EDAH Chapter 322


Chapter 322: Flames of jealousy

“Second brother, be careful.  King’s strength does not lie in just his speed, there is also his Blood Hands……According to the information from the people elder sister sent out, King would not use his Blood Hands usually because his Blood Hands would automatically drain his HP.  However, once his Blood Hands appears, his attack power would explode, perhaps not even losing to yours……You have to be careful.”

Zuo Po Jun’s words sounded in Ye Tian Xie’s ears.  His eyes were watching those hands turning blood coloured as his brows slightly knit.

Summoning back Kaka transformed into the Black Flame Horse, Ye Tian Xie turned around while just standing there.  He stood there watching King that was about to explode with an interested expressions, this aura from him was indeed shocking.  Being able to obtain a Hidden Job and reach his current level in this short period of time, he was not a simple person. Although Ye Tian Xie revealed a look of contempt, he did not look down on this person as much as he displayed……Based on the aura King released right now, he did have the qualification to make him become serious.

He had used sarcastic attacks before to make him reveal the flaws with his heart, but it was very clear that King was completely cold, not as he expected.  Other than a slight bit of agitation, making his eyes and aura become even more terrifying, he clearly had control over his emotions. Moreover……Although he couldn’t see King’s face, just looking at his eyes told him that this person was not old, he was just around thirty years old.


The eight people from Endless Cycle of Reincarnation all came today because of this “King”.  Other people would not know, but Ye Tian Xie knew that with the Ling Family’s successor, Ling Yun and the Cang Family’s successor, Cang Chen’s status and backing, they were still led by this King person……This King person’s status was not simple.  With his attack style, he should belong to the Blood Dream Paradise.

King…….Was this the Blood Dream Paradise’s highest leader?

Claiming to be a King, it was clear that he thought highly of his innate talent and looked down on all the normal people in the world, just like him.

“Blood Hand…..Come, attack.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile, showing a very interested expression on his face.  He hooked his finger at King.

King dared to name himself King because he believed in his own strength…..But no matter how much belief he had, it was impossible for him to surpass Ye Tian Xie’s belief in himself.  Ye Tian Xie’s bones were filled with arrogance, which was given to him by Li Xian Er……Because she had always told him……He was the strongest person in the world, the strongest!! Others could not compare to him and were not worthy of being compared to him.

So, even if it was for her, he would have to become the strongest person in the world.  What did King have? With his body and strength inherited from the real world and his Job, stats, and the Moment of Destiny she had left him in the Destiny world…..Why couldn’t he look down on others!  Why would he need to fear others! It was because of this confidence that when his level was surpassed, his jealousy was fully incited.

King’s attack……In the ice cold silence, his body suddenly jumped out.  His blood red hand held Blood Funeral as he stabbed at Ye Tian Xie.

However, everyone immediately knew that this was not a simple stabbing motion.  While quickly moving through the air, King’s figure suddenly swayed and turned into two different figures.

“Shadow Clone!?”  A person loudly shouted from amongst the crowd of players.

The two Kings, one from the left and one from the right, stabbed out at Ye Tian Xie.  At first sight, it was hard to tell which one was real and which one was fake……Perhaps both of them were real or both of them were fake.

With one coming from the right and left, Ye Tian Xie did not try to dodge.  Until the Blood Funeral was about to stab into his chest, he did not dodge.


King’s attack had hit Ye Tian Xie’s body……


With Blood Funeral’s attack, Ye Tian Xie’s body fell back slightly, but he quickly returned to his standing up position.  The King attacking on the left disappeared and the other one rolled in the air, jumping back and landing on the ground. His eyes were once again filled with shock.

“Look at his HP……”


“This Xie Tian…..How much HP does he have?”

With King’s attack, Ye Tian Xie who did not hide his information had a HP bar appear above his head……King’s attack value had been shocking, actually dealing over one thousand damage…..But with this large damage value, the HP bar above Ye Tian Xie’s head only went down by one third.

“His HP……should be over three thousand and five hundred!”

“Is there a mistake……Compared to a knight of the same level……No, it’s almost two times the HP of a knight at the same level!!  It’s at least five times my HP!!”

“It’s simply…..too abnormal!!”

“A terrifying attack power and a hard to believe HP value, this Xie Tian…..Will King lose to his hand today?”  Ling Yu whispered in Single Slash Soaring Through the Cloud’s ear.

Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds: “…….”

“You only have this little bit of attack?”  Ye Tian Xie looked at his HP bar and said with a disdainful cold laugh, “If it’s really like this, it was a waste letting you hit me once.  I was wondering what kind of character you are, daring to call yourself King, but now it seems that it is just a big joke……With your strength, are you worthy of being a King……He, then I’ll just let you see what kind of strength is worthy of being a King!!”

The Moment of Destiny in Ye Tian Xie’s hand was finally raised.

Each word Ye Tian Xie had said made King’s face turn darker by a shade.  Since he had been born, when had he been insulted, despised, and humiliated like this by a person……It was also in front of all these people, which could be considered in front of the entirety of China.  The hearts of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation and all the other players were shocked……That speed that was too fast for them to react too was considered “too slow” to Xie Tian and that attack power that was three times the normal attack power of an assassin was considered a “big joke” in his eyes……Whether it was his arrogance or his strength, it had reached the point where it couldn’t be described by just disdain anymore.

Ye Tian Xie had finally launched an attack.  It was like a calm lake suddenly being hit by a gust of wind, shocking the souls of everyone present.  Ye Tian Xie had the same move speed as a normal player, but the quickness of his actions could not be matched by any normal player……What was the best way to defeat someone that made him jealous?  For King…..the best method was to take him out as soon as possible. Completely defeat him and smash his prideful heart.

That’s right, in the shortest amount of time.  

So, Ye Tian Xie used the peak of his innate powers in this moment.

The Moment of Destiny slashed out, bringing a cold wind.  This strong oppressive might made King move back, but it was like ghosts were holding onto him, only allowing him to move back half a meter before the Moment of Destiny slammed into the ground in front of him.  King wanted to counterattack, but he saw a pair of eyes in front of him that had a sarcastic look to it.



Ye Tian Xie in front of him disappeared and a deep pain came from his chest.  King’s eyes suddenly contracted……What happened? As soon as his first attack had finished…..No, it wasn’t even finished yet, but his second attack was released?

Whether it was a normal skill or attack, there would be a small refraction period from inertia after the attack.  If the enemy evaded, they could use this period to move back or counterattack, but after Ye Tian Xie’s first attack missed, his weapon was clearly still falling, yet he could release a sudden second attack.  It was like rubber ball falling from the ground and suddenly shooting up without touching the ground, catching people off guard.

Not to mention, Ye Tian Xie’s second attack was the fast as lightning “Dragon Shadow Slash”!  Even if he was facing this skill normally, he would only have as low as 50% chance of dodging it.

This made King unable to react to this attack at all.  With Ye Tian Xie’s focus which was several times higher than a normal person’s, it made his refraction period after an attack so small that people could not accept it.

It was worthy of a Hidden Job, after suffering over one thousand and four hundred damage, King did not die, but the HP bar above his head was almost empty.  But the fact that an assassin had this much HP was already shocking enough. Before King could even recover from this attack, Ye Tian Xie’s third attack pierced towards him from behind.

He, the game is over…..Ye Tian Xie narrowed his eyes and stabbed out at King’s back.



The members of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation were shocked…..With Ye Tian Xie’s attack speed, even if they wanted to stop him, they could not react in time.

However, when the Moment of Destiny stabbed out halfway, a sign of danger came from his left side.  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows and his body moved to the side, dodging that attack that came from his left.  He had no choice but to stop attacking King…..When he dodged, he clearly saw the dagger that seemed like it was made of ice.  The crystal body reflected the sunlight that shined down to release a magnificent purple glow.

The Purple Lightning Crystal Dagger.

When King had finally turned around, his eyes were visibly trembling.  In that second just now, he had felt the sensation of death approaching him.

With his skills, his attacks had all be avoided by him and he had achieved this very easily.  As for Ye Tian Xie’s attack… just a short three seconds, he almost lost his life. No, if Ye Tian Xie had not been forced back, he would have already died by his hands.

In front of him, there was a black figure.  This woman that had a body that even goddesses were jealous of who was holding a crystal dagger in her hand.  Her eyes were calm and her face was covered in a black cloth, revealing a small patch of skin that was white and flawless….Meng Yu Yi!

The air around them suddenly experienced a change that filled people’s hearts with fear.

This change came from Ye Tian Xie.

From Ye Tian Xie’s appearance to fighting against King, Ye Tian Xie’s face had always been filled with calm.  He was never nervous, ice cold, or even angry. He kept teasing and playing around, like he was not paying any attention to this fight from the beginning.

But the current Ye Tian Xie had a sinister face that was terrifying, it even shook people’s hearts more than the angry King.

His eyes were looking at…..Meng Yu Yi.

“You…..actually attacked me for another person!!!!”  He stared right at Meng Yu Yi, spitting out every word from between his teeth.  His face was covered by the Headband of Bravery so no one could see his face, but everyone could imagine only a single expression that he could have in this moment.

The current him was like offending the heavens, possessing the rage of an angry dragon!

Faced with Ye Tian Xie’s terrifying expression, Meng Yu Yi’s beautiful eyes slightly trembled as she tightly held her Purple Lightning Crystal Dagger.

“If you want to kill me one hundred times, a thousand times, or even ten thousand times…..I don’t care, I don’t care at all.  But… actually attacked me for another person!!” Ye Tian Xie’s face was twitching and his breathing became heavy. He stretched out a finger and pointed at King whose eyes were trembling, “I’ll give you three seconds…..kill him!  Otherwise, I will… very angry!!”

Meng Yu Yi’s hands began to tremble and under the black cloth, she was forcefully biting her cherry red lips.

The surrounding area became silent as everyone watched Ye Tian Xie and Meng Yu Yi, with no one paying attention to King.  No one knew what had happened. Why did Endless Cycle of Reincarnation’s Meng Yu Yi appear and why did Xie Tian have this kind of reaction!?

Did something happen between them?

Not to mention the other players, even the members of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation had no idea.  They all had shocked expressions as they watched Ye Tian Xie and Meng Yu Yi.



Ye Tian Xie half narrowed his eyes as he looked at Meng Yu Yi, speaking in a cold voice.  With each word, Meng Yu Yi’s heart felt like it was being squeezed and her heartstrings trembled.


Meng Yu Yi: “……”

This was her first time seeing him show this kind of expression to her.  This feeling made her feel fear. This degree of fear even surpassed the first time she had seen blood…….

“Very good!”  The anger on Ye Tian Xie’s face suddenly disappeared and he revealed a smile.  He raised the Moment of Destiny and coldly said, “I called this so called King out to see what skills he had and to destroy his prestige…..But, you…..have already successfully given me…..a reason for him to die!!”

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    Should be written more like “Even if he was facing this skill normally, his chance of dodging it would be no more than 50%”

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