EDAH Chapter 32


Chapter 32: The most disgusting quest in Beginner Village 60001

The old woman with empty eyes stared at him, opening her mouth again to say what she said before……The only difference was, the number she said…..

10000 eyes!

“Ding……The sealed old woman has requested you to help her collect 10000 wolf eyes.

Quest Grade: Common


Time Limit: None

Rewards: Unknown

Do you accept?”

If the game world didn’t have a principle of not angering NPCs, he would have already fiercely said the two words, “Go die.”

Before he calmly accepted the quest because he thought the 1000 wolf eyes would be the last part, if not then it was also possible for it to be 2000, he never expected a 10000 part.  Because for beginners, their backpack only have 50 slots so it was impossible to hold 10000 items, which meant that it was impossible to complete this quest…..Unless someone left for the the city and obtained enough backpack space to hold 10000 wolf eyes, then after collecting 10000 wolf eyes, falling below level 10 and dying to come back to the Beginner Village.

10 wolf eyes were 10 experience point and 1 silver coin, 100 wolf eyes were 100 experience points and 1 gold coin….then wouldn’t 10000 wolf eyes be 10000 experience points and 100 gold coins?  If it was really like this, the person who finished this quest should just go die.

“I accept.”  Ye Tian Xie calmly said these two words and turned around to leave.  He was afraid if he stayed any longer he would cut this old lady apart with Moment of Destiny.

But that night, on the «Destiny» forum there was a post called «Beginner Village 60001 most disgusting quest», the quest described the quest to collect wolf eyes in the most grievous language and describing the old lady with the most fierce language as well as cursing the ten generations of the NPC designer.  Immediately many players of Beginner Village 60001 shared their experiences.  Indeed, experiences that entailed their suffering and hardship, after all the effort of collecting the 1000 wolf eyes and they excitedly handed the wolf eyes to the old lady, the quest prompt and reward made them spit out 3 litres of blood.  The matter finally ended when a “skilled player” responded, “Calm down, you guys are missing the main point of the quest, the quest is for raising the skill level of the harvesting skill…..See, all the friends who have completed the quest haven’t you seen a major increase in their harvest skill level?”

The next few days, the players of Beginner Village 60001 had a say, those that took the old lady’s wolf eyes quest, was truly a fool.

So, the old lady became the most ignored NPC, the other NPCs had crowds of people begging around them, only she had no one to ask, sitting alone under the bent dry tree, no one knew what she was thinking.

But, those masters with a keen game sense and rich experience in Beginner Village 60001, they had not disregarded this quest as the joke quest it seemed.  Would «Destiny» arrange for this kind of quest?  Moreover everything about the old lady was strange, perhaps there really was a hidden quest on her.

So not everyone had abandoned the quest, there were some people that were planning to expand their inventory in the city and then dying to return to the Beginner Village to finish the quest……They were waiting for a big surprise.


Seven days passed.

Today was the ninth day since the «Destiny» servers had opened, these few days, the amount of people entering «Destiny» violently grew everyday, the increasingly stunning figure allowed people to witness a miracle for the history of the virtual web.  Even those that had highly evaluated «Destiny» before its release still had to shout “unbelievable”.

And after 8 days, the average player level continuously improved and had almost reached level 10.  Those that did not log off for 24 hours and those gaming madmen, many of them had already reached level 10 – They can take the Beginner Job Change Trial, change their jobs and be transferred to a new bigger city.  But, the strange thing was, so far, even though there were quite a few people that had reached level 10 in the Chinese server, there had been no one that had changed jobs yet.

The drop rates of the «Destiny» world was low, so it was difficult to widen the disparity in equipment.  Currently the people who owned Bronze Equipment drew the looks of envy and hate, moreover Silver Equipments……Out of the several billion players, there was less than 10 SIlver Equipments.  Then add in the fact that in the early game everyone started from the same circumstances, it was hard to create a large disparity in levels with other players.  Under this circumstance by being one of the first to level 10 was proof of truly being strong.  But the strong had their own harsh requirements, they wouldn’t let those behind them catch up to them.

To leave the Beginner Village they had to go through a test – The Beginner Job Change Trial…..Easy, normal, hard, nightmare, and abyss.  Different difficulties gave different rewards.”

[Easy level: Passing the test increased the four basic attributes +1.

Normal level: Passing the test increased the four basic attributes +2.

Hard level: Passing the test increased the four basic attributes +3 and luck +1.

Nightmare level: Passing the test increased the four basic attributes +4, luck +1, and charm +1.  As well as a random level 10 Bronze Equipment.

Abyss level: Passing the test increased the four basic attributes +5, luck +1, charm +1, and the Beginner Village Badge of Bravery.  All players that pass the abyss level trial will have their name publicized with a server announcement and have their name forever recorded on the Beginner Village list of heroes.]

Regardless of the difficulty of the trial it increased a minimum of four points in the four basic stats.  But if one person took the easy level trial, while another person took the abyss level trial, the difference in stat increase would be 16 points in the basic attributes and 3 points in fixed attributes.  Basic attributes need to have a difference of 3 to make a difference and it was hard to increase fixed attributes.

No one wanted to fall behind others from the start, so, those strong people grouped up and without hesitation went for the abyss level trial…..Abyss level, it meant once you entered, you did not have any hope of surviving.  But the enticement of this trial was too strong, 20 basic attribute points, 3 fixed attribute points, and a badge that had unknown stats.  Badges were equipments that were hard to come across, but at the same time, it was also something that everyone desired.  Not only did badges have special attributes other equipments did not have, more importantly….You could equip an infinite amount of badges, there was no limit to the quantity.  If you had the ability to acquire 100 badges, you could equip 100 badges.  But this was also the reason why they were so hard to acquire.

Also, it was an opportunity to acquire fame.  Everyone who passed the abyss level trial, would have their name announced in a server announcement and forever be recorded on the Beginner Village list of heroes.

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