EDAH Chapter 375


Chapter 375: Shrouded Heaven’s difficulties

Situ Chana’s words almost made all the surrounding people give a spit take.

As long as one’s mind was normal, there was no one that needed to keep comparing them.  A large part of Tian Mo Xie’s strength came from that strange method of moving which the players of the west called in shock the “Dance of the Emperor”.  This kind of Tian Mo Xie, one that could freely walk through a large army was actually easily slapped by a normal player like this?

Indeed, there was no need to compare as the answer was already clear as can be.  Moving back a hundred steps, even if they weren’t 100% certain that Xie Tian was Tian Mo Xie, this person with the name Tian Mo Xie was definitely not the real Tian Mo Xie.

The “Tian Mo Xie” that was about to go crazy suffered a slap in front of everyone, causing the last of his reason to be burned by the flames of rage.  He wildly called out his weapon, a Silver Bow and did something that made everyone burst out in laughter.


With deep red eyes and gasping for air, he wildly charged at Situ Chana, raising his bow and slamming it down towards him.

……In his insanity, he instinctively thought of using something to cut the person who had slapped him in half.  He had forgot that he was the long range attack archer Job that couldn’t approach enemies.

Situ Chana was also an archer and when faced with this action from him, he was stunned for 0.5 seconds.  Then he raised his hand and called out his bow. Turning his head, he looked at “Tian Mo Xie” charging at him and sent out an ordinary arrow, flying out at “Tian Mo Xie”.

There was no deviation as it landed on his forward.  “Tian Mo Xie” fell straight forward and his head slammed onto the ground.

If an arrow hit one’s forehead, the effect of the arrow would be increased by a large part and the target would be frozen for half a second, even having a chance of knocking the target onto the ground.  If it were to hit right between the target’s eyebrows….which was that incredibly small spot, the probability of knocking them down doubled. However… many godly archers were there in this world? Even if one was a godly archer, even if the target was not moving, how many people could hit that tiny little spot?

Murong Qiu Shui could because of his “flickering”.

Situ Chana also could because…..of his “Evil Demon’s Eye”.

In the Destiny world, when players finally reached the max level, there were two long range players generally accepted as the strongest who both belonged to China and the Heavenly Soul mercenary group.  One was named the “Soul Chasing Demonic Emperor”, the other…..was known as the “Evil Demon’s Eye”. One could chase a target’s soul over a thousand miles and the other could instantly take one’s life.

Hitting the center of the forehead was a small probability event for normal archers, but Situ Chana being able to directly accomplish this was something that made all the surrounding archer players shocked.  Situ Chana’s hands came down as he shook his head in regret, “Come, come, come, get up faster, don’t lie on the ground. You are the famous “Tian Mo Xie”, lying on the ground like this will damage your “fame”.  Quickly get up, quickly get up and instant kill me, proving that you are Tian Mo Xie….Un, humph?”

“You…..”  Currently frozen and about to explode with rage, “Tian Mo Xie” got up in a very distressed manner.  Perhaps that arrow just now had reminded him that he was an archer as he quickly raised his bow. He wanted to use the archer’s most powerful “Double Shot” skill, but….when he raised his hand, Situ Chana made his move first…..Raising his hand and pulling back the arrow…..His speed was more than double “Tian Mo Xie’s” as he softly sent an arrow flying.

Being hit in the center of the forehead again, “Tian Mo Xie” was certain that this was the unluckiest day in his entire life.  Being shot in the forehead had a 15% chance of being knocked down and being hit in the center of the forehead doubled it to 30%…..But this time he fell once again, shocking all the archer players surrounding him.  The first time could be considered a coincidence, but the second time? The center of one’s forehead was too small and how many modern era people practiced using the bow? To hit that small spot in the Destiny world, the chances were incredibly small….And this person actually hit it twice in a row!

Was it really a coincidence?  Or was it the power of his eyes and accuracy that was this terrifying!?

If he really had this kind of terrifying accuracy, being able to land all his hits in the center of the target’s forehead…..Then who could face his head on!  Moreover, when he raised his bow, it was even faster than the first time he moved…..This was a speed that should not appear on the body of an archer.

“Ke, ke, why did you fall again?  I am not your grandfather, you don’t have to bow to me.  Come, quickly get up. You have to be a bit serious even if it is a game, otherwise playing like this is not interesting.”  Situ Chana spread his hands as he revealed a helpless and bored expression. His words did not sound sharp, but they were even more venomous than even the most heinous mouth and were more painful than being stabbed by a dagger.

The surrounding people all looked at “Tian Mo Xie” like they were watching a clown.  Even a fool would not have a shred of a doubt left, being 100% certain this was a fake.  Now, what they were watching wasn’t a fight, but rather the performance of a clown…..Watching this “Tian Mo Xie” in this desperate situation, there were countless people cursing him…..That damn Wings of Shrouded Heaven, they should find someone a bit capable if they wanted to pretend to be “Tian Mo Xie”.  They actually found such a shabby person, it was simply tarnishing Tian Mo Xie’s name!! This kind of person dared to call himself Tian Mo Xie? Wo pei!

The large group of players that had pulled out their weapons to protect him, they wanted to jump into a hole.  They were secretly cursing their shitty eyes!

“You’re wasting too much time!”

Situ Chana was still very casual about this.  He did not want to become famous, he just wanted to show Ye Tian Xie his skills.  Two shots in a row should be enough. At this time, Ye Tian Xie’s emotionless voice sounded in his ear.  He turned around and when he wanted to speak, a black light flashed in front of his eyes as Ye Tian Xie arrived by “Tian Mo Xie’s” side like he had teleported.  Instantly making his move, the Moment of Destiny sent “Tian Mo Xie” that had just stood up flying, flying into the center of the crowd and turning into a corpse.

He should stop here, he didn’t want to waste any more time on this piece of trash…..Following this, he should destroy this person and make him disappear from the Destiny world forever.

The resurrection point was not far from here.  After “Tian Mo Xie” was instantly killed by Ye Tian Xie, he immediately appeared in the resurrection point.  The countless players all stared at him with eyes filled with rage and taunting…..At this time, the resurrection point was filled with the Wings of Shrouded Heaven players exploded by Ye Tian Xie.  Under the countless gazes, they withstood all their disdain and anger.

“Bastard!”  Son of Heaven’s face was as was cold and ashen like a stone.  He knew that everything had reached the point of no return…..For a long time after this, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven would be largely impacted by this.

And… if confirming what he was thinking, a series of voices sounded in his communication device one after the other.

“Young master!  Young master…..The God Realm Guild has suddenly launched a large scale attack on our headquarters.  The front door is broken, so they directly charged in. Half of the defenses were also blown up by Xie Tian.  Young master, please send people back to support us.”

As the voice fell, he and all the other Wings of Shrouded Heaven members heard a warning prompt sound in their ears…..This was the second defense warning prompt that they had received.

“What!?”  Son of Heaven was shocked……Why did the God Realm Guild pick to launch a large scale attack at this time.  Could it be that they had obtained information ahead of time? He immediately shouted into the guild channel, “Quickly!  Everyone go back and defend!”

In an instant, the resurrection point was filled with white light as the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members returned to their headquarters as soon as possible.  When Son of Heaven had returned to the headquarters, the system prompt in his ears almost made him collapsed.

“Young master!  There are large amounts of players attacking our branch in Wild Geese Town……There are many players, it is hard for us to defend.  Young master, please send support!”

“Young master!  A third of the members in the Third West City branch are rebelling…..letting large amounts of players in.  They are currently attacking our final defense…..We know that the headquarters is currently being attacked, but if we don’t receive support…..”

“Young master, West Lake Town suddenly has many player gathering around preparing to attack.  Their numbers are increasing and we can’t hold on any longer!”

“Young master……”

“Young master……”

“Young master…………”


“Ah!!”  It was like Son of Heaven was a trapped beast.  With a wild roar, he slammed his communication device onto the floor.

That day was without a doubt the most difficult day for the Wings of Shrouded Heaven after all these years.

With the great influence of Tian Mo Xie, exposing the fake Tian Mo Xie and the actions of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven completely provoked the anger of the players.  The players that had joined the Wings of Shrouded Heaven because of Tian Mo Xie all turned traitor and there were many players now attacking the Wings of Shrouded Heaven players.  With their anger and how many people were affected, they did not fear the retaliation of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven at all and used their method to vent their anger on the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s prestige had fallen to a historical low and their fame was the same.

This was the influence of Tian Mo Xie.  Although the Wings of Shrouded Heaven were big and strong, with over hundreds of thousands of members, they were still a part of china.  Although Tian Mo Xie was just a single person, his influence had already covered the entire world!

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven had a strong backing and background, so they could not be easily destroyed.  Adding in the fact that defending was much easier than attacking, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven would not fall under this wave.  However, their loss of assets whether tangible or not were clear and their power had decreased quite a bit. It would be hard for them to develop and start up again for a long time.

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