EDAH Chapter 36


Chapter 36: Collateral

“……Master Yuan…..Big Brother Que, you also work with gunpowder?”

Nonsense, I am the greatest pharmacist, naturally I’ve studied all kinds of medicine.  If you want to buy something then hurry up, if you don’t have money then quickly get the hell out, if you want Big Brother to gift it to you, stop dreaming.”  Yuan Que sniffled and said impatiently.

Gunpowder was medicine?  Ye Tian Xie looked in admiration at this old man that treated profound knowledge as something as simple as kicking a ball.  But when he saw the next item, his admiration turned into murderous intent……

Lighter: No one knows where Yuan Que learned the manufacturing process for a lighter, not for sale.  But if someone buys all of Yuan Que’s firecrackers in a single purchase, this lighter will be given as a complementary gift.


Not for sale……Buying everything……Free gift……If you don’t have the lighter can you even use the firecrackers?  Could you light it!!  This old man was clearly saying…..You had to buy them all, if you only bought one, that would just be a waste…..unless you were a fire mage.

Although he was impressed by Yuan Que’s firecracker research, he had to acknowledge the power of the two hidden items.  This was simply for letting him clear the Abyss Level death trap!

Ye Tian Xie looked through his inventory and raised his head to look at Yuan Que, then he silently walked away, leaving Yuan Que to look on with an expectant look.  But after a short while, Ye Tian Xie silently came back……He had stood in the wind thinking for a while, but in the end he could not face becoming a street vendor.  Currently, including the 100 gold coins he had blackmailed from the Red Leaves Guild, in total he had 183 gold coins on him, compared to an average player’s income, this was an astronomical amount of money.  And in his inventory……..with his luck value of 10, in this week’s time, from slaughtering ominous wolves to blood wolves and even killing the demon wolf hiding in the deepest parts of the wolf valley, he had gotten many pieces of equipments, currently he had more than 30 pieces.  And most of them weren’t ordinary White Equipment like those sold in the shop, several were Steel Grade Equipment and there were even 4 pieces of envy inducing Bronze Equipments.  But currently there weren’t that many gold coins in Beginner Villages, even so around level 10 Bronze Equipments, the lowest price was still around 100 gold coins.  In fact there was no real market price.

So long as Ye Tian Xie wanted to run into the village screaming, “Level 10 Bronze Equipment for sale!”  In an instant he would be surrounded by a crowd, either those representing a guild or looking to raise their personal strength, people who treat money like dirt will rush to increase the price.  Selling the four Bronze Equipment would easily make him the richest person in Beginner Village 60001 –  But like a farmer going to the city to sell his vegetable for the first time, Ye Tian Xie stood in the village for half a day, he could not bring himself to say a word.

On the other hand, considering his disposition, he wasn’t really suited for this kind of thing.

Ye Tian Xie arrived in front of Yuan Que again, taking out a Bronze Grade Hammer for a Knight from his inventory, with a “Dong” sound he placed it on the counter.  This was not an ordinary hammer, above the circular hammer body it was entirely covered in small sharp spikes, if one was accidently hit by it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Yuan Que’s arrogant face became pale, his face became paler and paler as he almost fell off the chair he was sitting on.  He slowly backed up and trembling with fear as he said, “I-i-i-if you have things to say then nicely say it…..I-I-I’m warning you, in the past I was a level 100 archmage, e-ev-even if there were 100 of you I still wouldn’t be scared……”

Black lines covered Ye Tian Xie’s head…….this idiot, did he not know that players can’t attack NPCs?

“Calm down, you’re mistaken, it’s like this, I don’t have enough gold coins right now, I’m afraid I can’t buy many things from you, so I was wondering if I can exchange things with you….What do you think of this hammer?  This Bronze Grade hammer has an attack power of 20, you can use to it to loot and plunder, kill and steal……”

“Stop!”  Yuan Que’s expression relaxed and he coughed twice to cover up his panic, he patted off the dust and his face turned serious again in an instant.  He took his hand and patted the Bronze Grade hammer, then he cautiously looked at Ye Tian Xie and said,”When Big Brother sells things, he never takes credit or collateral…..But since you you were recommended by that village head old man, this hammer……Un, this hammer is not bad, I’ll count it as 50 gold coins.”

50 gold coins……compared to the approximate market price, it was lower by 3-4 times.  But thinking about the blacksmith’s small 10 gold coin offer, he sucked it up, he considered the total price for his items and then considered the total amount of money he had in his inventory, then clenching his teeth, he took out a pair of Bronze shining boots.  Engraved on the boots were two wolf heads.  This was the level 10 demon wolf boots dropped by the demon wolf, not only did it have eye catching stats, it also had eye catching style.  Whoever could wear these kinds of boots, will definitely draw all kinds of envious looks.

“Look carefully at these boots……This is not an ordinary pair of boots, look at the attributes, the style, you’ll never want to take off these boots, the plus 5 movement speed attribute will make you feel as if you’re walking on air, whether it’s from picking herbs in the mountain to encountering a bad situation, you’ll be able to run from it all, all……”

“70 gold coins!”

“Look carefully at this trendy helmet…..”

“50 gold coins!”

“There’s also this best quality wristband you normally cannot buy…..”

“60 gold coins……”

The four Bronze Equipment he owned were all given to Yuan Que as cheap collateral, the total gold coins from give the collateral was only 230 gold coins.  Ye Tian Xie let out a long sigh of relief and took out the 170 gold coins from his inventory to place in a pile in front of Yuan Que, “Here is 170 gold coins, in total that’s 400 gold coins, your special recovery potion, two shot firecrackers and large hanging firecrackers, I’ll take them all.”

Looking at the four Bronze Equipment in his hand and the pile of gold coins, Yuan Que’s old eyes narrowed into a little seam, quickly stuffing the gold coins into his chest, he smiled while saying, “Boy, you have just enough……Here, these are yours.  In the future when you come to Big Brother’s store, Big Brother will give you a 0.3% discount.”

“Ding……You’ve lost 170 gold coins and obtained the special items: 10 unnamed special recovery potions, 20 two shot firecrackers, and 5 large hanging firecrackers…..lighter was given as a gift.”

Lighter: Item that can be used to light a fire, craftable with the basic engineering skill.

Usage: 200/200.

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