EDAH Chapter 365


Chapter 365: Explode, flames of rage (Part 1)

“It is indeed Xie Tian, he is in front of our main door.  Moveover….moreover, he said he wanted to see you immediately, otherwise…..he will…..”  The black clothed man swallowed his words, not daring to speak anything else.

“What is it?”  Son of Heaven’s expression changed as he spoke with a frown.

“He said that if the young master does not seem him, he will…..trample the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.”

“Trample the Wings of Shrouded Heaven?  Such arrogance! Xie Tian, does he really think my Wings of Shrouded Heaven is easy to bully!  How many people did he bring?” Son of Heaven coldly said.


“One… person.”

“One person?”  Son of Heaven’s expression changed again.  After several fluctuations, he gave a cold laugh, “One person……A single person dared to come to my Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s territory, it seems this extremely arrogant person does not know how the word ‘death’ is written!  This is also good…..Since he came, then we’ll settle our old debts!” Son of Heaven suddenly slapped the table and quickly walked out. The black clothed man quickly followed behind him.

The young girl sat there without moving for a long time.  In the silence, her eyes looked up and her normally calm as water eyes suddenly had ripples.  Her mouth slightly moved as she softly muttered, “Xie Tian, I should see what kind of person this is.”

Outside the Wings of Shrouded Heaven headquarter’s main gate…..

For non members, other than receiving approval, they could not enter the territory of another guild whether it was the headquarters or a branch.  It was like how one could not enter another person’s home, but the concept was different…..Because guilds could be found and destroyed, otherwise conflict would be meaningless.  Although the guild halls couldn’t be entered freely…..they could be broken into.

The way of breaking in was to destroy the door here…..In simple terms, to crash right in.

Destroying the door would allow one to enter the yard.

If one destroyed the doors to the main hall, they could enter the main halls.  If they destroyed the door to the rooms, they could enter the rooms or even the inner chambers.  This kind of “destruction” was not the “destruction” stat that would almost never appear in players’ hands, but rather…..The guild, alliances, and trade halls would all have gates which had their own defense and HP stat.  The higher the level of the guild, the more defense and HP the gate had.

However, if one had the destruction stat, it would be much easier to destroy it.  This was because the “destruction” stat would directly destroy the object, so it would ignore the defense to directly attack the gate’s HP.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven had not been established long, but they had already become a level two guild with shocking speed.  The gate’s defenses had reached one hundred and fifty and it had an HP of two million. Each time the guild leveled up, the defense would increase by 50% and the HP would increase by 100%.  Because of this, although it was very difficult for guilds to level up, each level up would be a large increase in terms of defenses.

To destroy a guild, it could be considered very simple, but also incredibly hard……It was simple not because one just needed to kill all of its members.  This was not realistic, so instead, one just needed to destroy the core of a guild, the guild plaque. When a guild was formed, they would receive a guild plaque with the corresponding guild’s name.  This plaque could not be carried or even moved, rather it would automatically be placed in the center of the guild’s headquarters. If the plaque was ever destroyed, the guild would be automatically disbanded.  Therefore the place the guild plaque was placed was the most heavily defended location. When the main gate of a guild was attacked, all the members would be sent an system issued warning. When their guild was attacked, all the members would obtain a special privilege to instantly return to their guild if they were in a free state and free environment.  They didn’t need to return to the city and run back over.

Therefore, the members could instantly return to defend their guild and the guild could put on their strongest defense when they were attacked.  Only if one had overwhelming strength, not to mention destroying the guild plaque, even destroying the gate would be incredibly hard. After all, it took large amounts of money and manpower to create a guild, so it couldn’t be destroyed that easily after being established.

Ye Tian Xie was currently standing in front of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s door.  Pk was forbidden in the city, but there were two exceptions. One was the battle arena and the other was fighting at a guild’s hall.  Ye Tian Xie just need to attack the door now and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven online members would be able to immediately come back. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that they could form a defense group of several tens of thousands of players in a short amount of time.  At that time, even if Ye Tian Xie was a god, it was impossible for him to break the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s door with this defense.

So, although Son of Heaven was shocked that Ye Tian Xie did not go to the God Realm Guild to vent his anger and came here instead, he was not worried Xie Tian would invade by himself…..On the contrary, since he was here, he would seek revenge for his grudge!!

Coming out of the main hall and walking into the front yard, Son of Heaven looked at Ye Tian Xie standing less than five meters away from the front door.  He had a calm expression and a restrained aura. He was not moving at all as if he was waiting for him. Around him, there was already a thick layer of Wings of Shrouded Heaven players…..Ye Tian Xie did not make a move and they had not received their orders yet.  Adding in the strength that Ye Tian Xie had displayed, not a single person dared to make a rash move.

Seeing Son of Heaven come out, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes stared at his face.  Those eyes were releasing a cold glow as they slightly narrowed.

Son of Heaven stood in front of the door and met gazes with Ye Tian Xie.  He had a sinister face as he gave a cold laugh, “Xie Tian, I really have to admire your courage.  You actually dared to come to my territory by yourself, should I say you don’t know the depths of heaven and earth or if you are just extremely arrogant and overestimating yourself…..You still owe me several debts that I haven’t taken back from you yet.  Since you sent yourself to me, that is great!”

He couldn’t determine why Ye Tian Xie had come here…..Could it be he really saw through his plan?  Did he guess that those people that plotted against Misty Rain Revival were from the Wings of Shrouded Heaven and not the God Realm Guild?  Impossible…..That plan was flawless, he should not see through it.

In response to Son of Heaven’s words, Ye Tian Xie’s expression did not change as he slowly said, “Call out your Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s so called Tian Mo Xie for me…..Right now!  If you’re obedient, I can still allow your Wings of Shrouded Heaven exist for another few days…..Do not test my patience, understand?”

Son of Heaven was stunned.  Like he had heard the funniest joke, he suddenly looked up and began to laugh, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, Xie Tian, your arrogance is truly laughable……On my Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s territory, it is not a place you, Xie Tian can raise conditions!  Tian Mo Xie is a legend of China recognized by the world, his prestige has been built over several years, it is not something a small Xie Tian like you can compare to! Hei, you want someone from my Wings of Shrouded Heaven? Then break into my Wings of Shrouded Heaven and take the person you want with you, ha, ha, ha, ha……”  After laughing, Son of Heaven’s face sunk as he roared, “Attack! Today….we must make him die!!”

He was inside the guild and if Ye Tian Xie wanted to hurt him, he had to destroy the two million HP guild hall doors, so he did not have any fear since he was sure of his safety.  When he gave this order, the players surrounding Ye Tian Xie went forward as the close combat players charged forward first.

Who was the real Tian Mo Xie and the matter behind the Tian Mo Xie of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, no one was clearer on this than Son of Heaven……Because that fake Tian Mo Xie was the Tian Mo Xie Son of Heaven used to steal the prestige of the real Tian Mo Xie!  Because Tian Mo Xie’s prestige was too dazzling, since he appeared in the gaming world, the Chinese gaming world was filled with legends about him. He slowly evolved into a “myth” that soon spread across the entire world. His legend had continued for three years and it had only grown without fading.  He had countless admirers and no one even had half his prestige. He rarely appeared in public, rarely contacted others, and he had never joined any guilds. No one had ever seen him work in a group with others and he had always worked by himself……However, his fan base was recognized as the largest fan base in all of China, even surpassing the local super stars by several dozen times.

So when “Tian Mo Xie” joined the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, the influence it brought was huge.  The countless admirers of Tian Mo Xie joined the Wings of Shrouded Heaven without hesitation. From this point alone, Son of Heaven’s plan was already considered brilliant.  He allowed the Wings of Shrouded Heaven develop at an incredible speed, even twice the speed of the God Realm Guild. Although Tian Mo Xie had never shown himself, no one ever doubted his existence.  This was because the real Tian Mo Xie was already rarely seen by people, not following any rules and only appearing when he shocked the heavens. Moreover, who would dare pretend to be Tian Mo Xie? Otherwise, they would be chased down by his fans.  If he was recognized in the real world, the consequences would be unimaginable. At the same time, Son of Heaven had portrayed this Tian Mo Xie image perfectly, using the method he worked hard to obtain from his little sister to let his level increase very fast…..Even allowing his level to reach the high first place the first day the level ranking appeared.  Like this, no one doubted that this “Tian Mo Xie” was not the real Tian Mo Xie.

As for attracting the retaliation of the real Tian Mo Xie, he did not care about this at all.  This was because Tian Mo Xie would always be alone and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had several tens of thousands of people, would it be afraid of a single person?  He even thought that if the real Tian Mo Xie did not come to find him, he would take the initiative to find him and take him down, guarding against the fake Tian Mo Xie being exposed…..This was because once the fake Tian Mo Xie’s identity was exposed, it would have a serious consequence.  The members that joined the Wings of Shrouded Heaven for Tian Mo Xie alone would explode with rage and those Tian Mo Xie worshippers…..It could even be said that half of the Chinese players would look at the Wings of Shrouded Heaven with eyes of rage. This was not something that could be allowed to happen.

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