EDAH Chapter 311


Chapter 311: Hundred Herb Spirit

Coming out of the Heavenly Stellar City arena, Ye Tian Xie directly went home.  After being trapped in the Tower of Destiny for several days, the aura there made his entire body very uncomfortable.  He had to comfort himself in a gentle environment.

“Elder brother, you’re back!”  When he entered the door, a clear and ethereal voice sounded in his ears.  Following this, a petite figure ran over from the basin and stood in front of him with a happy smile.

“Xue’er.”  Ye Tian Xie first revealed a faint smile before being stunned.  He grabbed Chen Xue’s little hand and said, “Xue’er, when did you come?”

It had only been three days since Chen Xue entered the game.  In just three days…..Thinking of back then, when he reached level ten to come to Heavenly Stellar City, it had taken him and entire ten days!  Chen Xue used three days to come here from the Beginner Village……How had she done it.


Wait a minute…..Her level…..

Level four!!

She left the Beginner Village at level four!?

“I didn’t arrive that long ago, I was just watching elder brother fight with elder sister….Hee, the little cat by elder brother’s side is so strong and so cute…..Elder brother, can I play with that cute little cat?”  Chen Xue said in a clear voice.

“Of course you can…..But you need t first tell me, how did you leave the Beginner Village?  When you were level four, did the village chief send you here?” Ye Tian Xie seriously asked.  Could the village chief have been subdued by Chen Xue’s appearance and character and directly have sent her here?  Indeed, after being touched by Chen Xue’s moving eyes, perhaps the villager would actually do such a thing.

“Village chief……Do you mean that fierce looking old uncle?  No, it was a granny that sent me here. That granny is very good, I thought it would take me a long time before I could play with elder brother.”  Chen Xue said.

“Granny?”  Ye Tian Xie was surprised.  He pulled Chen Xue to sit down beside the basin and said, “Xue’er, can you tell me where you ran into that granny?”

“Un, of course I can.  I wanted to tell elder brother anyway.  Elder sister and big sister Fei Fei also said that it was unbelievable.”  Chen Xue’s head leaned against Ye Tian Xie’s body, half closing her eyes, revealing a look of enjoying herself on her charming face.  She gave a detailed narration of how she met the “granny”.

“……I arrived in a beautiful place and went to fight several beautiful butterflies.  Then I got lost and when I was preparing to head back, I accidentally found a strange cave and found the granny……”

Unknown region, cave…..A hidden NPC?  Ye Tian Xie silently thought this.

“……The granny was so pitiful, she said she was about to die soon and could not be saved.  Then she had me help her get some water and had me help her drink it. Then, she had me pink one hundred herbal medicines, had me help her wash her clothes……”

“You agreed to it all?”  Ye Tian Xie asked in reply.

“Yes, because the granny was so pitiful.  She could not move at all, so of course I would help her.  Just like how elder brother helped me before. In the past, I couldn’t even get off the bed and had to use a lot of strength to even move, this granny was like the previous me.”  Chen Xue nodded as she spoke. Her shining eyes were like flawless crystals. These eyes would never reflect the light of a lie.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

With Chen Xue’s heart, there were many things she did not understand.  But Ye Tian Xie was very clear that…..the things the granny had Chen Xue do was not some small quest, but rather a test of her heart.  A remote and isolated cave and an old woman that can’t move…..If it was anyone else, no one would be willing to approach this old woman and would always move far away from her.  But Chen Xue didn’t do that and just this point alone had moved her. As for fetching her water, helping her drink, collecting herbs, and washing her clothes… was all to further understand her.  To understand if this girl’s mind had any trace of corruption at all.

“And then?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

“Then……Then she said she liked me a lot and she said a lot of things to me.  She said that she used to be very pretty and would never grow old. She said that the Lost Continent people would call her Hundred Herb Fairy.  Only, a hundred years ago, her origin power was destroyed and her life force slowly drained away day by day, becoming older every day……Moreover, she said that a hundred years ago, she accidentally arrived in this sealed place.  Um, it was the Beginner Village and she could never go back. In order for her to live a bit longer, she had to live in a place where various herbs grew, a place abundant in life energy. When I met her, she said she could live another ten days at most…..”

Hundred Herb Fairy?

“Her name is Hundred Herb Fairy?”

Chen Xue thought about it and said, “It seems like it isn’t.  Hundred Herb Fairy is one of her titles. She said she forgot her real name…..Oh right, she also has another title.  It was Hundred Herb Sage.”

Hundred Herb Sage…..


Ye Tian Xie’s mind was suddenly shocked.

“She was really called the Hundred Herb Sage?”  Ye Tian Xie asked in a somewhat anxious voice. The twelve strongest people that protected the Lost Continent in the past…..were also called the twelve sages.  To seal the Eight Demon Kings a hundred years ago, the twelve sages played an essential role, so there was no doubt of their strength. In the battle to seal the Eight Demon Kings, five people were lost of the twelve sages and in those five people, the Hundred Herbs Sage was clearly included!!

The Hundred Herb Sage should have died a hundred years ago, right…..

Ye Tian Xie’s mind slowly outlined a picture……Could it be that she didn’t die back then and was instead sent into a crack in space formed by the incredible power……and was sent to the Beginner Villager?  After the battle, no one could find the Hundred Herb Sage’s aura or corpse, so they thought she was destroyed under the incredible power…..Could it be like this?

“And then?  Did she say anything else to you?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

“Un…..She said that I didn’t have any evil thoughts and had the purest heart, so I was the most suitable for inheriting her power.  She wanted to give me her final bit of strength.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Then she erased my previous Job and gave me an entire new Job, one that is very fun.  The name is also very pleasant, it’s the Hundred Herb Spirit……The granny also said that if I worked hard, I could turn into the Hundred Herb Immortal or the Hundred Herb Saint.”

While Chen Xue was speaking, Ye Tian Xie used the Evil Dragon’s Eyes to look at Chen Xue’s Job.

Hundred Herb Spirit: An inherited sacred Job of the Hundred Herb line.  Only those with a pure as water and gentle heart have the qualification to inherit this Job.  Changing into this Job grants the recognition of the Hundred Herb Spirit, but once the user changes into this Job, all combat Jobs will disappear and the user can never change into a combat Job.  If the user forcefully changes into a combat Job, then the Hundred Herb Job will disappear.

Job Skills:

Spirit of a Hundred Herbs: Can use an unlimited amount of healing items, disregarding level limit and cooldown time.  When using recovery items, the effect will be randomly increased by 30-70%. When using recovery items, all team members will receive the same recovery effect.  There is now an extra “Hundred Herb Space” in the user’s inventory that can store unlimited amounts of recovery items and materials used to create recovery items.

Herb Gathering Technique: Spiritual Grade

Can perfectly harvest herbs below the Heavenly Grade without damaging it or causing any loss of effect.  There is a small chance of perfectly harvesting Heavenly Grade Herbs.

Growing Technique: Spiritual Grade

Can perfectly grow various herbs below Heavenly Grade.  There is a small chance of success in growing a Heavenly Grade Herb.

Alchemy Technique: Spiritual Grade

Can perfectly refine various medicines below the Heavenly Grade.  There is a small chance of success in refining medicine at the Heavenly Grade.

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

The Job entrusted by the Hundred Herb Sage, even if Ye Tian Xie had made preparations in his heart, he still couldn’t help feeling a bit shocked.

Other than the three basic skills that any pharmacist had, this Job only had a single Job specific skill – Spirit of a Hundred Herbs.  As for this Spirit of a Hundred Herbs, how strong it was made people unable to believe their own eyes.

Without a doubt, this was a Hidden Job, a life skill class Hidden Job.  This Job had skills that were incomparably strong that even attacked the bottom line of Ye Tian Xie’s mind.

Other than his Reverse Boned Evil Dragon, Zuo Po Jun’s Protection Soul, that “King’s” Job, “Blood Hand”……Chen Xue’s “Hundred Herb Spirit” was the fourth Hidden Job in the game.

And this Hidden Job allowed him to experience just how strong Hidden Jobs were in the Destiny world once again.  In the past gaming worlds, Hidden Jobs just had a few extra abilities, but in the Destiny world, Hidden Jobs could actually break the balance of the game!

For her three basic skills, Herb Gathering, Growing, and Alchemy……they were all at the Spiritual Grade!!  Even if it was one of them, even if it was a pharmacist that practiced diligently without having another skill and even had a high perception, to get to the Spiritual Grade would still take at least two-three years……As for Chen Xue, she started at the Spiritual Grade!!

It seems like that Hundred Herb Sage had used all of her remaining strength and giving it all to Chen Xue without hesitation.

“Then did you give you anything else?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

“Un!  There is, there is.  That granny also gave me a book.”


“Un!”  Chen Xue waved her hand and a thirty centimeter tall and twenty centimeter wide book that had a thickness of ten centimeters appeared in her hand.  That big and seemingly very heavy book being held in the petite Chen Xue’s hand seemed very uncoordinated.

The book’s over was green and thick, as well, it was covered in a faint layer of green light.  At the center of the cover was the words “Hundred Herbs” written in large words. Other than those two words, there was no other words written on it.

Hundred Herb Book: Mysterious God Equipment……

Ye Tian Xie’s Evil Dragon Eye looked over it and as soon as he saw the item grade, his heart was deeply shaken once again.

He did not look down and continued to look at the this book’s grade…..Mysterious God Equipment, it really wasn’t a mistake, rather……this really was a Mysterious God Equipment that should not appear in a player’s hands!!

Spiritual Grade Equipment were things that players could not wish for.  Back at the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction, a single level fifteen Spiritual Grade Equipment had created a stir with its sky high price, showing that Spiritual Grade Equipment were as precious as heavenly treasures.

But now, the Destiny world had only been open a single month, but there was actually a Mysterious God Equipment in the hand of a player…..Moreover, it was someone by his side.  This little girl that only had a basic understanding of the gaming who had only entered the game world for a few days.

Is this heaven’s compensation for making her suffer for so long……

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