EDAH Chapter 321


Chapter 321: Blood coloured hand

King’s anger had already reached a peak.

There had never been a person that had been this arrogant in front of him.  There had never been a person that had ever angered him like this.

But even though he was filled with extreme rage, he did not lose himself to violence, but rather he had a cold tranquility to him……The temperature of the air around him dropped and a pressure that pressed down on people’s chests appeared, making it hard for them to breathe.

Chi la!


A cold glowing dagger appeared in thin air in King’s hand.  The blade was two fingers long and the blood red blade’s edge was like a demon’s open eye.  Ye Tian Xie narrowed his eyes and looked over the blade…..

Blood Funeral: The Blood Hand Job’s exclusive growing weapon.  Unknown Grade

The stats of this weapon will grow with its owner’s growth.

Because of this weapon’s particularity and unknown origins, the stats and added skills cannot be determined.

Cannot be determined?


King moved forward as fast as a shadow, stabbing the dagger out.  He was five meters away from Ye Tian Xie, but instantly covered that distance.  The figure in front of Ye Tian Xie swayed and a cold feeling came from the nape of his neck.

Blood Hand, this was an assassin class Hidden Job.  The assassins had high attack speed and move speed, and with King’s speed, it far surpassed a normal assassin and it even further surpassed Ye Tian Xie.

King’s speed also came from his innate talent.  His innate skill could be considered superhuman.  He was proud and arrogant, but he did have the qualification to become a “King”.

But if he was considered “superhuman”, then Ye Tian Xie’s skills were considered “inhuman”.  Whether it was his body or his innate talents.

This was an extremely fast blade.  The blood coloured blade was like a meteor creating a cold line and it was so fast that people could not react to it.  Everyone on the scene was certain that such a fast strike could not be avoided, other than a single person, Meng Yu Yi.

After trying to assassinate him several times, there was no one that was more clear on how strong the previous Tian Mo Xie was.  Even Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui were not as clear on Ye Tian Xie’s abilities compared to her. She could also send out an attack at this speed.  This kind of shocking speed made it so people could not react, but……

Ye Tian Xie’s head slightly moved four and a half centimeters to the left……That ice cold wind almost stuck right to his neck as it went past him.

His neck had moved by just the right amount.  If he moved a bit less, he would have been cut.  Not only had Ye Tian Xie dodged the attack that many people thought would hit, he had dodged by such a small amount that it was considered incomparably exquisite.

King had quick reaction rate and when his blade missed, he immediately sliced horizontally backwards, aiming at Ye Tian Xie’s neck once again.  It was like Ye Tian Xie had expected this and he hit it with the back of his hand, as well as slightly twisting his head. This was a very gentle movement and the blood red blade once again went past his face.

Ye Tian Xie did not attack back and took two steps back.  With a grin, he said, “Self proclaimed King, your horse has been abandoned, but is your hand also this weak?  Come, let me see what kind of strength your anger gives you. I don’t know how strong your attacks are, but you attack speed……is too slow!”

The surrounding players all held their breaths.

This kind of attack speed…..was still too slow!?

If this kind of shocking and explosive attack attack was still slow…..then what kind of attack do you consider fast?

King’s current mood was no longer as calm as before.  In his cold aura, there was already a bit of impatience.  This impatience made the members of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation all knit their brows.

With how angry King was, how could he not use his fastest speed to launch an attack?  That speed just now had been the limit of a human and was also King’s limit. Faced with an attack as fast as that, even with how strong they were, they admitted that they had a small chance of dodging it.

But this speed, King’s speed had actually been disdainfully described by Xie Tian as…..”too slow”.

But while he did say these words, he had also easily dodged the continuous two attacks King had released.  His dodges had been quick and casual, with movements so small that people could not be sure if he had moved at all.  But he had indeed dodged it as not a single damage figure appeared above his body.

Such a terrifying reaction ability, how sensitive were his reactions?

King had finally realized that he had underestimated Xie Tian……He thought this person had received a Hidden Job by luck and had used his strong equipment to completely exceed the strength of a normal payer……He had actually heard many things about him, but had never cared about them.  But when those attacks of his had all missed, he was shocked to find that everything he had known had been wrong.

This person…..was not an ordinary person!!

“Come, keep attacking.”  Ye Tian Xie did not attack back and just hooked his finger at King, performing an extreme act of provocation.

A normal person would be filled with rage at this kind of provocation, not to mention King.  His eyes turned dark and he slowly took a step forward, coming closer towards Ye Tian Xie. After a second, he took another step and after another second, he took another step forward.  His eyes were staring right at Ye Tian Xie with eyes that were like two blades of ice.

After three steps, he once again attacked.  It was even faster compared to before. This time his attack was no longer aimed at Ye Tian Xie’s neck, but rather his chest……

Chi~~~As the blood red blade tore through the air, it created a whistling sound.  As Ye Tian XIe was about to avoid it, he felt that something was wrong.

While stabbing out, King’s figure suddenly gave a strange sway and turned immaterial.  At the same time, another King appeared behind Ye Tian Xie, maintaining the same momentum as before as he stabbed at Ye Tian Xie’s back.

The people surrounding them all opened their eyes wide.  No one had clearly seen what happened…..but there was no doubt that this was a skill, a terrifying skill that was like teleportation.  When this powerful movement class skill appeared on King’s body, the effects was several times more terrifying.


With a blood red flash, everyone thought that this attack would hit this time……but something even more incredible appeared in front of all the players.  King’s attack working with this powerful movement skill to create a sneak attack had once again missed again……

When the previous King image finally faded, the King from behind had his attack land on another afterimage.  The real Ye Tian Xie had already used a “Dragon Shadow Slash” to appear five meters away. He was standing beside the corpse of the Black Flame Horse.

“Kaka, swallow it.”  Ye Tian Xie’s expression was very calm, not having a trace of any shock, like nothing had happened at all.  When he stopped, there was already an extra Kaka beside him. Kaka’s appearance made all the surrounding players break out in whispers……Because its appearance was too similar.  Could there be a Mashimaro kind of pet in this game?

Receiving this order, Kaka happily ran beside the Black Flame Horse.  This was a few steps for a normal person, but it took several dozen small steps before arriving.  It then opened its mouth and in front of the shocked players, it covered the corpse of the Black Flame Horse with light.  Then the Black Flame Horse turned into black dots of light as it entered Kaka’s mouth.

What situation was this?  The surrounding players were all stunned……This Mashimaro actually…..melted a corpse and swallowed it?  What was this? Was it a skill? Innate skill?

“Kaka. Illusory Spirit Change!”

Kaka responded and a colourless light came from its body.  Its eyes turned wide as its little body became larger while releasing a black glow.  It changed forms, turning into a tall horse…..It was King’s previous mount, the Black Flame Horse that Xie Tian had killed!

Black Flame Horse: Kaka’s transformation

Type: Mount, can be ridden by a single person.

Has 160 move speed originally and gives an extra 70 move speed after being mounted.  If the added move speed is below 160, then the Black Flame Horse’s move speed will be used instead.

Additional Skill:

Black Flame: Covers the user’s body in black flames and deals an additional 100 damage to all monsters being attacked by the user and the rider.  Costs 5 MP per second to use.

“Un, this can be considered a nice mount.”  Ye Tian Xie gave a laugh. Under the eyes of the crowd, he jumped up and mounted the Black Flame Horse.

“This feeling isn’t bad.  Self proclaimed King, I’ll just grudgingly accept this horse and you can go find another one.  Since you gave me this large gift, it is awkward for me to kill you. Un, I’m leaving.” Ye Tian Xie waved his hand and disinclined giving King another glance.  He patted the horse’s head and began to leave.

That was a scene that could not be understood……Using a strange method to swallow the Black Flame Horse and transforming into the Black Flame Horse……What kind of creature was this Mashimaro?  Speaking of this…..which one of Xie Tian’s pets were normal?

Although King was prepared to leave, how could King let him leave like this?  How could he claim to be a “King” like this?

Killing his beloved mount and even disdainfully scorning him.  Even now, the Black Flame Horse was under him. This was almost enough to make his lungs explode with rage.


He gave a strange, low roar and after the strange roar, the air around him suddenly turned chaotic, like something had been mixed with the air.  This air current made Ye Tian Xie stop and turn his head around.


“What is that?”

“Look at his hand!!”

The Blood Funeral in King’s hand released a blood red glow.  On his hands covered in two black gloves, it was also releasing strange blood red flames.  The blood red flames spread, covering his elbows and causing half of his arms to turn a blood red colour.

Blood Hand…..Blood red hands!

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