EDAH Chapter 35


Chapter 35: Beginner Village’s hidden items

The potions that were sold in the shop had a 5 second cooldown, only differing in amount healed.  Basic recovery potions healed 100 HP per use, intermediate recovery potions healed 200 HP, and high level recovery potion healed 400 HP.  The highest level recovery potion healed 1000 HP, but with increasing healing abilities, the price increased several folds between grades.  But the potions that had no cooldowns……As long as one had enough potions, no matter how formidable the enemy was, as long as they didn’t insta kill you, they could always remain safe and sound.  This type of heaven defying potion was impossible to find, no matter how much gold coins you had you still couldn’t buy it.

Although it was only 20 bottles, Ye Tian Xie was immensely satisfied.  He took the special potions and gratefully said, “Thank you village head, with your help, I’m feeling even more hopeful.”

The Abyss Level Trial fearfulness surpasses what you can imagine, my help is will not make that much of a difference.  Brave young man, I suggest you go to the pharmacy old man and have a look, the things he have will provide quite a bit of help……Come, take this, this is my letter of introduction, with it, he should take out the strange things he made several years ago.”

“Ding…..You’ve obtained the special item ‘Beginner Village 60001 village head’s introduction letter.”


A thin letter appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s backpack, Ye Tian Xie very seriously thanked the village head and headed off in the direction of the pharmacy.  In his heart he loudly proclaimed that the charm attribute…..he truly loved it!

The owner of the 60001 Beginner Village pharmacy was a dried up old man, thin enough to scare people, letting people be subconsciously careful when talking to him for fear that breathing too much will blow him away.  This old man’s name was Yuan Que……it was possible he was an admirer of an old Chinese physician.

He looked old, his body had a kind of feel to it that made him seem aloof when he looked at someone, his eyes were always half closed.  This Yuan Que was the kind of person that no matter who it was that came to shop or turn in a quest, he ignored them with a lazy look.  Even in the face of someone like Ye Tian Xie who had 20 charm, he only spared him a glance.

“Hello Master Yuan……”

“Good what’s good, if you have something to say quickly say it, if you have to fart then quickly fart, you dilly dallying bird!  Also who told you to call me master!”  The minute Ye Tian Xie extended his greetings, he was cut off by Yuan Que’s impatient interruption.  A large bit of spit flew out of his mouth, Ye Tian Xie’s feet moved and he silently dodged it.

“Then what do I call you?”  Ye Tian Xie loosened his brows and said.

Don’t you know it’s the style to call people Big Brother…..Big Brother Yuan Que!”  Yuan Que had a stern expression as he seriously said.

“…..Big Brother Que.”  Ye Tian Xie suddenly had the impulse to turn around and leave…….The more he said this sentence the more he felt he would go crazy, he was slowly going crazy.

“Un.”  Yuan Que nodded in satisfaction, his face still stiff as a stone, “Why did you come find Big Brother for……You’re a real pleasant kid to look at, if you’re here to buy medicine Big Brother will give you a 0.2% discount.”

Fuck….Can you even call a 0.2% discount a discount!?  Ye Tian Xie’s heart was disgusted, but his face remained the same, slowly he took out the ‘Beginner Village 60001 village head’s introduction letter’ to give to Yuan Que and said, “It’s like this, the village head said that you had an unique skill, you’re the only person in the village with it, so he told me to come visit your before setting out on my journey.”

Yuan Que who had not been flattered in 800 years was completely fooled by Ye Tian Xie even though even a fool could see through his transparent flattery, his face looking at Ye Tian Xie became more gentle, “Oh?  It was that village head old man that sent you to find Big Brother, let Big Brother see.”

“Ding……Yuan Que’s favorability increased by 5.”

Ye Tian Xie secretly mocked this man’s intelligence as he passed the village head’s introduction letter into his hand.  Yuan Que took the letter and narrowed his old eyes as he seriously read it over for quite a while, then he raised his head and carefully examined Ye Tian Xie for a while longer, then from his mouth came, “From the first time Big Brother saw you, he thought you little brat showed promise, seems like Big Brother was not wrong.  Unexpectedly even that village head old man would dig up Big Brother’s foundation for you……Alright, alright, who asked Big Brother to owe that old undying fool a favour.  Well, take a look, this is Big Brother’s collection from over the years, see what you want to buy.”

Yuan Que took out a small box and opened it, a row of strange things appeared before Ye Tian Xie’s eyes, at that moment, a sound rang in his ears, “Ding…..You’ve triggered one of Beginner Village 60001’s secrets – Yuan Que pharmacy’s special items.”

In front of his eyes were five sections, each of the sections were filled with items, at that moment a pungent odor hit his nose.  But when even though these five items seemed simple, when Ye Tian Xie saw the attributes of each his heart jumped in shock.

Unnamed special recovery potion: Yuan Que’s self made potion, its effects have characteristics normal potions do not have, in total there are only 30 bottles, half a year ago 20 bottles were pilfered by the village head, currently there are only 10 bottles left in supply.

Effects: Upon use, instantly restores 300 HP, no cooldowns.

Price: 5 gold coins per bottle.

Unnamed special MP potion: Yuan Que’s self made potion, its effects have characteristics normal potions do not have, in total there are only 30 bottles, currently there are 30 bottles left in supply.

Effects: Upon use, instantly restores 300 MP, no cooldowns.

Price: 10 gold coins per bottle.

The special potions with no cooldowns, these heaven defying potions were actually the self made creations of this wizened old man.  The price for each potion was several times higher than normal potions, but the no cooldown attribute made it worth the price.  Ye Tian Xie had already decided to buy all 10 remaining bottles of recovery potions……As for the special MP potions, other than the inspect and harvest skills, he had no other skills to use.  If he had the money he wouldn’t hesitate to buy it all because outside of here, even if he had money he still couldn’t buy this kind of thing.  But right now, he had to carefully spend each one of his copper coins.

Then looking further down, Ye Tian Xie could not believe what he saw.

Two shot firecrackers: Yuan Que used his homemade gunpowder to create a firecracker with two shots, only 20 were made.

Effect: After igniting throw it at an enemy, it will damage the enemy with two consecutive defense ignoring blows, each attack hurt them for a fixed 150 damage.

Price: 10 gold coins per firecracker.

Large hanging firecracker: Yuan Que used his homemade gunpowder to painstakingly make a large hanging firecracker, only 5 were made.

Effect: After igniting throw it to attack an enemy in a certain range, all enemy within five meters of the firecracker will be dealt a fixed defense ignoring 300 damage.

Price: 30 gold coins per string.

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