EDAH Chapter 435


Chapter 435: Confrontation between two girls

Seeing Situ Luo Yu who had already lost the power to speak, Ye Tian Xie looked forward, but his thoughts were in a mess.  Desire would not last forever, otherwise even a man of iron would not be able to take it. Each time he vented himself, there would be a period of calmness and Ye Tian Xie could control his reasoning during this time……However, this time was very short.  Moreover, once he received any form of stimulation, it would come back again and could not be stopped.

After Xiao Xi and Meng Yu Yi, he was unable to control himself and did that to this young girl he met for the first time…..She was also Situ Chana and Situ Wu Qing’s little sister……If he knew it would be like this, he wouldn’t have impulsively come here.

Now…..He had caused another large problem without a doubt.

“Put on your clothes.”  Ye Tian Xie tapped her shoulder as he spoke.  That warm feeling and her snow white body made his heart fluctuate again, so he quickly looked aside.


“Wu…..”  Situ Luo Yu’s body moved, but she already did not have the strength to put on her clothes again.  She narrowed her eyes and said in a lazy voice, “I never thought that I would actually be…..raped by a man……and that person would be Xie Tian.”

“……This was not rape, you took off your own clothes.”  Ye Tian Xie helplessly argued back. If it wasn’t for the seven sins baptism of lust, he definitely would not have done what he did today.

“You……You’re still talking!  Wasn’t it you who forced me!” Situ Luo Yu struggle to sit up with her weak body.  When she sat up, a wave went through her chest. Situ Luo Yu gave an “ah” sound as she closed her legs and raised her hands to protect her chest.  Her panicked expression was no different from that of a normal young girl. Immediately, she reacted as she called out the equipment she had before, covering up her body.  She finally let out a sigh of relief as she looked up and angrily said, “Xie Tian! You made this old…..You made this young miss give herself to you! Speak, what are you prepared to do…..Don’t say that this is only the gaming world, this was my first time, my first time!”

“What I should do, you’ve already said it before little sister.”  Ye Tian Xie would not take back a debt, so he spoke with a faint smile.  Now that things were like this, he would not escape on his debt and he would not leave her.  A real man would never shame a woman he had taken before…..These were the words Li Xian Er had told him many times in the past and when he heard it then, he would always give a strong nod……Only, he believed that he would only have her, he never thought……

Moreover, thinking about it now, vaguely  Ye Tian Xie felt that……Li Xian Er hadn’t said that for herself at that time, but rather was pointing at something else…..

Ye Tian Xie’s smile was not forced at all and his eyes looking at her was filled with gentleness, not rejecting her at all.  Situ Luo Yu’s eyes misted over and her chaotic heart quickly filled with a trace of warmness. She raised her head and said, “You’re the one who said it, you’re not allowed to go back on it…..I, Situ Luo Yu am not a casual girl.  You have taken me, so I will trap you for your entire life. If you offend me, I……I might really kill you!!”

“Alright, I know.”  Ye Tian Xie directly replied.

Although his expression was calm, actually he was feeling a bit of a headache.  Concerning Situ Luo Yu, he had met her for the first time today. He did not understand her backing and did not know her personality, but based on the words she had said before, she was definitely not a gentle girl.  And…..Where would he place this girl? Take her to his home? That…..How should he explain it to Su Fei Fei?

That night, the voice from the sky had him promise Su Fei Fei a lifetime and this young miss of the richest family in Asia had always happily managed the feelings between them.  Speaking of this, nothing between them had been rigid, from them meeting by destiny’s arrangement, to her passionately chasing him to his home…..Their feelings was developed slowly through their lives.  In that home, Su Fei Fei was like a wife that took care of his daily needs, turning his disorderly home into real home. He didn’t know when it began, but Ye Tian Xie found that he already could not imagine a home without Su Fei Fei.

But if everything he did today with Xiao Xi, Meng Yu Yi, and now Situ Luo Yu was known by her…..To her, this would be a very hard to withstand blow.  If he brought Situ Luo Yu back home…..

“Would you… the same to every girl that looks a bit pretty?”  Situ Luo Yu suddenly asked in a cold voice.

Ye Tuan Xie was stunned, but he shook his head and said, “Of course not, only…..”

“I don’t care!  Anyway, I’ve trapped you for this life!  That’s right…..I remember that you have a girlfriend, it’s that Misty Rain Revival!”  Situ Luo Yu suddenly spoke. Xie Tian and Misty Rain Revival’s relation was already not a secret in this gaming word, but immediately, Situ Luo Yu indifferently said, “It doesn’t matter…..I, Situ Luo Yu will definitely steal you from her hands!”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

At this time, Ye Tian Xie’s communication device rang and what came out was Su Fei Fei’s voice.

“Tian Xie, you logged into the game so early today, quickly log off and eat breakfast.”  Su Fei Fei’s voice had a bit of rebuke to it, but there was also worry in it. She was like a wife that was calling her husband.

Ye Tian Xie’s breathing stopped.  He picked up the communication device and siad, “Fei Fei, wait for me…..I’ll immediately come back.”

After hanging up the call, Ye Tian Xie did not look at Situ Luo Yu’s current expression.  He closed his eyes and thought for a bit before sighing and saying, “Luo Yu, come with me to my house for a but……”

After that, he picked up his communication device and called for Liu Qi Yue.  Every time he met a problem that was hard for him to solve, he would always think of Liu Qi Yue first.  She was not just a beautiful enchantress, she also had his strong trust. The only one who could give him this kind of feeling was Liu Qi Yue.


Ye Tian Xie returned to his home and Su Fei Fei was waiting for him.  Chen Xin and Chen Xue had not logged on yet, they should still be making breakfast.  Seeing him come back, Su Fei Fei quickly came forward to greet him as she said, “Tian Xie, why did you log on so early today……Also, when it was still dark today, i heard a very strange noise, did you make it…..Un?  Who is this little sister?”

Situ Luo Yu took two steps forward and very affectionately hugged Ye Tian Xie’s arm.  Those two large breasts completely enveloped his arm between them. She curled her lip and revealed a challenging expression as she charmingly said, “Big sister Su, I am Situ Luo Yu.”

Ye Tian Xie’s body became tense and he shook his arm, but Situ Luo Yu was hugging on tightly.  His arm was being tightly held in that deep gully and when he moved, he actually couldn’t take it out.

When she saw this little sister doing such an intimate motion with Ye Tian Xie that only she could do and her eyes that were filled with a look of challenge…..Su Fei Fei was instantly filled with anger.  Her brows jumped up and she revealed a faint smile as she calmly said, “Oh…..So it’s little sister Luo Yu. Big sister knows that my Tian Xie had unparalleled charm and many little sisters would be enamoured by him, but he already belongs to this big sister.  You can’t hug other people’s boyfriends like this.”

“Ya!  Big brother Tian Xie is your boyfriend?  Why didn’t I know……Then big sister, do you have any proof he’s your boyfriend?  I still want to say that Tian Xie only belongs to me.” Situ Luo Yu’s voice did not reveal any weakness as her arms tightened around Ye Tian Xie.

Su Fei Fei’s anger spiked, but…..Seeing that uncomfortable expression on Ye Tian Xie’s face, her heart suddenly felt tight and she felt waves of unsettlement.  However, as the respected young miss of Asia’s richest family, how could she appear weak in front of a little sister…..Although this little sister’s body, especially the chest tightly clasped around Ye Tian Xie made her jealous, her heart was filled with anger, but her face did not reveal it at all, “Little sister, stealing other people’s boyfriends isn’t good.  If you feel lonely, big sister can introduce you to tall, short, fat, and thin men, as much as you want.”

“Big sister Su can keep all of that to herself, I just want big brother Tian Xie.”  Situ Luo Yu said with a clever smile.

“But he isn’t your big brother Tian Xie.  The entire world know that he belongs to me, Misty Rain Revival…..Little sister, could it be you want to be a shameful mistress?”  Su Fei Fei said in sharp opposition. The words these girls said were not sharp…..But there was lightning that could almost be seen coming from their eyes that made Ye Tian Xie faintly hear the sound of lightning.  Only, he wanted to talk several times, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Big brother Tian Xie belongs to you?  Then…..Has he made love to you before?”  Situ Luo Yu’s lips slightly curled, speaking in a sly voice.

At this time, Liu Qi Yue, Zuo Po Jun, Murong Qiu Shui…..Even Situ Chana and Situ Wu Qing came in together, hearing Sity Luo Yu’s words.  They were as stunned as Su Fei Fei.

In the high skies where no one could see, an azure haired man was looking down at where Ye Tian Xie was.  Although he was very far away, he could hear everything without missing a single word. On that frozen face that never revealed any waves, there was a microscopic trace of a smile.

“He…..Before the Dragon Power is released and his original disposition awakens, he does not have a true ‘evil’ heart, otherwise with how reckless he is, how could he be in this difficult situation…..If they are not willing, he could use his various methods to conquer them.”

“Because of his double Dragon Souls, the seven sins baptism has gone crazy.  The deadlines of the baptisms have been shortened by different amounts and the effects have been decreased by at least half, so he could still control himself.  This kind of baptism, the effect will perhaps be greatly decreased.” The azure giant wolf beside him spoke.

The azure haired man gave a nod of deep thought, “It will…..and the effects will be considerably weakened.  The double Dragon Souls surpasses the potential of normal Dragon Souls by several times, but the difficulty in increasing its power is also much larger……I did not realize he had two Dragon Souls before giving him the seven sins baptism…..This was my miscalculation.  However, even like this, after seven days, he will surely be reborn. His strength will definitely increase, but his personality……at least he won’t be confused about how to solve a problem with women again. However, even the seven sins baptism couldn’t have any true effects on his body, I really don’t know what to use to stimulate the greatest growth of his power…..Perhaps, it will all depend on his will and comprehension.”

“We’re leaving.  After seven days, we’ll see him again.”  The azure haired man waved his hand and with an azure light, he disappeared with the giant azure wolf over the horizon.

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