EDAH Chapter 42


Chapter 42: Final trial stage – Amethyst War Tiger

“Ding…..because you have perfectly cleared the first three stages, you’ve obtained the extra rewards: Luck +1, Charm +1, Perception +1, and will be directly escorted to the last stage.”

This crisp notification made Ye Tian Xie raise his head in surprise.  In the first three trials, he had not been injured once, creating a miracle normal people would not believe.  And this fulfilled a special hidden requirement, thus a special reward was given to him by the trial increasing his fixed stats…..and the last part of the notification made Ye Tian Xie heart beat, he did not know whether to be happy or sad.

The Abyss Level Trial had five stages, each stage was one level higher than the last.  Being directly escorted to the last stage meant that he could skip the fourth stage, which meant he got to skip fighting a group of monsters stronger than the monsters of the third stage, but at the same time this also meant he missed out on getting loot.

Moreover, skipping a stage just meant lowering the time needed to pass the trial, or perhaps it was to reduce the consumption of the trial grounds, but it would not make the trial easier.  If you could pass the final stage, then you could definitely pass the fourth stage, if not…….if you couldn’t first pass the fourth stage, then you wouldn’t be able to.

[TL Note: This sentence actually confused me too.]

A white beam fell down from the sky to envelope Ye Tian Xie’s body.  The scene in front of Ye Tian Xie changed as the green disappeared and was completely replaced with a white colour.  Soon the white slowly faded, as a new area appeared.  The first thing he saw was a meter tall stone platform.

On top of the stone platform, sleeping soundly was a purple coloured…..giant tiger!

The tigers in the real world were normal tigers or white tigers, there’s never been anyone who has seen a purple tiger.  But regardless of its appearance or the character “king” on his forehead, it all showed he was a tiger without a doubt.  The appearance of Ye Tian Xie did not awaken the tiger from his slumber, its body was over three meters even though it was curling up.  The giant body fluctuated as it breathed.

In the final stage of the Abyss Level Trial, there was only one life form!

Amethyst War Tiger Tagore: Level 20 Lord Level Boss.

HP: 20000.

He was originally the hundred beast lord of Beginner Village 60001, after accidentally swallowing an amethyst stone containing the power of lightning his abilities began to rapidly grow, he grew to a level 20 Lord Level Boss.  Vanished from his original territory a year ago, no one knew his whereabouts.

Skills: Breaking Dawn Tiger Raid: Condenses the power of thunder and lightning in his claws and suddenly releasing it enemies in a short range in front of him.  Damages all targets within a one meter radius and has a 30% chance to cause 50% bonus damage.

Cooldown time: 20 seconds.

War Tiger Roar: Releases a roar with the prestige of a King to deter enemies, large chance of inducing fear in all surrounding enemies and stunning them for three seconds.

Cooldown time: 20 seconds

Heavenly Thunder Break: Call down heavenly thunder to strike a target within a 10 meter range, has a 2.5 second channeling time.

Cooldown time: 5 seconds

War Tiger’s Rage: After HP has dropped below 10%, Amethyst War Tiger will enter a berserk condition, attack power and move speed increases by 30%, defense decreases by 50%.

Looking at the details of the slumbering purple tiger, Ye Tian Xie held a cold breath, subconsciously he began to breathe quietly, out of fear of waking up the slumbering beast……

Unexpectedly it was……A level 20 Lord Level Boss!

Fuck……Ye Tian Xie clenched his fist, at this moment, even if it was him, he had finally saw what was the abyss.

Lord Level Bosses should not appear in Beginner Villages, because whether equipment, skills or stats, compared to Beginners, monsters of this level were invincible.  Lord Level Bosses not only had stronger stats compared to normal monsters, they also had strong skills and attacks, and they were quite intelligent.

Not to mention a level 20 Lord Level Boss!

Four different skills, each one were extremely frightening, a close range slash, a long range thunder attack, a wide containment range, and the final trump card skill, none of the skills were weak.  But according to the introductory guide, Lord Level and above bosses all had at least one hidden skill…..Which meant, this level 20 Lord Level Boss actually had 5 skills!  Most importantly it was hidden, which meant it could be even more frightening than the four revealed skills.

Even the arrogant Ye Tian Xie, could not help but want to turn and leave.

His breathing became even, his body did not move, his eyes stared right at the Amethyst War Tiger named Tagore.  One second passed, two second passed… minute passed, two minute passed……He still did not move, his legs nailed to the ground like two stakes.

He was thinking hard about how he could possibly defeat this kind of fearsome opponent……He first thought about using the two shot firecrackers and hanging firecrackers he had bought from that strange old man Yuan Que’s pharmacy.  20 two shot firecrackers, each one did 300 defense ignoring damage, if he used them all, he would cause 6000 points of damage.  Add in the 5 hanging firecracker, in total that would be 7500 points of damage.

This was also the perfect scenario, to be able to survive safely under attacks from its claws.  Even so, the Lord Level Boss should have automatic HP regen, the remaining 12500 HP, how could he possibly take care of it?

Attacking?  Regardless of the weakening effect of the level disparity, even if he was an idiot, he knew he didn’t have the strength to bypass the defense of level 20 Lord Level Boss.  Even if it hit, it would only hit for the compulsory 1 point of damage..

Three minutes…….Five minutes………

Ye Tian Xie finally decided to probe forward with a step, silently lifting his foot, not making a sound when his foot dropped.  The first step then the second step, the third step…….

Perhaps it had enjoyed peace and quiet for so long, the awareness of the Amethyst War Tiger was not very high.  When Ye Tian Xie had approached the stone platform, its eyes were still shut, its breath was even, it did not detect anything.  Being in such short distance of this Beginner Village Lord, a faint oppressive force belonging to a king was felt.  Ye Tian Xie quietly entered a good position, removed a black item from his inventory and sprinkled it over the Amethyst War Tiger, then he quickly ran away.

That black thing was not firecrackers…..because firecrackers were not black.

Rather it was the pollen he had harvested from the dark man eating flower corpses… other words it was the terrifying poisonous flower pollen.

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