EDAH Chapter 358


Chapter 358: Seven sins – wrath (Part 3)

With Su Fei Fei’s summon, the Frost Wolf appeared with a flash of snow.  It gave a low roar before its not that big snow white body charged forward, throwing itself at the enemies in front of it.

Scarlet Flame’s reaction was very sharp, dodgin to the side.  The player behind him was directly knocked off his horse by the Frost Wolf.

Facing eight people, Su Fei Fei did not run nor was she shocked.  She launched an attack without any hesitation that made Scarlet Flame’s group completely surprised.  The Frost Wolf’s physical attack was inferior to its magical attack, so the target it threw itself at only lost a third of his HP while the other six charged at it together.

The Frost Wolf turned around and released a Frost Wolf Shadow, sending out a cold white shadow.  With pitiful cries and small row of damage figures, the attack hit five of the six charging players and they all lost half of their HP.  There were even two of them covered in a layer of ice…..They had been frozen.


Although the Frost Wolf was also a Spiritual Grade Pet, it did not have the strength of Xiao Bei.  Although it had the same stats added up, it could not compare to Xiao Bei’s single target attacks. Its skills were even less likely to compare.  Xiao Bei’s normal attacks was already equal to the unique skills of a player or a beast. If Xiao Bei used his “Light”, shua, shua, shua, shua, shua, shua, shua, shua…..In less than three seconds, all eight of them would have fallen.  They would not even have time to react.

But Spiritual Beasts were Spiritual Beasts.  Although it couldn’t compare to Xiao Bei and was only level fifteen, if it couldn’t deal with these people, it wasn’t worthy of the name “Spiritual Grade”.  The one who understood its strength the most was of course Su Fei Fei. She was not afraid of these people and directly attacked, even disregarding the sin value added from initiating an attack.

Looking at two of his seven companions being frozen and almost the rest going down to half HP, Scarlet Flame’s heart was shocked.  He secretly praised that it was worthy of being a Spiritual Grade Pet. He did not care about the Frost Wolf as he pulled out his sword and charged at Su Fei Fei……After a player was killed there was a small chance they would drop their pet and killing the pet increased the pet’s chance of running or rebelling.  Killing a weak and defenseless priest without any attacks was clearly much easier than killing the Frost Wolf.

Su Fei Fei moved back and she quickly used the “Sacred Shield Technique”.  With a cracking sound, the heavy sword slammed into the newly formed light shield, causing it to break.   Half of the attack had been blocked, but the portion that had gone through the Sacred Shield was enough to drop Su Fei Fei’s HP to half.  Su Fei Fei raised her hand and used her self recovery spell to heal herself to full, but Scarlet Flame’s second attack was already piercing forward.

With a low roar coming from behind Scarlet Flame, a bone chilling cold made his body stop.  A series of icicles came from behind him, bringing along an incomparably cold wind.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding…..Scarlet Flame was hit with six consecutive icicles and most of his HP was gone.  He endured the cold of the icicles and quickly retreated while drinking a potion. When he returned to his partners’ side, he found that in the short period of time where he was attacking Su Fei Fei, two people had already fallen to the Frost Wolf’s claws.

At this time, the Frost Wolf did not initiate an attack.  Its paws were on the floor and it lowered its body. Its eyes were releasing red lights of rage, putting it in a stance where it could shoot out at any moment.  Although it was still a young wolf, it already had the aura and loyalty of a grown wolf. Su Fei Fei had just encountered danger just now, so it did not dare rashly attack and guarded Su Fei Fei’s side.

“Humph!  It’s worthy of being a Spiritual Grade Pet, no wonder…..”  The cold sensation did not disappear and Scarlet Flame continued to shiver.  His brows sunk and he said in a low voice, “All of you come out!”

When his voice fell, a group of black figures appeared around them……It was like they had appeared out of thin air.  There were around fifty of them and they were perfectly surrounding them.

There people were all wearing the same tight fitting black outfits, clearly all having the assassin Job.  Su Fei Fei was first surprised and then understood…..These assassins were clearly here before, but they had been using the stealth skill.  It seemed like for the Frost Wolf, they were very prepared.

“Big brother, what are you doing!  Fei Fei is my friend!” Mi Qing Qing revealed a look of shock and moved in front of Scarlet Flame.

Scarlet Flame’s expression did not change as he reached out to move Mi Qing Qing aside.  Then he said, “Relax, if she’s willing to honestly make a trade with me, I won’t hurt her.  If she’s not willing…..The things I want, I will obtain by any means.”

“But…..Big brother, even if you don’t care about her relation to me, did you forget who she is?  She is Su Luo’s beloved daughter, if you offend Su Fei Fei and Su Luo finds out…..It will be a very bad ending.  Moreover, many people know that Su Fei Fei has a close relation to Xie Tian and perhaps Xie Tian could be Su Fei Fei’s boyfriend.  Xie Tian even dared to offend the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation, the Red Leaves Guild’s Ran Ling Feng, and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s Yun Si Hai, and he acts in such a ruthless way.  If this is true, if you really kill Fei Fei today…..”

“You don’t need to care.”  Scarlet Flame’s face turned dark as he pushed Mi Qing Qing aside again.  It was also in this short period of time that Su Fei Fei had quietly called Ye Tian Xie.  The communication device of the ingame world had long been linked to the real world’s telephones.  Su Fei Fei had called Ye Tian Xie’s phone with a secret voice channel, so others could not hear her.  After calling him, the anxiety in her heart had already mostly vanished.

Although normally she didn’t implicate him or follow him around, when she needed him the most, he would usually appear by her side in the nick of time.  Although his display of feelings for her was usually casual, she knew that the way he displayed emotions was not through flowery language. Rather it was through how he looked at her and his usual casual seeming actions.

“Little sister Fei Fei, instead of letting a single wolf protect you, how about you let this group of big men protect you instead?  My Scarlet League is not small, it has several hundred people. As long as you sell this Frost Wolf to me, I can guarantee that the people of my Scarlet League will be at your beck and call.  After all, you are my little sister’s good friend, so I really don’t want to hurt you.” Scarlet Flame acted like he had already won. He approached Su Fei Fei while speaking with a calm voice.

Su Fei Fei thought about it before her pink lips slightly moved, revealing a faint smile, “Then how much do you want to buy it for?”

Scarlet Flame tapped his chin and said, “Your Spiritual Grade Pet is precious and you are from the richest family in Asia, so the price cannot disappoint you…..I’m willing to take out thirty million!”

“Ah!!  Thirty…..Thirty million!?  Big brother, are you crazy!”  Mi Qing Qing shouted in shock.  Although the family she was from was considered rich, it could not compare at all to the Su Family.  Thirty million was already an astonishing amount to them and taking out thirty million today….just to buy a single pet!?

“Thirty million?  You’re actually not embarrassed to say this!  The brooch on my clothes, the clip in my hair, which one isn’t worth thirty million?  You actually want to buy Xiao Xue for thirty million…..Have you gone mad with poverty or are you just simply crazy?”  Su Fei Fei’s lips slightly curled, revealing a taunting look filled with disdain.

Scarlet Flame’s face twitched.  He calmed himself and said in a low voice, “Since it’s like this…..Then we have no choice but to make our move.”

“Is that so?  Then let me see you make a move against her.”

As soon as Scarlet Flame’s voice fell and he began to raise his sword, a clear voice that was cold and deep fell down heavily on his heart like a mountain of ice.

[Author’s Note: I suddenly feel that cutting off here is better.  So………]

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