EDAH Chapter 315


Chapter 315: Seven sins – sloth (Part 3)

If one’s body was not in a weakened state and they slept every day, they would reach a certain level where their body will display a state of “sleep rejection”.

Ye Tian Xie had laid in bed for an entire three days and he opened his eyes on the fourth day, having no way of falling back asleep.  But that lazy feeling would not let him change positions, so he could only lie there. He was feeling very uncomfortable just lying there, so he half closed his eyes, but found that he could not fall asleep at all.  Instead, he was irritated when he closed his eyes, so he stopped trying to go to sleep. He slowly raised his hand and pressed the gaming equipment on his left hand.

At this time, the sky outside was still dark.

The Destiny world did not have a night time, so the sky was bright and a gentle breeze blew, bringing the smell of fresh grass with it.  Ye Tian Xie was lying down in the same place he logged off last time, the south side of Falling Wind Town. Since he was lying down, he continued to read the Hundred Herbs Book.  Although he was too lazy to move, his eyes and brain were not affected.


This place was very silent, there were no other players around.  But after Ye Tian Xie had been concentrating on the book for over two hours, the peace was finally disrupted by a voice.

“……I am really liking this world more and more.  There is no trash or waste, there is no irritating vehicle exhaust or smog, no illnesses, and even the sounds of monsters dying are so pleasant……Oh, even being nipped by a monster gives a person a pleasant feeling.  Sour face, don’t you think so?”


“Don’t use those pitiful eyes to look at me, we’ve finally encountered some thirty minutes of free time.  We can take some time from fighting monsters to enjoy this joyful and beautiful scenery, right? I am not a leveling maniac like you.  For human life in this world, one must live a life of happiness, or else it would be extremely dreary……If I had the same sour face as you every day, I would rather die.”

Two people walked onto the grassy plains and were walking over towards Ye Tian Xie as they chatted.  To be precious, it was a person speaking and the other person having a cold face, not saying a word.

The two had similar body statures, both being medium height and slightly thin.  The one walking on the left had a bow on his back while crossing his arms across his chest, looking like a hunter.  He had a handsome face and sharp brows, but he looked like a restless person. His face was high spirited, but looked very sloppy, seeming careless and not putting anything in his eyes.  Above his head were four words, having a name that conformed to his Job – Arrow Piercing the Heavens.

The other person was the exact opposite of him, looking to be also around twenty years old, with a face that was as stiff as a corpse’s face, only having eyes that were exceedingly sharp.  He looked forward, taking heavy steps as he walked. He did not respond to a single word that his partner said.

The name he had in this world only had a single word……One that would regularly appear on the Chinese Server rankings – Zero!

“Speaking of this, Falling Wind Town should be considered the Red Leaves Guild’s territory.  Red Leaves Guild……Forgive me for speaking the truth, but I have a kind of indescribable disgust of the Ran Ling Feng, but I have to admit that he is the most successful hypocrite I have ever seen.  If I hadn’t accidentally found out the truth, I might have been fooled by his performance. When Xie Tian trampled the Red Leaves Guild in front of everyone on that day, it filled my heart with an indescribable feeling of comfort…….Xie Tian, he really is a person others hope to reach.  He is that kind of person that fears nothing and has the strength to back his arrogance, not like us who hide ourselves. Alright, I admit it, I am jealous, envious, and in awe of that person. But you should be thinking the same thing as me. With your personality, you even took the initiative to propose joining Xie Tian’s Heavenly Soul mercenary group.  Hee, hee, it was truly surprising and exciting. But, that is indeed the place that is most suited for us.”

Zero stopped moving and looked in front of him……at Ye Tian Xie’s position.  The equipment he wore allowed players to instantly recognize him.

“Oh?”  Arrow Piercing the Heavens followed Zero’s gaze and looked at the person lying on the grass not far in front of them to the left.  On his head, there was a thick book opened there as if he was too lazy to hold it open with his hand. At this angle, although they could not clearly see his face, just his cloak and hand armour alone, they were 100% certain on his name,

“I think that I am believing in fate more and more now.”  Arrow Piercing the Heavens stroked his chin as he looked right at Ye Tian Xie.  Then he grabbed Zero’s clothes, “What a beautiful encounter. Many people can’t even catch a glimpse of him, but we were lucky enough to catch him while he was relaxing…..Do we need to hesitate anymore?”

Zero took a step forward, moving towards Ye Tian Xie.

“You really are more anxious than me.”  Arrow Piercing the Heavens pouted his lips before following behind him.

When the two of them came close, Ye Tian Xie had already heard the sound of their footsteps.  He was completely focused on the Hundred Herbs Book and when the came up behind him, he did not even spare them a glance.

“Today’s weather is not bad.  The light green grass and the beautiful weather, this is a good place to cultivate one’s nature and talk about one’s life.  This place is quite extravagant. Friend, what do you think?” Zero had the same expression as before, so the only one that could be speaking was Arrow Piercing the Heavens.  He continued rattling on, spitting everywhere…..but, as he continued making noise, Ye Tian Xie did not react at all.

“Friend, we are all good people, there is no need to be afraid.”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

Ye Tian Xie finally moved, but he only moved a single finger to turn the page of the Hundred Herbs Book.  Then he make a sound, as if the two people behind him did not exist at all.

“……”  Arrow Piercing the Heavens was very heart.  He squatted down behind Ye Tian Xie and drew circles with his finger as he said, “Although I am curious what kind of book is even more interesting than my handsome face that even god envies……Alright, let me introduce myself first.  I am ‘Arrow Piercing the Heavens’, but faced with a heroic person like you, to show my sincerity, I can reveal the secrets of my life with you…..My real name is Situ Chana and I am male. I like women, I am twenty three years old, never marrying before, I am a virgin, I am 176 cms tall, weigh 67 kgs, have the archer Job, and am currently in the 124th place on the level rankings.  This is something I have always been proud of……Oh, after not leveling for half an hour, I have fallen down to 187th place. These leveling maniacs……”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Alright, compared to the great god in the level ranking’s first place, I don’t think that a person in the hundredth place would enter your eyes.  I think the person beside me will make you more interested……He is called ‘zero’, constantly being in the top ten……Un, although he has never entered the top eight before.  He isn’t willing to speak, always has a sour face, but he is a very warm person. We have no backgrounds and we don’t even have a family. If you take us in, you do not need to worry about anything……Ke, ke, speaking of taking us in, it’s like this.  My friend has always wanted to join your Heavenly Soul mercenary group. Although he always has a sour face, he is still a proud lunatic. He does not even place that Red Leaves Guild and Wings of Shrouded Heaven in his eyes at all, not sparing them a glance.  He only yearns to join your Heavenly Soul mercenary group. No, no, don’t misunderstand, he doesn’t want to join your mercenary group for the 5% increase, but rather because of your position as the number one person in the Destiny world. I think that with my friend’s strength, it should be enough to join the Heavenly Soul mercenary group…..And as his friend, if you accept him and don’t accept me, it will be a bit….inappropriate.  So, you should accept me as well. With your style, non elites will surely not be allowed to join. It’s said that Endless Cycle of Reincarnation’s Violent Star Shadow Spirit was even rejected when he took the initiative to join and was even defeated by a Heavenly Soul mercenary group member. But I can promise that we definitely fulfill the requirements to join the Heavenly Soul mercenary group, otherwise you can kick us at anytime.”

This person continued speaking without pausing.  Arrow Piercing the Heavens, Situ Chana had a parched throat as he looked at Ye Tian Xie’s back with a look of hope, waiting for his reply.  He believed that with his and Zero’s strength, adding in the perfect explanation he gave, Ye Tian Xie rejecting them would truly go against reason.

Ye Tian Xie was finally fed up with this noise, but he was too lazy to cut down this loudmouth narcissist that wouldn’t shut up.  Putting away the Hundred Herbs Book, he closed his eyes and in front of them……he logged off.

Situ Chana: “…….”

Zero: “…….”

With a light breeze, two pieces of withered yellow leaves came out of nowhere.

“I’ve been defeated.”  Situ Chana covered his face while pretending to be bitterly crying, “Too much, bullying us like this.  Wu, wu, wu, wu…..He did not even look at us, even ignoring my heroic face……Too much of a bully, wu, wu, wu, wu……”

Zero did not say a word and turned to leave.

“Wu, wu, wu, wu, there is actually a person that doesn’t understand style at all….Ai, ai!  Wait for me!” Situ Chana quickly caught up and patted Zero’s shoulder before saying, “Relax, relax, we are best of friends.  Anything you want to do, I would certainly go all out to help you complete it. Strong people will all have that kind of pride, but fate has placed him in front of us, so we just need to keep showing our sincerity.  Sooner or later, Xie Tian will allow us to join…..but.” Situ Chana paused and then his sloppy expression disappeared as he said in a low voice, “Do you really think that Xie Tian without any backing will be able to help us mess up the entire Endless Cycle of Reincarnation?”

Zero: “……”

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