EDAH Chapter 318


Chapter 318: Endless Cycle of Reincarnation’s astonishing lineup

“Ding…..The Heavenly Soul mercenary group member, Shield Breaking a Thousand Armies has sent a server announcement…..I, Heavenly Soul mercenary group’s Shield Breaking a Thousand Armies represent the Heavenly Soul mercenary group leader Xie Tian to challenge Endless Cycle of Reincarnation’s ‘King’.  Today at noon exactly in Falling Wind Town’s first region, we’ll compare our strengths.”

“Ding…..The Heavenly Soul mercenary group member, Shield Breaking a Thousand Armies has sent a server announcement…..”

“Ding…..The Heavenly Soul mercenary group member, Shield Breaking a Thousand Armies has sent a server announcement…..”

The news of Xie Tian’s challenge to King spread across the entire region as the three server announcements rang in the ears of all the Chinese players.  Xie Tian, his strength, and the legends surrounding him. His pets and his Heavenly Soul mercenary group…..Everything related to him was paid attention to by all the Chinese players.  As for “King”, his mysteriousness, his “Blood Hand” job, and also the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation behind him were all things that made all the players remember his name. Xie Tian had used a single month to make his fame and name known, having a reputation that even surpassed Tian Mo Xie that ruled the gaming world for several years now.  As for this King, his current power and prestige had caught up to Xie Tian’s. From appearing as a dark horse on the level rankings, he had caught the attention of countless players. Currently, he had stepped forward at a pace that shocked countless experts, taking first place on the level rankings, attracting even more attention from players.


So, the news of Xie Tian challenging King created a large stir.  This was a showdown between first and second place of the level rankings, two people with Hidden Jobs, it could even be called the showdown between the two peak powerhouses of China!  For this kind of showdown, how could it not attract everyone’s attention and stir excitement deep in their hearts.

There was still three hours left before the time stated in the announcement, but once the announcement was sent out, it was unknown how many people charged right for Falling Wind Town’s first region.  They all understood that this showdown was sure to be astonishing and if they were late by a single step, they would not have the chance to witness it. If they missed this chance, who knew when they would meet this kind of showdown again.

The consequences of Xie Tian challenging King was truly shocking.  In less than half an hour, the entire Falling Wind Town first region was filled with players in all directions and more players came in continuously.  They all tried to push into the center region and the scene quickly became a mess. The level eleven monsters had not even had the chance to see the world before they were killed it while being filled with endless sadness.

“Father is the Fighting Dog Gang’s leader, everyone move for me!!”

“……I am the chief reporter for XX station, everyone please accomodate me.”

“Big brothers, can you bring little sister inside?  I can’t see here.”

“Father is the leader of the World’s First Union, death for anyone that blocks me!!”

“Selling stools, sunflower seeds, telescopes, and hearing aids……Fair prices, limited quantities, please buy quickly.  We are China’s strongest planting and crafting team. We have passed the Lost Continent’s damn authentications, so we ask everyone to be assured in our quality.”


This challenge had been initiated by Xie Tian, so the players believed that “King” would come.  An expert had an expert’s pride and dignity, not to mention that he had the strong Endless Cycle of Reincarnation behind him.  If he didn’t show up, then he would be named “coward” and would attract the anger of the players that had waited a whole morning for nothing.  He would even implicate the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation behind him. So, when Ye Tian Xie had Zuo Po Jun send out the announcement, he did not think that “King” would not should up.

At this time, Ye Tian Xie was not leveling, but rather he logged off to eat his breakfast.  Then he brought Chen Xue to the city’s north, the place that was hard for them to forget, not feeling any pressure and not worrying about arriving to the location on time……It was like he did not care about this at all.

The players were excitedly waiting and finally noon came.

Although there was a large crowd, a large region in the center was still vacated.  Along the edges of the center were naturally the deterring forces of the strongest influences…..It couldn’t lack the God Realm Guild and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  Son of Heaven and Buried God had personally arrived and were sitting amongst the crowd like cranes above chickens.

When there was still three minutes to noon, neither Xie Tian or King had arrived, even the people of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation had not arrived.  The whispers among the crowd became louder, but at this time, a loud shout came from the crowd, “Endless Cycle of Reincarnation, move aside!!”

The four words “Endless Cycle of Reincarnation” made the players create a path.  After the path was formed, a group walked through it, not looking to the side as they moved towards the center.

This group had a total of eight people, two girls and six men with different Jobs.  Each one of them had different appearances and different expressions, whether it was cold, calm, deep, or as sharp as a blade.  However, their auras were all extraordinary, things that normal people could not have. None of them hid their names and their names made all the players take in a breath of cold air.

“…..Look at that person, that woman wearing a mask…..The name above her head…..It’s the level ranking’s third place, Meng Yu Yi!”

“That girl……Her body is indescribable.  God, I can’t take it.”

“Fuck…..That cold face, it’s the level ranking’s fifth place, Blue Dust!  He is the legend of the Summoner Job!”

“That one holding the sword on his back……Look at the name above him.  It’s the seventh place on the level rankings, Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds!”

“The one by his side, the one that looks younger than me.  It’s the ninth place on the level rankings, Violent Star Shadow Spirit!”

The one holding a shield, he is ranked seventeenth on the level rankings and is the highest level knight, named the strongest knight in China.  He actually belongs to Endless Cycle of Reincarnation!! The shield in his hand…..Damn! It’s a Golden Grade Shield!!”

“That girl wearing the blue magician’s robe……The fifteenth place on the level rankings, the highest level wind mage in China, Blue Windy Moon!  She’s also a part of Endless Cycle of Reincarnation!”

“Also the one holding the bow……His eyes look even more terrifying than an eagle.  That is the nineteenth place on the level rankings, Blood Cycle!”

“There’s no need to mention the one in the back wearing the white mage robes.  It’s the twentieth place on the level rankings, Perfect Blue, the highest level priest in China……A priest was actually able to obtain the twentieth place on the level rankings, how did this person do it!!”

Meng Yu Yi, Blue Dust, Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds, Violent Star Shadow Spirit, Blood Cycle, Ling Yu, Blue Windy Moon, Perfect Blue…..Just eight people, but these eight people were enough to shake the hearts of everyone present!!

Once these eight people appeared, the surrounding players were filled with incomparable shock.  These high rankers of the level rankings, which one of them wasn’t a legendary character? Normally it would be incredible hard to meet them, but there was a total of eight of them that appeared today!

Eight of them and adding in King…..This also meant that in the top twenty of the Chinese level rankings, almost half of them belonged to Endless Cycle of Reincarnation!!  It included China’s first and second rank assassin! China’s first ranked knight! China’s first ranked wind mage, summoner, and priest!

This was a magnificently shocking lineup.

In that moment, after the names were spread across the players and then were passed to the entire world, the entire Chinese Server was shocked by this Endless Cycle of Reincarnation……They once again understood just how terrifying this Endless Cycle of Reincarnation was!!

The eight of them did not hide their names, so there was no doubt they were showing off the power of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation to the world.

Under the breathless gaze of the players, these eight people walked into the center and moved to one side.  Not a single person spoke and they all looked forward with different expressions. Meng Yu Yi and Blue Dust had a cold expression on their face that contained no waves.  Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds had his hands crossed over his chest and his eyes were closed. Violent Star Shadow Spirit was looking around with a restless expression on his face.  Blood Cycle and Ling Yu both had no expressions as they silently pondered something. Blue Windy Moon had a faint smile on her face and Perfect Blue was playing with his fingernails.

The aura of the field clearly changed with the arrival of these eight people.  That original restless feeling had disappeared and it was replaced with a pressure that made it hard for people to breathe.

The Endless Cycle of Reincarnation…..had eight peak characters!

What did their arrival mean?

Was it a demonstration?

However, there was no doubt that once they arrived, although they were only eight people, they had suppressed the God Realm Guild and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven completely.  The eyes of the crowd was no longer focused on Buried God or Son of Heaven, but rather on these eight people.

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