as quickly as possible, she had been working hard on leveling.  After several days of working hard, she had risen a total of four levels. The place that she had wandered in had level five butterfly spirits that were perfectly suited for her to level on.  Although these butterfly spirits could fly, they only flew very low and very slowly. They also did not have any attack power, but there were only a small quantity that spawned, so it was suited for leveling and most people did not stay her.  But this became a peaceful place for Chen Xue to stay in.

She had already chosen to become a Fire Attributed Magician, so she used the Basic Fireball to kill the butterfly spirits.  Because she had came close to death for long time and had even experienced death, Chen Xue loved life more than normal people.  If she didn’t need to reach level ten to meet Ye Tian Xie, she would not be willing to attack these life forms…..Every time she attacked, she would tell herself that it was a bunch of data and not a real living being.

In this flawless world, this young girl slowly moved forward as she attack dancing butterfly spirits.  This image was a very moving one.

Each butterfly spirit that was killed, Chen Xue would always take a few steps forward.  The valley was very quiet and because barely anyone came here, the grass was very long, it had reached Chen Xue’s little thighs.  She chased the butterflies that spawned as she moved forward. When there were no more butterfly spirits that appeared in front of her, she turned around, but she found that she was lost.

She took out a Beginner Village Return Scroll.  When Chen Xue was about to leave, she suddenly saw on her right side, there was tall grass high enough to hide a person in front of a stone wall, as if it was hiding something.

Under an obligatory curiosity, she took soft steps forward before carefully pushing the grass aside.  Instantly, a cave that wasn’t too big appeared in front of her. The cave was barely as tall as a person and was not very spacious.  With a single glance, it seemed to be only seven-eight meters deep. In the cave, the dishevelled haired person sitting cross legged in the center looked up at Chen Xue.

This scattered and long hair was covering a long face that was in a scary withered state, which was even more dry than bark, but a glance told one that this was a woman’s face.  Her eyes looked like they had completely lost their glow. With this combination, this face was incomparably terrifying. If a person suddenly saw it, their first response would be to scream and turn to run, like they had just seen a ghost.

Chen Xue looked at her and that dry wood like old lady looked at Chen Xue.  In that instant, her clouded over eyes suddenly lit up with a faint glow. This was because this girl that seemed like a picture suddenly appeared in front of her.  Whether it was her appearance, eyes, or expression, they were all flawless and pure, not polluted by any dirt. Slowly, that glow turned into a faint surprise.

Normal people that strayed in here would mostly scream out in surprise and turn to run when they saw her.  The minority would not run, but they would still be deeply frightened. She was clear on how terrifying her face was.

However……This little girl that seemed to be twelve-thirteen standing in front of her continued looking at her without shouting in surprise or running away.  Those incredible crystal eyes did not contain a trace of fear at all. There was just a small trace of surprise and curiosity.

“Granny, why are you here?  This place….is it your home?”  Chen Xue asked. Before she finished, she felt her question was a bit silly, so she revealed an awkward smile.  This was because how could this kind of place be a “home”.

That elusive voice was as pure as her eyes.  When she heard this, her heart became calm. She opened her mouth and spoke with an incomparably dry voice, “Little sister…’re not afraid of me?”

“Yi?”  Chen Xue’s face revealed a look of confusion.  After thinking about it, she asked, “Granny…..why would I be afraid of you?  Ah……Are you also a kind of little monster?”

Chen Xue’s words made the old lady smile.  The smile was very stiff and very terrifying because it had been a long time since she smiled.  In her memories, since she had come here, this was her first time smiling.

“Of course I’m not a monster…..Little sister, are you willing to sit with me?  It has been a long time since I’ve had someone talk to me.” The old lady looked at Chen Xue and spoke.

“Un!  Alright.”  Chen Xue immediately agreed.  She walked in and sat down on the straw beside the old woman.  That old person’s clothes were incomparably tattered, almost not being enough to cover her, but it was not dirty and did not have a musty smell to it.  Chen Xue secretly took several glances at her with eyes filled with curiosity. She could even face life and death, so she did not care about the beauty and ugliness of a person’s appearance.  Moreover, when she came in here, she had a vague feeling…..this was a person that was about to die, like she was struggling on the border of death already. Because she had experienced this before, she had a clear understanding of this.  Having undergone the same experience, she did not reject the old lady’s request.

“Little sister, what is your name?”

“I’m Chen Xue.”

“Chen Xue……Xue…..This is a name very suited to you.”  The old woman said. Her voice was gentle, completely different from how terrifying her face was, “You are an adventurer from another world, right?”

Chen Xue thought about it and said, “Un!  That should be right. Granny, why are you in such a strange place?”

“Why am I here…..”  The old woman thought about it and then sadly shook her head, “Because I am already staying here, waiting second by second for my death.”

“Ah?” Chen Xue looked at her in surprise……This person, it was the same as her feeling.  Was she really about to die?

“My body already has a part that has dried up like wood……Dying is also fine.  A hundred years ago, I should have died already, so why must I struggle to live to today.”  The old woman muttered.

Chen Xue looked at her in surprise.  Turning her head over, she said in a serious voice, “Granny, you must not want to die, right…..Then you can’t give up.  Granny, do you know that I was also sick before and was close to death several times? Just a few days ago, I was just a bit away from death and all the doctors told me that my illness could not be cured.  However, my elder brother did not give up on me and when I was about to die, he had found a way to cure me……Granny, look, now I am getting better every day…..So, granny, yout can’t give up on your life this easily.  No matter how terrifying the illness is, as long as you have hope, you will be able to find a cure. I’m not lying to you.”

Chen Xue’s words made the old woman’s eyes slightly tremble.  She smiled again and then said, “Little sister, your words are very good…..But I am not the same.  My body is not sick, only my life……has already burnt out. Even the legendary Water of Life can only increase my life by a small period of time…..There is no hope anymore.  Actually, I’m not afraid of this upcoming death. Since I appeared in this sealed place, I have been waiting for that day to come…..A hundred years ago, I should have died. As for them, they all died for me.  Being able to live to this day, it is already unnecessary.”

Chen Xue blinked her eyes, not understanding her words at all.

She had worry in her heart, so she was very afraid of death, not wanting to return to existing on the edge of death like before anymore.  Living, is much better than dying……Why would she say that it was unnecessary to live until now?

The old woman stared at Chen Xue and a low whisper came from her mouth, “Crystal like girl……Is this the final grace the Xi Yao Goddess is giving me at the end of my live?”

“Little sister, I don’t have the ability to move anymore…..Can you help me with something?”  The old woman said.

Chen Xue nodded, “Un!  If I can do it, then I will seriously help you.”

“Thank you, little sister.  Can you help me draw some water?  There is a stream three hundred meters ahead, you can get some water there.”  The old woman looked outside the cave and her eyes dimmed to not having any light in them.

“Alright…..I’ll go right now.  Wait for me, granny……That’s right, granny, can you tell me your name?  Granny must be someone who has stories.” Chen Xue looked up and asked in a curious voice.

“Name…..I have already forgotten my true name.  Later on, I had a new name. They all called me Hundred Herb Sage.  Only a hundred years ago, the Hundred Herb Sage had already become a dead person…..But no one knew that she did not really die and was sealed in a place like this to live a feeble existence.  Waiting on the edge of death, never being able to turn back.” The old woman spoke in a sad voice.

“Hundred Herb Sage?  Granny, this name is a bit weird…..Then I’ll go get the water now.  Granny, I’ll be back in a bit.”

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