EDAH Chapter 313


Chapter 313: Seven sins – sloth (Part 1)

South of Falling Wind Town.

As the gentle breeze blew, Ye Tian Xie was lying on the grass with a thick book in his hand, the Hundred Herb Book.  He flipped through a page occasionally, maintaining a calm expression on his face. He did not look at the refining method and was just looking over the various herbs recorded, with there being seven hundred in total.

He did not think that this was wasting time.  What needed to be done and what didn’t need to be done, he was incomparably clear on this in his mind.

In the real world, not only did he have a superhuman body, his intelligence also surpassed normal people.  For example, he had an astonishing memorization ability. If he wanted to remember something, he could clearly memorize it in a short period of time and wouldn’t forget it for a long time.


In less than an hour, he had already memorized over thirty types of herbs, including their names and appearances, and even their uses.

Not far by his side, there were two girls sitting on the grass, happily playing there.

“……Is that true?  It sounds like a very mysterious thing.”  Sha Sha was holding her little face, listening to Chen Xue speak as she revealed a faint smile on her face, sometimes revealing a look of envy or surprise.  Although they were from different worlds, these two girls with hearts as pure as water quickly became very good friends.

“It’s true……Elder brother said in the past, without reaching the final moment, once cannot give up hope.  As long as one believes in a miracle, a miracle won’t be far from us.” Chen Xue looked at Ye Tian Xie with a face filled with happiness.  Everything she said was what Ye Tian Xie had said to her before. It was also what Ran Chen Xin had also repeated to Chen Xue on that day that made her hold on, making her remember it forever.

“Un, un!  I won’t give up.  Mama will surely get better soon.  Even if everyone say that it is impossible for mama to become better, I will not give up.”  Sha Sha’s eyes lit up and her hands came together as if she was praying to the heavens. Chen Xue’s story had instantly made her have more hope.

Sha Sha’s persistence came from her love for her mother.  Every day, she prayed for her mother, believed that her mother would become better and that there would definitely be a way to cure her…..Only, she was just a weak little girl, the only she could do was this.  Other than having thoughts, she could not use her own hands to find a miracle for her mother.

Sha Sha closed her eyes and silently thought for a bit, but quickly her expression dimmed and she said in a soft voice, “Big sister Chen Xue, I planted a seed in my backyard……Mama said that this seed was hope, if I plant this seed and it blooms, then after it grows, my hope will also be realized……But, I have planted this seed for many days and it still hasn’t germinated yet.”

“Seed……Let me think.  Have you given it water?”  Chen Xue asked.

“Un, I did every day.”  Sha Sha nodded.

“Wu…..”  Chen Xue seriously thought about it.  When she had obtained the Spiritual Grade Growing Technique, there was a lot of information on growing plants in this world that appeared in her head.  Life skill Jobs were much harder to raise compared to combat Jobs, so there were only a few people on the Lost Continent that could raise a technique to the Spiritual Grade.  If Chen Xue were to walk in front of others, no one would imagine that this girl would know a Spiritual Grade life skill. “Sha Sha, you can’t just plant a seed in the ground.  High level seeds will require a special planting method. Bring me to see the seed you planted, alright? I know how to plant seeds, so we’ll replant the seed together, alright?”

“Un!  Alright.  It’s in my house’s backyard, I’ll bring you there now.”  Sha Sha happily stood up from the grass.

“Elder brother, I’m going to Sha Sha’s house to play for a bit, I’ll be right back.”  Chen Xue waved to Ye Tian Xie and called out to him.

“Un, go ahead.”  Ye Tian Xie lying on the grass nodded to her with a faint smile and then began to focus on the book again.

After twenty minutes, Chen Xue and Sha Sha returned to sit down in their previous position.

“Is it really alright like that?”  Sha Sha asked in a slightly worried voice, but her gaze towards Chen Xue now contained a trace of awe.

“I also don’t know…..because it’s really strange.  I couldn’t find a way to communicate with the seed at all.  Moreover, I couldn’t see that seeds description and grade at all.  So, I don’t know if it’ll succeed or not. If it succeeds, then it will germinate in two days.”  Chen Xue said in a slightly unsure voice.

“Hee, I believe it will sprout for sure.  Then I can watch my hope grow bigger every day.”

The two girls were laughing together, creating a beautiful and pure scene.

Ye Tian Xie was still lying on the grass reading the book.  Thinking about it, it had been a long time since he seriously read a book like this.  Only, with this peacefulness, he could not feel the air around him was slowly changing.

Far off, in the sky that could not be seen, Nameless that had been attracted by this change in aura suddenly looked down at Ye Tian Xie on the ground with knit brows.

“This is……The aura of sloth…..What is happening!?  It’s only the fourth day of the arrogance baptism, so why is sloth sloth starting now.  Arrogance should cause envy…..but now what appears is sloth……Just what is happening?” Nameless tightly knit his brows and muttered in a confused voice.

“An extraordinary body and soul, so the effects of the seven sins baptism on him will be extraordinary, this isn’t strange at all.  The effect of arrogance has mostly been dissipated and cannot affect his heart anymore. At the same time, the time has been reduced by half and the order has clearly been disrupted…..The seven sins baptism for him has only just begun, but it has already lost control.”  Indigo Soul looked away from Ye Tian Xie’s aura and said this.

“Is this good or bad?”  Nameless said with a sigh.

“Unknown.  But the only thing I am certain on is…..The body and soul he has can shorten the effects of arrogance, envy, and wrath, shortening their duration, but he cannot reduce the effects of sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust.  Those four sins always exist and do not need an external provation to exhibit themselves, so the time will not be shortened……It will last an entire seven days. After the baptism, what he will gain and lose cannot be foreseen anymore.  But at the very least, it will not have the same effect as we thought it would.” Indigo Soul replied.

Nameless thought with frown on his face for a while before nodding, “Since it’s like this, let’s just observe for now……Everything he faces in the seven sins baptism, whether it is normal or not is good, so we do not need to interfere as long as the results are good.  For the next few days, we will go and find that person. This digitally created world has too many destabilizing factors. Even if it’s her, it is hard to completely control it……”

“Therefore, you appeared.”  Indigo Soul said with a deep meaning.  Although it had the appearance of a wolf, it spoke just like a human.  Its intelligence could only be high and not low.


In the morning, it was the fifth day Ye Tian Xie had been through the seven sins baptism.

“Xue’er, go and call your lazy elder brother to get up.  We have waited for a long time and the food is cold, but he’s still not up.”  Su Fei Fei put down her chopsticks and pointed at Ye Tian Xie’s tightly closed door.

“Why do I have to go?”

“Because Tian Xie listens to your cute words the most.”  Su Fei Fei tapped Chen Xue’s nose, speaking with a smile.  Chen Xue also couldn’t help smiling…..This warm and smiling home, wasn’t this the heaven that she dreamed of in the past?  But now, her dream had already become her reality.

Chen Xue had exercised for a few days and with the help of Ye Tian Xie’s blood, her speed of recovery became incredibly strange.  Now she could already get out of bed herself without Chen Xin helping her. She agreed with her clear voice and walked in front of Ye Tian Xie’s door to gently knock on it with her little hands, “Elder brother, are you still asleep?  You should wake up…..Breakfast has already been made.”


“Elder brother, are you not awake yet?”


“Elder brother, quickly get up.  You can’t sleep too much.”


Only when Chen Xue knocked the third time did a weak voice came from behind the door, a voice that was as soft as cotton.

“Yi?  Elder brother, are you sick?”  That weak voice shocked Chen Xue.  She stood on her tiptoes and turned the door knob……The door was not locked and it opened accordingly.

Chen Xue’s voice also made Su Fei Fei a bit worried……Although Ye Tian Xie was lazy to the point that he wouldn’t even clean his room if the sun rose from the west, he would usually wake up at a punctual time.  It would usually be when she finished making breakfast, but this was the first time he didn’t wake up. When the door opened, she and Chen Xue quickly went in.

It was unknown whether Ye Tian Xie or Xiao Xi knocked the blanket down, but it hadn’t been picked up.  Ye Tian Xie was sprawled across the bed with half closed eyes, but he wasn’t clearly sleeping. Lying on his side, holding his arm was Xiao Xi who was completely naked, revealing her jade white skin.  If they didn’t know the relation Ye Tian Xie had with Xiao Xi, they would have thought that Ye Tian Xie did something to her. Ye Tian Xie had helped her wash up yesterday and dried her with a blanket afterwards, but he did not help her put on clothes.

“Tian Xie, is something wrong?”  Su Fei Fei tried asking. His expression and breathing were both normal, but his body stance……It was like he was dead tired and unable to rise after climbing a hundred mountains.

“Elder brother, are you sick?  Is there anywhere that feels uncomfortable?”  Chen Xue asked in a worried voice.

“Big brother Tian Xie, is there anywhere that feels uncomfortable?”  Chen Xue also asked in a worried voice.

“No… could I be sick.”  Ye Tian Xie gave a weak snort.  He raised his hand, but it fell after it came up ten centimeters.  But it wasn’t because he was lacking in strength to raise his hand, but rather he was too lazy to do so, “I just want to sleep a bit more….You should all also… up…..I’ll just sleep today and not go anywhere.”

After saying this, he closed his eyes and did not move……After not moving for ten seconds, he began to make a soft snoring sound.

Su Fei Fei: “……”

Ran Chen Xue: “…….”

Ran Chen Xin: “…….”

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