EDAH Chapter 342


Chapter 342: Killing the Mysterious God Beast

With how strong the Weeping Ice Feather Deer was, even if Ye Tian Xie used all his strength, he could not penetrate its defenses.

This was Ye Tian Xie’s first time using the Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes.  The Destiny Seven Killing Strikes relied on the power of the Moment of Destiny to release and did not come from Ye Tian Xie’s power, so it had an attribute of being unable to miss.  Only, the current Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes was not the real Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes. All that could be used now were the first two strikes, Blood Stop and Magic Stop!

The sealed Weeping Ice Feather Deer was hit by both the scarlet light and the orange light released by the Moment of Destiny.  The Moment of Destiny slashed across its body, leaving behind a red and orange line crossed with each other…..





The attacks from the Blood Stop and Magic Stop were all blocked by the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s strong defense, but the strong additional effects weren’t.  The strong effects that no creatures could resist took 10% of the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s HP, MP, Magic Attack, and Magic Resistances……

Seeing the HP of the Weeping Ice Feather Deer suddenly empty, Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile…..Since the moment he released the Evil Dragon’s Wall, he had already planned for this moment.

What did it matter if his level became zero…..Back then, 50% of the experience from a single Spiritual Grade Beast had pushed him from level fifteen to level sixteen.  This also meant that the full amount of experience from a level fifteen Spiritual Beast was enough for him at level fifteen to gain two levels…..Beasts that surpassed the Lord Level were all very strong, but they also gave large amounts of experience points.  At the same time, the higher a beast’s grade was, at the same level, a Heavenly Beast gave five times the experience of a Spiritual Beast and a Mysterious God Beast gave five times the experience of a Heavenly Beast. As for Saint Extermination Beasts…..They did not give any experience points because at their level, other than a natural death, it was impossible for them to be defeated.

Under this normal conversion, killing a level fifteen Mysterious God Beast gave twenty five times the experience of a level fifteen Spiritual Beast.  As for a level thirty Mysterious God Beast… would be far above this number.

As for his Prestige become zero…..Did it matter if it became negative?  He always worked alone and other than those quests with Prestige limits, he had no use for Prestige at all.

So, he did not hesitate to use the Illusory God Change……Thirty million HP was something that could be eliminated in just twenty seconds.  If its HP had been ten million higher, Ye Tian Xie would not have thought of fighting it, but rather thought of ways of running.

He could already imagine how much of a large level increase he would receive from the large amount of experience points given by this Mysterious God Beast…..At the same time, the things dropped by this Mysterious God Beast must be powerful and shocking.

“Ding…..You have successfully killed the level 30 Mysterious God Beast ‘Weeping Ice Feather Deer’.  You have received 30000 Prestige.”

“Ding……Your Prestige has achieved first on the Chinese Prestige Rankings, the system will not hide your name by default.”

[Rule of monster prestige: Killing normal monsters to Three Star Elites will not give any prestige.  Killing a Lord Level Boss will give Prestige equal to its level. Killing a Spiritual Beast gives Prestige equal to level times 10.  Killing a Heavenly Beast gives Prestige equal to level times 100. Killing a Mysterious God Beast gives Prestige equal to level times 1000.  Killing a Saint Extermination Beast gives no Prestige. If a single person is responsible for the kill, they will receive all the Prestige. If many people are responsible for the kill, the Prestige will be divided based on damage contribution.]

“Ding…..You have reached level 1.  HP +20, MP +20, Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, and Intelligence +3.  You have gained 5 free stat points.”

“Ding…..You have reached level 2…..”


“Ding…..You have reached level 10…..”


“Ding…..You have reached level 15…..”


“Ding…..You have reached level 20…..”


“Ding…..You have reached level 27…..”

“Ding…..You have reached level 28.  HP +20, MP +20, Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, and Intelligence +3.  You have gained 5 free stat points.”

“Ding…..Your level has reached first place on the Chinese Level Rankings, the system will not hide your name by default.”

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 28…..”

“Ding……Your pet ‘Xiao Bei’ has reached level 28……”

“Ding……Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 19……”

“Ding…..You have successfully killed a Mysterious God Beast, making your server the first to successfully kill a Mysterious God Beast.  Server Honour Value +300. The system will issue an announcement related to this miracle, do you wish to hide your name?”


“Ding…..Because you killed a Mysterious God Boss alone, completing an impossible quest, as well as completing an impossible condition to achieve this by touching the impossible to reach ‘Karma Law’, you have been awarded one of the Seven Ultimate Hidden Items of the Destiny World – Karmic Reincarnation.”

The series of very long system prompts finally ended.  Ye Tian Xie had a smile on his face as his fists were clenched in excitement…..The pleasure in this moment was truly satisfying.  Going from level zero to level twenty eight, earning thirty thousand Prestige, as well as earning an entire three hundred honour points for the Chinese Server…..Other than this, what was waiting for him were the items dropped by the Weeping Ice Feather Deer covering the ground…..Skipping levels and killing it alone, each one was enough to make the Weeping Ice Feather Deer drop an incredible harvest.  The items dropped by a Mysterious God Beast, even if it was garbage, it would still be at an incredible grade.

At the same time, there was also one of the Seven Ultimate Hidden Items of the Destiny World, the Karmic Reincarnation.  A single Wishing Glass, its stats were enough to prove why it deserved the title of one of the Seven Ultimate Hidden Items.

All of this was something that the seemingly weak “Illusory Beast God’s Envoy” Job had brought him.  The Illusory God Change had a brutal consequence and it would not give any experience when transforming, so it seemed like this strong Illusory God Change could only be looked at and could not be used…..However, when faced with the impossible to beat Mysterious God Boss, with all of the other skills Ye Tian Xie had, its strength had been revealed in this moment.

When the system prompts in Ye Tian Xie’s ears stopped, another system prompt sounded through the Destiny world.

“Ding…..Worldwide Announcement!  The Chinese player ‘Xie Tian’ has successfully killed the level 30 Mysterious God Boss ‘Weeping Ice Feather Deer’, becoming the first player in the world to kill a Mysterious God Boss.  This magnificent task will forever be recorded in the Destiny world’s history. The Chinese server has obtained 300 Honour Points and that person has obtained a mysterious reward.”

“Ding……Worldwide Announcement……”

“Ding……Worldwide Announcement……”

When this announcement was heard, the entire Destiny World did not fill with uproar.  Rather… was silence, a death like silence.

All the players that heard this all felt like they were stunned.

Killing a Mysterious God Beast?  Killing a Mysterious God Beast that surpassed the Lord Grade, the impossible to fight Spiritual Grade, and the even more impossible to fight Heavenly Grade?

What, what, what kind of joke was this!?

You have to have a limit when making a joke, alright?

This was the first reaction that every player had……When the Chinese Server’s honour value increased by three hundred, Xie Tian’s level exploded to level twenty eight, and his prestige reached the ten thousands mark, a huge stir began to sound throughout the world.

“Beating a Mysterious God Boss?  What is this! How is this possible!!”

“Although Xie Tian is very strong…..we have all seen his strength in videos before.  Even if he was ten times stronger now, it is still impossible…..Not to mention a Mysterious God Beast, even a Spiritual Grade Boss is not something a single person can beat.”

“But this is the truth.  Look at Xie Tian’s level and Prestige……Fuck!”

“Could it be he was hiding his true strength the whole time?  Could his strength really already be this terrifying? Even if several hundred thousand players fought a Mysterious God Beast, it would be suicide.  If he is this strong, then how do we compete!”

“It should be because of a special reason……For example, two Mysterious God beasts fighting and one had left after winning, leaving the other one to die which Xie Tian had encountered…..”

“Che, you can even think of this kind of damn lucky scenario.”

“This is a miracle!  It doesn’t matter if you all don’t believe, I believe.”


“This…..Isn’t this a bit too exaggerated?”  Zuo Po Jun looked at the sky in a daze as he spoke after arriving in Ye Tian Xie’s house.

“Exaggerated?  Haven’t we encountered even more exaggerated things?  Un?” Murong Qiu Shui responded without any changes in his expression, so calm that Zuo Po Jun wanted to slap him.  “However, compared to what method second brother used to kill the Mysterious God Beast, what I’m more interested is…..where he is now.  He was just in the Falling Wind Plains, so how could he have met a Mysterious God Beast…..Mysterious God Beasts are not met whenever one feels like it.”

“You can just wait for second brother to come back to ask about this.  However, what you can be sure of is that second brother did not defeat this Mysterious God Beast with a normal method.  Otherwise, that would be too unrealistic.” Zuo Po Jun said.

“Oh, oh, oh.”  Murong Qiu Shui casually replied before saying in a melancholic voice, “Ai…..Where did the cute little Xin Xin go.  It’s still little Xin Xin’s tea that makes me enchanted, but now the tea is gone……”

Zuo Po Jun looked at him in disdain, “You’re not second brother, you think Chen Xin will be as gentle and considerate to you as second brother…..She should be planting flowers in the backyard with little sister Xue’er.  Oh, she seems to be planting those rainbow coloured seeds second brother obtained from an unknown place several days ago.”

Murong Qiu Shui picked up the teacup and took a sniff of the remaining tea fragrance.  With a voice of melancholy, he said, “Pitiful me is already nineteen this year, why hasn’t the Chen Xin belonging to me appeared yet…..I always knew it was because of jealousy.  It’s destiny being jealous of my perfect appearance!”

Zuo Po Jun: “……”

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