EDAH Chapter 44


Chapter 44: The glimmer of hope

The first second……the Amethyst War Tiger landed in front of him.

The second second, it brought down the tiger claw filled with lightning and thunder down – the short ranged Breaking Dawn Tiger Raid, there was a large possibility of insta killing Ye Tian Xie, but if it proced the 30% chance to increase damage, then Ye Tian Xie’s chance of being insta killed was 100%.


Compared to when the Amethyst War Tiger had knocked him down to a thrilling 2 HP before, the attack this time, Ye Tian Xie’s life fell down to a value of 1…..This was the thin line between life and death.


The third second…..the Amethyst War Tiger raised its claw, bringing it down, but the moment before it could hit Ye Tian Xie, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes cleared, unable to dodge even with his fastest speed he quickly took out two special recovery potions……

+300, +300, -466.

Heaven and hell, life and death were so close.  Two green recovery numbers and a red damage number came from Ye Tian Xie’s body at the same time.  Ye Tian Xie had not died, but if he had been late by even 0.1 seconds, he would have turned into a cold corpse.

Dragging his body with only 4 HP left, Ye Tian Xie tumbled off the stone platform, like before he leaned against the edge of the stone platform.  Filling up his health with a high level recovery potion and a special recovery potion, his head was covered in cold sweat.  Jumping back between life and death, it was truly an exciting thing.

The original three stun originally lasted for 3 seconds, but he recovered in just two second, which let him escape at the most crucial minute.  To recover quickly, it depended on the innate attribute that most player neglected: focus.

The stronger focus was, the harder it would be to disrupt magic chants and it would take less time to cast magic.  That was ordinary player’s misconception about this attribute.  What they didn’t know is that focus didn’t just affect this, it also affected abnormal status resistance, such as stuns, sleep, confusion, and fear.  The higher a person’s focus was, the harder it was for their consciousness to be affected.  Normal people did not have much disparity between their focus stats, so ordinary players did not notice this effect.  Also when focus is higher, the ratio of success for harvesting, forging, manufacturing, excavation and other life skills increased proportionally.

-5, -5, -5……..

The damage above the Amethyst War Tiger unceasingly ticked.  Seeing the unceasing damage values appearing Ye Tian Xie was secretly surprise because from the time he sprinkled to dark man eating flower pollen until now, a whole three minutes had passed.  Each second caused 5 damage, each minute caused 300 damage, 3 minutes caused 900 damage……

When he first saw the Amethyst War Tiger, he could not help but feel helpless, but seeing the small unceasing number he began to see a glimmer of hope, his body seethed with excitement.

This being the case…….then he had no reason to lose!

Suddenly he felt a sense of something latching onto his body, Ye Tian Xie raised his head and saw the Amethyst War Tiger being surrounded by a layer of faint purple light, his brows sank and he shot away from the Amethyst War Tiger…..3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters…..10 meters!


A fierce bolt of purple lightning shot down from the sky, landing right on the ground right behind him.  The Amethyst War Tiger’s Heavenly Thunder Break, with a range of 10 meters, once locked on, only if you escaped from its range, otherwise it was impossible to dodge.  Even though Ye Tian Xie had a fast reaction speed and movement speed, it was still impossible for him to be faster than lightning, there was no one that could be faster than lightning.  The 2.5 second casting time became the deciding factor on whether Ye Tian Xie lived.  The strength of the lightning he did not dare try, he could not try it because it was very likely that if it hit, it would have insta killed him.

10 seconds…….20 seconds…….

The damage counter above the Amethyst War Tiger’s head finally stopped, the time counter in Ye Tian Xie’s mind also stopped……200 seconds!  The poison from the dark man eating flower pollen lasted for an entire 200 seconds.  Like this, this meant that each of the dark man eating flower pollen could damage the Amethyst War Tiger for 1000 points of damage!

12 dark flower pollen, if they were all used on the Amethyst War Tiger, that would be a total of 12000 damage.

This was a beautiful number.

After 20 seconds of cooldown time passed, the Amethyst War Tiger’s body stopped, once again raising his head towards the sky, but this time Ye Tian Xie was not afraid of its effects, with a quiet look, this was the first time Ye Tian Xie ran towards the Amethyst War Tiger.


The War Tiger Roar, shaking the heaven and earth, shocking a person to their core.  Ye Tian Xie’s body stopped, but this time, he did not fall down losing consciousness, he was not stunned, he rushed right in front the body of the Amethyst War Tiger and sprinkled the black pollen above his head, then turned and ran.  Immediately the black smog that had just dissipated reappeared on the its body.

Not being stunned by the War Tiger Roar, it wasn’t his luck, rather…..he was superior in terms of focus compared to a regular person, he was confident that an attack of this level was not enough to shake his consciousness.  The last time, it was completely because he was not ready.  Being prepared, he had the qualifications to not care.

-5, -5, -5, -5…….

A damage counter appeared above the Amethyst War Tiger’s head every second, it was just like a death god slowly approaching step by step.

Facing this Amethyst War Tiger, just defending and not attacking was already harder than facing all 12 of the Wild Vicious Bulls.  Ye Tian Xie had already come up with a plan to continue distracting the Amethyst War Tiger with the stone platform, continuously using the dark man eating flower pollen to slowly chunk down its HP.  Each pollen lasted 200 seconds, each time after a pollen ran out, the Amethyst War Tiger had to be poisoned in the shortest amount of time.

Peng!  Peng!  -150, -150.


Fighting an enemy whose strength was above yours, this kind of fight was truly dangerous for Ye Tian Xie.  Facing the Amethyst War Tiger, he only had his ability to respond and his computing prowess to continue to dodge, run……..The only hope he had, was to use the items on him.  If he was fighting with just his own strength, it would be impossible for him to win.

The dark man eating flower pollen was slowly used up, Ye Tian Xie sprinkled them one after the other on the giant tiger’s body.  But at the same time, he was also running out of healing potions.  After half an hour, there only remained one dark man eating flower pollen, but there only remained five of Ye Tian Xie’s special unnamed recovery potions.

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