EDAH Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Buried God

But, after a while, these rankers realized, the abyss level trial was not something that was possible to pass.  After dying over and over again without even clearing half the dungeon, they gave up, believing that it was impossible for anyone to pass this kind of trial.  Abyss, it originally meant without hope.

Therefore, this batch of level 10 rankers began to undertake the nightmare level trial.  Nightmare represented eerie fear, this trial completely represented the word “nightmare”, the rankers continued to be defeated over and over, but they did not give up on the nightmare level because each time they advanced one step forward which allowed them to see hope.  Soon, there would be someone who could see the end of the nightmare.

However, this was only for the people at the top.  For the ordinary players without strong equipments and financial support, the hard level trial was already a difficult gap to surpass.

12000 Beginner Village.


Waves upon waves of levelling players came in and out of the Beginner Village, the variety of sounds being heard from this small Beginner Village never stopped.  As more and more players reached level 10, the hot topic being asked was the Job Change Trial of Beginner Village.  Although this was just a trial, but after the trial, it would mean that this would be the first time people would change their skills.

In an insignificant corner of the Beginner Village, a man was sitting quietly on a stone as if he had been there for a long time, without making a sound, he seemed like a vivid statue.  This man made women’s heart beat with his cold temperament and sharp eyes.  He was someone with the Assassin job, his clothes were tight fitting and the outlined his golden proportion.  Without a doubt, he was a man with high charisma and regardless of where he went, he would always be the focus of others.  But if they saw his eyes, they would know that he didn’t just have strong charm……he, was definitely an ordinary person.

A tall statured person appeared in front of him and lowered his head in front of him, he stared down at his toes – If there were people that could see his eyes, they would have noticed a light of worship in them.

“Shadow, have they all arrived.”  The man slowly raised his head and calmly asked.

Feeling his gaze, the shadow subconsciously lowered his head, “Young master, everything has been prepared, the 12 people this time are the strongest 12 people in Beginner Village 12000.  Equipment and consumables have all been prepared, this time we have absolute confidence in completing the Nightmare Difficulty Trial.”

The man nodded his head and indifferently said, “We have already failed 4 times, the last time we were close to succeeding, this time we should have no reason to fail again.  Go, we must pass the test before the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, this is a good chance to demoralize them.

“Yes.”  The shadow replied, then hesitating a bit he said, “Young master, these is some bad news.”

“Oh?” The man knitted his brow.

News has been sent from wind shadow in Beginner Village 15000, Heavenly Blade Hades has agreed to work with Wings of Shrouded Heaven to complete the Nightmare Level Trial, I’m worried…..”

“Are you worried Eternal Slaughter will join Wings of Shrouded Heaven?”  The man brows relaxed and immediately faintly smiled, “Shadow, think carefully about it, it is impossible for Heavenly Blade Hades to submit to someone else and give up his freedom.  He is only cooperating with Wings of Shrouded Heaven to complete the Nightmare Trial with their combined strength.”

Shadow nodded his head, “What young master says is correct.  But with my God Realm Guild’s strength, even if Heavenly Blade Hades joins Wings of Shrouded Heaven there still is no reason to worry.  Even if Eternal Slaughter continues his Heavenly Blade Hades legend in «Destiny», he is still only a single person…..This time, he also needs the strength of Wings of Shrouded Heaven to pass the Nightmare Trial.”

The man looked up, slowly shaking his head, “What you said isn’t wrong, but also it is wrong.  A single person in front of a thousand can’t be considered anything, but that only applies for normal people.  There are three people, who you can never underestimate……You know who I’m referring to right?”

“I…..understand.”  Shadow’s face tightened.  To be able to gain recognition from the guildmaster of the God Realm Guild, other than those three people, no one else could achieve this.

Undefeated Evil Emperor Tian Mo Xie, Heavenly Blade Hades Eternal Slaughter, and Gorgeous Asura Xue Yao Yue, those three were the titans of China and myths in the internet gaming world.  Any one of their accomplishments can turn people’s faces into dismay.

“Particularly that Tian Mo Xie…..although I had never fought the three of them, but back in «Lift up the Heavens» and «Murder God», I was confident I had the capabilities to fight evenly with Eternal Slaughter and Xue Yao Yue, but I never had the confidence of being able to defeat Tian Mo Xie.”  The man knit his brows whiling speaking.  If other people had heard this, they would definitely be shocked.

Having the confidence to fight evenly with Eternal Slaughter and Xue Yao Yue, this person was actually…..

Buried God, the God Realm Guild Guildmaster.  Because of his wide influence, he had never personally made a move.  His real strength, only the few talented people under him knew clearly.

Shadow said with an ashamed face, “Young master, there still has not been any news about the whereabouts of Tian Mo Xie and Xue Yao Yue yet.”

“No need to rebuke yourself.”  Buried God stood up, a vague expression on his face, “They are all people who go where they want when they want, if they don’t want people to find them, no one will be able to find them.  What I am more concerned about is….whether there has been any news on Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.”

Shadow shook his head, “They haven’t, for these past few days we’ve been paying attention, we haven’t heard any news about Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.”

Buried God slightly pondered and said, “Liu Qi Yue is not the kind of person to stay silent, I don’t know what kind of surprise she’ll give me this time…..Let’s go.”

Shadow followed behind Buried God.  Although Buried God’s expression was calm throughout, but when the name “Liu Qi Yue” was mentioned, shadow noticed a faint trace of infatuation in his eyes.  Liu Qi Yue…..That angel faced, devil bodied, and fiendish arrogant woman, she was probably the only woman who could make Buried God show this kind of expression.


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