EDAH Chapter 441


Chapter 441: Wild

“Wa oh!  It’s starting, it’s starting, there will be Dragon Essence to eat!”  When the taste of desire quickly spread, the body that was excited was not just Ye Tian Xie and Liu Qi Yue, but also little Guo Guo who was dancing with joy.  She happily flew around the two of them. Since last night, the scene she loved seeing the most was this scene. She wished that Ye Tian Xie could be with many women like this everyday, like that, she could eat her favourite thing everyday.  Although she had to wait a long time each time, if she could eat it, she was already very, very satisfied. She would not urge Ye Tian Xie as to not divert his attention.

The temperature of their bodies rose.  Liu Qi Yue’s tongue went across Ye Tian Xie’s face, going from his forehead to his neck, leaving clear crystals behind.  Finally she wasn’t satisfied by this licking alone and took the initiative to kiss Ye Tian Xie’s lips, instantly causing sweet saliva to flow into Ye Tian Xie’s mouth.  Ye Tian Xie mouth was filled with a fragrant taste and in his heart, it was like he was in a dream…..The nation collapsing beauty in front of him, it was unknown how many times she appeared in his dream.  She was his sworn eldest sister who he respected and was the person he was most unwilling to hurt. Her beauty was unparalleled in this world, but he never had the courage to defile her. And now, he was kissing her while one hand was rubbing her giant breasts and his other hand was wrecking havoc in the forbidden place between her legs…..It was like his dream, playing with her as he wished.  When he was in a daze, her tongue curled in his mouth and brought a fiery passion as it curled around his tongue.

“Eldest sister…..”  He let out a low cry as he heavily placed his lips against hers.  The fragrance of her lips made his soul tremble. With a low moan, he kissed her even deeper, causing her tongue to almost fall down into her chest.  His hands tightened as he grabbed her chest and went all over her body. This sudden stimulation made Liu Qi Yue hiss as soft pants came for her mouth, with a bit of a lost look entering her eyes.  Her little mouth was spouting out fragrant burst of hot air.

Liu Qi Yue’s lips were firmly planted on Ye Tian Xie’s lip as the little tongue kept moving around, causing large amounts of fragrant breath to enter his mouth and nose, which was even more intoxicating than the world’s most delicious wine.  Her tongue kept going through his teeth while obscene noises came from their throats. Her hands moved all around his body, pulling at his clothes……It was as if the flames of desire inside her burned even stronger than Ye Tian Xie’s.


“Little brother Tian Xie…..Take off your clothes, everything…..”  She said in a panting voice as her hands went over all the sensitive spots on his body.  With her voice, Ye Tian Xie took off all his equipment. Liu Qi Yue’s eyes revealed a stunned look before the light in her eyes became much brighter.  She walked forward and she wrapped herself around him like a beautiful snake. Her tongue came out to lick his chest and his stomach before moving down and down, until she was kneeling on the floor.  She used her hand to pull at his dragon as her tongue wildly ran over it.

Ye Tian Xie took a deep breath before looking up.  He held Liu Qi Yue’s head as he enjoyed the licking and teasing of her gentle and wet tongue.  Even in his dreams, he never would have dared imagine something like this. The only person who made him willing to call her eldest sister was currently kneeling on her knees and doing this to him.  She was even looking up at him, looking into his eyes with a charming smile. Her movements very a bit stiff, but it was strong, so strong that it almost swallowed him up. Even when she was in tears, she still forced it back in.  This kind of intense stimulation that he never experienced before was almost enough to make him go crazy……Finally, under the dual stimulation, Ye Tian Xie gave a roar as he exploded in Liu Qi Yue’s mouth. Liu Qi Yue who was caught off guard fell to the ground and tears flowed out as she coughed out the white liquid.  Then she looked up into Ye Tian Xie’s eyes as she brought the white liquid to her mouth, using her lips to lick it up.

“Ah, ah!  My Dragon Essence……You can’t eat it!”  Seeing that her favourite thing was being eaten by someone else, Guo Guo cried out.  She charged forward and tried to steal it from Liu Qi Yue.

“Wu, wu…..You can’t steal it from Guo Guo…..Ah!  There, there’s still some left.” Guo Guo flew to Ye Tian Xie’s lower body and quickly began to eat.  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes popped out and he couldn’t help roaring, “Hey! Guo Guo!”

“Alright, I’m done.”  Guo Guo who ate as fast she could wiped her lips and immediately flew away.  Then she continued to wait, she did not know what she had just done meant at all.  That scene just now made Ye Tian Xie’s stimulated brain become much clearer.

This little girl doesn’t know…..She already isn’t pure anymore.

“Tian Xie come.”  Liu Qi Yue cleaned her mouth as she revealed a faint smile.  That last bit covering her came off and she stood up, hugging Ye Tian Xie again.  Those soft lips once again fell onto his lips, kissing him gently. As her lips moved around, they rubbed against his lips…..

Liu Qi Yue’s lips made the flames of passion that always burned inside Ye Tian Xie explode again.  He gave a soft roar before pressing down Liu Qi Yue’s burning and charming body. He was kissing her while a hand was grabbing at her breast she didn’t even try to cover.  His lower part twitched with desire and the tip was touching Liu Qi Yue’s sensitive place. Liu Qi Yue’s beautiful eyes lit up as she revealed a charming smile. She took the initiative to open her legs and move towards his hip.  With a soft moan, she put her legs around his waist.

Liu Qi Yue’s snow white, perfectly shaped legs were beautiful, letting out a mesmerizing ivory glow in this dim room.  There was a faint fragrance coming from her slightly trembling body that entered Ye Tian Xie’s nose.

Her absolutely beautiful body had a soul moving curve.  Looking at Liu Qi Yue’s body that wasn’t covered at all, he had already forgotten how to breath…..Her chest had two large snow white breasts that were rounder than the moon.  That perfect curve, that mesmerizing colour, and that fragrant smell. Being held in his hand, the soft feeling was shocking, but it was also firm. Adding in the delicate fragrance, that strong attack on Ye Tian Xie’s mind made him completely stop thinking any other thoughts.

Seeing Ye Tian Xie looked at her perfect breasts in a daze, actually forgetting to move his bottom, Liu Qi Yue revealed a charming smile.  She suddenly moved while he was in a daze and using force behind him, she made his body moved forward and turned him upside down. She had burning eyes and was panting as she pressed down on Ye Tian Xie, sitting down on his waist, sitting on the sensitive spot.  Her little hand held Ye Tian Xie as her giant snow white butt suddenly sat down. With an “ah!” cry, Liu Qi Yue closed her eyes……as she revealed a satisfied smile. The thoughts that had been suppressed for many years was finally released in this moment…..


As the central office building of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, this place was always peaceful.  This office was filled with beautiful women who were all picked by Liu Qi Yue through many different tests.  Any girl that came from here would be considered an absolute beauty. The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce had been formed for less than two months, but to speak with a girl from the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was countless men’s dream and honour.  This was because in the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, even the most ordinary worker was a noble and aloof beauty……As for the high income, joining the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was the dream of countless girls.

This was the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s peerless reputation and one of the reasons for its fast development.  The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s consumers and sellers, it was unknown how many of them tried to approach the girls inside.

Today, this place was not that peaceful.  All the girls in the building all had red faces from the soul stirring moan, causing their hearts to go wild.

Ye Tian Xie whose body was burning, how could he keep letting Liu Qi Yue have the initiative.  He was holding her two beautiful buttocks and forcefully charging forward. Liu Qi Yue was moaning from his wild attack while those rich, long legs were around his waist.  That slender, willow waist kept moving up and down, causing her buttocks to fly around. There was a resounding slap sound that matched the charming moan, that caused the entire office’s soul to fly out.

Liu Qi Yue’s face was already beautiful enough that people would willingly die for her.  That absolute beauty and those charming eyes were releasing a look that was even more charming now.

Suddenly, Liu Qi Yue sat up straight and with a sharp moan, a beautiful red glow like the setting sun appeared on her body.  Her body trembled for a long time and she weakly lied down. Her eyes were dazed and her breathing had become strangely wild.

Under Ye Tian Xie’s endless vitality, she didn’t know how many times she had climaxed.  Every time she went soft, Ye Tian Xie would move her into another position as he wildly attacked again, causing her to moan……When it felt like her bones were about to shatter, she felt like her soul was about to leave her body.  Her body did not have a single bit of energy as she helplessly lied there in a very charming position.

This many times was already enough to make Ye Tian Xie relax, but Liu Qi Yue’s body was just too charming.  Even without the influence of the sin of lust, he still couldn’t control himself. He held Liu Qi Yue’s body again and turned her around, making her lie on the ground with her butt high up, staying there in a very lewd position.  Liu Qi Yue’s eyes were relaxed, but feeling Ye Tian Xie’s touch, a trace of panic finally flashed in her eyes…..Even with how smart she was, she didn’t expect this. Why was it that even after all the times he vented himself, his desire was still this strong, not being worn down at all.  This already surpassed the limit of a normal male.

“Ah——”  She did not have time to beg for mercy before she was penetrated by Ye Tian Xie again.  She fell into the stormy waves that did not weaken at all once again.

“Ye…..Ye Ying, ah…..Come…..Come in!”  Facing the door, Liu Qi Yue accepted Ye Tian Xie’s attacks while calling out in a soft, trembling voice.

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