EDAH Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Beautiful performance

With Ye Tian Xie’s current HP, he could barely survive two attacks, three had the possibility of insta-killing him, four was certain death, and there were twelve of them…..This was with the life ring adding 200 HP to his total.

For ordinary players, not even mentioning one person, even if there were 12 people, it would still be impossible to pass this challenge…..but that only applies for normal players.

The positions of the twelve vicious bulls and their charge paths were instantly calculated by Ye Tian Xie, his body did not move as he raised the Moment of Destiny in his hand, in the short time he was calculating the paths of the vicious bulls, at the same time, he was also calculation his moves for second second and the third second……

His body shifted to the left, as he turned a large angle to attack, the Moment of Destiny in his hand swept out in a semicircle arc, suddenly his body stopped, as a vicious bull brushed past him and Ye Tian Xie viciously attacked at the vicious bull.


One hit and Ye Tian Xie moved out of position, he took the initiative to attack at the four vicious bulls, behind him, there were three bulls suffering from the 1 second stun backlash.

Magician under the light and shadows……This was a title that foreign players had created for the Chinese server’s “Undefeated Evil Emperor”.  There were only a few videos of him fighting powerful monsters, but each one would make the world stare in shock.  The exquisite, unbelievable positioning could only be described with the word ‘magic’.  Monster’s attacks always missed him by a few centimeters, how was it possible that it never hit him.  To be able to continuously avoid attacks by minimal proportions, if it wasn’t magic, what else could it be?

The virtual world allowed everyone to start with the same stats, same abilities, but it was unable to affect the brain, it could not affect a person’s thinking abilities or reaction speed.  People said that Ye Tian Xie had a ‘electric reaction speed’, ‘beyond human reflexes’, and ‘terrifying accurate thought process’.  He was like a fish in water, unable to properly add power in his body, but he could make the most accurate judgement in an instant and shift his body into the best position.

But this kind of person will make people think of one thing, Power User!  This kind of reflex and computational power was something ordinary people were unable to obtain.  At the very least, his brain development was way above normal people.  Because of this, many people have tried to uncover the true identity of Tian Mo Xie, but they never found a single clue.  Tian Mo Xie never showed his real face and he rarely appeared in the public’s eye, his anti tracking was very strong.  Even officials could not take player’s information in the virtual world, it was not an easy task to find his true identity.

The herd relentlessly charged, sand and dust were knocked around by the collisions, overlapped with the sound of cows roaring.  Ye Tian Xie’s body was like a shadow, flying around in the herd of 12 cows, sometimes going left sometimes going right, sometimes even taunting death by standing in the path of the herd’s charge……

The way he walked was unmethodical, it was as if he went wherever the heart desired, if someone was here watching him, they would definitely have been stunned, as if they were looking at an alien that could not be measured with common sense……Because each time Ye Tian Xie moved, the feet would flash and his current position would turn vacant, then his body would be in a new position as a wild bull smashed into his previously vacant position.

In a single second, as if by magic his body had moved to four different positions, the tip of his toe hit the ground and he found the back of three bulls beside him, he had finally found the chance to attack as Moment of Destiny swung out and three red numbers appeared.

In 30 seconds, he had only attacked three times, but even though he was in the herd, he had been hit a total of……0 times!

This was a beautiful performance that no audience had the honor of watching.


A sad cry sounded out, as a vicious bull that charged slow down,his body staggered as a -5 number appeared above his head, he had unfortunately proced the kidney stone outbreak earlier with his violent movements.  But the kidney stone outbreak did not eliminate his ferocity, he withstood the pain and hardened his body as the bull charged once again at his target.

A meter and a half high stone wall appeared behind Ye Tian Xie, Ye Tian Xie glaced at it from the side of his eye and jumped over, before landing he pushed off again with all……..a deafening sound came from beneath him and three vicious buulscrashed into the stone wall, knocking the wall directly over, but Ye Tian Xie flew through the air with a magnificent somersault and landed behind them, cutting all three.

The initial jump value of an ordinary player is 1, which meant that they could only jump 1 meter high, like this there was no way to jump over the body of the vicious bulls, but with the stone walls altitude added to the jump, he jumped behind the bulls and double slashed their flanks, then he quickly retreated.

His attack frequency was not high, but it wasn’t low, he was slowly chunking down the vicious bulls HP bit by bit.  His face was calm and his eyebrows were slanted, his heartstrings were tight…..Because once he became distracted, a single attack from the herd, it only took a single second, he would be sent back to the Beginner Village.

But, with this kind of frenzy and under this long period of attacks, even with strong reflexes and calculative strength, there would be that moment where there would be an attack that could not be dodged.  But Ye Tian Xie had set a cruel goal for himself…..The goal wasn’t to exterminate the 12 three star elites……rather it was to not get hit one!

He was always this crazy and he always set this kind of crazy goal for himself.  While the Wild Vicious Bulls had a strong dashing ability, their move speed was was less than his, so he dared to set this goal for himself, there were these requirements that had to be met.

The White Grade Beginner equipment left a white shadow, like a ghost shaking, moving back and forth.

Chi!  -153, -155……

Chi…….-150, -152……

A black coloured arc flew in between gaps, bringing red coloured damage numbers, the Wild Vicious Bulls became even wilder, as cow roars became more and more frequent.

After half an hour of the same repeating scene, finally only a weak roar was heard, a single Wild Vicious Bull was still charging forward……but not just that, all the other vicious bulls’ HP had been reduced to less than half.

Being highly focused was not difficult, what was difficult was maintaining that state for a long period of time, mentally tense.  Mental fatigue was much worse than physical fatigue.  During this half hour, Ye Tian Xie did not stop for a second, responding every second, changing positions and continuously calculating and predicting…….。

Under his calm exterior, every second he was calculating at a rate that normal people could not even imagine.

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