EDAH Chapter 326


Chapter 326: Trampled

When Violent Star Shadow Spirit’s body began to fall, Ye Tian Xie turned around.  He lifted his Moment of Destiny and slashed at Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds.


Parry, it was parried again!

Once could be considered luck, but twice was definitely not as simple as luck……


The Moment of Destiny interlocked with Single Slash Soaring Through the Cloud’s silver sword and the two of them looked at each other.  Ye Tian Xie’s lips slightly curled as he softly said, “Such strong sword intent, you really are a genius of the Ling Family…..You ability to control swords perhaps even surpasses that Blade of Hades person!”

Single Slash Soaring Through the Cloud’s eyes were calm as he used his heavy sword to send a strong counter strike…..


With another deafening sound, it was another parry……The one using the parry this time was Ye Tian Xie!

Single Slash Soaring Through the Cloud revealed a shocked expression.  Ye Tian Xie’s counter attack was instant, sending a heavy slash at Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds, slamming into his chest…..In an instant, his HP bar was emptied.

“Admir……..”  Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds said as he looked at Ye Tian Xie while falling down.

In the blink of an eye, another two people fell to Ye Tian Xie’s attacks.

Violent Star Shadow Spirit and Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds disappeared from the top ten, falling to who knows where.

The surrounding players were all stunned by this.  Under Ye Tian Xie’s hands, these powerhouses that all had extraordinary strength were falling at this speed by his hands……This speed was so fast that people could not even process it, not being able to react or accept it.

Under the eyes of the audience, Xie Tian was truly doing what he said he would do.  These people in the top twenty…..he was making them drop out one by one!!

Four of the nine had already fallen…..Two sword warriors and one knight, the three close combat Jobs had all been taken care of.  Next there were Jobs that couldn’t fight in close range, a summoner, an archer, a cleric, and…..

Meng Yu Yi and King still had not made their moves.  King’s eyes were staring right at Ye Tian Xie, with his fists clenched so tightly that his knuckles made “ge, ge” sounds.

“Yu Yi, kill him!”  A bone chilling voice came from King’s mouth.

She had not made a move which no doubt increased King’s rage.  He did not know what happened between him and Meng Yu Yi, but she was a member of the Blood Dream Paradise, so her life and freedom……everything belonged to the Blood Dream Paradise.  She could not have any emotions towards other people, whether it was love or friendship……or affection. Even sympathy was not allowed!

As for Meng Yu Yi, what she just displayed now had violated the number one taboo of the Blood Dream Paradise!  Xie Tian was enraged because of her and she acted strangely because of Xie Tian. Adding in what Xie Tian said to her…..There was also that day when Xie Tian gave Meng Yu Yi that crystal like dagger…..which she was currently holding.  If one said they didn’t have a connection between them, even a fool would not believe that.

The people of Blood Dream Paradise could not have any emotions for others and Meng Yu Yi…..couldn’t even more!

So, King gave her an order to…..kill him!!

Killing him and proving to him that she, Meng Yu Yi still belonged to Blood Dream Paradise.

“This…..Old fourth, this King has seen through it.  With Blood Dream Paradise’s rules, the current Meng Yu Yi…..Tell me, do you think she will attack second brother?  Otherwise with her identity…..” Zuo Po Jun said in a worried voice. With Ye Tian Xie’s personality, if Meng Yu Yi were to attack Ye Tian Xie again……With Ye Tian Xie lost in his rage, perhaps he might really kill her.

“I really don’t know if she will attack or not, but I can be certain…..That king will immediately die a tragic death.”  Murong Qiu Shui said with a voice filled with schadenfreude.

When Murong Qiu Shui’s voice fell, Ye Tian Xie began to move.  With a Dragon Shadow Slash, he charged at King as quick as lightning, slashing out at his chest.

King retreated with a dark face and at the same time, his hands began to release a blood red light.  The Blood Hands had been released again.

However, his attention was completely focused on Ye Tian Xie and he did not notice that there was an extra round bodied lifeform behind him, Kaka!

When Kaka appeared, a mass of black fog changed him into a giant spider, the Hell Spider from the Tower of Destiny’s tenth floor.  When the Hell Spider formed, a giant net was released from its mouth and surrounded King with his glowing Blood Hands.

The Hell Spider’s poison net, once it captures an enemy, it had a high probability of making the target immobile for three seconds.  The trapped King was not lucky and he did not even have time to release the might of his newly appeared Blood Hand before realizing his body……His body, his four limbs were all stuck and could not move.  Not matter how much strength he used, he could not break free.

What is this!?  King’s calm had almost collapsed and he nearly roared out.

The following scene made most of the players present unconsciously hold their faces.

Ye Tian Xie jumped high up, but he didn’t use the Moment of Destiny to attack King.  He sent out a kick filled with rage instead, slamming into King’s face!!

The poison net from the transformed Kaka disappeared and Ye Tian Xie’s incomparably heavy kick came down.  King’s bodr was sent flying and all five senses were distorted…..Ye Tian Xie’s strength stat was close to three hundred, being double King’s value.  This kick was like a heavy hammer slamming into King’s face.

A few players whose hearts weren’t strong enough had their faces turned pale…..Suffering such a heavy hit to the face, if it was the real world, there was no doubt his nose would have been shattered and blood would have sprayed in all directions……There might even be a chance that his skull would have been shattered.

With a cold smile, Ye Tian Xie’s body charged forward, moving in front of King who was lying on the ground with a twitching face…..This was not an attack with a weapon, so the pain transmitted was 100%, without any part taken away.  This body attack was not reduced like weapon attacks. Suffering a heavy kick to the face, although his HP only fell by around two hundred, in that moment, his face had lost all sensation. He had even felt several cracks forming in his face.

Ye Tian Xie stood over King, looking at his face filled with pain.  Then he lifted his right foot and ruthlessly stamped down!!




When Blood Cycle, Perfect Blue and Blue Dust called out in shock, Ye Tian Xie’s foot slammed into King’s face, causing him to give a pitiful cry.

What was trampling…..At this time, Ye Tian Xie was truly trampling King.

This kick was incomparably heavy and with King’s cry of pain, all the hearts of the surrounding players were wildly beating.  With this kind of kick slamming into the face, whether it was that terrifying pain or the humiliation of being watched by everyone, no one would be able to accept it.  King’s heart had been viciously attacked, wildly struggling and roaring out…..However, his main stat was agility and his strength could not compare to Ye Tian Xie’s. With Ye Tian Xie’s full strength stomp, no matter how he struggled, he could not break free from Ye Tian Xie’s foot.  Ye Tian Xie’s foot was like an incomparably heavy mountain pressed on his face.

“You want her to kill me?”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes looked down at the struggling King who was like an ant beneath his foot.  Then he looked up with a cold smile at Meng Yu Yi and his eyes slowly narrowed, “Very good…..The person you want to protect is currently under my foot…..You, come kill me!”

Meng Yu Yi’s body was swaying and her hands were trembling.  The lips she was biting was already bleeding. In this moment, her mind was in complete chaos.

She lived because of Blood Dream Paradise and lived for Blood Dream Paradise……Since she entered Blood Dream Paradise, her life had been decided.  She did not resist this and had alway thought that emotions would never exist for her. This was because she was just a killing machine. A machine did not have feelings and would never have feelings.

Until four years ago when she met him……

Perhaps, meeting him was the largest mistake in her life.  Even if she grew up in an ice cold environment, she was still a living person, not a pure machine.

She clearly belonged to Blood Dream Paradise, never going against them, but at the same time, when faced with this simple decision, she found that her body and emotions simply did not belong to her……All the convictions she had in the past collapsed within her at this moment.

Why was it like this……

Why did such a day have to come……Since there had to be this day, why did they meet in the past?

Meng Yu Yi turned around and with a black flash, she charged into the crowd…..disappearing from the sights of everyone.  In that moment, her demonic, charming body filled the hearts of everyone with pain…..That aura and those eyes made them all understand what kind of pain she felt in her heart.

She did not attack Ye Tian Xie, but rather she chose to leave, getting far away from him.

Blood Cycle put down the golden bow in his hand and watched Meng Yu Yi’s departing figure, letting out a faint sigh.

“His mom, his dad, his grandma, this is too satisfying…..I’m dying from this satisfaction!  I’ve never been this fucking satisfied in my life.” Situ Chana was staring dead on at Ye Tian Xie trampling King, having a wolf like glow in his eyes.  His hands kept grasping around his body because he was so excited he didn’t know where to place them……Do you believe that he never thought that he would be trampled under someone’s foot before…..His grandpa, Xie Tian!!  You are simply my god! I would be willing to call you grandfather right now if you wanted me to!!!”

The person he hated and feared the most was being stepped on in the face like he was a dead dog.  This was a scene that he never would have dreamed of, but it was currently happening……There were no words to describe how satisfied he was feeling at this moment, he felt like every cell in his body was about to fly away.

Although Situ Wu Qing did not make a sound, the light released by his cold eyes were burning hot.  It was like they were two burning torches in his eyes.

He actually saw him…..being trampled in front of countless people.  With his strength, position, and backing…..such a day had actually occurred.

When he turned to look at the coldly smiling Xie Tian, his eyes became even hotter, almost to the degree of becoming wild.

“Ai, such a beautiful scene.  However, this also means that our second brother has offended a strong enemy and this is a grudge that can never be resolved.  Should I say that jealousy is cute or terrifying?” Murong Qiu Shui had a helpless look of his face, but there was not a single trace of worry on his face.  He had no choice but to pay a silent tribute to that “King”. When Ye Tian Xie’s rage came from his jealousy of Meng Yu Yi… this kind of situation, that King did not know death and ordered Meng Yu Yi to kill him.  Was she seeking death, or was he tired of living.

If Ye Tian Xie did not give him an excruciating death, then he wouldn’t be called Ye Tian Xie.

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