EDAH Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Resistance Earrings

What was the most miraculous of all……In this half hour, under the chaotic attacks of the 12 vicious bulls, he had not received a single wound, he had not been touched once.  After a while, Ye Tian Xie’s response became more relaxed.  This was because when these bulls launched their charge they moved in a straight line, they would not follow if the target moved out of the way.  This was one of the reasons Ye Tian Xie could last so long without being wounded once.

After the first Wild Vicious Bull fell down, the pressure on Ye Tian Xie relaxed a bit.  A pleased smile flashed on his face, then he quickly moved as he found another opportunity to attack, his right hand followed the path of his body as it sent out an overbearing strike……

Time passed bit by bit, but this was a level 10 player being surrounded by 12 level 10 three star bosses, even a few seconds of this was enough to shock people.  The title “Undefeated Evil Emperor” was not derived from his incredible equipments or stats, rather it was because he was like a deity descended to earth, he could walk through an army of 1000000 as if he was taking a pleasant stroll.  In the past game worlds, as long as Tian Mo Xie appeared, no matter how big the scene, he would always become the protagonist.

Black light flashed as the second Wild Vicious Bull fell……After around 10 seconds, another vicious bull fell under Moment of Destiny.


Under the vicious bulls’ intensive attacks, each opportunity to attack was precious, it was impossible to focus on one target, take them down one by one, focus on the nearest target each time he could attack.  Like this, each Wild Vicious Bull had a varying degree of damage, after the third vicious bull fell, of the remaining 9 only half of them had their HP below ⅓.

“Putong”, another charging vicious bull suddenly fell down.  Its falling down allowed Ye Tian Xie to slightly move a bit and narrowly avoid three vicious bulls from impaling him.  Because he did not even make a move, but the cause of death for this vicious bull was……Death by kidney stone outbreak!

A shining gold card burst out from the corpse of the vicious bull and on top of the gold glow, there was a touch of silver light.

Silver Grade Equipment!

Ye Tian Xie’s mind made a move, he slipped behind the remaining charging vicious bulls in succession, then with as fast as he could, he ran over to the vicious bull corpse, picked up the silver glowing equipment and threw it in his inventory.

He had a clear understanding of the importance of Silver Equipment in «Destiny».  The Destiny world had already been up for over 10 days.  But all over the world, the total amount of silver equipment did not surpass 10.  Perhaps after a period of time, after the average level of players passed 10, it would become trash no one would want, but its value at this stage was immeasurable.  Ye Tian Xie was worried about it disappearing if he left it for too long, so he instantly went to retrieve it.

But he had no time to check the stats of the Silver Grade Equipment now, he quickly turned around and faced the rapidly approaching vicious bulls.

After three minutes, the fifth one fell…..

After another minute, number six and seven fell at the same time…..

After several minutes, number eight fell.  But the remaining four, each one had a pitiful bloodied appearance.

Their life bars above their heads were almost empty, the remaining Wild Vicious Bulls did not seem to have any intelligence as the continued to recklessly charge forward.  With a single glance, one could tell the originally neat grass had long been messed up, it was trampled all over and had holes from collisions.

Compared to the chaotic attacks of the 12 bulls from before, these four bulls that remained although they could easily cause the death of a normal person, in Ye Tian Xie’s eyes, they were nothing.  He looked at their remaining HP and then ran out to meet them, with a single incomparable strike……

-152, -155, -155, -150.

Four damage indicators accompanied the weak cries of the vicious bulls.  The last four Wild Vicious bulls were simultaneously finished of by Moment of Destiny, silver coins spilled out from their corpses and that brought an end to Ye Tian Xie’s performance.

The area once again became quiet, other than him, there were no other life forms around.  Ye Tian Xie let out a sigh of relief and picked up his loot one by one off the ground.  The three star elites had a much better drop rate compared to the two star elites.  Ye Tian Xie threw out all the White Grade Equipment in his inventory as he put in the two Bronze and two Steel Equipment the Wild Vicious Bulls dropped.  He used the ‘harvest’ skill on the corpses one by one, and gathered 12 pairs of horns from the corpses.

Vicious Bull’s Horns: The horns of a Wild Vicious Bull, has a good firmness, it is a good forging material.

After he finished harvesting the vicious bull corpses, a flash of faint yellow light caught his eyes as he saw something he missed.  Ye Tian Xie stretched his hand towards the corpse and saw that the source of the weak glow was……actually a Bronze Earring!

Ye Tian Xie heart filled with excitement, as he reached his hand out for the seemingly simple earring.  Accessory class equipment were so rare that even a White Grade Earring with only 1 attribute was a priceless item on the market.

Resistance Earrings: Bronze Equipment

Requirements: Level 10.

Equipping these earrings increase magic resistance, after equipping magic resistance increases by 3%.

Increasing magic resistance stat by 3% meant that there was a 3% chance to ignore a random magic attack.  Ye Tian Xie silently praised it and equipped it onto his left ear.  Earrings in the Destiny world fell under 2 categories, single earring and double earrings.  Double earrings you could only equip one, single earrings you could equip two.  Upon equipping, Ye Tian Xie’s seven major magic resistances all increased by 3%.

(TL Note: I guess there are 7 major elements of magic….Never told us until now….)

Opening his inventory, he took out the silver equipment he looted from the vicious bull and looked at then stats:

Vicious Bull Bracers: Silver Equipment

Requirement: Level 10 close combat job, Strength greater than 40.

Bracers made from Vicious Bull leather.

Attributes: Unknown, unable to use.

Silver Equipments and above required appraisal before use.  In the Beginner Village, the village head had the unique appraise skill.  Returning the Vicious Bull Bracers back into his inventory, Ye Tian Xie could only helplessly raise his eyebrows.  He met the level requirement and the strength requirement, but since he did not have a job, he could not equip the bracers.  He could only finish the trial and move to the main city to get his job advancement……

But, deep down, he felt that the reason why he was unable to get a beginning job was not that simple.

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