EDAH Chapter 368


Chapter 368: Do, you, dare?

Son of Heaven wanted to stay firm, but Ye Tian Xie had many methods to make him unable to stay this way.  The feeling of pain from weapons were all reduced, but the pain from this non weapon damage was not reduced.  If this was the real world, there was no doubt all his bones would have been broken and the pain could be imagined.

With another hit, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven leaders all felt their souls leave them.  Their faces went from being red to being white and Son of Heaven’s face did not have any colour to it at all.  With two hits, his blood almost fell down to zero.

“Three seconds, call out the so called Tian Mo Xie for me…..Three, two……”

The same voice with the same countdown, it was three seconds again.  This time, no one dared to think that Ye Tian Xie was only joking. The leaders roared out in an almost wild voice, “Quickly!  Quickly call Tian Mo Xie back, quickly!!”


“Tian Mo Xie” indeed was not here here, not to mention three seconds, even with a hundred three seconds, it would not be certain he would be back.  That continuous countdown were like the sounds of desperation, with each word fiercely slamming down on their hearts defenses.


Ye Tian Xie’s face once again revealed a smile that sent a chill down everyone’s spine.  In front of countless wide open eyes, the Weeping Ice Feather Deer began to move back again.  At the same time, a white light appeared on the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s back as Yao Yao was summoned out by Ye Tian Xie, “Hei…..Yao Yao, heal him to full.”

Yao Yao followed this order as a Profound Spirit Healing Technique fell onto Son of Heaven, instantly filling his close to empty HP.  Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique did not just surpass the healing of normal priests, there were other specialties……For example, Yao Yao’s healing techniques could be forced onto others without the other side’s agreement.  Therefore, the Profound Spirit Healing Technique and the Profound Spirit Restoration Technique could be forced onto undead monsters, even bosses, dealing large amount of damage to them. The priests could not do the same, the other side had to be an ally or someone giving them permission.

The Weeping Ice Feather Deer charged again, slamming Son of Heaven against the wall once again.

The current Son of Heaven now knew what death is better than living is like.  All that he withstood in this moment was what death is better than life felt like.  He even wished that the people below would immediately shoot him to death…..Because since he fell into Xie Tian’s hand, he already could not escape death.  It was better to die a quick death, otherwise he would be continuously tortured with terrifying pain in Ye Tian Xie’s hands.

“Bring out your so called Tian Mo Xie for me!  Three, two…..”

Three seconds, it was three seconds again…..

Each time he only gave the Wings of Shrouded Heaven three seconds.  He wanted them to bring out Tian Mo Xie, otherwise, Son of Heaven’s body would be slammed into the wall again, suffering the pain of all his bones shattering.

What kind of heartless, cruel, and terrifying torture this was.  It was torture and also recklessly destroying Son of Heaven. This kind of cruel method was only something Ye Tian Xie could do.

The people below had become a chaotic crowd, with people either running around like flies or screaming into their communication devices, trying to find Tian Mo Xie.  There were only few people who knew that exposing “Tian Mo Xie’s” identity was even more terrifying than having Son of Heaven die a few times. Son of Heaven gave another pitiful cry as his head was covered in sweat and his heart’s defenses had completely  collapsed……With Ye Tian Xie’s next sentence, he was so scared that his soul almost flew out of his body.

“Every day you don’t bring Tian Mo Xie out, I’ll keep slamming him.  If you don’t bring him out for ten days, I’ll slam him for ten days…..If you don’t bring him out for a year, I’ll keep slamming him for a year!  I really want to know, how long do you think you can keep hiding that Tian Mo Xie!”


Son of Heaven’s body was slammed against the wall again and his consciousness was close to blanking out, but that bone shattering pain once again made him give a pitiful cry.  The pain forced him to regain his consciousness. He turned his head and with gritted teeth, he forced himself to say, “Xie…..Tian, you…..”

“I’ve already given you a chance, but now, you no longer have this chance.”  Ye Tian Xie did not give him time to speak again. After three seconds, Son of Heaven’s body was slammed against the wall once again.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven players became more chaotic and their leaders were like ants in a hot pot.  They all knew that Xie Tian was not someone who made jokes……Everything he said, he would definitely do……And there was nothing that he didn’t dare do.

They already had no choice.  With their quickest speed, they quickly went to call Tian Mo Xie.

“Xie Tian.”

While everything was filled with chaos and panic, from the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s main hall came the faint sound of a young girl.  Her voice was very soft and very calm, easily being submerged in the crowd of panicking people…..But the strange thing was that her voice had a strange and astonishing penetrating power.  It was like an unbelievable miracle as it passed through each of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven player’s ears and entered Ye Tian Xie’s ears.

A young girl wearing a sky blue magician’s robe silently walked out, slowly moving up the stairs and walking towards where Ye Tian Xie was currently standing.  She had a petite body, but also impressive curves. Although her robe was a bit too big, it still did not hide her body that made people’s minds wander. Although Xie Tian was in the air, she kept looking forward and did not look up.  Although her face was covered in a veil, there was a faint smile on the outline of the lips people could imagine……From the natural movements and expressions, there was an aura and pride that people had to admire.

Her voice and actions suddenly calmed the entire area as eyes fell onto her body.   Ye Tian Xie’s eyes were also looking at her…..The first gaze he took of her, the first thing he saw was her eyes.  Those eyes were very clear and bright, and only people that could understand those eyes would be shocked to discover…..This was a pair of very deep eyes that was like the bottomless sea or the endless stars.  So deep that anyone who looked at them would lose themselves in them, falling to the terrible desire within. Even Ye Tian Xie, when he first saw those eyes, he felt a short period of losing control over himself.

After preparing his heart, Ye Tian Xie no longer suffered from being influenced by her eyes.  His eyes fell onto her face and as she moved closer, he could see it more clearly. That long hair like satin, that elegant jade neck, those star like eyes that perfectly reflected the sunlight, and that snow white skin.  That half of her face that was revealed had a faint pink colour to it that was like rouge that made one’s mind wander.

Ye Tian Xie just silently watched her move closer, not taking the initiative to say a thing.  On her face, there was a light blue gauze covering it, but it seemed like there was a thin layer of fog covering her face to Ye Tian Xie.  It made her appearance seem vague, as if her existence had an unreal feel to it.

Ye Tian Xie revealed a faint smile, this was a smile that was full of interest.  He suddenly wanted to understand this fifteen-sixteen year old girl that gave this kind of mature appearance.  Being able to have this expression, this personality, this bearing, and this aura, there must be an incredible story about her.  At least, she was able to make Ye Tian Xie firmly remember her with a single glance.

She rarely appeared, but once she did, she would always bring a strange and mysterious feeling with her…..This was Wings of Shrouded Heaven members’ understanding of her.  Because in front of Son of Heaven, they would always be respectful because of his position and power…..As for this young girl, even if they didn’t know her identity, they would all have a respectful and subdued attitude when meeting her for the first time.  Although the half of her face revealed had a shocking beauty, not a single person had any evil thoughts towards her…..As if there was something on her that made them submit, even wanting to bow down to her.

But now, the people that knew the situation knew she was Son of Heaven’s little sister and the people who didn’t knew that she had a close relationship with Son of Heaven.

Stopping around ten meters in front of Ye Tian Xie, the sounds of whispering also stopped because of her stopping.  The surrounding area was silent and strangely peaceful. The young girl’s eyes looked forward and she calmly said, “You have made him suffer this much, you should have vented the anger in your heart.  Let him go, the person you want will appear soon.”

“Let him go?”  Ye Tian Xie looked down at the girl and helplessly said, “You’re wrong, my anger can not be vented so easily.  You do not understand the importance of that name to me…..Want me to let him go? He…..I have the most perfect tool for venting my anger and the perfect hostage, if I let him go, who would I take as a hostage?  Should I catch you to replace him?”

Faint ripples appeared in the young girl’s eyes as that faint smile on her face disappeared.  She slowly raised her head and those star like eyes met Ye Tian Xie’s gaze in the air. Her pink as flower petals lips slowly said three words, “Do, you, dare?”

Do you dare?

She actually asked Xie Tian…..”Do you dare?”

Although these three words did not have any disdain, they were a challenge to his prestige and strength.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members were all stunned. Ye Tian Xie was also stunned, but his smile quickly became even stranger, “He, he, he, he…..Little sister, even if the king of heaven provoked me, I would dare to catch him and let him suffer the sweet sensation of being slammed into the wall.  As for you……Your importance is far less than the piece of trash in my hand.”

The young girl’s smile also became mysterious, “Then….Do you dare bet with me?  Since you said there is no one you don’t dare grab, then let’s bet on if you dare grab me or not…..If you can grab me into the sky like how you’re grabbing my big brother, I will lose.  I will let you handle things however you want and I will not ask about today’s matters. If you don’t dare…..Then it will be your loss. The grudge between you and my big brother will be written off like this.  Xie Tian, do, you, dare?”

Her voice was as soft as the wind and hearing it calmed one’s heart, but her words made all the surrounding people stunned…..Son of Heaven was deeply shocked.  Even with the protection of the gate, he was caught like a little chicken by Xie Tian. Not to mention this gentle and charming young girl who did not seem to have any battle capabilities being so close to Ye Tian Xie.

But…..Suddenly, most people understood something.  In that moment, their hearts were filled with praises for that girl.

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  1. Well maybe in Chinese the nuance is different but the only way to lose is to not dare to grab her and even one attempt means that he dared to grab her regardless if he was successful or not since grabbing is not the same as catching

  2. Will our MC ever be overbearing as the MC of Shura’s Wrath? Being affected and challenged by even a little girl…. sigh….

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